From time to time our Rotary Club honors people in the community who exemplify the Rotary values of service above self with a Citizen of the Month award. On January 15th we recognized a group of citizens that were nominated in December 2018 for tackling an innovative and collaborative initiative to address one of the most compelling, and let’s face it, emotionally fraught issues of our day: the culture of sexual assault and harassment.
Citizens of the Month: A Conversation for Men 2019-01-17 07:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Foundation announced their approval of an international project to fund a surgical bed and surgery lights for a rural hospital in Brazil.  Rotarian (PDG) Stuart Palmer is the International Representative on the $43,000 project.  His counterpart, Rotarian Gedson Bersanete of the Birigui Brazil, is the host representative.  The project demonstrates the teamwork of Rotarians and the necessity of the teamwork.  The funds were assembled from 11 different sources ($8,400 from Rotary clubs in Brazil, RCJH $3,150, $3,350 from our District 5440, $10,000 from District 4470, Brazil).  The Rotary Foundation then matched the assembled funds to the level of $18,875.
The project will be installed in a cancer surgical facility and serve patients from 15 surrounding rural communities.  Our Rotary Club of Jackson Hole International Committee is to be commended.
RI Approves Global Grant for Brazil Hospital Project kls 2018-11-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Pres.Tony
The marriage of The Wort Hotel and Rotary (Lunch) Club of Jackson Hole is a match made in heaven. Last night Jim Waldrop and his staff of 60+ organized the premiere event in Jackson.  The combination of great food, a steady flow of delicious libations, wonderful music, and camaraderie amongst RCJH members, townspeople and visitors, set in a quintessential Western milieu resulted in an incomparable experience. In addition to Jim and his staff, we all owe a debt of gratitude to our Honorary RCJH Member, Bill Baxter, for his incredible support!
Casino Night Success Pres.Tony 2018-11-05 07:00:00Z 0
Casino Night Fundraiser at The Wort - Nov. 3rd Kim Billimoria 2018-10-26 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 25, 2018
The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole went ahead of the official October 24 observance of World Polio Day.  At its regular meeting on October 23, Rotarians and guests contributed cash, checks, and credit card contributions, which, combined with the accumulated Polio Plus donations by Rotarians in October resulted in $1798 dollars being sent to The Rotary Foundation and earmarked for Polio Eradication.  Year to date there have been 14 new cases of paralysis resulting from the Wild Polio Virus.  Last year there were 8 new cases at this time of the year and a total of 22 new cases for the year caused by the Wild Polio Virus.  We are close to the end of polio but not there yet.
World Polio Day Observance Nets Contributions to Polio Plus  kls 2018-10-25 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 11, 2018
The International Committee of Jackson Hole Rotary Club has found its stride.  Active projects include a Global Grant (part of the funding comes from The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International) project with District 4470 in Brazil.  The project brings together about 10 Rotary Clubs to purchase an operating table and surgical lights for a hospital in Aracatuba, Brazil.  Our club will donate $1,000 plus another $2,000 from other sources here in Jackson.  The total cost of the project is $43,000. 
As an update on our clean water project in South Africa, the Jackson Hole Rotary Club has allocated $2,500 from the club's budget to support a personal effort by a Jacksonian to provide clean water to high school students in Grahamstown, South Africa.  This is the second phase of a project by a person of action that provided clean water after the local public water supply failed.  The International Committee is also studying the feasibility of a Global Grant project larger than $30,000 to expand the scope for clean water to other schools, orphanages and similar facilities. 
The club is on the move.
Jackson Hole Rotary Back in the Groove on International Projects kls 2018-10-11 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 10, 2018
At the regular club meeting and Assembly on October 9, Rotarian Bruce Bollinger was elected by club Rotarians to be President Elect.  Bruce will serve as the President of the Jackson Hole Rotary Club beginning July 1, 2019.  Before July 1, Bruce will attend the meetings of the club’s Board of Directors, attend President Elect Training Seminar (Denver), and attend the District 5440 Conference (Scotts Bluff, NE) and probably other events around the District.  The club very much appreciates Bruce’s willingness to devote the time and attention to define and advance the goals of Jackson Hole Rotary and Rotary International.  Congratulations Bruce!!!
Bruce Bollinger Elected Jackson Hole Rotary’s Next President kls 2018-10-10 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 29, 2018
Rotary District Governor Chuck Rutenberg visited the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole today.  Governor Chuck presented a video that highlighted the extreme stress placed on individuals that are not literate.  Literacy is a key area of focus for Rotary International.  A second video was a clip from America Has Talent - showcasing an inspired couple with five adopted children as well as their own child.  The message was that you can help others and still reach for your own dreams and objectives
District Governor Chuck Visits JH Rotary kls 2018-08-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 21, 2018
The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole hosted the ninth annual Global Economic Forum.  Moderator Ted Ladd assembled a panel of economic experts from industry, government, and financial institutions.  Joining the all star panel was Kristalina Georgieva, the current CEO of the World Bank.  The panel of Bob Grady, Kathy Kehr, Ken Lay, Wes Lucas, and Paul O'Brien looked into the future on the topics of world trade and the impact of barriers to trade, financial market liquidity, long term energy contracts, and the unraveling of international relations. 
This was another stellar year for the forum.
Global Economic Forum kls 2018-08-21 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 01, 2018
Rotarian Mike Blazek has moved from Jackson Hole.  Just before his departure, Mike made a major gift to the Jackson Hole Rotary Education Foundation.  Many thanks Mike for all you have accomplished through Rotary in Jackson Hole.  Fair winds!!  JHRC
Mike Blazek Makes major Gift to Club Foundation kls 2018-08-01 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 28, 2018
The Jackson Hole Rotary Club assembled for dinner in June to roast outgoing President Hank and introduce incoming President Tony Paulus.  The Rotarians and guests heard from President Tony his vision for the future year.  Tony was short on the comments as he has the full program next Tuesday, July 3.  The attendfees had a great time and a meal prepared by student chefs from Jackson.  This may become a tradition (renewed).
Roast, Toast, and Boast - Pass the Gavel kls 2018-06-28 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 27, 2018
Tuesday is the annual Luncheon for Literacy.  This is a core area of focus for Rotary and an important project in Jackson Hole.
Please attend our meeting on May 29 and show your support for literacy.  You will learn ways that you can support the advancement of literacy in Jackson.  We all benefit from a community that can communicate in speech and text.
This is a strong program supported by Rotary and run by Rotarians in Jackson.
Pizza is provided.
Luncheon for Literacy kls 2018-05-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 27, 2018
This year the Rotary Interact High School Club is hosting a 5K Color Run on June 2nd at the public high school. This non-competitive race encourages all ages to participate. A portion of the profits are being donated to One22, a nonprofit organization comprised of the Community Resource Center, Latino Resource Center, and El Puente. Make sure to sign up soon, there are only 150 slots!
Rotary Interact Color Run kls 2018-05-27 06:00:00Z 0
Morgan Albertson Jouen of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum presented a brief overview in pictures and words of Jackson Hole.  Humans have been in Jackson Hole for about 11,000 years.  Homesteading in JH depended on Federal legislation in 1862 (Homestead Act) and 1877 (Desert Land Act).  The Museum operates in three locations.  The Cissy Paterson Gallery in the Museum's Cashe Street location was enabled by a gift from Rotarian Joe Albright).  The musuem is partnering with public and private entities in Jackson Hole and continues to solicit beneficial partnerships.  The museum is looking to consolidate some of its operations and also to find a suitable strage location for up to 4000 SF of materials that are not on display.  Thank you Morgan and Rotarian Becky Kimmel for the presentation.
Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum kls 2018-04-24 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by kls on Apr 24, 2018
Jeff Ward of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation announced the results of the annual scholarship program for High School Seniors.  The local Foundation awarded 38 scholarships with a total value of $190,000.  The scholars will be present at the June 5, 2018 noon meeting of the club at Snow King.
Rotary Club of jackson Hole Awards 38 Scholarships kls 2018-04-24 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by km on Apr 17, 2018
The first honor of this month’s Rotary award luncheon went to a member of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Bruce Bollinger, for his giving commitment to Rotary’s international foundation which supports the humanitarian service work of Rotary worldwide, including the fight against polio. Bollinger was inducted into the “White Hat Society” for giving $5,000 in one year to the Rotary Foundation.
Paul Cucchiarelli, owner of Hand Fire Pizza, received the Citizen of the Month award for the way his business gives back to the community. Every Tuesday night Hand Fire hosts “Pizza with a Purpose”, featuring a nonprofit which receives part of the proceeds.
The student of the month from Jackson Hole High School was Annalise Zabriskie, with an impressive academic record including two AP math classes her senior year. Zabriskie serves as student body president, secretary of Key Club, is a Rotary Interact membe, and is the captain of the varsity hockey team.
Sal Ponce-Ramirez, Student of the Month from Summit High Schoo,l was introduced by Principal Beth Auge as a musician who plays three instruments and has a winning sense of humor. He told a powerful story of his struggles in high school and finding community and hope at Summit High School. He reflected that he now finds himself writing poems “of hope and optimism and love” rather than about sad things.
Journeys School presents a “Student of the Season” every Fall and Spring and the student honored this Spring was Avery Absolon who spoke about finding more confidence in herself and her passions and deciding to be at Journeys while many of her friends went to a different school. Her love of dance, embrace of adventure, and being willing to try new things were highlighted by Head of School Nancy Lang.
Rotarian, Citizen and Student Awards km 2018-04-17 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by kb on Mar 12, 2018
It’s that time of year when High School seniors are wrapping up writing scholarship applications. This year, for the first time, two outstanding students with be awarded a four-year, $20,000 scholarship from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole. The scholarship will be disbursed in four $5,000 installments. The new scholarship was announced at the March 6th Rotary Club lunch meeting.
Rotary Club of Jackson Hole announces new four-year scholarship kb 2018-03-12 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by kb-kls on Mar 08, 2018
Santa Claus Fund was the recipient of our Citizen of the Month award for the great work they do supporting local families in need with holiday gifts. This is a very well-organized, volunteer-driven program that involves getting family wish lists to volunteer gift buyers, who in turn go to local stores that offer discounts to the Santa Claus Fund. Three Santa Claus Fund board members (L-R) Patty Krause, Liz Lockheart and Cadel Carrigan accepted the award which was presented by Rotarian and Santa Claus Fund volunteer Katie Murphy.
Rotary Recognizes The Santa Claus Fund kb-kls 2018-03-08 07:00:00Z 0
Phil Cameron of Energy Conservation Works and Brian Tanabe of Lower Valley Energy presented an overview and update on energy conservation and green energy. 
The progress on energy conservation and green energy is the result of the combined and coordinated efforts of the Town of Jackson, Teton County, and Lower Valley Energy.  There has been a 50% increase renewable electricity use.  The renewable resources of solar voltaic and wind energy are marketed by Lower Valley Energy with a nominal additional charge for the energy consumed.  The Town of Jackson is dedicated to use of 100% renewable power.
Green power is derived from Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biogas, eligible biomass and small non-intrusive hydropower.  Over 770,000 kilowatt hours per year comes from photo-voltaics.  The metering of power generated by housing, businesses, and government can be accomplished for each site and the net of the power generated subtracted from the power used is credited to the user. 
The recent Federal Tax overhaul included continuing the renewable energy investment tax credits.
Energy Conservation in Jackson Hole February 20, 2018  kls 2018-02-20 07:00:00Z 0
Rotarian John Daily combined has 25 years of law enforcement, two degrees in mechanical engineering, and years of teaching traffic accident investigation to create a fascinating program of film and discussion of vehicle crashes between trucks, buses, and automobiles.  He presented pictures of various staged crashes where the vehicles were equipped with instruments (and crash dummies) that measure the effects of the impacts.  The big take away is not to be involved in vehicle crashes, wear your seatbelt, and watch out for the other guy while you drive responsibly
Vehicle Crash Analysis February 13, 2018 kls 2018-02-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 30, 2018
Rotarian Brian Siegfried organized a panel from our Jackson Hole real estate firms.  The panel included Katie Colbert Brady (residential) Michael Pruett (commercial) and Dan Visosky (vacant land).
It was a data based presentation with some very important numbers.  Sales transactions peaked in 2015.  There was a rush of sales at the end of last year; One hundred and sixty million dollars of real estate was sold in the last two months of 2017.
Commercial real estate follows residential sales.  There were $146 of commercial real estate sales in 2017, 56$% of that value was in the town of Jackson.  The demand is for office and restaurant space. 
Dan noted that there were 75,000 acres of non-government lands in Teton County; 32,000 has been developed, 23,000 is in conservation easements, and 20,000 is undeveloped.  The highest value of a block of land was $17.9 million for 72 acres in Bar-B-Bar.  Lots in Shooting Star were listed at $3.8 million for 1.4 acres.  Construction costs were approaching $500 per square foot.
Thanks Rotarian Brian and panelists.
Jackson Hole Real Estate Update – January 30, 2018  kls 2018-01-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotarian Kevin Olson presented a panel of three managers of local media: Joanna Love, Editor of Jackson Hole News&Guide; Bradly Boner, Chief Photographer JHN&G, and Adam Meyer, Associate Publisher, JHN&G and Jackson Hole Daily.  The panel responded to questions from Kevin and from the floor on subjects ranging from focus on community news, differentiation between community news and national news,  the significant separation of opinion from news reporting as presented in Jackson Hole, and the accountability of reporting on community news as compared to the blur in reporting of the national news media.  The changes in news reporting from print to digital was also covered (70% of readers surveyed every two years still want a print copy).  The panel also mentioned how to get involved by sending email to the editor or using the Jackson News&Guide webpage where a link in the footer of the site will send an email to the paper.  Rotary thanks Kevin and the professional media for a great program.

