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Community Services is responsible for reviewing community proposals for funding within the priorities set by the Club members in the Strategic Plan and making recommendations to the Board for decision.  In addition, this committee organizes service opportunities every other month for club members.
Annual Objectives
The allocation of funds in the community are for community development, women, and children. We will work:
  • To identify opportunities for signature projects that will increase the Club’s recognition in the community
  • To coordinate volunteer service opportunities with organizations we fund.
  • To work with other clubs and district committees on initiatives.
  • To work with other organizations, volunteers, and committee members to maximize the impact of projects.
  • To lead efforts to raise money for projects.
  • To prioritize budget spending to meet Rotary International’s seven areas of focus.
  • To established measurement and evaluation benchmarks for projects.
  • To ensure all volunteers for specific community involvement have a valid Vulnerable Persons Protection certificate.
  • To prominently display the Club name when volunteering or participating in service projects so that the public will associate it with the work.