The Endowment was conceived in 1991 as a means to allow Rotary to continue to be a valuable contributor to local needs in case there was some disruption to more traditional fund raising efforts.

The Endowment provides an avenue unto which local philanthropy can be encouraged and channeled. It is a separate entity from both the Rotary Club of Cupertino and Rotary International. Its 501(C)(3) status affords individuals, families, trusts, foundations and corporations the ability to contribute to charitable causes and realize tax benefits from such contributions.

Every member of the Rotary Club of Cupertino is automatically a member of the Endowment.

Goals of the Program

  • Provide a growing pool of prudently managed investment funds for the sole purpose of charitable giving
  • Provide a vehicle to make tax-deductible donations of assets with the knowledge that donations benefit charitable causes
  • Provide a growing source of financial support
  • Provide a legacy for future generations

Funding Sources

The Endowment obtains its funds through the following sources:

  • Personal contributions
  • Bequests (Planned Giving)
  • Contributions from the Rotary Club
  • Fundraisers

Ten Reasons to Give

The Endowment Fund will provide community benefit forever.
Community Impact
The Endowment fund lets you create your personal legacy and invest in the causes and projects you care about most.
Cost Effectiveness
The Endowment Fund can pool gifts to multiply impact.
Tax Benefit
Gifts can qualify for maximum deductibility for tax purposes.
Designated or Undesignated
You can designate your gift to benefit a specific project or choose to support all Endowment Fund programs.
CREF accepts a variety of assets as gifts including cash, securities, or planned gifts. Gifts can be made outright or pledged over time.
Responsible Stewardship
CREF board members are community leaders with extensive and varied expertise and demonstrated commitment to Rotary.
Professional Management
The Endowment Fund is managed professionally with active CREF board oversight.
Experienced Partners
The CREF Board partners with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving.
Public Accountability
An independent professional audit is completed annually. A complete copy is available upon request.

Program Recognition

Donations to the Endowment Fund are recognized through the Gazebo Award with varying presentations according to the level of giving. Endowment Fellow levels are: Platinum - $25,000; Diamond - $10,000; Ruby - $5,000; Jade - $2,500; and Sapphire - $1,000.

CREF_Tax ID # 77-0288042

About the Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five Designated Directors and ten Elected Directors serving staggering 2-year terms. The Board of Directors administers the Endowment and distributes the earnings. Monthly meetings are open to all club members and are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:45 pm, after the regular Rotary meeting. The annual meeting is held the 3rd Wednesday of March to elect new directors and present an annual report.