Local Media Panel on Community Reporting kls 2018-01-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 09, 2018
Annie Estes from Jackson Hole High School, Liberty Wagner from Summit High School, and Leila Sandlin from the Journey School were recognized as outstanding students by the Jackson Hole Rotary Club.  There individual outstanding scholarship, citizenship in their school and community, and unquestioned moral character were highlighted by the presenters from each of the schools.  Each student also took the time to make remarks to the Rotary Club.  All Rotarians wish the students well 
Congratulations Annie, Liberty, and Leila  kls 2018-01-09 07:00:00Z 0
For Immediate Release
Students of the Month for November
Three outstanding seniors were recognized at the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole’s monthly awards luncheon.
Tamara Attakai from Summit High School was described by her teachers as having “abundant grace and composure.” She has grown from being a painfully shy 14-year-old, when she arrived at Summit, to the confident young woman and conscientious student she is today. Attakai spoke about her own journey and summed it up with, “Hard doesn’t mean impossible.”
Caleb Kern from Journeys School is a competitive free ride snowboarder in addition to a committed student, who has an after-school job three days per week. He credits the flexibility and cooperation of his teachers for helping him pursue his sport, job and academics. His teachers recognized what an incredibly responsible student and athlete he is.
Matt Williams, a senior at Jackson Hole High School, described his trepidation when he transferred to the school part way through his freshman year. However, on his first day he got a phone call from Coach Brazil about running cross-country, which blew him away and helped him to feel welcome and get plugged in to his new school. Williams is described by teachers as someone who genuinely cares and checks in with his fellow students and teachers. He has had distinguished running and Nordic skiing career at Jackson Hole High School and thanked the teachers and coaches at JHHS for the impact they have had on his life.
Photo: (Left - Right) Caleb Kern, Matt Williams, Tamara Attakai
Photo: (Left - Right) Caleb Kern, Matt Williams, Tamara Attakai
The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole (lunch club) includes approximately 180 members who meet weekly to discuss matters of importance locally, nationally and internationally. Rotarians strive to give back to the community through service projects, scholarships and recognizing citizens and students that embody the Rotarian value of service above self.
November Rotary Students of the Month 2017-11-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 07, 2017
Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga was accepted as an Honorary Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Fr. Ubald was recognized for his life mission of promoting forgiveness and peace throughout Europe and his home region in Rwanda.
Fr. Ubald Accepts Honorary Membership in JH Rotary kls 2017-11-07 07:00:00Z 0
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club announces April monthly student award winners
Jackson, WY, April 13, 2017
The Jackson Hole Rotary Lunch Club presented its monthly awards Tuesday, recognizing outstanding high school students from Jackson Hole High School, Summit High School and Journeys School.
Will Dykema, a junior at Journeys school, has many passions and pursuits including lacrosse, creative writing and volunteering for local nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity, Pathways and Animal Adoption Center. As a scholar Dykema has earned a 3.5 grade point average and a reputation for being “a deeply engaged student,” according to Journeys Head of School Nancy Lang, who also noted “his playful shenanigans.”
Dykema gave much of the credit for his success to his parents and in particular an older brother, who he said helped instill “determination, curiosity, a desire to learn, and strong work ethic.”
Summit High School senior Jeremy Bowthorpe “came out of a negative situation and is now a positive influence on our school,” said Principal Beth Auge. “Jeremy is one of the kindest people you will ever meet … a great citizen who leads by example … mature beyond his years.”
Bowthorpe plans to pursue a career in coding and graphic design with a short-term goal of working for Bethesda Software. “I believe one must always strive to improve,” said Bowthorpe in his acceptance speech.
Jackson Hole High School senior Elizabeth Chambers maintains a 4.0 grade point average, even after completing all the English courses offered by the school and some offered at the collegiate level through UCLA and MIT.
“We can’t challenge her enough,” said principal Scott Crisp.
English teacher Mary Hoelscher said she “loves words on the page and writes like a less-lonely Emily Dickinson.”
However, Chambers gave more credit to her growth as a student and a person to her musical education than literature, which “taught me how to cooperate with the person next to me.”
For more information please contact Kim Billimoria kbillimoria@silverstar.net307.201.5101
Photo: (Left to Right) Jeremy Bowthorpe, Elizabeth Chambers, Will Dykema
Photo: (Left to Right) Jeremy Bowthorpe, Elizabeth Chambers, Will Dykema
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club announces April monthly student award winners 2017-04-17 06:00:00Z 0
Wort 75th Anniversary Casino Night & Gala Recap 2016-11-07 00:00:00Z 0
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club announces November monthly award winners
Jackson, WY, November 1, 2016
The Jackson Hole Rotary Lunch Club presented its monthly awards Tuesday, recognizing outstanding high school students from Jackson Hole High School, Summit High School and Jackson Hole Community School.
Jackson Hole High School senior Abby Brazil has earned multiple state championships as a member of the soccer and track teams, but Principal Scott Crisp said her scholastic achievements are far more impressive.
“She could not have taken a more rigorous course load, including seven advanced placement classes and five engineering classes, passing them all with straight A’s,” Crisp said. “A lot of opportunity will come her way.”
Summit High School senior Eddie Aranda-Castillo has come a long way in his four years at the Teton County School District alternative high school.
“I don’t think I’ve seen anyone undergo as much amazing growth, both personal and physical, as Eddie,” said Clint Traver, Summit High School student services coordinator.
Aranda-Castillo is known for his outgoing, gregarious personality, baking skills (he often brings his doughnuts to school and hands them out to those who he thinks needs a little boost) and academically as “that guy you don’t notice until he just lights it up,” said Traver.
The student of the semester at Jackson Hole Community School is senior Ryan Hutton, who according to Head of School Amy Fulwyler, “Truly makes a difference in the lives of everyone at Community School.”
Hutton was lauded for his kind, generous attitude and an ability to see issues from multiple perspectives. Teachers said he was “authentically curious,” “shows humility,” and “thinks deeply and reads like a hawk.”
In addition to being a standout academic, Hutton is a dedicated kayaker and climber. As a kayaker, Hutton competed at a world class level for his age group, with climbing becoming more and more of a go-to distraction from his rigorous studies.
“Climbing has consumed my bank account and my time lately,” Hutton said in his acceptance speech. “It’s important to find something that makes you happy to keep from getting bogged down.”
In addition to recognizing Outstanding Students every month, the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole awards tens of thousands of dollars every year in scholarships to graduating high school students, and makes grants to teachers and educational non-profits like Teton Literacy Center. 
For more information please contact Kim Billimoria at, or 307.201.5101.
Photo: (L-R) Eddie Aranda-Castillo, Abby Brazil, Ryan Hutton
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club announces November monthly award winners 2016-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
An Old Bill's Fun Run gift to the "Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation" is an excellent and easy way for you to encourage and reward high academic achievement and useful community service from local high school students. Support for striving young people is a fundamental basis of healthy citizenship. If giving through big social events like the Rotary WineFest isn't your thing, but giving to an extremely well-run local Rotary college scholarship fund to support outstanding college-bound high school students is, and if you like the idea that your gift will grow by about 50% thanks to the Old Bill's challengers, then we need you now. All proceeds benefit local college-bound students. Will you please put Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation on your list of Old Bill's donations?
Help the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation Raise Dollars for Scholars 2016-08-30 00:00:00Z 0
For Immediate Release
June 27, 2016
Rotary joins Board of Realtors to bring Jackson fireworks on the 4th
Rotary Club of Jackson Hole (lunch club) has joined forces with the Teton Board of Realtors to sponsor the annual 4th of July fireworks show at Snow King, known as “Fire in the Hole”. An event of this magnitude requires a concerted effort with the Town of Jackson, Teton County Parks & Recreation, Teton County Health Department, Teton County Fire Department, and Jackson Police Department - without whom this event could not occur.
Fireworks will begin at 10 pm. Food and beverage vendors will be on hand starting around 6 pm. The newly formed high school Rotary Interact Club will be selling soft drinks as a fundraiser. Rotary Club of Jackson Hole President Len Carlman said, "The Interact students will be staffing the soda pop sales. Please be sure to say hello to them and buy some beverages!"
Please check the Town of Jackson website for street closures and parking details.
For many years the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole was involved in Music in the Hole, a long-standing part of Jackson’s 4th of July celebrations. “As Jackson’s largest service club, we are thrilled to once again be involved in making our community’s Independence Day celebration a memorable one for residents and our many visitors,” said Carlman.
For more information:
Len Carlman
President, Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
Rotary joins Board of Realtors to bring Jackson fireworks on the 4th 2016-06-27 00:00:00Z 0
This week is a great time to bring a guest to Rotary since all proceeds got to Teton Literacy and literacy has long been an area of focus for our club.
Teton Literacy Flyer

For Immediate Release: May 23, 2016 Jackson, WY

Teton Literacy Center is excited to announce the 21st Annual Lunch for Literacy with the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole. The two organizations will team together on June 7 th , opening up this Rotary meeting to the community, with the goal of raising funds to support TLC’s free programs for preschool-high school age students and their families.

The luncheon will be held at the Virginian on June 7 th at noon. TLC staff and board are excited to use this opportunity to share our current programs and our vision for a 100% literate community. With community support we can reach this vision and ensure that all children have access to high quality educational services. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online, at Teton Literacy Center, or at the event.

Teton Literacy Center is a family literacy center with enrichment, tutoring, parent and early childhood components. For over 20 years TLC has focused on building a center that provides comprehensive services for preschool through high school aged children and their families. TLC is unique in providing the only free afterschool, summer, tutoring, and family resources in our county. Programs allow all families, regardless of income level, to improve their literacy skills in a safe, family-friendly environment. By providing individualized support through tutoring, enrichment and family literacy services TLC empowers students to become contributing members of our community.

For more information on programs and events at Teton Literacy Center, please visit our website or call Laura Soltau at 307-733-9242.

Teton Literacy Center - Lunch for Literacy 2016-06-07 00:00:00Z 0
JHMR Ski Patrol awarded Citizen of the Month by Rotary
The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol accepted the February “Citizen of the Month” award from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole at a luncheon held at the resort on Tuesday, March 8th.
One of the club’s Past Presidents, Casey Morton, presented the award and thanked the patrol for 50 years of “Service Above Self”, the Rotary motto of 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide, in 200 countries. The nomination of Ski Patrol was prompted by their effective and speedy responses to accidents that occurred outside the resort boundaries in recent months.
The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol is a closely-knit group of individuals that totals 82 members; 65 men and 17 women. Their talents and expertise include being expert skiers, highly trained in rescue techniques with pertinent knowledge of Emergency Medical Training.  They are dedicated to the mountains and strive to make the mountain playground as safe as possible. One of their most exciting and challenging tasks is reduction of avalanche risks. As Morton said in his presentation, “We have all heard the ominous sound of Boom, Boom, Boom reverberating about the valley in the early morning hour.”
Within the boundaries of Rendezvous Mountain there are as many as 275 recognized avalanche paths. Avalanche reduction work, involves each patroller carrying as much as 15 pounds of explosives, in one pound, 2 pound and 5 pounds increments.  These explosives can be bundled together to make a 50 lb. bomb. 
Morton acknowledged the inherent risk in their work and the entire room observed a moment of silence for Jackson Hole Ski Patrol members who lost their lives during the course of their work: Paul Driscoll, Tom Raymer and Mark “Big Wally” Wolling.
Director Drew Kneeland, in accepting the award on behalf of Ski Patrol, read a poem he had composed for the occasion. “This is kind of a roast,” Kneeland explained, in the tradition of the poem that ski patrol reads over the radio at the close of every day. The poem opened with some jokes about not understanding Rotary -“Do you have a secret handshake?” But also included these kind words:
“I’ve asked around, and it appears
You’ve all been philanthropists for years.
You’ve raised funds to support our youth
And given back in spades, in truth.
You recognize leaders in our community
Promoting peace, love, and unity.
And while you may have the aura of high-rollers
You’re essentially just like ski patrollers.”
Director Drew Kneeland, Assistant Director Jen Calder, Director of Snow Safety Mike Rheam and Assistant Director Tom Bartlett. Rotary Past President Casey Morton made the award and thanked them for exemplifying the Rotary motto of Service above Self in their work.
Director Drew Kneeland, Assistant Director Jen Calder, Director of Snow Safety Mike Rheam and Assistant Director Tom Bartlett. Rotary Past President Casey Morton made the award and thanked them for exemplifying the Rotary motto of Service above Self in their work.
JHMR Ski Patrol awarded Citizen of the Month by Rotary 2016-03-15 00:00:00Z 0
February Awards
Our club celebrated a pretty long list of individuals this month. We recognized two Rotarians of the Month from the end of 2015 as well as Jackson Hole Community School and Journeys School outstanding students, which only happens 3 times per year. As always, it is very inspiring to hear from all of our award winners.
Rotarian of the Month (October):  Hailey Morton Levinson for her work as our club’s Rotary Youth Exchange Officer. In light of the recent birth of her baby Ari, Hailey has passed the baton to Melissa Turley as our new Youth Exchange Officer.
Rotarian of the Month for August – Hailey Morton Levinson
Rotarian of the Month (November): Kevin Olson was recognized fot graciously hosting 6 Brazilians on a Rotary Exchange Visit in November... and who always says "yes" when asked to help.
Rotarian of the Month for September – Kevin Olson
Rotarian of the Month for September – Kevin Olson
Citizen of the Month (January): Arla Burbank for touching the lives of thousands of children during her 30 years as music teacher and other involvement in the community.
Citizen of the Month for January – Arla Burbank 
Citizen of the Month for January – Arla Burbank
Students of the Month/Season:
Summit High School:  
Katie Bell:  an 18 year old senior at Summit High School, Katie is active with Sean's Club (a program of PAWS and the Animal Shelter), is recognized among her teachers and peers for her strong Wyoming roots (including a love of bowhunting), and hopes to make a career as a chef or baker.  In accepting her award, Katie thanked her parents as well as everyone at Summit. "Summit makes it easier for teens like me to go to college."
  Summit High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Katie Bell
Summit High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Katie Bell
Cheyann Galicia:  Also an 18 year old senior at Summit High School, Cheyenne is also active with Sean's club and is recognized among her teachers and peers for her creative talents.  She hopes to eventually attend the Art Institute of Fashion in Las Vegas.  In accepting her award, Cheyann thanked everyone at Summit, saying "Summit taught me how I can be myself and not be afraid. I admire everyone at the school."
 Summit High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Cheyann Galicia
Summit High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Cheyann Galicia
Jackson Hole High School:  
Emily Jennings:  A Senior at JHHS, Emily is enrolled in 4 Advanced Placement courses, is an active athlete (hockey & golf), and is involved in the "Best Buddies" program and National Honor Society.  In addition, she is an intern at First Western Trust.  Her teachers and peers recognize her for her presence, positive attitude, and participation, as well as her ability to always see both sides of an issue.  Emily plans on getting a degree in finance.  She has already been accepted to the Marquette College of Business and is awaiting acceptance to several other universities. In accepting her award, Emily thanked her parents for their inspiration.... her father who, before being tragically taken away in a car accident, taught Katie to always follow her dreams... and her mother who "gives me the confidence to follow my passions."
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Emily Jennings
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Emily Jennings
Laura Perez Garcia:  A Senior at JHHS, Laura is known for her presence and for being a model to other students. In addition to her academic achievements, she is a leader in the "Latina Leader Club", is a member of the Forensics club, and works at St. John's Hospital.  Laura's family moved to the valley from Mexico when she was 1 year old.  Despite speaking no English when they arrived, Laura thanked her parents for "giving me everything even though they had nothing."  Laura plans on attending college and, in accepting her award, said that "It's my turn to give back. That's fair." 
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Laura Perez-Garcia
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Laura Perez-Garcia
Jackson Hole Community School:
Ellie Dunn:  Ellie is considered by her teachers as "one of those rare students who is gifted in all disciplines."  In addition to her academic success, she is active in multiple community service projects and is an athlete; competing in big mountain ski racing and mountain bike racing.  She served on the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole grants committee and has volunteered with Friends of Pathways.  In accepting her award, Ellie said "I realize that in my future, I will be better off coming from here (Jackson)."
Jackson Hole Community School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Ellie Dunn
Jackson Hole Community School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Ellie Dunn
Journeys School:
Luke Gannon: An 11th grader at Journeys School, Luke is a straight-A student, is an active athlete (lacrosse & hockey), and is a musician (guitar & mandolin). She hopes to pursue her passion for music in her future college studies.  She is also an active member of 4H, and a volunteer at several animal shelters, the ice arena in Victor, and is starting a project with friends to connect food waste and food insecurity.  She is known among her teachers and peers for her "can do" attitude, for her optimism, and for her balance of confidence and humility.  In accepting her award, Luke thanked her mom, her teachers, and her peers, saying "I didn't get here on my own."  She also promised to, as her mom taught her to do, "always bring something to the table."  
 Journeys School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Luke Gannon
 Journeys School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Luke Gannon
February Awards 2016-02-25 00:00:00Z 0
$4,000 gift made to Jackson Cupboard


Jackson Cupboard Board Chair Mike Randall received a check for $4,000 from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole at the January 12th lunch meeting. Randall thanked the Rotarians for their service in the community and for the grant, pointing out that as an all-volunteer organization that uses space donated by St. John's Jackson Hole Church, the Jackson Cupboard spends 97% of funds raised on food.


Rotary President Clare Payne-Symmons recognized the very important work done by the Jackson Cupboard in helping the hungry in our community. $2,000 of the grant came directly from the club. The other $2,000 was a matching grant by Rotary District 5440. A portion of the donations made by Rotarians to Rotary International can come back to their home club as a grant.


Rotary President Clare Payne-Symmons, Jackson Cupboard Board Chair Mike Randall, Rotarian Paul Vogelheim, also a Teton County Commissioner and board member for Jackson Cupboard.
Left to Right: Rotary President Clare Payne-Symmons, Jackson Cupboard Board Chair Mike Randall, Rotarian Paul Vogelheim, also a Teton County Commissioner and board member for Jackson Cupboard.
$4,000 gift made to Jackson Cupboard 2016-01-29 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club recognizes citizen hero in medical emergency and coordinator of Red Kettle fundraiser
January 11, 2016
For Immediate Release
Patti Robertson, an employee of the The Lexington at Jackson Hole, was recognized by the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole lunch club as Citizen of the Month for December, awarded in January. When a hotel guest had sudden cardiac arrest, she put her years of Red Cross training to use performing CPR and managing a scene that included several of the patient’s family members, none of whom spoke English. By all accounts, Robertson responded with calm professionalism and helped save the patient's life. The patient was taken by emergency services to St. John’s Medical Center and was later released. In accepting the award, Robertson said she was humbled and encouraged others to make sure they have first aid and CPR training.
Steve Kallin received the honor of Rotarian of the Month for December, for coordinating the annual Jackson Hole Salvation Army Red Kettle Fundraiser. Kallin reported that 242 hour-long time slots were filled with bell ringing volunteers at Albertson’s, Smith’s, Kmart, Jackson Whole Grocer and Lucky’s over a four week period. Bell Ringers were able to collect over $18,600. With the addition of a $5,000 donation, this year's fundraising total was just over $23,600. 100% of the funds raised will be used to meet local needs including emergency dental care, rides for cancer treatment and help with medical and electricity bills for those in need. These funds will make a difference in the lives of up to 200 people in the Jackson Hole area this year.
Kallin thanked his fellow Rotarians and other bell ringing volunteers, “Thank you for donating your time and your willingness to brave Jackson's winter weather in order to make this fundraiser a success. You have certainly made a difference for our community!”
Patti Robertson with Citizen of the Month award for December 2015
Patti Robertson with Citizen of the Month award for December 2015
Steve Kallin with Rotarian of the Month award for December 2015
Steve Kallin with Rotarian of the Month award for December 2015
Rotary Club recognizes citizen hero in medical emergency and coordinator of Red Kettle fundraiser 2016-01-12 00:00:00Z 0
Three Outstanding Students recognized by Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
December 10, 2015
For Immediate Release
At the December awards luncheon of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, three students received Outstanding Student awards, including a Journeys School student for the first time. In the past, Jackson Hole High School and Summit High School participated but the club has opened the door for the Journeys School and Community School to nominate Outstanding Students for recognition on a quarterly basis.
High School Principal Dr. Crisp introduced Brianne Beale as the Outstanding Student of the Month from JHHS. Beale is a senior and a member of the JHHS swim team. She demonstrated commitment and perseverance when, in spite of a back injury that kept her from swimming and competing, she continued to attend swim practices and participate on the team through strength and conditioning and traveling with the team as the manager. Beale gave a very moving speech about how she had learned perseverance and hard work from her dad who raised three kids alone in Jackson.
Beth Ojai from Summit High School introduced Lachlan Hardie whom she described as having an awesome attitude, being known for following through on everything asked of him and participating in every outdoor activity Summit offers. He is a Special Olympics ski racer, an encyclopedia of car knowledge and gave a witty speech in which he gave credit to the teachers that have influenced his life.
Nancy Lang, Head of School for Journeys School, introduced McKenzie Reed as the school’s first Rotary Outstanding Student. Reed was described as having a growth mindset and being a lifelong learner who has shown leadership in multi-age learning groups at Journeys as well as in starting a Gay Straight Alliance that has collaborated with other area schools. Kenzie spoke about her passion for social justice and left the R
Rotary luncheon to go back to school to defend her 4,000 word Extended Essay – a requirement of the International Baccalaureate program offered at Journeys.
JHHS Student of the Month Brianne Beale addresses the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
JHHS Student of the Month Brianne Beale addresses the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
 Summit High School Student of the Month Lachlan Hardie receives his award from club President Clare Payne-Symmons
Summit High School Student of the Month Lachlan Hardie receives his award from club President Clare Payne-Symmons
Head of School Nancy Lang and Outstanding Student Kenzie Reed, from Journeys School
Head of School Nancy Lang and Outstanding Student Kenzie Reed, from Journeys School
About Rotary Student of the Month:
Every month of the school year, The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole accepts nominations from Summit High School and Jackson Hole High School for Student of the Month, to be recognized at the club’s awards luncheon on the 1st Tuesday of the month. In the fall of 2015, Rotary extended an invitation to the Journeys School and Jackson Hole Community School to submit nominations for an Outstanding Student to be recognized each quarter, given the relative size of their schools. Each student is introduced by a representative of their school and gives prepared remarks to the club about their life journey, accomplishments and goals.
Three Outstanding Students recognized by Rotary Club of Jackson Hole 2015-12-10 00:00:00Z 0
Lee Burbank receives Distinguished Service Award
In November, Treasurer Lee Burbank was honored with a Distinguished Service Award for his many years of service as the club's treasurer. Thank you Lee for managing our books and providing sound and sage advice to our club as we seek to be good stewards of our financial resources. Lee has been a member of our club since 1979, has been treasurer for more years than he says he can remember. He truly represents the Rotary motto "Service above Self".
Lee Burbank receives Distinguished Service Award 2015-12-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 01, 2015
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club recognizes Larry Pardee, Pete Karns at monthly awards meeting
Jackson, WY, Sept. 1 2015- The Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club named Larry Pardee, Town of Jackson director of public works, as its citizen of the month for September. Pete Karns was recognized as Rotarian of the Month.
Karns and Pardee were recognized for their dedication and successful efforts over many years to replace the four elk antler arches on the Town Square.  The project was completed this summer. Pete Karns took the lead for the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole in raising the funds to replace the arches and worked closely with Larry Pardee who handled the engineering and construction of the arches.
In accepting his award Pardee extended recognition to the entire Public Works department and said how much the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” resonated with him. “That’s what we try to do – we love serving this town,” he said.
Jackson town administrator and Rotarian Bob McLaurin presented the Citizen of the Month award, calling Pardee, “As fine a person and public servant as I have ever met.”
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club includes approximately 180 members and meets weekly to discuss issues of importance locally, nationally and internationally. Rotarians strive to give back to the community through service projects and scholarships.
Left Image: Larry Pardee, Jackson director of public works, receiving his Citizen of the Month award (President Clare Payne-Symmons to his left)
Right Image: Pete Karns, receiving Rotarian of the Month from former mayor (and Rotarian) Mark Barron and President Elect Len Carlman.
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club recognizes Larry Pardee and Pete Karns Paul Lowham 2015-10-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Feb 04, 2014

