Welcome to Rotary International Zones 24 & 32.
A community of Rotarians
spanning two languages, four countries and seven timezones:
Bermuda, Canada, France and the United States.

        2019 Zone Conference

At our 2019 Zone Conference, our director and convener, Jeffry Cadorette is continuing our theme of “People Coming Together” connecting Rotarians and bringing Rotarians from all strata of our Rotary world to build a new future together. Zones 24 and 32 will welcome our new sister districts from New York and Michigan from Zone 29 building a new expanded zone family that we all can be proud of.

       About Zones 24 & 32

Rotary International Zones 24 & 32 is a four country, two language, community of Rotarians in Bermuda, Canada, France and United States spanning seven timezones.


Beyond Borders Newsletter

Beyond Borders News is published monthly and contains articles of interest to Rotary leaders. Regular features include "Bright Lights" stories of success, along with updates and reports of significant events, appointments of Rotarians to Zone and Rotary International committees and taskforces, and other stories of interest.