Our next meeting is DECEMBER 4th at Community Hall. Parking can be difficult, so arrive early.
Rotary Club Permanent Fund campaign kick off Permanent Fund campaign Kick-Off.  Come learn about how the Permanent Fund contributes to our Club’s annual Charitable Giving.  Members of the Campaign Team – Jo Lucey, Padma Chari, John Giovanola, and Stuart Rosenberg - will highlight the Permanent Fund’s past contributions and plans for the future.  Special Holiday desserts will be served.
Its holiday party time- We have 3 great fellowship events (some also provide an opportunity to give) in the next few months. Check them out below and sign up now. They are listed in the order they occur. Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with fellow Rotarians.
Rotary Holiday party- Will be December 8—5:30  $99. To be held at the Saratoga Country Club.  IT will be a great event! With dancing, music, a 3 course meal and lots of fellowship!  Registration is open now click here. Contact Leslie Hay if you have any questions. 
Don't miss our annual Senior Holiday Luncheon—on December 11th. We will host and introduce seniors, enjoy a great holiday meal, maybe a visit from someone special and hear great music from the local HS Choir. Please join us  and sponsor a senior for lunch. Make them feel special!  Signup on line by clicking here. Contact Maggie with any questions.
The annual Inner Wheel Holiday Party is being held on Wednesday, December 11th.  This is a festive way to bring in the holidays and everyone's generosity helps make the holidays brighter for the many clients of West Valley Community Services.
Time: 5 pm to 8 pm
Place : At the home of John Gatto and Pat Dowd - 1641 Madera Drive, Cupertino
Cost: $20.00 per person
Donations in the form of cash or gift cards will also be accepted for West Valley Community Services. A representative from WVCS will be at the event to accept the donations.
Please RSVP to Pat Dowd 408-245-6455 or whitlusmanor@mac.com
  • Sgt. @ Arms – Al Rezai
  • Greeter –  Janki Chokshi
  • Secretary Assistant –  Sun Min Tao
  • Reporter – Julie Griswold
  • Editor – Louisa Roberts
  • Meeting called to order:  12:15pm by Padma Chari
  • Pledge:  Judy Wilson
  • Inspiration: Preci Celis
    • Don’t Worry, Be Happy – life is short, follow your heart, and dream big!
  • Visiting Rotarians:
  • Rotarian Guests:
  • Flag Exchange: 
    • None
  • President’s Club:
    • Ann Clever – update on Joe; blood clots still affecting feet.  Visit to Vascular surgeon on Monday.  Thank you to April for keeping everyone up to date.  Gratitude to Bev Lenihan for setting up and coordinating meals for the family. 
    • Orrin Mahoney – nominating committee for 5170 – Savita has been selected to be the district governor for 2022-2023!
    • Padma Chari – in honor of her 60th milestone birthday. 
  • Announcements:
    • Operation Snowflake (Leslie Davis): snow one weekend, music another weekend.  Need volunteer support 12/7 kid’s snow event…need lots of volunteers.  At least 10 people for 12/14 in the afternoon.  Sign-ups are online.  If you cannot help support, you can still donate toiletry items for the event.  You can also donate $25-$100 in raffle tickets.  You don’t have to be present to win.  Money is used to purchase arts and crafts supplies for event. 
    • Senior Luncheon (Jim Davis): 12/11 senior holiday lunch. All sponsorships have been secured! Helene – thank you to those who have stepped up to help.  Still looking for a few more volunteers. 
    • Kid’s Shopping (Tina Ferguson): please bring items back to the meeting on December 4th or drop off at WVCS.  Event date is December 14th
    • Thanksgiving (George Denise): all volunteer s have been secured for event.  120 meals all set up. 
    • Holiday Party (Leslie Hay): three course meal, happy hour, December 8th, $99 per ticket.  Hosted at the Saratoga Country Club.  Event begins at 5:30pm. 
    • WCS Evening Meeting (Alysa Sakkas, Jerra Rowland): evening meeting on December 3rd @ 7pm at Rancho Deep Cliff  clubhouse.. 