Here is a great opportunity to complete your (next) Paul Harris Fellowship before our annual Recognition Dinner on March 8th.  The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole (Lunch Club) will match your contribution to your Paul Harris Fellowship - 1 dollar for every 2 that you contribute (must be a minimum of $200 by the end) through the end of June.  If you complete your Paul Harris $1,000 by March 8, we will recognize you at the dinner!


Through the generosity of people like you, our work has made a difference in the lives of millions around the world. Your gift to The Rotary Foundation allows us to improve communities by promoting peace, preventing disease, bolstering economic development, and providing clean water and sanitation.  The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

 helps fund our humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives. Your club or district can apply for grants from the Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholarships. The Foundation also leads the charge on worldwide Rotary campaigns such as  and . Rotarians and friends of Rotary support the Foundation’s work through voluntary .Image


Complete Your Paul Harris FASTER! John Morgan 2014-02-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Jan 23, 2014

This year's Jackson Hole Salvation Army Red Kettle Fundraiser was a resounding success thanks to the hundreds of hours donated by Bell Ringers like you! 

Total funds raised during the 2013 Salvation Army Red Kettle Fundraiser set a new record of over $25,000.  This includes funds from Bell Ringer Red Kettles at five locations, Counter Kettles at four retail stores and contributions sent directly to the Salvation Army. 

Did you know that Bell Ringers fill two important roles.  The Jackson Hole Unit of the Salvation Army does not solicit contributions.  The only advertising they use are the smiling faces of volunteer Bell Ringers at the Red Kettles.  So when Bell Ringers are standing at the Red Kettles, they are not only providing the community an opportunity to donate, they are also reminding others about this annual fundraiser.  Some who do not contribute at a Red Kettle will send a contribution directly to the Jackson Hole Salvation Army.    

100% of the funds raised this year will be used to meet local needs.   These funds will make a difference in the lives of many people in the Jackson Hole Area.   

Thanks to all who donated their time and willingness to brave freezing temperatures in order to make this fundraiser a success!  Rotarians have made a difference for our community!


Steve Kallin
Red Kettle Volunteer Coordinator

Rotary Bell Ringers Make a Difference John Morgan 2014-01-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Nov 11, 2013


I was passing by the Town Square recently and noticed the Town crew stringing up the lights on the Antler Arches for winter.  It really got me excited for the winter season for the first time as I thought of the whole Town Square ablaze in holiday lights, and the JH Winter Wonderland ice skating pond adding an almost Norman Rockwell type of feeling to our downtown area.  We are so lucky to live somewhere with such great holiday spirit. It is no wonder that so many tourists choose Jackson Hole as their destination for winter fun. 

As many of you know, the Rotary Clubs of Jackson Hole were the original fundraising source to construct the famous Jackson Hole Antler Arches, and today the Rotary Clubs have taken the lead on replacing the Antler Arches as well.  We should all feel very proud to be responsible for such an iconic piece of the Jackson Hole experience.  Think about all of the millions of tourists who have taken their pictures underneath the antler arches, and how many pictures of the arches have graced the pages of magazines throughout the world promoting Jackson Hole.  Those images and memories are truly priceless.

We are still in the midst of fundraising to replace the forth and final arch on the square, and your support is needed.  For more information on how you can help save the historic Elk Antler Arches of Jackson Hole, contact Pete Karns at 307-732-7474. 

Rotary is Saving Our Arches John Morgan 2013-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Jun 09, 2013

Join Rotary in supporting literacy and education in Teton County!  The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole is proud to host the 18th annual Lunch for Literacy in conjunction with the Teton Literacy Center this coming Tuesday, June 11th, at 12 noon, at Snow King Resort.  The program will feature remarks from Wyoming First Lady, Carol Mead, and presentations from distinguished faculty of University of Wyoming, College of Education, Literacy Research Center and Clinic.  All proceeds from this event go directly to Teton Literacy Center.  Tickets are $20 per person, and are available at  For more information, please call 307-733-9242. 

Literacy and Education are two key areas of focus for Rotary International, and the Rotary Clubs of Jackson Hole are committed to many education goals in Teton County.

  • Rotary Readers promotes literacy for school children
  • Rotary Wine Fest funds scholarships for college bound students.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange facilitates cross-cultural education
  • Rotary Lunch for Literacy benefits Teton Literacy Center

Thank you to the generous sponsors of the Lunch for Literacy for making this program possible:  Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Domino's Pizza, Great Harvest Bread, Team Clancy, Snow King Resort, Grand View Lodge, and High Country Linen.

18th Annual Rotary Lunch for Literacy John Morgan 2013-06-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Jun 03, 2013

A couple of months ago Trevor Stevenson greatly increase his help with our water project in Rwanda and he unleashed a very sophisticated global perspective and a third world expertise. He spent three days of his Rwandan vacation—tracking down the President of the Butare Rotary Club and than visited our site in Changugu—about 3 hour drive from Butare.

Our International Committee was pretty amazed as Trevor brought back key contacts; a list of challenging questions and suggestions; and an encouraging report of site and the location for the Center for the Secret of Peace.

So how was Lander born and Jackson raised kid so ready to help on the world stage. Well we’ve come to learn, during the past decade, Trevor’s career has centered on the Amazon rainforest, where he worked in partnerships with government institutions, indigenous tribes and international non-governmental groups—perfect background for our work in Rwanda.

On behalf of our Club's executive committee, Trevor Stevenson has been recognized as our Rotarian of the Month.

Trevor Stevenson—Rotarian of the Month - May 2013 John Morgan 2013-06-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on May 14, 2013


The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation has as its mission "To support the advancement of education by providing scholarships to students and educators in our community while aiding other charitable needs of individuals and organizations as deemed appropriate." 

This year the Foundation awarded $60,000 to 36 students, awards that ranged from $1000 to $4,500. Each year about 120 worthy students apply.  The students will use this Rotary Foundation money to attend colleges like Wyoming, Oklahoma, Columbia, Northwestern, Brigham Young, Colorado School of Mines, Duke, North Carolina, Hawaii, Miami, Gonzaga and Montana State.

Click Here to DONATE to the Rotary Scholarship Fund though Rotary Wine Fest

The student's interests range from sports to dance, from being a doctor to being a chef, from robots to music, from Up With People to helping the needy at St John’s Hospital. And many of the 36 students were straight A students for 4 years. Importantly, scholarships are also awarded to students who have demonstrated a “turnaround” in their lives to include school, family and attitude. Vocational training focused is also recognized and scholarships are available for students choosing those opportunities as well.


2013 Rotary Scholarship Winners! John Morgan 2013-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Apr 23, 2013

2 Host Families Needed to sign up by May 1st to house a student in August.

We have a very excited Thai female exchange student who will be arriving in Jackson Hole in August.  We require two families, one in the fall and one in the spring, in order to place this student.  Without host family commitments, we will lose our opportunity to host this wonderful student!  Our community is one of generosity and good deeds and it would be a shame to deny a Rotary International student an experience here because there is not a single family in Jackson Hole who can share their home with an exchange student. 

Hosting an exchange student is an extremely rewarding experience.  The stories from previous host families speak of life long friendships, cultural learning for their children, and perhaps most importantly a friend to visit in their home country in future years!  For more information about becoming an exchange student, visit the following website and click the link to "A Guide For Host Families" pdf.

Rotary Youth Exchange Program - Rotary International

Our exchange student from Thailand has been studying English for years.  She does not require a guest house, guest room or special treatment.  She does need a safe place to come home to, a bed to sleep in - even if it means sharing a room, three meals a day - whether she makes herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch or whether you supply her with lunch money, and a way to get to school - school bus, start bus, or bike.  There does not need to be high school students in the home - you may have small children, grown children or no children.  Please call Jason Snider today (413-5123) to volunteer your family as Rotary's newest host family.  If you decide not to become a host family, please encourage your neighbors and friends to get involved.  Rotary International has given us an extension until May 1st to find two families for this student - one for the fall and one for the spring.  If we cannot guarantee her placements by May 1st, she will not be able to participate in the Rotary Exchange Program starting in August.  Please consider participating in this rewarding experience.  You will not be disappointed.   

Jason Snider
Rotary Youth Exchange Coordinator



Rotary Youth Exchange - Host Family Needed! John Morgan 2013-04-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Quinn on Apr 03, 2013

Many thanks to Paul Volgelheim for the Rwanda Project update. Many times I have heard of the Rwanda project, but I have never really fully understood what was involved. Many thanks to Matt Ostick, Trevor Stevenson and Paul Volgelheim for their hard work and dedication to this World changing project . Paul described the project as the foundation forgiveness of the atrocities of genocide that occurred in Rwanda many decades ago. A seventy eight acre site has been purchased as “The Center for Secret of Peace”. This site is currently hosting thousands of people in the process of finding forgiveness and giving forgiveness. There are many phases of development for this project, with the first phase of the project dedicated to water and sanitation. Through various charitable giving and matching grants a portion of the funds have been raised to go toward the sanitation phase of the project. Additional money will have to be raised before drilling water wells and starting the necessary infrastructure to complete this phase of development.  Paul described many miraculous stories of forgiveness that have already occurred on this site. 

Rwanda Project David Quinn 2013-04-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Mar 26, 2013

Thank you to Ray Bishop for his presentation about the Jackson Hole Airport at the March 26 Rotary lunch meeting.  We are truly lucky to have such a significant facility and extensive commercial service to our community.  

Did you know that Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) is the largest airport in Wyoming?  We enjoy more commercial passenger service than all other Wyoming airports combined.  Jackson Hole Airport is the first airport in the the US to have its flight path moved to reduce noise.  The current noise footprint is smaller than it has been in at least 3 decades, even though we enjoy far more commercial arrivals and departures than we did in the 1980s.

Jackson Hole Airport is also much safer than it was even just 2 years ago with new lighting down the center of the runway, and a glycol mitigation area to capture the de-icing liquids used to keep planes safe.

Jackson Hole Airport Update John Morgan 2013-03-27 00:00:00Z 0
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club announces January monthly award winners Brian Siegfried 2013-01-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Siegfried on Nov 11, 2012

The Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club named Jackson Hole Fire/EMS as its citizen of the month for October. Also recognized at the club’s weekly meeting on November 6 were high school students of the month Morgan Comey and Shannon Darby, as well as Rotarian of the Month Ed Liebzeit.


October award winners Brian Siegfried 2012-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Aug 12, 2012

Mike Forney, Governor of Rotary District 5440, will speak at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole at 12 noon on Tuesday, August 14th at the Virginian Lodge.   The international Rotary theme for the year is “Peace through Service.”  Forney will also encourage Rotarians to be “Rotary Proud.”  His district includes 53 Rotary clubs in Wyoming, Northwern Colorado, Eastern Idaho and Western Nebraska.

Rotary District Governor Visits Jackson Hole Tomorrow John Morgan 2012-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Aug 06, 2012
The Jackson Hole Rotary Club presented Rotarian Pat Butts of the Teton Valley Rotary Club a dual honor on August 7.  Pat has supported the International Student Exchange program throughout Wyoming by organizing student visits to Rotary meetings, driving 11 international exchange students on a tour of Wyoming, helping locate host families, and contributing many hours to ensure that the exchange program benefits all the students.  Her contributions have been recognized on both sides of the Tetons.  Thank you Rotarian Pat.
Rotarian Pat Butts Simultaneously Designated the Jackson Hole Rotarian of the Month and the Citizen of the Month Ken Small 2012-08-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Morgan on Aug 05, 2012

Hosting an Exchange Student is a great way to learn about another culture, make friends from another country, and expand one’s horizons.  It is also a less expensive and less intimidating alternative to sending your own children abroad, while still providing an opportunity to learn about the world.  It is a rewarding way for you and your family to contribute to your community, your country, and the world!

The Jackson Hole Rotary Club's Youth Exchange Committee is seeking a host family for one of our exchange students here in Jackson.  Our male student from Italy is in need of a host family from September until January and January until June.  He is a competitive downhill skier and is very excited to be placed here in Jackson Hole for the school year. The ideal family would have children in the home, (of any age), and would live in Jackson where he would have access to the start bus or other transportation.  Families do not need to have extra bedrooms or provide the student with money.  They do need to be willing to open their home to a student who is here to learn about America.  If you are interested, please contact Mary MacLeod Bess at 699-1098 or send an email to  Or, contact Jason Snider by email at

Host Family Needed for Rotary Exchange Student John Morgan 2012-08-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Jul 09, 2012
PDG Stuart Palmer has challenged the Jackson Hole Rotary Club to match $10,000 for the water project in Rwanda.  The water project is for the Center for the Secret of Peace.  The water project is infrastructure for facilities to be used to facilitate the recovery and continued peace between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes in Africa.  Any contribution will be matched by private individuals and by other Districts and Rotary International.  If you have any questions, contact Stuart Palmer.
The Rwanda Challenge Ken Small 2012-07-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Jul 09, 2012
PP Rob Weeks reported that he had a great response from JH Rotarians who helped park cars for the annual Music In the Hole concert.  This is a great contribution to the 4th of July events in Jackson Hole.  Rob has directed the project for many years.  Thank you Rob and the 20 Rotarians who helped execute another great afternoon.
Parking at Music In the Hole Ken Small 2012-07-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Jul 02, 2012
On July 3, Jim McNutt completed his term as President of the Jackson Hole Rotary Club.  Jim can now be officially addressed as Past President Jim.  Steve Robinson is now President Steve.  Thank you very much PP Jim for an outstanding year guiding the Jackson Hole Rotary Club through many events, countless outstanding meetings, and a few debates.  President Steve can now lead us on. 
Passing of the Gavel Ken Small 2012-07-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Mar 26, 2012
The March 27 program was presented by President and CEO Jim Webb.  Jim gave us an update on the efforts of Lower Valley to make the goal of 30% reduction in power demand a reality.  Energy conservation is still the least expense approach to saving energy.  To that end, Lower Valley has several programs that members can review by going to the LVE website.  Lower Valley also delivers natural gas into Jackson Hole.  Source switching from electric heat to natural gas heat contributes to limiting the growth of electrical demand in JH.  We enjoy some of the least expensive electricity in the nation.  We all benefit by keeping our electrical use in check; the alternative is that Lower Valley must procure electricity from far more expensive sources than their long term contract.
Lower Valley Energy Ken Small 2012-03-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Mar 19, 2012
Jackson Hole Rotary held its regular meeting at the National Museum of Wildlife Art on March 20.  The program was presented by President Jim who is also the President and CEO of the museum.  The museum displays large collections of Carl Ringus and Bob Kuhn.  We enjoyed a brief history of the museum and introduced to the recent construction.  We all need to return to the museum frequently through the summer as sculptures are installed along the new trail. 
JH Rotary Meets at the National Museum of Wildlife Art Ken Small 2012-03-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Small on Feb 14, 2012

Two years ago Rotary International embarked on another major fund raising drive for the eradication of polio.  A challenge was made by the Gates Foundation that if Rotary International could raise $200 million by June 30, 2012, the Gates Foundation would match the $200 million.  By the end of January 2012, Rotary International had raised the $200 million which matched the challenge six months ahead of the agreed date.  The Gates Foundation,, and Bill Gates Sr in person, delivered the matching funds to Rotary International and then placed another $50 million donation from the Gates Foundation on top. 


