"As an outdoorswoman, nature lover, and wife of a Past District governor I found the mission of Solana Beach Eco Rotary to be a good fit for me. I had a lot of Rotary knowledge to offer this new club and I joined as a charter member and became Secretary and then President.  I’m currently CFO of our club Foundation and chair for TRF & Youth Services.
I also support Sierra Club, San Diego Botanic Garden, Nature & Culture Int’l, Audubon Society, National Geographic Society, Thrive Animal Rescue, and volunteer for Produce Good."
Lynn Steven
"I joined the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club because I felt the work it is doing is more in line with what I believe to be important. I have been a Rotarian off and on since 1990. I became concerned about the environment about 10 years ago. I felt that, while Rotarians are doing good work locally and around the world, the focus was not on the most important area to me, and that is the environment. Much of the good work that Rotary is doing will not be long-lasting if we do not take care of the environment. I feel re-energized after each of the Solana Beach Eco Rotary meetings.
I am now an honorary member of the San Juan Capistrano Rotary where I sit on their newly constituted environmental committee. I am a founding member and co-group leader of the California Orange County South Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. I am a member of ESRAG. I am a member of some environmental organizations, but I do not do much for them except to give them money and read their mail/emails (Sierra Club, Yellowstone Forever, California State Parks, Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, and Dana Point Interpretive Center)."
Larry Kramer
"I joined Eco Rotary because I wanted to join like-minded people in putting resources into the intersection of social and environmental justice. It is important to me that people with privilege and influence be focused on sustainability issues, and rotary has the ability to inspire those people to do so. 
I am also in the San Diego Green New Deal (chair of the Building Awareness and Support committee), and on the board of the Association for Professional Humane Educators."
Shawna Weaver
"After attending several Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club events as guests, we realized what a wonderful opportunity this club offered and we became members. Our cause-based club gives us a chance to learn more about climate change and try to implement solutions, and, at the same time, involves us in Rotary. We became aware of Rotary’s worldwide projects in the seven areas of focus and have attended both Peace Conferences and International Conventions where we learned so much and met people from many countries. An environmental sustainability-focused local club and being part of Rotary International - we’re still excited to be members."
Carl and Andi Kosnar
"I became a Rotarian in 2001, joining a local Rotary club to which I had been invited as a guest. I could see the possibilities for service so jumped in. Over the years I worked on many projects feeling proud of being able to help my local community as well as some on an international level. I enjoyed the service opportunity and the fellowship of my own club, but I found that as the climate crisis started to become more and more obvious my club was not really taking it seriously. I felt frustrated with the lack of attention to this existential threat to the future of humanity as I saw it, so decided to look for other clubs, and other organizations, that were engaged in finding solutions. That’s when I found the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club. I visited a few times and became convinced that this newly formed club was the best fit for me as a Rotarian. I’ve now been a member for six years. I’ve joined other organizations as well, but the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club is primary. It’s on the right track to make a real difference in helping to solve the climate crisis. I feel very proud to be a member.
I’m also a member of these other environment groups: North County Climate Change Alliance, Sierra Club North County Coastal Group, Environment Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG), Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT), San Diego Climate Action Network (SDCAN), District 5340 Environment Sustainability Committee, Climate Reality Leadership Corp, Latrines For Life (Founder and CEO)"
Niels Lund
"I transferred to the SBECO Rotary club {online} because I want to assist the club in its environmental missions and share what knowledge and experience I have to offer as a 17-year member. Past President, Past Exec. Sec. Dtr., Past ADG & Foundation Chair, etc., I really enjoy the fellowship of like-minded folks and meeting Rotarians outside my club too. Rotary offers, useful training in a fun way, business networking and referrals, travel experiences,  friendship building, lots of fun, and more. All while helping the global and local communities.
President, Imagine That of NY, Inc., primarily branding, graphic design, and printing for nonprofit clients & educational institutions, Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group, Rotary Action Group for Peace, Tradewater Freon Collection Leader, Commission for Conservation of Environment of Freeport, NYS DEC ReLeaf Program, Freeport Education Foundation."
Christopher McBride
"I’m trying to use my energy and skills to make a positive difference in the world. The Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club provides an opportunity to meet with like-minded people and to learn from one another. 
I’m a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and Impact Networx - a group that I co-founded over a year ago to network with local San Diego professionals who are doing cool things to advance environmental stewardship and social responsibility through their business activities."
Pat Phelan
"I joined the club because of its environmental focus. It is a great way to meet like-minded people and develop projects aligned with my passions for nature, sustainability, and everything related to the environment and climate change. My involvement with the club grew as I learned more about the value of Rotary, the personal and professional development that follows, and the impact of projects led by Rotarians locally and internationally. I became chair of the District 5340 Environmental Sustainability Committee in June 2020.