    • Social event (Vardy Shtein) – train trip Saturday at 7:30am Niles Railroad – train of lights.  3 more spots available! Please contact Vardy
  • Induction:
    • Umesh Singh
      • Sponsor:  Helene Davis and April B.
      • Family, food, travel, and community service are of interest
      • MS Chemistry – University of Bombay
      • Born in India
      • Came to bay area in 2002.
      • Currently self-employed and a consultant for startups
      • Umesh and his wife currently live in Saratoga
  • Reports/Updates:
    • Celebrating Success (Hung): 11/15 6:30-8:30 ornament decorating event hosted by young Rotarians. 
    • Lunch @ Rotary (Hung): we commit to 60 lunches each week and we’re falling a bit short.  Please consider spending your lunch at Rotary on Wednesday’s. 
    • Rotary Moment (Hung): what is Rotary – it’s where people unite, and we strengthen ourselves, our communities.  Making a living is not the same as making a life.  In Rotary you can always have a second change to make friends, make a difference, and make a difference in yourself. 
  • Today’s Speaker:  Irmgard Lafrentz, Sophie Qian, and Louisa Roberts introduced by Jim Gibson, for Darryl Stow.
Irmgard Lafrentz – being back from Ecuador would like to share
  • Lubeck, Germany – hometown
  • 1984 – moved to Sunnyvale. First experience with culture shock came in size – everything in America was bigger. Learned how Americans use money.
  • Globalpress Connection – connecting Silicon Valley with world wide media. Business closed in 2016 (business ran for 30 years)
Cultural differences between Germany, US, and Ecuador
  • Family Ties
    • Germany – parents are glad when kids are gone
    • US – people live all over huge country but come together at holidays
    • Ecuador – there’s nothing more than family!
  • Cleanliness and Order
    • Germany – very important
    • US – somewhat casual, more flexible
    • Ecuador – very little order, cleanliness is optional
  • Sense of Time
    • Germany – everything is on time
    • US – in business important you are on time.  Personally, some are late
    • Ecuador – nothing is on time!
  • Noise
    • Germany – quiet except during Octoberfest
    • US – quiet
    • Ecuador – Loud – movies and music blasts, fireworks, dogs barking, car alarms
  • Greetings
  • Germany – shakes hands or hugs
  • US – no touching many times
  • Ecuador – we kiss a lot
Louisa Roberts
  • 1993 living in Basingstoke, near London – husband, Gary was offered a full-time job with Apple
  • Had to start over when in the US as electrical items didn’t convert. 
  • Everything in the US was bigger
  • Health issues the first year, navigating the health care system was a big challenge.  No babysitter, no family, and no friends to act as a support system. 
  • Very different climate from the UK – much warmer
  • First credit card limit was $500
  • Food – cuts of meat are different, had to learn to cook differently
  • Costly phone calls before email and internet
  • Could not work until 1997 when Louisa secured her green card
  • Worked for CUSD for 16 years
Sophie Qian
  • 2019 a special year for Sophie, has spent equal time in both China and the US and feels like both countries are her own
  • Shanghai, 1973 Sophie born
  • After high school – Beijing university after mandatory military training
  • Pursued graduate study in America – flew to Iowa City, studied genetics (1998)
  • UC San Diego – Sophie’s boyfriend was able to immigrate
  • Asked Sophie to come visit San Diego during Christmas break and very much loved the winter there in comparison to Iowa.
  • Got job at SD supercomputer center moved to San Diego
  • Got another master’s degree
  • 2 lovely kids
  • Bought a home
  • Dark cloud – obtaining a green card
  • Sophie’s husband did not hear back from FBI regarding background check for green card.  Two years passes and temporary Visa’s were going to expire soon.  Finally received contact after First Lady intervened and in two weeks’ time they received their Visa’s. 
  • Check out the video HERE
  • Meeting adjourned: 1:30pm


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Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows:  First Wednesday - Gary Latshaw;  Second Wednesday - Rachelle Sander;  Third Wednesday - Louisa Roberts ;  Fourth Wednesday - Constantine Lolos;  Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop
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