There are results on the work against polio.  India has not had a new case of polio in over a year.  There are now only three countries remaining with reports of new cases of polio.

Polio Plus Passes the $200 Million Challenge Ken Small 2012-02-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Nov 07, 2011
District Governor Mary McCambridge spoke at our November 8 lunch meeting. DG Mary is a senior vice president at Home State Bank in Loveland, Colorado and is a former president of her home club of Rotary Club of Loveland. Her talk emphasized Family, Continuity of Rotary, and Change. As Gandhi said, we should all be the change we wish to see in the world.

Mary is a strong proponent of literacy, and challenged the club to conceive a literacy project this year. She pledged her support in getting a matching district grant for any project we put forward.

Thank you DG Mary, for taking the time to come visit our club and share your inspiration with us. We'll see you at the District Conference.
District Governor Mary McCambridge visits our club Tim J. Bradley 2011-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Nov 07, 2011
An early heads up for all to make plans to attend the 2012 District Conference in Estes Park, Colorado this summer! The conference will be on June 7-9, 2012, and the Rotary International President will be speaking. It's very unusual for the International President to attend a District Conference, so this will be a very special event.
District Conference in Estes Park, June 7-9, 2012 Tim J. Bradley 2011-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Jul 21, 2011
Hal Richardson congratulated the Community Band for their performance last week. Casey Morton sold the Sundance Inn three years ago, but couldn't get the hospitality business out of his blood, so he just bought the Inn on the Creek from the Eastman's. John Gilmore reminds us that our local Rotary Foundation will match your new donations to your Paul Harris award up to 300 points, so call him! Reggie McNamara  noted that Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis, in conjunction with Noble Travel, is putting together a trip to Scotland and Englad for the British Open next year. Jeff Noffsinger is going back to Indiana for a month. He's applied for a liquor license with the Town to open a wine bar downtown. If you'd like to see that happen, call your councilmember/mayor and give him your support! The applications will be heard at the Monday July 25th meeting of the Town Council.
Heard From Our Members Tim J. Bradley 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Jul 21, 2011

Our program was presented by Rotarian Steve Kallin. The National Elk Refuge is just completing a 9 year study on the effects of winter feeding of elk on the Refuge. Over 11,000 comments have been received. The Refuge is highly aware of the potential for disease that results from concentrating animals on a feedline, and so has just completed installing an irrigation system that will expand the irrigated acreage on the Refuge from 900 to 4300 acres. This should help provide natural forage and reduce the need for alfalfa pellet feeding.

The Refuge also participated in a program to get hunters on the Refuge to use non-lead bullets, in order to reduce the amount of lead poisoning in ravens and eagles, which results when the birds feed on the bullet-fragment laced carcasses left by hunters. The program has been successful - in 2010, ravens showed a 47% reduction in lead in their blood.

The draft comprehensive plan for the Refuge will be released in the Spring of 2012. For more information, go to

July 19, 2011 Program - National Elk Refuge Tim J. Bradley 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Jul 21, 2011

Paul Vogelheim announced that Rotary Club of Jackson Hole (that's us) received $2,000 as a donation from the Farmer's Market on the previous Saturday.

Jeff Noffsinger reported that the bike race to benefit the club was again a great success, with over 100 cyclists participating. Thanks to all of you who showed up to race and/or volunteer!

 If you would like to make a Rotary Announcement, please email it to Tim Bradley ( by Monday before the meeting.

Rotary Announcements, July 19, 2011 Tim J. Bradley 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Jul 21, 2011
The landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife are the main reasons that visitors and residents come to Jackson Hole. All of this beauty and scenery is a direct result of the 2.8 billions years of geologic events that have shaped what we see about us. Geology of NW Wyoming and Jackson Hole is a 1.5 hour presentation and a 4 hour field trip presented by Geologists of Jackson Hole. The program is free and starts at 9am at the Teton County Library on Saturday July 23. The field trip ends up at Signal Mountain around 3pm. Come and learn about the volcanos, glaciers, and much more which created the spectacular place we call Jackson Hole! Call John Willott at 699-2621.
2.8 Billion Years in only 5 hours Tim J. Bradley 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer on May 17, 2011
Every member can access their information at the Rotary International website. Persons can also make donations to The Rotary Foundation via the web. The donations can be directed to particular projects like Polio Plus or to the annual fund or permanent fund of Rotary. Donations to the annual fund are used to support the programs and projects of Rotary that are well known. Also, after three years, half of the donated funds are returned to the District to be used for District projects.

Members can make a donation by going to Rotary.Org and click on "member access" in the top right corner. Login and follow the instructions for making a donation. If you have not set up a login for yourself, take the time to do so and that will open up other parts of the Rotary website for you.

Accessing Your Paul Harris Information at Rotary International Stuart M. Palmer 2011-05-17 23:36:21Z 0
Posted by Glenn Myers on Apr 29, 2011

As part of a special visit by the entire Wyoming Supreme Court to the Jackson Hole area, members of the Court offered a presentation on the Wyoming judicial system to a combined Rotary and Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce luncheon.


 The Court’s visit included constitutional history presentations to students at local schools, an open hearing at the high school of a murder case appeal, and a special reception at the Wildlife Art Museum.

April 28, 2011 Meeting Glenn Myers 2011-04-29 15:22:20Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Mar 29, 2011

Jackson Hole has thousands of Facebook users who can now find up-to-date information about the Rotary Wine Fest.  Please help us spread the word.  As the event approaches, the Wine Fest committee will update the site with information about the Rotary Scholarship Fund, the vintners scheduled to attend the Wine Fest, and lots of other fun and exciting stuff. If you are a Facebook user, please forward a message to your friends to visit and "Like" the Rotary Wine Fest of Jackson Hole page.  If you would like to join the facebook community, please visit the following website to get started (!/help/?guide=set_up_profile).

Rotary Wine Fest on Facebook Tim J. Bradley 2011-03-30 00:33:56Z 0
Happy March Birthdays! Kevin Olson 2011-03-30 00:22:12Z 0
Posted by Kevin Olson on Mar 29, 2011
It's been great to see a number of new guests attending Rotary lately. It's a well known fact that new faces and fresh energy are essential ingredients in the vitality of Rotary. Thanks to the numerous Rotarians who have brought guests over the last two weeks: Case Morton, Jim McNutt, Joel Berman, Mark Barron, Pam Shea, T.R. Pierce, Paul Vogelheim, Lee Burbank, Chuck Webber, RuthAnn Petroff, Sam Herrell, Bob McLaurin, John Fixter, and Doyen McIntosh. Fran Van Houten always has membership packets available and can help answer questions about criteria and qualifications for membership.
Guests Help Us Grow Kevin Olson 2011-03-30 00:21:29Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Mar 29, 2011
EVERY SINGLE Tuesday, I have a smile on my face because it's ROTARY DAY and I know I will sit and visit with incredible human beings—my FELLOW ROTARIANS. Thank you for all you have shared with me. It has been quite the decision to move to Bend,Oregon, a 4-year plan! I can't begin to describe how much the Jackson Hole Rotary Club has meant to me and my life in Jackson these 23 years. Over 2 decades of participating in so many of the Rotary Avenues of Service ("Avenues of Enjoyment" actually!): hosting 3 year-long exchange students, being a Rotary Reader for 4 years, serving as food director for the Winefest for many years helping Bob Dornan and Pete Cook, hosting several Group Study Exchange guests, becoming a 2-time Paul Harris fellow, serving 6 years on the Club board, 5 years on the Club Foundation Board, 4 as its secretary, serving on the Scholarship Committee for 4 years, being Brendan's co-Sgt.-at-Arms with April, serving as Assistant District Governor for a year, and in 1995-96, Club President. Thank you for the honor I've had to be your friend and your fellow Rotarian. Please visit me in Bend! My e-mail is
Barbara’s off to Bend, Oregon Tim J. Bradley 2011-03-30 00:20:51Z 0
Posted by Kevin Olson on Mar 29, 2011
Fellow Rotarian Valley Bradley encourages support for Laps for Literacy - a ski fundraiser supporting Teton Literacy Center and takes place on Sunday, March 20 at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Participants gather donations for skiing in the event. In the student division, participants ski for a month, keeping track of the number of days they've skied. In the adult division, participants ski laps to be entered into a raffle. The adult division will take place March 20th, 2011 from 9 am - 4 pm at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Check-in is at 8:00 am at Teton Mountain Lodge. Wells Fargo, Teton Mountain Lodge and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are proud to host the event supporting literacy in Teton County. Ways to Register! Visit Email Call Jana at 733-9242. Fill out a registration form at our offices at 1715 High School Rd., #260.
Support Laps For Literacy Kevin Olson 2011-03-30 00:19:54Z 0
Posted by Kevin Olson on Mar 29, 2011
On behalf of the board and members of the Rotary Lunch Club, Megan Gallagher presented Mary Bess with the Rotarian of the Month Award for February. Mary was honored for "quietly getting things done." Whether it's helping to secure silent auction items for Wine Fest, working on the Rotary Youth Exchange program or taking attendance at lunch, Mary was recognized for her willingness and ability to lend a hand and make things happen. Helping extends far beyond Rotary for Mary. Many of us know her as the General Manager of Mad River Boat Trips. With her proximity to rafts and desire to use the river as a metaphor for learning, Mary worked w/ the school district to create the Read to Raft Program - now in its fourth year. The program provides valley elementary an incentive and reward to read and has treated over 600 kids to a great experience on the Snake River. Congratulations Mary!
Rotarian of the Month - Mary Bess Kevin Olson 2011-03-30 00:19:10Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Mar 29, 2011
Winefest is coming! Winefest is coming!
I hope you are as excited as I am. Winefest is our largest fundraiser, and raises over $50,000 each year, money that we use to fund college scholarships to Jackson Hole high school students. So get involved! Call Stephan Abrams at 733-4466 or Joe Madera at 413-3300. Do it today!
Winefest: Friday May 27, 2011! Tim J. Bradley 2011-03-30 00:00:00Z 0
Spring Cleanup is May 14 Kevin Olson 2011-03-29 00:00:00Z 0
WineFest Planning in Full Swing Kevin Olson 2011-03-28 00:00:00Z 0
For Those Who Want to Help Japan Kevin Olson 2011-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley on Feb 07, 2011
November is Paul Harris Month. Think about becoming a Paul Harris Fellow this year. You can start with easy automatic monthly deductions.
November is Paul Harris Month Tim J. Bradley 2011-02-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Quinn

Jackson Hole Rotary Club members Mike Blazek and Clare Payne-Simmons completed the Rotary Leadership Institute on April 13, 2013.  The Institute provides in-depth discussion of the functions of Rotary, the five paths of service, and a background on The Rotary Foundation.  Graduates have the information available to be organized and efficient leaders of Rotary projects, Rotary meetings, and Rotary clubs.  Congratulations to Clare and Mike.  Please thank them for their continued dedication to understanding the World of Rotary and its great role in world philanthropy.  (My apology to Mike Blazek for not including him in the announcement Apr 16.  – KLS).

Ken Small's report on Rotary Leadership David Quinn 0
Posted by David Quinn

Lorenzo Martani, Cremona Italy, is Jackson Hole Rotary Club’s current RYE student.

The Jackson Hole Rotary Youth Exchange program welcomes applications from local high school students interested in studying abroad for an academic year. Jackson Hole Rotary makes living arrangements for the qualified students and underwrites most of the expenses.

Recent RYE student Lorenzo Martani tells us, “Jackson Hole needs the RYE program because, although we’re a sophisticated community, we’re still quite isolated. Many of the students I go to high school with here aren’t familiar with European countries. Also, I liked the fact that I could get to know people from all over this Rotary District.”

The Jackson Hole Rotary recognizes and thanks two local families for bringing this student into their homes.  Lorenzo was first welcomed by the Roald and Audrey Hagen Family and, most recently by Kevin and Shelly Olson and their children.  

When asked what he liked best about being here, as might be expected Lorenzo said, “…fantastic skiing and I learned you can make friends anywhere and I can be an adult and independent.”

If you or a student you know may be interested in applying for the Jackson Hole Rotary Youth Exchange program or are interested in hosting an RYE student please contact Jason Snyder.

The Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program, which began in 1972, has become one of the most respected exchange programs in the world. Each year more than 7000 students from over 80 countries participate in the program.

The strength of the program lies in its international network of thousands of Rotary volunteers who donate their time and resources to help improve their local communities and our international community. The RYE program provides an opportunity for outstanding students from all walks of life to study abroad for an academic year, with the local Rotary Club underwriting most of the costs. Only exceptional students, who are qualified, are invited to represent Rotary as Youth Exchange students.

-Lorenzo loves to cook and has made fabulous dinners for his fellow high school and fellow exchange students and host families.

He is 18 yrs old, has a 16 yr old brother who is going to Japan on a Rotary exchange.

His family ties are very strong.

He first learned English from watching movies and listening to music.

He accomplished his goal in English proficiency when he woke one morning to find he had been dreaming in English.

His mother is a retired bank director and his father is an entrepreneur.

Through our Rotary District he’s interacted with students from Germany, Scandinavia, Brazil, France, Belgium, Mexico, Australia, Thailand and India.

“Europe is about knowing other places. I like bringing that awareness to America.”

Lorenzo Martani, Cremona Italy, is Jackson Hole Rotary Club’s current RYE student. David Quinn 0
Posted by David Quinn

The Paul Harris dinner was Saturday night. Any one who attended please feel free to send me a note on how it went.

Notes from lunch on March 5th:

Volunteers needed for Wine Fest; Please talk to Tim Harland for positions.

A Piano is also needed. 

If any one runs in to Jerry Blahn don't forget to thank him for hosting last weeks ski day.

Trevor Stevenson is travelling to Rwanda to work on the Rotary project.

Matt announced that his son is improving.

Jason Schnider was awarded the Rotarian of the month for his work with the exchange program. He helped with twenty six students, which sounded like a daunting task. Well done!!

Abby Smith was awarded student of the month for her academics and volunteer work with Jackson Hole Therapeutic Ridding. She plans on attending nursing school next year.

Posted by David Quinn

The Jackson Hole Rotary Lunch Club and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite the community to a special legislative program on Tuesday, March 12 from 12:00-1:00pm at Snow King Resort. This event will replace Business Including Lunch this quarter.

The 2013 Wyoming legislative general session adjourned on February 27. Local legislators will participate in a panel discussion addressing the bills that passed and failed along with issues that affect Teton County.

Local legislators scheduled to attend include:

Senator Leland Christensen

Representative Keith Gingery

Representative Marti Halverson

Representative Ruth Ann Petroff

RSVP to Rachel Reich, Events Coordinator, or 307.733.3316x109. Chamber Members may click here to RSVP and prepay via ChamberMaster. Please bring questions or submit them in advance with your RSVP. Lunch costs $20.

Maureen Murphy
Director of Special Events
Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce 
Direct Line:  (307) 201-2302
PO Box 550 | 112 Center Street, Jackson, WY 83001
Posted by Andrew Heffron

The 2012 renewal of the Rotary Snake River Cup is scheduled for Friday, October 5, at the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club with tee times beginning at 12:40 p.m.


        This year teams of golfers from both Rotary Clubs in Idaho Falls, the Rotary Club of Driggs, and all three Rotary Clubs in Jackson are invited.  Each invited Rotary Club may enter as many as 10 Roto-golfers (or as few as one golfer).  Each team member must be a member in good standing of the Rotary Club on whose team the member plays, and it is recommended that each golfer posses a valid USGA handicap index because most of the points awarded are based upon net scores rather than gross scores.  (Any Rotarian may participate on a “space available” basis.)


        Participating Rotary Clubs earn points based on how a golfer scores relative to other golfers, first low gross receiving more points than second low gross, first low net receiving more points than second low net, and so on, with more points for low net than for low gross.  The Snake River Cup will be awarded following play to the Rotary Club that earns the most points, the Cup to be displayed at the weekly meetings of the winning Club until the Cup is safely returned to the next renewal of the Snake River Cup event.


        Green fees, including cart and practice facility, are only $40.00 per golfer, a significant discount, courtesy of the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, and are payable to JHG&TC prior to play.  (Members of JHG&TC will pay only a “cart fee” of $20.00.)  The requested entry fee donation for each participant is $25.00, to be contributed to the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation.  The entry fee donations will be divided among the charitable foundations of the Clubs as follows.  If two Clubs compete:  Winner – 65%; Runner-up – 35%; if three Clubs compete:  Winner – 45%; Runner-up – 30%; Third place – 25%; if four or more Clubs compete:  Winner – 40%; Runner-up – 30%; Third place – 20%; Fourth place – 10%.


        Please contact C. David Clauss, 307.733.1191, for registration information.


        The Snake River Cup was established in 1996 by the Rotary Club of Idaho Falls and the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole for the purpose of fostering good will and friendship.

Snake River Cup Andrew Heffron 0
Posted by John Morgan

The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole and Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce will host the 4th Annual Global Economic Forum, offering a global perspective on the local economy, Tuesday, September 4 from 12:00-1:30pm at Snow King Resort.  The featured panelists have world-class experience and every Rotarian is encouraged to invite interested guests to participate in this important program.

Featured Panelists:

• Robert Grady - Managing Director Cheyenne Capital Fund and served in the White House from 1989-1993 as Deputy Assistant to President George H.W. Bush and as executive Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

• Ken Lay - Senior Managing Director for The Rock Creek Group in Washington with responsibility for emerging markets investment. He formerly served as World Bank Treasurer.

• Wes Lucas - CEO of Sirva Logistica the largest moving/logistics company in the world. He owns North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, etc. 

