Our mission is to educate ourselves and our communities about environmental challenges and engage in implementing their solutions.

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Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club

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LePort School Solana Beach
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The First Day - Remove Invasive Species

Nine Eco Rotarians arrived at Lake Hodges early Sunday morning Nov. 8th.  The first order of business was training - identifying invasive species.

With our heads full of knowledge we grabbed our tools and headed into the riparian habitat for a serious wack at invasive plants.

During our two hour invasion, we accomplished a significant amount of work.  The nasty Eucalyptus trees were spouting up every where. Two of the hearty Rotarians attacked trees.

We gathered for a final triumphant look at the once prosperous eucalyptus trees, now stretched out in front of us awaiting a fitful decomposition.

My family camps at Praise Creek Redwoods State Park, near Crescent City.  This is where the tallest trees in the world are located.  Even while walking amongst trees that are 2,000 years old, we can't escape knowing that these mammoth, living organisms, are threatened.  That is why, being an ECO Rotarian, is a powerful action and message... to my grandchildren circled around the Rotary Monument in the redwoods. 

Stories from the bottom of the Earth


ECO Rotarians and guests enjoyed a Cinco de Mayo meeting with great food along with beer and wine.  The meeting started with an inspiring ECO Minute by Haley Kitchens and the welcoming of two new ECO Rotarians; Pat Yoder and Haley.  Dick and Lynn Stevens took the podium and provided an inspiring look at Antarctica.

Antarctica truly is a unique place on our earth. The photos and stories provided a close-up of the amazing wildlife.

The trip Lynn planned allowed for both learning and exploration.  Here the explorers were closely observed by the natives. 

The stark beauty of this desolate area was breath taking.  The personal anecdotes of Dick and Lynn, made this presentation a wonderful educational moment for club members and guests.


Amazing!  The story of Biodynamic Wine.

You think you know a lot about wines?  Think again.  Our sommelier in training Oona Barcello gave us a fascinating look into how these vintners are producing very successful wines! 

The effort and dedication that goes into producing a Biodynamic wine, makes organic wines look like child's play,

The picture above shows some of the tools and elements that go into making a Biodynamic wine.  But this shows just the beginning foundation.  Planting, pruning, harvesting follows a strict regiment that relies on the stars in the sky.

In France, the highest rated wines are produced by estates that follow the intensive bio dynamic regimen.  Want to learn more?  Just attend an ECO Rotary meeting and talk to Oona.

Play Ball!
Eight ECO Rotarians enjoyed a fun evening at PETCO Park.  Our collective cheering succeeded in helping the Padres with a win over the dreaded Diamondbacks.  Lots of fun, food and fellowship made this great evening for Rotarians.
The best part was the extended time we spent together riding the Coaster home.  The cheerful group explored and discussed important environmental issues and how we could continue to make a positive difference.

Eco Rotarians paddle out to clean up our environment.

Corey Vonder Reith and ECO Rotary's newest member Stack Baker grabed their paddle boards and headed out into the lagoon.

Corey Vonder Reith returns to shore after collecting trash on the lagoon shore.

Stacy returns to shore with her 5 gallon bucket brimming with trash and debris. 

ECO Rotary is dedicating to learning about our environment and then making a meaningful contribution to make a positive impact.  Much of the trash and debris in the lagoon comes from storm water runoff.  

Solana Beach ECO Rotarians travel to Ensenada to help with 1000 Smiles Project.

ECO Rotarians arrive in Ensenada! Oona Barcelo and Bret Vonder Reith in front, Andi Kosnar, Lynn Stevens, Dick Stevens and Carl Kosnar in back.

1000 Smiles performs major surgery on children with Cleft Palates.  Rotarians help others with oral hygene.  Here Rotarians are distributing tooth brushes and tooth paste to families.

Families from all over Baja travel to Ensenada to seek help from 1000 Smiles and Rotarians.  Bret Vonder Reith, Master Chef, prepares his famous baloney sandwiches.

Oona Barcelo and Lynn Stevens conduct a lesson in good Oral Hygene.  Children and parents both learn techniques and importance in order to maintain a healthy smile.

Rotarian Family and Friends Picking Up

Solan Beach Eco Rotarians ventured into Gonzales Canyon for a cleanup.  After the significant rains, the storm water carried all types of plastics and debris into the canyon.  We made a dent in cleaning it up.