The Zero Waste Committee helps our Club members on waste reduction and supports Zero Waste projects within and outside of the Club

Waste Reduction at our Weekly Meeting

  • We use reusable dinnerware that we keep on site.
  • We divert organic waste from the landfill.
  • We recycle properly.
  • We provide food and offer a vegetarian option in the menu.

Helping our Member to Reduce their Waste at Home

We went through the different steps of a waste audit with our members. We put together a cheat sheet and a work sheet to record their progresses. If you would like to download the documents, click on the links below.

             Download the Steps to the Waste Audit Here                                                  Download the Worksheet Here


Reuse, Repair, Replant: Our Club is a Community with Multiple Resources

  • Our member Niels offers to help you give a second life to your appliances.
  • We encourage our members to lend their belongings (example: a member borrows an electric saw from another member).
  • We encourage our members to share and swap (excess food from the garden, plants, clothing...).
Helping with the Wine and Food Festival (Encinitas Rotary)

Since 2009, the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club offers its help to the Wine and Food Festival. 

We put in place waste separation, reusable utensils/plates and some vendor restrictions. We were able to divert up to 96% of waste from the landfill in 2011.

In 2019 we diverted 80% of the trash. The Festival hosted over 1000 guests and raised over $100,000 that was distributed among multiple beneficiaries. 

This year, the event will be held on September 18, 2021

Visit the website of the event

Helping our community reduce their waste by volunteering with Produce Good
Our club is collecting unsold produce at the Solana Beach Farmers Market on Sundays. After the market, a rotary member volunteer transports the bounty immediately to Saint Leos.

Working with the Fundraising Committee

Zero Waste was the focus of our first virtual fundraiser.
We had about 60 people joining the event and raised $1,600.

Our members volunteer with other Organizations

In 2021, for Earth Day celebration, Amelie and Julie created the Instagram slides below for the EcoFest Encinitas & the City of Encinitas.