• Mark Gordon - Member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's head office Board of Directors in 2009. He is a rancher, businessman and owner of Merlin Ranch in Buffalo, Wyoming.

This will be the fourth annual global economic forum presented by the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole and Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. The panelists will look back to provide perspective on earlier predictions. Other topics will include the Middle East, the national debt, and the fate of the Euro. 

This Rotary Program is scheduled to last 30 minutes longer than our regular Rotary meetings.  Please plan accordingly.

Global Economic Forum, September 4th John Morgan 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Our program on February 22 was presented by Pam Shea, Superintendent of Teton County School District No. 1. Her talk covered the school district academic goals of improving academic achievement for all students, ensuring a safe and caring learning environment, achieving efficient and effective operations, and increasing community and stakeholder involvement. Pam provided a tremendous amount of information, and if you have any interest in the school district, I recommend you review the report for yourself. If you email me (Tim Bradley), I'll send you a copy of the 29 page report, which was also provided on the tables at lunch.
Teton County Schools Report Card Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
If you missed Winterfest, you missed a lot! There were snow and ice sculptures in the Town Square, ice dodge-ball at the Fairgrounds, dancing in the Fair building, buffalo brats and burgers, a dog keg-pull, and the grand-daddy of events: Cutter Races at Melody Ranches. Special thanks to Rotarians Paul Perry and Rod Everett for their efforts in putting this together (with many others), and bringing such fun to the town. Local retailers and restaurants around the Square reported increases in traffic and business, so not only did everyone have fun, but it was a nice boost to the local economy too. Looking forward to next year...
Winterfest a Huge Success Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Pam Shea, Tracy Jacobson, Stephan Abrams, Emily DiGrappa, and Dick Johnston all brought guests to lunch last week. Thanks for promoting Rotary and our club! Ed Liebzeit reported that over 70 scholarship applications have been received, and that interviews will start soon. Support Winefest so we can give every deserving student a helping hand! Case Morton announced that Rotary Ski Day will be March 15 at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Fran VanHouten is hosting a Leadership Wyoming reception on Friday, March 4. Stephan Abrams is a proud first time uncle... Stacey Breidenstein amazed us all with a rendition of Amazing Grace... Bruce Hawtin told a bad joke...
Heard from our members Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Mike Forney  -   was selected as 2009 Rotarian of the Year for D5440 by DG Stu Palmer, the year Mike was President of RC of Steamboat Springs. He is retired and currently serves as PR Chairman for D5440, is a District Visioning Facilitator and Rotary Leadership Institute Instructor.  Mike served the District as Group Study Exchange team leader to Australia in 2010.  Mike was born and raised in Livingston, MT, working in the local radio station after high school. He went on to form a nationwide mortgage company that he sold to a large holding company before moving to Steamboat Springs in early 2000s.  Mike is a pilot and volunteers with the Angel Flight Organization.  He serves on several boards in the Steamboat Springs community.  Mike's wife Janet is a librarian and raises horses in her spare time.  


Julie Phares  is D5440 Trainer and serves on the District Executive Committee.  Julie is a past president of the RC of Estes Park and organized the newly chartered (2010) RC of Long's Peak where she serves as interim president.   Julie's district training has her coordinating all aspects of Rotary education within D5440.  She is a facilitator with Club Visioning and an instructor with Rotary Leadership Institute.  Julie and her Rotarian husband, Charles, organized the successful community fundraiser, Estes Park Sings.  Julie was named Rotarian of the Year in 2006 by then DG John Patton of Sheridan, WY.   Julie is a property and liability insurance agent in the Estes Park community and grew up in rural Nebraska.
DG and DGE profiles Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
See the attached photo's of the work in progress being done by the Rotary Club of Campo Grande, Brazil. Stuart Palmer was instrumental in getting a District Grant from our district to help renovate this school. Thank you Stuart!
Your Generosity at Work in Brazil Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Our program on February 15 was an eye opening presentation by The Concord Coalition, which addressed the causes and the consequences of the federal deficit. Speaker Paul Hansen called the crisis the "greatest threat we have to national security" and concluded that we are "racing toward insolvency". It was truly a sobering presentation, and should serve as a call to action for all of us. You can email me ( or Brendan ( for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.
The Sky Really is Falling! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Congratulations to member Lisa Sanford, who just addressed the United Nations regarding the "International Year of the Forests". Contact Jason Snider, or call Colter Elementary, to participate in the March 2 Dr. Suess celebration by reading to elementary school students. No winners in the raffle...unbelievable! The odds are getting more tickets! Clare Payne Symmons let us know that pARTners won the Governor's Award for the Arts - Yay us! Be sure to go see the ballet playing at the Center for the Arts. Judd Grossman urges you to vote Judd for best bald headed man with a goatee, and while you're at it, go to to vote in the Best Of contest.
Heard from our members Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Lots going on this weekend! Check out the 40th anniversary of the Cutter Races at Melody Ranches this Saturday and Sunday. There will be bus service from the Town Square and Albertsons running from 11am to 4pm each day.

It's also Winterfest...check it out at Ice Dodgeball! Snow Sculptures! Texas Hold 'Em! K9 Keg Pull!

And don't miss the 49er Ball, held annually since 1896, and benefiting the Community Resource Center. It's a great party and a great cause! Call 739-4500 for details.
Busy JH Weekend Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Our esteemed Assistant District Governor Rod Everett joined us for lunch today. It was also a busy day for guests. The following members brought guests to lunch: Ken Small, April Hankey, Dick Johnston, Rick Hollingsworth, Don Harger, Tim Harland, and Len Carlman.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The hospital board will be holding a public meeting to take comments on the proposed hospital expansion. The meeting is at 5pm, Wednesday February 9, 2011 at the hospital. Please call Joe Albright at 734-7788 for more information.
Hospital Expansion - Public Comment Welcome Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Kraig Kobert passed the Certified Financial Planner exam. This is a tough exam, and only about 50% of those who take it ever pass it. Congratulations, Kraig, you've earned it... Megan Hill actually likes Vegemite. So if you have any extra, she'll take it... Judd Grossman let us know that the Best of Jackson Hole voting is open. Go to to cast your votes for your favorite places... Congratulations to Mike Forney, who is our new District Governor Elect, and to Julie Pharris, who is the District Governor Elect Nominee...Please keep Cal Mathieu in your thoughts as he undergoes another surgery this Friday...
Heard from our members Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Incoming Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee announced the theme for his Presidency during Rotary Year 2011-2012. RI President-elect Kalyan Banerjee will ask Rotarians to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity during the 2011-12 Rotary year. "In order to achieve anything in this world, a person has to use all the resources he can draw on. And the only place to start is with ourselves and within ourselves," Banerjee said.
Rotary 2011-2012 Theme Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian (and Mayor) Mark Barron introduced the Citizen of the Month for November 2010 â€" Mary Cernicek. Mary was instrumental in the organizing and execution of the National Capitol Christmas Tree this past Christmas. Rotary thanks you very much for your service to the community, state and nation.
Rotary Citizen of the Month (November) - Mary Cernicek Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Jackson Hole Rotarian Meagan Hill offered a particularly heartfelt moment for reflection on the recent injury, damage, and death resulting from the floods in Queensland Australia. Rotarians should note that the capitol of Queensland, Brisbane, was the host for Rotary International a few years ago. This particularly vibrant and welcoming society has received a severe knock.

Many of you have asked about donating to our District to support the Rotary Australian Flood Relief Fund. All money raised during Sgt. at Arms will be donated to this fund. Additionally, your Club and Foundation will each match your donation dollar for dollar up to $1,000 total.

Australian Flood Relief Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
The dual program on January 18 also included a great presentation by Jan Lynch on the recent cutting, packaging, and travels of the tree. The tree was cut from the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Bundling, feeding, and care of the tree was provided by Nick Orsillo. The tree traveled 4000 miles on its way to Washington DC where it was received by an enthusiastic Senator John Barrasso. All of Jackson Hole should be proud of the great tree, the logistics team, the publicity and administrative staff and supporters.
National Capitol Christmas Tree from Bridger-Teton National Forest Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Wyoming Senator John Barrasso joined the Jackson Hole Rotary Club for lunch on January 18th. He is an honorary Rotarian from Casper recently elected to his first full term in the United States Senate. Senator Barrasso briefly covered the current major topics of public policy dialog and then asked for questions. He covered questions of health care, budget, defense, and international relations. He remained after the meeting for at least another ½ hour to answer more individual questions. Rotary thanks you Senator and Mrs. Barrasso for joining us.
Senator Barrasso Visits Jackson Hole Rotary Club Ken Small 0
Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation Grants $1,500 to Jackson Hole High School Robotics Club Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Terri Marino was named the Rotarian of the month (December) by President Brendan. She has performed as the Club Secretary, Chaired the annual wine fest, and performed a number of other tasks for the club. Terri has had to resign as Secretary because of the enlarged effort of Habitat for Humanity to build six homes this year. The club says thank you Terri for your Service and good luck with your coming projects. Terri will continue to attend Rotary.
Rotarian of the Month - Terri Marino Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
The Longs Peak Rotary Club has advertized a great fund raiser. The offer is for two nights over Valentines in Estes Park, February 11, 12, 13. Included is a gourmet 6 course meal, cocktails and wine and renewal of wedding vows. On Friday evening there will be a casual dinner with a host family. A Sunday Bon Voyage breakfast will complete the weekend in Este Park courtesy of the Rotary Club of Estes Park. The cost is $500 per couple. The proceeds go to the Longs Peak Rotary Club international projects and youth programs and projects. For details, call Julie Phares at 970-586-4407 or e-mail Julie at
Longs Peak Romance Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian Mike Blazek introduced Tom Patricelli, the founder of the Animal Adoption Center. A ten minute video was shown that covered the selection, adoption, foster home, and dog walking programs. Lindsay Goldring, the Executive Director, followed up the video with a discussion of the foster home (every dog and cat goes home with a foster home every night) program, dog walking program (pick up a pet for a half hour or more walk around town), and the state wide spade and neuter program designed to help remove the over population of pets. The Animal Adoption Center and Teton County Animal Control cooperate and support each other in finding homes for pets. President Brendan allowed that his dog started as a guest for the weekend at his home.

The Animal Adoption Center has been in operation for seven years during which it has found homes for 1700 dogs and cats. Lindsay also remarked that Wells Fargo Bank has agreed to match the first $1,500 raised by students in their upcoming "Coins for Critters" fund drive. The adoption center is also conducting an outreach program to local schools and the public in an effort to raise the awareness of the need for controlling the population of pets and caring for them.
Program - Animal Adoption Center Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
President Brendan announced that U.S. Senator John Barrasso would be a guest at our Rotary meeting next week. In addition, the Grand Teton Association will present a program on this year's National Capital Christmas Tree which was cut in the Grand Teton National Forest. Come early as President Brendan has promised to start promptly because of the length of the program.
Double Program on January 18 - Senator Barrasso and Grand Teton Association Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
Mr. Scott Hirschfield introduced Emy Hammond as the Student of the Month from Jackson Community School. Emy participated in the Model UN in New York last summer. She has also performed public service in Ghana. She is the daughter of Dave and Lynn Hammond.

Jackson Community School has just become involved in the Jackson Hole Rotary Club Student of the Month program. Congratulations go to Emy for being the first Student of the Month from Jackson Community School.
Student of the Month from Jackson Community School Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian Chuck Webber has lead the club's kettle drive for the Salvation Army support services in Jackson Hole. Chuck announced at the January 4, 2011 meeting of the Jackson Hole Rotary Club that this recent campaigned raised $17,200. This tops a trend started in 2007 with ever increasing results through the last three campaigns. Chuck also announced that he is handing off the kettle drive program to Rotarian Tom Holland. Many thanks Chuck for Service Above Self. An effort very well executed. All Rotarians need to support Rotarian Tom next fall when he starts to organize next winter's drive.
Rotarian Chuck Webber Conducts Best Ever Bell Ringer Campaign Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
President Brendan announced that the Club Board of Directors had appointed Megan Gallagher to assume the duties of Secretary. The appointment was precipitated by the resignation from the position by Terri Marino.
Board Appoints New Club Secretary- Megan Gallagher Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
Tim Ciocarlan was recognized as the citizen of the month for his constant efforts to provide and improve the Teton County Search and Rescue. TCSAR is a volunteer organization that provides search and rescue services in almost all situations. Tim has helped orchestrate the development of facilities as well as invigorate and grow the capabilities of the team. Thank you Tim.
Rotary Citizen of the Month - Tim Ciocarlan Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Jackson Supper Club is holding the Paul Harris Awards banquet on February 26. Paul Harris awards will be recognized by all of the local Jackson Hole Rotary Clubs.

When:  Saturday Feb 26th 6PM-10PM
Where:  National Museum of Wildlife Art $50/person
Contact:  Sandy Seitz 413-1033
Checks to: JH Rotary Supper Club, P.O. Box 1315, Jackson, WY 83001

Cash Bar, Door Prizes, Sit-Down Dinner, Music, Art. President Brendan announced that about 12 of the Jackson Hole lunch club members will be recognized. A major guest at the banquet will be Past Rotary International President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar who currently serves as Foundation Trustee Chair.
Paul Harris Awards Banquet on February 26 Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
Steve Robinson will be replaced by Mike Blazek. Megan Gallagher will be replaced by FranVan Houten. Fran and Mike were appointed to finish the terms of Steve and Megan. Fran and Mike started their terms immediately with the Board Meeting January 4, 2011. Please give your support to the new as well as standing members of the board.
Interim Board Appointments Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
Julie joined Rotary last fall. She has been in Jackson since 2002. Her husband, Matt, is also a Rotarian and member of the Jackson Hole Breakfast Rotary Club. Julie's classification is Real Estate.
Who Am I - Julie Faupel Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
As is the tradition, each new member speaks to the club about their background and interest in Rotary. Doyen joined Jackson Hole Rotary late last year. She has been a resident in Jackson Hole since 1990. Her classification is Researcher/Antique Dealer.
Who Am I - Doyen McIntosh Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Students Emily Smith (Jackson Hole High School) and Colton Reynods (Summit High School) were Rotary's students of the month. Scott Crisp and Beth Auge introduced their students. Emily is working a list of potential universities and Colton is headed for the Nascar Technical Institute when he graduates early this month. Congratulations to the students.
Students of the Month Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
Have you ever made a Rotary Resolution? Give it a try this year. The possibilities are endless and it will make you a more effective Rotarian. Here are a few suggestions:

Increase your attendance by 10%;

Join a committee;

Provide the invocation;

Become a Sustaining Member or Paul Harris Fellow;

Buy more raffle tickets;

Sit with someone new each week.

What ever your Rotary Resolution, make sure it is achievable and then follow through. Feel free to share your Rotary Resolution with the Club during Sgt. at Arms. Here's to another great year of Rotary!
Rotary Resolution Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
With the national health care debate still dominating headlines, Rotarian Jim Darwiche highlighted how the Teton Free Clinic is addressing the uninsured in Jackson. Through monetary donations as well as local physicians donating their time, the Free Clinic serves approximately 25-30 community members each Tuesday evening free of charge. This service is steering residents away from unnecessary emergency room visits is effective in diagnosing and treating medical issues before they worsen, become more expensive or untreatable.
Teton Free Clinic Addresses Health Care in Jackson Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
If you are a Rotarian with less than 10 years experience in Rotary, there is a lot to learn about Rotary. The Rotary Leadership Institute is a three session structured program that covers the essence of Rotary including history, organization, objectives, and responsibilities. The RLI program is a great background to Rotary. District leaders and facilitators will present the series of sessions in both January and February. If you want to know about Rotary, this is the place to start. See the District 5440 web page for dates and places or talk to PDG Stuart, PP Ken Small, or President Brendan.
Rotary Leadership Institute Opportunities in January and February 2011 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Rotary calendar is busy and getting fuller. Now is the time to block dates on the calendar for opportunities to enjoy Rotary. The District 5440 District Conference will be May 12 â€" 14 in the venues at the University of Northern Colorado. If you haven't been to Greeley is awhile, this would be a great time to fill the car or van with Rotarians and go enjoy our great organization.

The corner stone event of Rotary International is the International Convention. This year it is in New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA for those who know). The Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees get the best deal --- their international conference starts two days early. The House of Friendship (which is the world crossroads of Rotary) opens Saturday, May 21. The first plenary session starts about Noon on Sunday, May 22. The weather in New Orleans in May is wonderful. NOLA at any time of year is interesting. If you haven't been to New Orleans, this is a great opportunity to see the city, enjoy Rotary with all of its outstanding organization and support. For additional special treatment, volunteer to be a Rotary guide â€" you get to report early and be part of the RI Convention organization.

