While we are not traveling in person, we do have opportunities for virtual project fairs this year:
February 18th-20th  - Uniendo America, will be virtual. 
February 5-17th - Colombia, will be virtual.
November - Egypt, hoping to have an in person fair.
Hopefully we will resume in person trips next year. These are the ones we have planned:
June 2021, Rotary International Convention 2021, Taipei, 12-16th June, is now open for registration. Early bird rate is at a reduced price. Click here for more details. Possible visit to project sites. Contact Alysa Sakkas.
Ethiopia - October 16th-24th 2021. Optional add on trip to Uganda, Oct 24th-Nov 2nd. Breathing for Life project.  Please contact Joe Hamilton for more information.  
Fall 2021, China Literacy Education in rural China.  Trip will be to Guizhou province in S W China. Will include visits to the school, Hypospadia project, other Rotary clubs and there will be a wheel chair distribution.  Contact Sophie Qian for more information.
December 2021 Southern Chile. Project is a mobile dental unit project. Organizer is Kathy Yates. 
Ecuador Spring 2022. Opportunity to visit our grant project women shelter Casa Maria Amor/Mujeres con Exito. Meet RC Tomebamba, see Cuenca, charming and very historic city, mountains, valleys and the amazing Galapagos Islands.  Please contact Irmgard Lafrentz at irmgard@globalpresspr.com.  
This list will be updated regularly, so please check back often.