Welcome to Cupertino Rotary Random Acts of Kindness Page.
Check out our Random Acts in the Community below as well as Rotarians we have caught doing Good for others.
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Community Acts of Kindness
Cupertino Rotary donated $40 to Purple Batman: a 19 year old student, who wishes to remain anonymous, spends $20 a day to buy items he passes out to homeless in San Jose. His goal is to get strangers to notice him and ask him what he is doing to spread awareness of the 6000 homeless in San Jose. We are sure he and the homeless appreciate this random act of kindness from Cupertino Rotary.
Rotarians we have Recognized
Rotarian Pearl Cheng was honored on July 8th for her Kindness. Not only did Pearl dedicate herself to caring for a fellow Cupertino resident who came down with COVID but she has volunteered to be a tracer in Santa Clara County to help everyone out. We are so honored to have you in our club. Enjoy that Kind Bar, you certainly need the energy.