If you haven't been to an RI Convention, you haven't been!
Looking Ahead for 2011 Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
Rotarian Chuck Webber officially completed his period of service of over 20 years organizing the bell ringing for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive. The many drives have been successful with the proceeds supporting the social services programs in Jackson Hole. Thank you Chuck for Service Above Self.
Many Thanks to Chuck Webber Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
The luncheon will take place in Greeley on January 7. See the web page for instruction on how to register. The next day is the Foundation forum in Denver….great source of information on TRF if you haven't attended.
Last Chance to Register for the RI Presidents Luncheon Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Rotary Foundation (not to be confused with the Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation) supports programs all over the world. The six areas of focus of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) are 1) peace and conflict resolution; 2) disease prevention and treatment; 3) water and sanitation; 4) maternity and child health; 5) basic education and literacy; and 6) economic and community development. All these programs are supported from the Annual Programs budget of TRF. The Permanent Fund supports the operations of Rotary International. The costs of operation of TRF are remarkably low. If you have any questions, speak to John Gilmore or Bruce Hawtin.
The Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
The Rotary Club of Miranda Brazil has filed the completion report with The Rotary Foundation. The report accounts for the funds and matching grants from RI and from District 5440. This is the project organized in October. The prompt execution is a credit to both our District and the Club and District in Brazil. Good work International Committee and PDG Stuart.
International Service Project to Brazil Complete Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Jackson Hole Chorale provided Christmas Carols before lunch and Jim McNutt showed a wonderful video clip of a stand up choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a fast food farm. It was a great start to a social lunch. Snow King Resort served a great Christmas lunch. All the members and guests left on a happy note.
Christmas Luncheon Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
On January 7, 2011 our District will host RI President Ray Klinginsmith at a lunch in Greeley, CO. The luncheon will be held at the University of Northern Colorado in the Grand Ballroom from 11:30am-1:30pm. Ticket information has been sent to your club secretary so contact him/her for your ticket. Hurry though, the ticket price of $25 will increase to $35 after December 17th! Any questions, contact the Chair of the Lunch Committee-Karoline Woodruff at

Following the lunch in Greeley, President Klinginsmith will travel to Denver, CO for the Foundation Dinner at the Marriott Denver Tech Center Hotel. He is the Keynote Speaker for this evening and the evening will begin at 5:30pm with a cash bar followed by dinner at 6:30pm. Seating is limited! The following day, January 8th is the Foundation Seminar, also at the Marriott Denver Tech Center Hotel.The seminar will begin with a plated breakfast at 7:30am and the program will be from 8:30-Noon. More information for this event can be found on the brochure which is attached below. Any questions, contact District Secretary Kellie Tovar at To register for the Foundation Dinner or Seminar click here:
Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith Visits District 5440 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian Chuck Webber thanked numerous members of JHRC for ringing the bell for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive. The support of Rotary has been substantial over the years. Chuck has been the Club's organizer for many of the successful fund drives. Chuck reported that he had filled all the lines on all the schedules to the end of the drive which is December 19. Thank you Chuck for great service to our community.
Congratulations Bell Ringers and Thank You Ken Small 0
Rotarian Steve Robinson Elected to Be the President Nominee for Rotary Year 2012-2013 Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
The Jackson Hole Rotary Club elected new or returned to office four Directors to begin serving in July 2011. Yvonne Robertson, Ken Small, Jason Snider, and Clare Payne Symmons will join the Board. There are 18 Directors (including officers) sitting on the Jackson Hole Rotary Club Board.

Congratulations all!
New Directors of Jackson Hole Rotary Club Brendan McDermott 0
Distinguished Visitor at JHRC - Bill Ashley Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
President Brendan expressed a thank you from the dais for all the effort that Rotarian Stuart Palmer has put into Rotary service that reflects well on Rotary in Jackson Hole. Stuart recently guided an International Service project through our administrative system. The pair of projects will aid disadvantages students and families in Brazil.
Special Thanks to Stuart Palmer Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
1. First go to the Rotary International website:

2. Click on Member Access at top right hand corner of Rotary's homepage.

3. When Member Access page comes up, then click the blue Register Now button on the main page to create an account. You need a valid e-mail address to create an account. You may be asked to provide additional information to help us determine your relationship with Rotary International and match you with your record in our database.

You will receive a verification e-mail with a hyperlink within 24 hours. You must click on the verification link to complete the registration process. If you do not see the e-mail in your Inbox, check your Spam/Bulk/Junk folder.

Instructions for Rotary Members Access to Their Contribution Accounts Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
New Member Presentations The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole is pleased to have new members present a short discussion about themselves, profession, and interests. Last week we heard from several Rotarians. Please individually greet them and introduce yourself. They are: ,Sam Meyer, Jason Majors, Robbi Farrow, Dick Johnston.

Enjoy Rotary and the fellowship by joining in the service projects and programs.

New Member Presentations Ken Small 0
Posted by John C. Gilmore
For any Jackson Hole Rotary Club member who wants to add to their Rotary Foundation of R.I. account, the club will match their donation, with points, up to $300. Hence a contribution of $100 dollars to The Rotary Foundation will accumulate 200 points towards a Paul Harris or other recognition. Be sure to talk to John Gilmore or Bruce Hawtin to ensure that you your account receives the match.
Through December: Point Match for Contributions to The Rotary Foundation John C. Gilmore 0
Posted by Ken Small
Last week the Jackson Hole Rotary Club had the privilege of meeting two outstanding students from our local high schools. Monica Bachman from Jackson Hole High School was introduced by JHHS Counselor Julie Strayner. Monica is interested in linguistics and wants to be a translator. Jose Almanzo from Summit High School was introduced by SHS Counselor Pam Coleman. Jose noted that he is dedicated to his family, his friends, and humor.

We wish these outstanding student citizens a bright and successful future.
Student of the Month Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
John Gilmore was introduced as the Rotarian of the Month by Bruce Hawtin. John serves the club as the Chairman of our efforts for The Rotary Foundation. John has over 20 years of service with the Jackson Hole Rotary Club. The Club members thank you John for your consistent support for Rotary for all these years and your current push to support the TRF and Polio Plus.
Rotarian of the Month - John Gilmore Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
The program on November 30 reviewed the efforts of three separate organization to provide adequate housing for lower income groups. Everyone should recognize the cost of housing is high for lower and middle income families.

Anne Creswell of Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, Christine Walker of the Teton County Housing Authority and Terri Marino of Habitat for Humanity all reported on their programs. Anne's program is a private non-profit foundation, Christine's program is a public funded program, and Terri's program is an investment program involving mortgages and sweat equity. Each serves our population with household incomes below the median income in Jackson Hole. Each program has its own selection criteria. Between the three entities, 650 affordable units are available in Jackson Hole. Also, Pioneer Homestead was noted from the floor with 76 apartments for seniors with low income but 75% of the residents are members of families located in Jackson Hole.
Affordable Housing in Jackson Hole Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Dick Jennings died in a tragic accident on November 25. Please support Rotarian Lisa Jennings and their children Megan, Emily and Tommy. Dick was a trustee and member of the Rungius Society of the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Teton Pines Wednesday lunch group, Duck's Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, and a Boy Scout Leader. Dick was an avid sportsman, fisherman, skier, and golfer.
Remember Dick Jennings Ken Small 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
We saw another year of a wonderful contribution to the citizens and visitors to Jackson. Jan and Anne Bates again served a free Thanksgiving Dinner to 480 guests at their Teton Steakhouse. The Jackson Hole Rotary Club recognized Jan and Anne Bates last year. Please show your appreciation if you see them. Many thanks also to the volunteers (including several JH Rotarians) who helped with the meal.
Thanksgiving Dinner at Teton Steakhouse Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
This has been an active week by our Rotarians and citizens.

Rotary Exchange Student Mateo Patruzzi Gets to Ski

Many thanks to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and President Jerry Blann for a complimentary season pass on the mountain. Mateo will certainly enjoy and recognize the hospitality of Jackson Hole. If you see Jerry, please say thanks.

Snow King Supports the Jackson Hole High School Ski Team

Snow King Resort has provided season a season pass to Mateo for his participation on the Jackson Hole High School Ski Team. Please thank Rotarians Manuel Lopez and Greg Smith for the generous support. It is a great sport that encourages our youth and young adults.

(Corrected from 12/5/2010 - Ed.)
Significant Notes Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian Bruce Hawtin reviewed how anyone can contribute to The Rotary Foundation. Bruce has provided blank forms which were on the tables. If you don't know your Rotary Club's number, our Rotary District number, or your own Rotarian Member number, call Bruce's office, his assistant has the info. A portion of your contributions to the Annual Fund come back to the district after three years. Contributions to TRF also support the club's record for participation which becomes important in receiving District support for our future projects. If you aren't a sustaining member, ask Bruce how to participate….he will help you!
The Rotary Foundation Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
President Brendan expressed the desire that all of the members of the Jackson Hole Rotary Club contribute to The Rotary Foundation by any means desired by the members. PP Bruce Hawtin provided the paths to contribute to include making available the contribution form for Rotary International with most of the hard to find information (District Number, Club Number) already filled in. Members can contribute a lump sum, a monthly EFT draw, or a quarterly subscription paid through our Rotary club bill. The Rotary Foundation is separate from our own JH Rotary Club Foundation which manages grant money for our local programs including the scholarship program.

Let's support President Brendan. Note that the District Governor has said that any club that doesn't have 100% participation in contributing to The Rotary Foundation will not be eligible for District Grants in the future.
Jackson Hole Rotary Club Contributions to The Rotary Foundation Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Rotary International has launched a fifth line of service to clearly include the next generations that are represented in Rotary by Interact and Rotaract. Jackson Hole Rotary makes a major investment in our Jackson Hole students when we award the scholarships each spring. For Rotarians that are interested in following the thought train and motivation of the New Generation path of service, RI provides an access to the New Generations material through An even more direct access is via an e-mail line to
New Generations Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
At last week's lunch, Nancy Pettus, past district governor and current district chairperson of the Paul Harris Society, reminded us that no gift is to small in the effort to support the Rotary Foundation's world-wide mission to eradicate Polio from the planet. Applying the slogan of "Doing Good In The World," the Rotary Foundation is responsible for over 2 billion immunizations and 5 million lives saved in this effort.
But, the effort cannot be realized without the financial support of every Rotarian, every year. Make this month - Paul Harris month - the month you put your support behind the mission. For as little as $1 per month, you can be a contributing member; for $25 per month, a sustaining member; or for $1,000, a Paul Harris Fellow.
As President Brendon challenged us at the close of the meeting, 48% of our club participates in someway now. Let's all do our part and get that number well over half the club by the end of the month.
How? As simple as calling Bruce Hawtin's office at 733-4364, ask for Lila. Lila will give you your Rotary membership ID number. With that number, you can fill-out the authorization form and begin the contribution which best accommodates your budget.
There's Still Time to Support the Rotary Foundation Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
At lunch two weeks ago, Jackson Hole High School senior and Rotary's high school Interact club participant Phoebe Coburn said they are seeking a community service project to do in Teton County, WY. After a highly successful library project in Nepal this summer, they are focusing project work close to home to maintain the service mission of the club. If you can offer them any suggestions, please contact the club's advisor, our own Joni Upsher, at
Rotary Interact Club Seeking Projects Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Congratulations to Mayor Mark Barron and Jim Loose. Both have had the privilege of becoming grandfathers in November. Mark's granddaughter is Charlotte Christine; Jim's granddaughter is Kennedy Marie. You'll notice their smiles are a little wider these days. Congratulations to you both and we wish their parents well!
Rotary's Recent Granddads Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Fellow Rotarian Jim McNutt announces the Lunch Club's annual Holiday Party on Thursday, December 9 from 5:30-7:30pm at 43 North Restaurant. Look for sign-up sheets this week and next. This event is always a great time to celebrate the season and spread Rotarian cheer. For further questions, Jim can be reached at
Holiday Party Planning Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Ken Small
The annual Rotary International Convention will be in New Orleans May 21-25, 2011. If you want an excuse to plan for warm winds, big trees, and an exciting venue, Rotary has it all. For those that have attended a RI convention, the format will be familiar. For Rotarians and guests who have never seen RI in action, you will be impressed. The weather will be warm (ave. 86.3 F) and the breeze soft (ave. 0.9 MPH). The environment will be interesting. New Orleans is a compact city with many places to see. Traveling into and out of NOLA is not difficult. If you haven't been to an RI Convention or to New Orleans, this is the perfect excuse. Take advantage of the Hospitality events and don't miss dinner in the "Quarter," all arranged by RI (you get to pay though). Early registration will close December 15 so if you are interested, you need to get organized and book your registration to the Convention and book your lodging.
Attend the Rotary International Conference Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
This is an opportunity to see Turkey and meet Rotarians, all in one visit. Our District 5440 has established an exchange with District 2430 in Turkey for April 14 through May 1, 2011. The proposed itinerary starts with a hop from Denver to Istanbul. The group of up to 12 persons will then travel across the south coast of the Black Sea to Samsun, south through Ankara and on to Adana. From Adana the tour moves west along the Mediterranean cost to Antalya where the participants will attend the District 2430 Conference. Other than the initial arrival in Istanbul and the conference hotel in Antalya, all other stays are planned to be home stays. This is a terrific way to visit Turkey. Our Rotarians will meet wonderful people, spend two weeks in a very interesting setting of very old history, and enjoy being part of a modern cultural mix. If you haven't visited Turkey, this is about as good as you will get. Details of the itinerary, arrangements, and program can be found on the District 5440 website, If you are interested, sign up soon.
Join the Rotary Friendship Exchange to Turkey Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
As recognized at our meeting Tuesday, the members of Jackson Hole Rotary express appreciation for service by our Veterans. Also, while not mentioned yesterday during our meeting, November 10 is the 235 birthday of United States Marine Corp. Another thanks needs to go to our Wyoming National Guard, Air National Guard and military reserves whose members have served repeated tours in the Middle East during the last several years. Citizen soldiers and airmen, we all thank you.
Veterans Day and Happy Birthday to the Marine Corp Ken Small 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Our Lunch club has four new members. The next time you see them, please take a minute to welcome Jason Majors, Robbi Farrow, Julie Faupel, and Brad Abrams to the club. The new members were proposed by Carol Gonella, Todd Seeton, Joe Albright, and Todd Seeton, respectively.
Welcome New Members Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Summit High School student of the month is Cheyenne McCollum. Her nickname is Chi which means good, positive energy and it was on display during her acceptance speech. In addition to her noteworthy academic efforts, she works at the kids club after school and Camp Jackson in the summer. Jackson Hole High School student of the month is Wyatt Machupau. Wyatt recently completed the high school's engineering course work. In his parting comment, he challenged us with his perspective on life thus far, "life is about the little things that make you happy."
Congratulations to Rotary's Students of the Month Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Last week at the Old Bill's distribution party at the National Museum of Wildlife Art Rotary Club Foundation, President Ned Thomas picked up a check for the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation in the amount of $13,547.  Thirty five donors contributed $8,787 to the Foundation through Old Bill's and the match percentage was 54% resulting in the check for $13,547 to the Foundation and its continuing work in education here in Jackson Hole.
Foundation makes good at Old Bill's Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Rotary International Conference will be in New Orleans from May 21-25, 2011. In addition to a convention being a great time for Rotary inspiration, education, fellowship, and fun, this will be the last international conference in the United States for five years. Our district has reserved a block of rooms at the Omni Royal Orleans in the French Quarter, five minutes from the convention site. The room rate is $163/night. To reserve one of these rooms, contact Kellie Tovar at NOW, or the rooms will be released on November 3.

Let the good times roll!
International Conference in New Orleans Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Rotarian Joe Albright has proposed Julie Faupel, of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, for membership in the club. Any questions or concerns should be directed to a member of the board.
New Member Proposed... Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means Rotarians will be ringing the bells for Salvation Army at KMart and the grocery stores. It's an excellent way to be a little more involved in your community, and to show you care. Besides, it's fun and you'd be amazed how many of your neighbors you'll see, and how many people in the community reach in their pockets to help out. Help make it happen, and sign up for an hour shift to ring the bells. See Tom Holland or Chuck Webber to sign up at any meeting.
Tis the Season Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
At our last lunch meeting, the candidates for Teton County Assessor spoke, as did candidates for Teton County Commission, and Leslie Petersen, the Democratic candidate for governor. Thank you all for volunteering for public service, and may the best candidate win!
Elections will be here soon... Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The national Christmas tree is coming from Bridger-Teton National Forest, and Wyoming residents have created thousands of ornaments for it. Now we need help in packing up all those ornaments to ship them to Washington D.C. To help out, call Pam Bode at 739-5513 or 413-6941, or email her at Volunteers will be packing ornaments from now through November 9, and they need your help!
The Capitol Christmas Tree Needs You Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
Are you curious about how Rotary works and how Rotary District 5440 advocates programs, supports club leadership, and spends our money? The District 5440 assembly will do all that and more.

The District will have special break-out sessions for Club Presidents, Club Treasurers, Youth leaders, Grant Writing and Club Visioning. There will be updates on Polio Plus, New Generations, and Literacy campaign. There will also be insight into coming programs with RI President Ray Klinginsmith, the District Conference, and Rotary International Convention (in New Orleans).

The Assembly will be at the Laramie Hilton Garden Inn. Registration opens at 8 am on October 23, the sessions start at 9. See the District webpage (

You will enjoy the fellowship as well as fill-in gaps in your knowledge of how Rotary is working today.

Rotary District 5440 Assembly - Laramie - October 23 Ken Small 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Council Member hopefuls spoke at the meeting:

Bob (Lenz) sez: cut costs, build the bus barn, build the Highway 22 pathway, and preserve the look and feel of the Town Square. Would make budget cuts across the board, and supports a real estate transfer tax.

Melissa (Turley) sez: Reduce fuel costs, improve pathways, build the bus barn, preserve conservation lands. Supports the lodging tax and a real estate transfer tax.

Michael (Pruett) sez: he's a family man, an entrepreneur, has a Planning Commission background. He would spend less, and maintain the Town's character. Would not raise taxes, but would look into privatizing services.