Through my membership with the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG), I have the opportunity to create relationships throughout the world and participate in national and international scale projects. Additionally, I joined several local groups in San Diego: Sierra Club North County Coastal Group, San Diego Green Building Council, CleanEarth4Kids.org, Eco Sustainability Peeps, and San Diego Green Drinks, and I regularly attend workshops and presentations by many other local organizations. This is a great way to learn more, create professional connections, and increase our Rotary Club’s visibility."
Amelie Catheline
"By way of introduction, my schooling was as a biochemist and I have worked in the biotech industry for the past 45+yrs. focusing on tissue regeneration. A couple of years ago I was invited to accompany a group of scientists, medical professionals, and the BOD for Miraglo (a non-profit charity founded by a world-renowned cardiologist Mimi Guarneri) to visit the Golden Temple Peedam outside of Vellore, India. The founder of Peedam, Amma, is interested in scientists understanding and assessing the various green programs for dissemination to the wider world including zero waste, permaculture & reforestation, just to name a few.  This was my first introduction to many of these ecologically-minded approaches and processes. During my stay, I noticed that every day a case of plastic bottled water would be left at our room doors as there was no easily accessible facility for clean, potable water.  In the spirit of the green model so ardently pursued by the Peedam, I thought this practice was out-of-place as it generated single-use plastic waste.  Nearly a year after my India trip I ran into Amelie Catheline (SBERC President 2019-20).  Knowing her experience in water purification systems I described the situation to her wondering if she could suggest an eco-solution.  Amelie introduced me to the workings of the eco-rotary and a few months later I joined the club.  One cannot be of service in solving eco-problems unless one understands the problems.  My point of gratitude is having access to a great source of learning, that is the SBERC, and I expect to convert some of that education to help heal the Earth in some small way. 
Organizations: SBERC; Sierra Club; NRDC; Yosemite Conservancy; ESRAG; Eco-Sustainability; Citizen Scientist."
Mark D'Andrea
"Unlike most Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club members, I had previously been a member of a Rotary Club, so I knew the value of Rotary as an institution and the good works it does worldwide. After relocating from Illinois to San Diego in 2018, I began looking into local Rotary Clubs to join. Based on my previous Rotary experience, I knew that being a member of a club would be a great way to meet local leaders and contribute to improving the local area. Happily, the Club that best met my selection criteria was the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club. As a long-time trail runner, I have a deep appreciation of nature and know the importance of spending time outside. My time with our Club has helped me broaden my desire to preserve the environment beyond the trails I enjoy running on, to include the deserts, the beaches, and oceans, as well as other local ecosystems in jeopardy.
Currently, my wife and I support these local outdoor organizations: Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation, San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, San Diego River Foundation, Laguna Mountain Volunteer Association, Pacific Crest Trail Association."
John O’Halloran
"I was looking for an organization that I could replace my Eco Toastmasters Club I left when I moved back to this area.  I met Neils and Dave at a lunch meeting and was invited to a club meeting.  After the first 10 minutes of the meeting, I knew this was the right place for me.
Other environmental organizations I belong to: San  Diego Climate Reality Project, San Diego Green Building Council, San Diego Sierra Club North County Coasters club, North County Climate Change Alliance, San Diego Green Drinks, Eco Sustainability Peeps, ESRAG."
Carter Stafford
"New to the area a few years ago, I looked for like-minded people and I found the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club. I am now a member for 3 years"
Valentine Songeur
"I joined the Eco-Rotary club in Solana Beach because I wanted to be part of a community of people that genuinely curious to learn about solutions to our climate crises; and rather than just talk about it, actually take action… action in our local community, nationally and even globally.
I am also part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corp.
We are The Zero Waste Family, a family of 5 living in San Diego, just 10 min from downtown. We live on a standard city lot and grow 80% of the food that sustains our family. We try to live sustainably and as kind to the planet as possible.  Our motto is that if we can reuse it,  compost it or recycle it—we don't buy it.  It took us many years to figure out how to go zero waste as a family.  We encourage people to take their journey step-by-step and be kind to themselves (it took us many years!).  If you want to be inspired with practical real-world tips on how to go zero waste with kids get our book: Zero Waste for Families: A Practical Guide."
James Harker
"I was looking for environmental organizations to be involved with when I met Amelie, the current President of the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club in 2019. She introduced me to the Club. I saw in the Rotary the opportunity to lead great projects. I became the chair of the Zero Waste Committee. I also joined the ESRAG and worked on a project with them. 
I also volunteer with the following organizations: San Diego Green Building Council, EcoFest Encinitas, CleanEarth4Kids."
Julie Morisot