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Patrick Kizehe Jun 07, 2022
My Journey from the Congo to Uganda and life in Uganda as a refugee

Good Morning again Jim , below is my Bio 

Patrick Kizehe is a husband, father of 5 children, inter-cultural trainer and social worker. Through his social work he supports adults and children in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He was originally born in Congo Democratic which was known as Zaire . Due to political instability and a civil war in Congo , He fled into the neighboring country of Uganda where He lived for almost 10 years as a refugee . He immigrated into Canada 14 years ago from the refugee camp in Uganda and founded  Giving Refugees Hope in Uganda. This charity  supports refugees from all over Africa who have fled to Uganda.  Currently we are building a medical centre, running a children's home where we are supporting 16 orphan children ,  children sponsorship,  a training program that helps equip widowed women to learn skills to help them get back on their feet.

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