Ray (Elser) sez: It's all about creating jobs. We need to look forward. Would consider a real estate transfer tax.
I Want To Be A Council Member! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Bill Phelps spoke about the negative consequences of the tax. Sure, tourists pay the tax, not locals, but do we really need to spend millions (60% of the total revenue) more on promotion for Jackson Hole? How many more tourists will we have? What will be the impact on our roads, our sewer system, our wildlife? Let's go back to the Legislature and ensure that more of the tax is returned to local government to mitigate visitor impacts, and then pass the tax.
Lodging Tax - Gives Too Much For Promotion Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
At the last meeting, T.R. Pierce and Liz Brimmer made the case for the lodging tax. In brief, the tax is needed to offset visitor impacts. Sales taxes are down, and this is a sorely needed source of replacement revenue. One of the primary beneficiaries of the tax revenues would be JH Air, which subsidizes airline seats into and out of the valley. In arguing that growth is good, T.R. made the excellent point that of the 200 people in the room, only 3 were born in Jackson Hole... Betty Terril and Pete Karns would be pretty lonely here without us!
Lodging Tax - It's Time Has Come Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Rotarian Joel Berman has proposed Dick Johnston as a new member to our club. If you have any comments or concerns, please contact a board member to share your thoughts.
New Member Proposed... Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Calling all Rotarians in District 5440! Register Now for the Mid-Winter Assembly at the Laramie Hilton Garden Inn! Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 2229 E. Grand Ave., Laramie, WY 82072 Date: Saturday, October 23rd Cost: $40 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00pm (registration desk will open at 8:00 am for check-in). Come hear Luncheon Keynote Speaker Polio survivor Ramesh Ferris tell about his wheelchair odyssey across Canada in his quest to eradicate Polio. Special break-out sessions for Club Presidents, Club Treasurers, Youth leaders, Grant Writing and Club Visioning...

...To register visit and click on the Mid-Winter Assembly link under District Events. See you in Laramie!
Fall District Assembly October 23! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
New members Glenn Myers and Amy Romaine introduced themselves at the last meeting. Glenn has been a Rotarian for many years, first in our club in the 1990s, then in the Supper Club, and now returning to us at lunch. Amy is a new Rotarian who moved to Jackson in 2004 and works as the executive director of PAWS of Jackson Hole. Welcome to the club, Glenn and Amy!
Welcome Glenn Myers and Amy Romaine Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Teton Literacy Program has been renamed Teton Literacy Center, but the good work continues. Did you know that the difference between success and failure in school is as little as 20 minutes of reading a day? Make a difference in someone's life. Volunteer at Teton Literacy Center for an hour a week! Call Valley Bradley at 733-9242 to volunteer.
Teton Literacy Center needs you Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Congratulations to club member Liz Jorgenson and our newest Rotarian to be, Lucille Gaetze Jorgenson, who joined us on October 1 weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces!
Another new Rotarian (to be) Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The program on Tuesday was presented by Vertical Harvest. Vertical Harvest is a high-rise greenhouse concept, with the produce grown hydroponically. They have proposed to use the narrow slice of land on the south side of the Millward Street parking garage for the structure. Vertical greenhouse technology is extremely efficient with respect to producing high quality vegetables, using little energy or fertilizer, and producing outstanding goods. Production can go year-round, and the produce is sold locally. Go to for more information.
Vertical Harvest Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Save the Arches! was the designated non-profit at the last Farmer's Market of the season, and received $1,775 in donations from the vendors. Thanks to everyone who attends the market.
Save the Arches! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Mary Bess and Jason Snider went to a Rotary training session in Casper this last week to learn more about Rotaract and Interact clubs. Rotaract is a Rotary affiliated club for college students, 18-30 year olds, who want to be involved in Rotary. Jackson does not currently have a Rotaract club. Jackson does have an Interact club, which is for high school students. Mary also went to Douglas for training in the Youth Exchange Program.
Rotaract and Interact Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Francine Carraro is in town from Abilene, Texas...Yeehaw!...Grant Larson celebrated his 56th wedding anniversary...Jim Auge finished a marathon just a mile behind his brother Dave, who qualified for the Boston Marathon...Len Carlman drew the black marble and won the raffle...Chuck Webber would like to train his replacement bell ringer coordinator...Bob Zimmer is in town visiting...Rod Everett made another guest appearance
Heard from our members Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
If you missed last week's meeting, you missed out on a very informative presentation on the economy by Merrill Lynch. The talk covered the history of how we got to where we are, what the Fed is doing about it, and how the job, stock, and bond markets are reacting.
Great Economic Overview from Merrill Lynch Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Systems of Education, a collaborative group made up of the library, schools, and non-profits, invites you to a FREE parent and student conference at the Jackson Hole High School on Saturday October 2. For parents of children from pre-school through 12th grade. Call 699-4792 for more information.
Free Parent and Student Conference Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Saturday was the last Farmer's Market of the season...and it was a great season. Thank you Jim Darwiche for all of your hard work organizing this great community get together!

Rotarian Mike Daus announced that he and his wife will be having TWINS. Congratulations, and welcome to a brand new world!

There will be a talk on the Power of Positive Parenting given by Dr. Karen Latham at the high school on September 30 at 7pm.

Rotarian Dan Buchan has a photo hanging on display at the Jackson Hole Book Trader...go browse books and check it out!

Teton Literacy Center, formerly known as Teton Literacy Program, is starting a new series of classes in English and Spanish for individuals and businesses. If you would like to take a class, or offer a class to your employees, call them at 733-9242...

Rotarian and Sergeant at Arms April Hankey has left the Chamber of Commerce and now works at Friends of Pathways...
Heard at the Meeting... Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley

Did you know that so far this year, we have had 30 new members join our club? And we've had 23 leave the club for a variety of reasons, meaning our club is growing! Look at who's joined: If you are one of them, join a committee and make a difference! And if you're not, make a point to introduce yourself to each and every one of these new(er) members! The single largest reason new members leave the club within the year is because they didn't feel welcome and didn't get involved.

New Members in 2010
Patrick Brownfield

Brandon Harrison

Glenn Myers

Amy Romaine

Don Clark

John Morgan

Stacey Breidenstein

Samuel Harrell

Judd Grossman

Jeff Dupont

Meagan Hill

Lisa Jennings

Greg O'Gwin

Brian Siegfried

David Watson

Tricia Freeman

Amy Madera

Bryan Nash

Thomas Getz

Steven (Sam) Meyer

Peter Moister

Kathy LeVasseur

Thomas Davis

Mike Blazek

Suzanna Hamilton

Valley Bradley

Patty Cook

Michael Daus

Keith Harger

Ken Small


30 - 23 = 7! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The club is always looking for a new project to benefit the community or the world? What are you thinking about? With two hundred members, I'll bet we can organize your idea with a few volunteers and make a difference! Get involved!
Got a Project That Needs Doin'? Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Please go out of your way to introduce yourself to new members Sam Harrell, Stacey Breidenstein, and John Morgan, all of whom introduced themselves at our last meeting. Stacey is the customer service manager at the Jackson Whole Grocer, and serves on the board of Horse Warriors. Sam is a 50 year Rotarian, and thinks of our club as a small club, since his prior two clubs had 450 and 500 members. John has been a resident of Jackson for 12 years and has a marketing background. He just opened Dialog Business Strategy, following lengthy employment terms with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort as the sales manager. John's weakness is a passion for the late Hartford Whalers. The Whalers moved to Raleigh, NC in 1997... Don't feel bad, John, I still have my souvenir puck from the WHA Houston Aeros championship in 1974.
Welcome New Members! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Good Samaritan Mission was our featured speaker last week. The Mission replaced Orville's in providing food, shelter, and counseling to those in need in our community. GSM would like to extend an invitation to us all to tour the facility at any time. They are dedicated to helping people get back on their feet - guests must seek employment, and stays are limited.
Good Samaritan Mission Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Kevin Olson made his first hole-in-one after only 29 years of golfing. It was a par 3, and I heard the peanut gallery ask if he used a driver...They're just jealous...Dan Buchan reports that the Waste and Recycling Board is seeking a new board member...Lower Valley Energy asks that you participate in the Round Up program, and allow them to round up your bill each month to provide funds for those who struggle with paying the heating bills. Sounds like an easy way to make a difference!...
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Tuesday the 14th - Teton Science School Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
School has started and that means Rotary Readers needs you! Please contact Deidre Ashley at to volunteer for Rotary Readers. Rotary Readers spend an hour or so each week in an elementary school classroom reading to the kids. It's a great way to help the kids enjoy reading, and believe me, you will get more out of it than they do!
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Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Club still needs volunteers for the following positions: Table Tent Coordinator, Strategic Planning, Awards/Plaques, Winefest Silent Auction, Winefest Marketing. Contact any board member to volunteer.
Volunteer Opportunities Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Stacey Breidenstein, who is a new member, has volunteered to take over the responsibility of coordinating the Greeters who welcome you to lunch each week. She takes over this job from Jeff Noffsinger, who recently moved to Laramie to finish his master's degree. Thank you Stacey! Please take the time to introduce yourself to Stacey and get to know her.
Thank you Stacey! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Our club currently has six honorary members. The board would like to know your thoughts on what kind of criteria we should set for honorary membership. Please let Tim Bradley, or any board member, know your thoughts.
Club Honorary Members Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
We received four new member applications...Amy Romaine, Glenn Myers, Patrick Brownfield, and Brandon Harrison. Please contact any member of the board if you have concerns or comments about these individuals becoming members of our club.

Sadly, we received three letters of resignation...Don Clark, Jeff Noffsinger, and Gary Hughes are no longer members of the club. Carter Beise has requested a 6 month leave of absence, as he will be out of town for the winter.

Mary Bess is the new attendance coordinator for the club. Thank you Mary for stepping up to the plate for this very important job! Mary could use several volunteers to help her. We need to ensure that attendance is taken at each meeting, and you can help!
Board Meeting Summary Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
Mssrs. Jim Wolfensohn, Bob Grady and Paul O'Brien presented their candid views on a variety of questions from Ted Ladd. The great questions from Ted and from the audience included: whether there would be a "double dip" recession, will the Euro hold on in Europe, will anybody listen to the results in the soon to be published Brooks/Simpson report, what will it take to increase lending to small business, and what is the long run impact of climate change. The answers were great guidance for thinking on all the subjects and others. The forecast for the future was a growth rate of 2 to 2.5% and unemployment somewhere under 7%. The panel split on the inflation rate with views from 1-1.5% to 5-6%. The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce wish to thank you gentlemen for a great panel. We also owe a "thank you" to Ted Ladd for organizing and moderating the panel.
Great Economic Forum Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotary International has launched a fifth line of service to clearly include the next generations that are represented in Rotary by Interact and Rotaract. Jackson Hole Rotary makes a major investment in our Jackson Hole students when we award the scholarships each spring. For Rotarians that are interested in following the thought train and motivation of the New Generation path of service, RI provides an access to the New Generations material through An even more direct access is via an e-mail line to
New Generations Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
District 5440 is holding a conference in Casper September 25 to organize and press forward on the fifth avenue of service. PDG Dave Scriven put out the call a couple of weeks ago. Below is the text of his message. "Who Should Attend: All presidents of Interact and Rotaract Clubs plus interested members; Club Chairpersons of the New Generation Committee (officially our 5th Avenue of Service); School sponsors for Interact and Rotaract Clubs. What will be covered: Leadership, Rotary 101, Fundraising,Projects, Membership Development, Role of Rotary Clubs in Interact/Rotaract Clubs, Role of schools for Interact Clubs Times: Registration 9A-10A; General Session 10A-Noon; Lunch - 12A - 1:30P; Breakout Sessions 1:30 - 4:30; Free time (pool party) 4:30-6:00P; Banquet 6:30 - 8P. Costs: Rooms are $70/night."
District 5440 Interact Leadership Conference Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarians, make the meeting on Tuesday, August 31. Ted Ladd has put together an outstanding panel of senior and respected economists, bankers, and industrialists who rival the panels of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The panel will discuss the current state of the economy. This is a joint meeting with the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce which means we will get to meet and greet many of our friends throughout the valley. The program will be one of the highlights of President Brendan's tenure. See you Tuesday!
Economic Forum - August 31 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotary District 5440 Governor Bryan Cooke made his official visit to the Jackson Hole Rotary Club on August 24. DG Bryan asked the JH Rotary Club to sponsor a Rotoract club in Jackson for persons of age 18 through 30 (there is already an Interact club in Jackson). The Rotoract club would be an activity under the new 5th path of service, New Generations.

The organization chart for Pilot Districts was put up on the screen for all to see. Un the Future Vision Plan, one hundred districts were selected to provide a three year pilot test for new grant procedures. District 5440 is a Pilot District and is operating under the new rules. Governor Bryan promised that any District Simplified Grant submitted electronically to him would be adjudicated and approved/disapproved within 48 hours. The larger Global grant process will take longer but still will steam through the administrative review process than in the past. In 2013, all clubs will begin operating under the new grant rules. The six areas of focus required for a grant are: peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.
District Governor Bryan Cooke Visits Jackson Hole Rotary Club August 24 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotary District 5440 Governor, Bryan Cooke will visit the Jackson Hole Rotary Club on August 24. District Governors visit all the clubs in their Rotary District at least once per year (if at all possible). Let give Governor Bryan a warm welcome and show appreciation for the time and energy that he is giving to Service Above Self.
District Governor Bryan Cooke - August 24, 2010 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian (and Mayor) Mark Barron provided the club with his annual report on the state of the Town of Jackson. Mayor Mark focused much of the discussion on the process whereby the town reduced its budget in response of the anticipated reduction in revenue. Revenue for the town has fallen consistent with the slowing economy but the need to provide basic services remains as before. In anticipation of this year's tax revenue drop, the town developed a budget that supports the minimum missions of government on 13% less revenue.

Mayor Barron also reviewed several initiatives by the town that saved money and energy. The Jackson Police Department is operating with 45% less fuel through good management of its vehicles. Total fuel use by the Town of Jackson is down 43%. The town used 6% more electricity last year; the increase is attributed to the lighting in the new downtown parking garage as well as new public restrooms that were completed in the last two years. The town is also in a partnership with Lower Valley Energy and Teton County to create a twenty year energy sustainability plan and to execute that plan. The Energy Sustainability Project has highlighted that energy audits and other consultant products suggest that there are many projects with a strong savings potential. Some of the measures were nominated for Special Purpose Excise Tax funds (the measure passed on August 16).

Spelling of Mayor Mark Barron corrected - kls
State of the Town (Corrected) Ken Small 0
Posted by Meagan Hill
Rotarian Meghan Hill announced that the International Committee is activity soliciting suggestions for projects of an international scope that can be organized, funded, and launched this Rotary Year (July 1, 2010 â€" June 30, 2011). The scope and breath of the projects can vary widely and are mainly constrained by the need to be of a capital improvement nature that benefits health and welfare, good will, and education. See Meghan if you have any suggestions or know of specific needs that may be resolved by Rotary.
Jackson Hole Rotary Club Searching for Nominations for International Projects Meagan Hill 0
Posted by Ken Small
President Brendan announced that the head table is being dismantled. Few persons enjoyed sitting at the head table because they were otherwise disconnected from the conversations throughout the room during our regular meetings. Be assured that the Treasurer and Secretary will be somewhere in the room if you need to speak to them.
No Head Table Ken Small 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Congratulations to club member Ed Liebzeit, who was awarded Realtor of the Year by the Teton Board of Realtors today. As you would expect, Ed serves the community and his clients with the same dedication and consideration he has shown us for years in his club activities. Congratulations Ed!
Ed Liebzeit Honored Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Liz Finegan, from St. John's Foundation Office, recently won the "marble raffle" held during Sgt-at-Arms and has very generously donated back the winnings to the Rotary Club Foundation. Going even farther, Liz's "pre-member" luncheon guest, Kathleen Music, asked Liz to accept payment for her lunches from her. Instead, Liz asked her to write a check to the Rotary Club Foundation. A doubly generous Rotarian.  A lot of this quiet giving takes place in our club. Thanks, Liz.
Thank You Liz! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Jackson Hole Rotary Club and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce are holding a joint meeting at Noon on august 31 (regular meeting for JH Rotary). The program will be a panel discussion on the Global Economy.

The panel will be comprised of Jim Wolfensohn, Paul O'Brien, and Bob Grady. Collectively, the represent senior thinking and leadership in banking, fund management, and the political realities affecting the world economy. We have Ted Ladd to thank for assembling the panel.

This will be an outstanding program that all Rotarians and Chamber members should attend. Guests are welcome to this significant event. Expect President brendan to be asking for feedback on the number of members bringing guest to our meeting on August 31.
Rotary Panel on Global Economy - Aug 31 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Last week this editor provided a story on the success of Rotary District 5440 Youth Exchange program. The implied period of the award was this year. Those that know advised me that the award was given to District 5440 in 2008. That said, District 5440 and Jackson Hole Rotary are very good supporters of the Youth Exchange program. - kls
Added Item on Youth Exchange Ken Small 0
Posted by James McNutt
Jackson Hole Rotary has a fine tradition of starting every meeting with an invocation or thought for the day. Beginning September 7, there are opportunities to express your thoughts or share a message through the invocation or thought for the day. Give Jim a call or an e-mail so he can add you to the list.
Invocation or Thought for the Day James McNutt 0
Posted by John H. (Jack) Swann
Jackson Hole Rotary strongly supports the Rotary International Youth Exchange which provides opportunities for a 10 month to a year stay in a foreign country and attend high school (or equivalent) in the foreign country. The youth exchanges result in strong international knowledge gained by the students and friendship bonds that last a lifetime.

Jack Swan has asked for a Rotarian to provide temporary housing for the incoming Youth Exchange student who will arrive in Jackson on August 16. The housing is needed until August 24 when the first of the two host families will be available in Jackson.

