Procedure Updated November 2018
Members are reminded about the District Volunteer Security Policy.
District 5370 Police Record Check Process outlined below.
District 5370 Police Record Check Process
This policy was generated from the requirement of our insurance company providing liability coverage in case of issues arising from members and non-Rotarians working with youth and other vulnerable members of our society.
The policy provides that all involved Rotarians and non-Rotarians complete a vulnerable persons police check.
Rotarians and non-Rotarians (volunteers) without a valid 'Vulnerable Persons Police Check Certificate' cannot participate in any Rotary organized activity involving vulnerable persons.
 Contact Hans Granholm, 780-918-1079 for more information.
District 5370 Police Record Check Process
            The procedure applies to both Rotarians and non-Rotarians involved in any Rotary sponsored vulnerable person activity.
1. Obtain a letter from Hans Granholm introducing you as a Rotarian requiring a vulnerable person  police check.
2. Fill out the necessary form in your community police service.  With the letter of introduction you should receive the volunteer rate should there be a cost involved.
3. If you attend the 118 Ave EPS facility, they will process your application while you wait, but be prepared for some wait time, usually less than an hour. At this facility there is no restriction on payment method, i.e. cash, cheque, money order or credit card is accepted.
4. Once you have received your security clearance, you can submit it via email rather than mailing it in to the District Office. It will be reviewed by our Security Officer and a letter will be sent back to you by email confirming that you are cleared to work with the vulnerable sector and are compliant with Rotary's policies.
5. On receipt of the clearance letter from the district, forward a copy of that letter and a copy of the security clearance document from the police service to Hans Granholm.
6. Certification is valid for a period of three years.
  • Police procedure:

    Attend the police service in your residence jurisdiction
  • Certification is free of charge and sometimes they will complete the certification while you wait (if you have time to wait).
Edmonton Police Service (EPS)
  • EPS charges $15 for the certification and be aware that they accept cheque or money order ONLY. No cash or plastic, UNLESS you attend the 118th Ave EPS location where they will accept ANY payment method. Cheque or money order should be made out to “City of Edmonton”.
  • If you did not attend the 118th Ave location then the certificate will be mailed to you, usually within a week. See point 3. Above. (TIP: if you provide them with a self addressed envelope, they may be really impressed.)
Hans Granholm
8808 42a Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB  T6K 1C1
   District Office
   The Orange Hub, Room 402
   10045 156 Str. NW
   Edmonton, AB  T5P 2P7