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Indradeep Gosh describes how he converted his home to be all electric and he gets all his electricity from his own solar panels. The home is very typical of Cupertino homes with the exception of that his roof is covered with solar panels. 
Please enjoy his experiences with this LINK.
Overall, I think my Volt is a great car. It has a battery pack (16 kwhr) that can store 40-60 miles driving depending on the temperature. It also has a old fashion gas engine that provides over 300 miles on a full tank. When I am just going on errands around town, I rarely use gas. When we frequently in  pre-Pandemic Times took trips to San Ramon to see our children and  grandchildren, I could almost get there on a full charge. Then, if we stayed overnight, I could charge up and get gas so the whole trip was almost all electric. Now that we are not staying overnight, the round trip averages about 120 miles/gallon as we come back on gas.
The car will switch to gas by itself, but you can select options that dictate it use gas instead of electricity. When on "gas" the car gets about 45 miles/gallon.
Unfortunately, GM isn't making this car anymore. I think the cost of the fancy transmission (it must switch between electric and gas power) and both a gas engine and an electric motor simply makes the car unprofitable. 
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