If you can cover any of the time period or would like to be considered to host a student for a few months next year, please talk to Jack as soon as you can.
Wanted: Housing for Youth Exchange John H. (Jack) Swann 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Please remember to include Help Save the Arches on your list of donations when you are making your pledges to this year's Old Bills Fun Run. Help Save the Arches is a partnership between the three Jackson Rotary Clubs and the Town of Jackson.  Two of the four Arches on the Town Square have been replaced and the third is scheduled to be replaced in 2011.  The final Arch will be replaced in 2013.  The project has been extremely well received with over $230,000 having been raised to date.  The total cost of replacing all four Arches is expected to approach $400,000.  Let's get behind this project and Save the Arches!
Save the Arches! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Farmer's Market on the Town Square recently featured Rotary as the designated non-profit to receive 10% of the vendor's proceeds. Representing our club at the market, and pictured here, are Rob Weed, Paul Vogelheim, Mark Barron, Hank Phibbs, Jim Darwiche, and Ruth Ann Petrov. Thanks for your support!
Farmer's Market and Roto-Politicians Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith visited Jackson last week. President Ray was introduced by Past District Governor Bill Pettus. Our RI President addressed a combined meeting of five Rotary clubs at Noon on Tuesday. Besides presenting some awards and plaques, President Ray addressed the objectives for his year of Rotary. "Building Communities â€" Bridging Continents" is the Rotary International Theme for the year. President Ray clearly stated that all Rotary is our brothers keeper and should share to enhance the life of those less fortunate.
President of Rotary International Visits Jackson Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
One of our longest serving members of Jackson Hole Rotary was on hand to present a picture of the Snake River to RI President Ray. This was a remarkable opportunity as Abi presented the gift to the only other RI President to visit Jackson Hole. In 1974, Abi presented a picture to RI President Bill Smith who was serving Rotary International from his home town of London, England. We all thank you Abi for your service to Jackson Hole Rotary as President then and continuing member now.
Abi Garaman Presents Gift to RI President Ray Klinginsmith Ken Small 0
Rotary District 5440 is the Best of the Best in Rotary for Support of Youth Exchanges Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
President Ray reported that in the first seven months of this year, one 100 cases of paralytic polio were reported from the four countries where polio is endemic. The world total of reported cases stands at 500 in the first seven months of this year. When Rotary launched the campaign against polio, the world saw in an average year 500,000 cases of polio resulting in 50,000 deaths and numerous cases of paralysis. In the first fund drive, Rotary set a goal of raising $120 million which was exceeded as Rotary raised $240 million. Challenges to raise another $220 million are being met with matching from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the amount of $355 million.
Polio Eradication is Progressing Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Jackson Hole Rotarians: The Hole Word has been coming at you every week for about four months. We could use some assistant editors to take a month at a time. Tim Bradley has seen the need and is taking care of July. Please talk to Tim and Ken Small if you can take another month. kls
The Hole Word Editors Needed Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Four Jackson Hole Interact members met Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith on Monday. President Ray has asked that the Interacters write about their international projects and travel. Sisters: Nicole and Madaline Thulin - daughters of Ed (and Susan) Thulin, noon club member; and Nicole Meadows and Tyler Meadows (sister/brother) - grandchildren of Crede and Clarene Law - noon club Rotarians. Look for a future article.
Jackson Interact Meet RI President Klinginsmith Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
On Monday evening, Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith met the presidents of the Jackson Hole Rotary clubs. Ken Mahood of the Tuesday Morning Rotary club, Scott Daily of the Thursday Evening Rotary club, and Brendan McDermott of the Tuesday Lunch Rotary club had the opportunity to welcome President Ray and talk Rotary, Jackson Hole touring, and travel
RI President Ray Klinginsmith Talks to Jackson Hole Rotary Club Presidents Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Brendan McDermott
It is an honor to have RI Presdent Klinginsmith present to our Club. Despite the many accomplishments Rotary has enjoyed, I couldn't agree more with President Klinginsmith's view that Rotary's best days are still ahead. This is an outlook that I share not just for Rotary International, but also for the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole.
Welcome from Jackson Hole Rotary Club President Brendan McDermott Brendan McDermott 0
Posted by Ken Small
Today, August 3, five Rotary Clubs meet in joint session for fellowship and to host Rotary President Ray Klinginsmith. Members from Rotary clubs of Star Valley, Teton Valley, Jackson Hole, Jackson Breakfast and Jackson Evening clubs join together for Lunch at Snow King Resort. Two hundred Rotarians and guests will enjoy an address by President Ray and hosts PDG Bill Pettus and PDG Nancy Pettus.
Joint Meeting August 3 of Five Rotary Clubs Ken Small 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Join fellow Rotarians and friends Monday, August 2, starting at 6pm at the Wort Jackson room as we salute Scot Evans' contributions to Rotary and our community. If you hadn't heard yet, Scot and his wife Heidi are heading to greener pastures in Henderson, NV in early August where Scot is taking on the store director post with Albertsons in Henderson. We'll miss Scot, his sense of humor, his admirable dedication to Rotary and his infectious desire to help all concerned in our community. Light appetizers and a cash bar will be available.

-Jimmy Olson
Salute to Scott Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Come early next week you're in for a treat.

Next Tuesday, August 3, Rotary International president Ray Klinginsmith (with wife Judie) will be in attendance and address the all the area's Rotary Clubs. The meeting will be at the Snow King Ice Rink starting at high Noon. Please plan to come a little earlier than usual so we move an expectedly large crowd through the buffet line. John Gilmore requests that all Paul Harris fellows wear some indication of their award.

-Jimmy Olson
Rotary Announcements: Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson
Welcome new members to the club:

Stacey Breidenstein, Customer Service Manager at Jackson Whole Grocer. Stacey has lived in Jackson for 9 years and also serves on the Horse Warriors Board, and committees for the ReStore and Music in the Hole. She can be reached at 733-0450.

Sam Harold, CEO of EDI International Inc. Sam has lived in Jackson for 14 years and has been active in Rotary since 1958 through clubs in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. He can be reached at 733-0664

-Jimmy Olson

New Rotarians Stacey and Harold Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Kevin Olson

If you missed Tuesday's meeting, fellow Rotarian and Executive Director of the Center for the Arts, Clare Payne Symmons offered insights into the latest happenings at this cultural hub of Jackson Hole. Some recently conducted research commissioned by The Center found that locals love it; and, they also wonder what is it? In response to this question, Symmons led the club members through a tight definition via Power Point. She said it is a facility, an organization and a venue.

Symmons said The Center is also an economic driver in Teton County. She estimated it provides 100,000 visits each year through the nearly 300,000 tickets sold. On average, each ticket generates $49.99 in additional spending around town with an estimated total of $1.5 million in local revenue generated beyond the sale of box office tickets according to Symmons' figures.

Some highlighted events coming in August are 8/1 - Joan Armatrading; 8/7 - The Chamber Ensemble of New York City Ballet; and 8/26 - Herbie Hancock.

In closing, Symmons reminded Rotarians to plan on attending the Center for the Arts five year anniversary party on Saturday, August 28, 2-6pm, on the lawn south of the Center Theater.

- Jimmy Olson
Center for the Arts - Rotarian Clare Payne Symmons Kevin Olson 0
Posted by Ken Small

Our Rotary District 5440 put together a project to assist after the earthquake. Past District Governor Luis Enrique Espinoza was a classmate of our Jackson Hole Rotarian, PDG Stuart Palmer. Through their combined efforts, Rotarians and clubs in our district contributed to building 10 small houses for emergency shelter in Talca, Chile as well as providing two generators, one for an orphanage and the other for a local fire department. Then District Governor Scrivens also put in $2,000 from his emergency funds to support the projects.

Rotary International requires a final report on all but the smallest international projects. The purpose of the reports is to ensure that the efforts and funds reach their intended destinations and used appropriately. Pictures are a great piece of evidence of the completion of the project and a means to communicate the appreciation of the recipients.

Final Report on Generators Purchased for Chile Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Congratulations to PDG Stuart for recognition of his effective dedication to Rotary in both Jackson Hole and in our Rotary Zone. He has agreed to assist the Rotary Zone Coordinator by working with the Rotary Districts and Clubs in Utah, Idaho, and Montana. All up, Rotary Zone 27 includes 15 Rotary Districts based on 673 Rotary Clubs with 33,046 members. The Zone includes Rotary in Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming. We thank you Stuart for continuing to help move Rotary forward.
New Assistant Rotary International Coordinator - PDG Stuart Palmer Ken Small 0
Posted by April Hankey
At our last lunch meeting Rotarian (and Mayor) Mark Barron and Lower Valley Energy's Brian Tanabe presented the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project to the club. The two talked about what the JHESP is and how the SPET Proposition #6 is the only SPET proposal that will pay us back over time.

Highlights included the following:

• The money will be used for energy conservation measures for public/government buildings – to fund energy retrofits for these structures (increase insulation, caulking, weather stripping, real-time energy monitors, smart grid chips in hot water heaters, upgrades to HVAC systems, etc.)

• If we do nothing, public buildings in Teton County will spend an estimated $35M in power over the next 20 years. This will be paid by taxpayers.

• Using standard assumptions, if we spend $3.8M now, we can reduce the power bills for public buildings by $6.6M over the next 20 years.

• Town/County staff did an assessment of buildings and identified immediate, shovel ready projects to decide on the amount to request for funding.

For more information about the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project please visit For more information about all of the SPET projects please visit

Learning about... JHESP April Hankey 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian since 1961, Klinginsmith has served Rotary as district governor and as chair of the 1998 Council on Legislation in New Delhi and the 2008 Los Angeles Convention Committee. He was a member of the RI Board of Directors for 1985-87 and chaired its executive committee in 1986-87. Klinginsmith joined The Rotary Foundation Trustees in 2002, serving as vice chair in 2005-06, and was a member of the Future Vision Committee from 2005 to 2008. Klinginsmith, a Major Donor, is a recipient of the Foundation's Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award.

Klinginsmith earned degrees in business and law at the University of Missouri and completed graduate studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar. He was general counsel and professor of business at Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville (now Truman State University) from 1973 until his retirement in 1995, and also held the post of dean of administration for five years.

Tim Bradley
Rotary International President in JH, 8/3/2010 Ken Small 0
Posted by April Hankey
Saturday, 7/24: Farmer's Market on the Town Square, 8:00 to 11:00 AM.

Sunday, 7/25: Wilson Volunteer Fire Department's Annual Chicken-Fry! Come support your local, VOLUNTEER fire department, noon to 5PM at the Stilson Lot on the corner of Hwy 22 and 390. All proceeds raised go to buy new equipment, training, recruitment and retention programs.

Monday, 7/26: Fourth-Annual All-Star Installment of The Jackson Hole Hootenanny @ the Center for the Arts. Get ready for some rowdy good fun, with music from Hoot regulars and a few special guests. Tickets: $8.00, General Admission. Visit - to purchase your tickets.

Upcoming Events April Hankey 0
Posted by April Hankey
This past year several fellow Rotarians got together for a club visioning process. One of the results: Developing our Membership.

To develop our membership means to have more active, engaged members (not necessarily growing the membership).

Fran VanHouten is the new Membership Committee Chair and has taken the bull-by-the-horns, already working to engage new members as they enter the club. If you would like to help with this please let Fran know.

Envisioning a More Involved Rotar April Hankey 0
Posted by April Hankey
(From Wikipedia) "A Sergeant-at-Arms (sometimes spelled Serjeant-at-Arms) is an officer appointed by a deliberative body, usually a legislature, to keep order during its meetings."

This year, for the first time in our club's history, the official "order-keepers" are two females (Past President Barbara Kenyon & April Hankey) and they have decided to shake things up a bit when it comes to fining you fantastic folks, so listen up!

Did your beloved baseball team win the pennant, inspiring you to gloat at lunch? That will be $5.00, thank-you-very-much. New Fine: $5 minimum/sports team announcement.

Do you know how to pronounce President Brendan's name? Let's hope so: $1 fine each time you mispronounce his name.

Finally, did you wait until the end for your announcement? That's gonna cost you, how much depends on your fellow Rotarians. New Fine: The last announcement at lunch goes to the highest bidder!

Thank you to all who have donated to S-A-A so far this year. To-date, in just three meetings, the new S-A-A ladies have collected $354 for the Rotary Foundation! Let's keep it up.

Sergeant-At-Arms: Two Gals, One Goal April Hankey 0
Posted by April Hankey
John Briggs presented David Kornblum with the May 2010 Citizen of the Month Award. David recently suffered not ONE, but THREE strokes and has been at the UCLA medical center receiving medical attention until recently. (Yep, he got there right after Michael Jackson was treated in that same facility!)

David is being honored for his extensive work with the Off Square Theatre Company, Teton County School District, the JH Writers Conference and countless other endeavors.

Congrats David!

May Citizen of the Month: David Kornblum April Hankey 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley

The 2010 Rotary Snake River Cup was held on Thursday, July 8, at the Headwaters Club at Teton Springs with teams of golfers representing the Rotary Clubs of Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole (supper), Teton Valley, and Idaho Falls participating.

Rotary Snake River Cup Report Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Clare Payne Symmons reminds us all to go to the amazing programs at the Center for the Arts. Current and upcoming programs include the New York Ballet, in their first performance outside of New York. Off Square Theater is putting on Always Patsy Cline, a great show. Jackson Hole-based artist-alpinist Dave McNally is exhibiting new paintings in the ArtSpace Theater Gallery through the end of July. So much to see...check it out at
Heard from our members Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Club member Ken Small completed the required Rotary training to enable our club to apply for District grants under the new Future Vision program. A new member, Ken has jumped in with both feet, with this accomplishment and his work on this newsletter. Great work, Ken!
Future Grant Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Thanks again to Past President Joni Upsher, who has resurfaced at the club following the end of the school year. Joni has been teaching culinary arts at the high school, which prevents her from making it to our lunch meetings. Despite her busy schedule, she organized and sold planter barrels again this year, raising $1,200 for the club, which will go to our scholarship fund.
Planters for Scholarships Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The first bike race to be held in Jackson in 20 years was a huge success, with 105 entrants from 9 states and Mexico in the field. Special thanks to Rotarians Jeff Noffsinger, Rick Hollingsworth, Rob Weed, T.R. Pierce, Len Carlman, Paul Vogelheim, Case Morton, Brian Siegfried, Fran Vanhouten, and Megan Hill (and others I missed) for volunteering to put this event on.
Bike Race a Success Tim J. Bradley 0
Branden, Brendan, who can keep it straight? Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Rotarian Scot Evans will be resigning from our club, as he has accepted a position with Albertson in Henderson, NV.  His move will be effective August 1. We'll miss you Scott, and all the incredible work you have done with Rotary and non-profits in this community. Congratulations on your new job, and good luck!
Catch Scot while you can... Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Lee Burbank is our Rotarian of the Month for his longstanding work as our Treasurer, and for his consistent availability to the club, solid advice, and friendship to all. Thank you Lee for your work!

David Bentlage is our Citizen of the Month. David is a member of Post 43 and the owner of Abel Auto Supply. David also presided over the presentation of the colors in our last meeting. Thank you David!
Congratulations to Lee Burbank and David Bentlage Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
President Brendan took the reins on Tuesday, presiding over the first meeting of his term, and he did a great job. I love the new table tents on each table. The tents list all of the club's committees, board members, and make it easy for members to see where the club has committee openings, and who to contact. Get involved!

And our new Sergeants at Arms did a great job as well. Barb Kenyon and April Hankey had a lively debut Tuesday, and raised a good bit of money for the scholarship fund. There were no raffle winners, so buy extra tickets next week - the pot is big and there's not many marbles left in the can!
Changing of the Guard Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
There will be an open house at Orville's today. Stop by and support Orville's, which is opening a new drop-in center. They could use a couch and a daybed. If you can help out, please call.
Orville's Open House Today! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
We took second place in the annual tournament, so we will be hosting the trophy this year. Thanks to our Roto-golfers who took part, and better luck next year!
Snake River Golf Tournament Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Rotary Club of Jackson Hole is the featured non-profit at today's farmer's market, just another reason to get out, enjoy the day, get some veggies, and support our local market. See you there!
Farmer's Market Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 marked the last Rotary meeting that T.R presided over as our club president. T.R. did a fantastic job this last year, and deserves your congratulations and thanks for a job well done. Thank you Past President Thurman Reginald Pierce!
Thank You President T.R. Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Terri Marino
Terri Marino reported that the Wine Fest committee had forwarded proceeds of $42,000 to the Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation. This contribution will fund the scholarships to be awarded next spring by our JHRF. Additional funds are collected through the year to supplement the tremendous contribution from the Wine Fest. We all thank you Terri and Jeff for a great event and great contribution to the youth of the region.
Wine Fest Presents Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation with Proceeds Terri Marino 0
Posted by E. J. Ned Thomas II
Ned Thomas reported that the Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation had made a $1000 grant to Music in the Hole. The summer music programs in Jackson are well attended and very good. Thanks to all the musicians who practice and perform during the summer.
Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation Grant to Music in the Hole E. J. Ned Thomas II 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Journeys School is a K-12 private school that is one of five programs offered by the Teton Science School. The goals of the school are to achieve excellence in basic academics, extraordinary scholarship, place based education, and global citizenship. Thirteen students graduated from Journeys School this year (All have been accepted by a college). There are 36 alumni and currently 186 students. Most of the students are from the local area.

The Journeys School offered an internationally recognized Diploma program in addition to the state and regionally accredited high school graduation diploma. The International Diploma is granted as a result of testing in five subjects as prescribed in used in many other countries.

June 22 Program - The Journeys School Ken Small 0
Posted by T.R. Pierce
President T.R. thanked Ned Thomas for his service to the board of the Jackson Hole Rotary Foundation. Ned has been involved for years. The club thanks you, Ned. Ned's last official act was to announce receiving the $42,000 from this year's Wine Fest.
Thank You Ned Thomas for Service T.R. Pierce 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Each year, each Rotary Club establishes a goal for contributions from the club and its members to The Rotary Foundation. The contributions are used for Annual programs or for the Permanent Fund. The former funds projects, exchanges, and after three years, 50% of the contributions are returned to the District from which the funds flowed. The returned funds then are used by the District for local projects. The contributions to the Permanent Fund are held in trust and the earnings of the trust are used for Rotary activities. The Rotary year is July 1 to June 30. This means that contributions for inclusion in the totals for President T.R.'s term must be at RI not later than June 30. It is not too late to contribute via the on-line capabilities of website. If you need assistance, contact JH Rotarians John Gilmore, Rob Weed, or Stuart Palmer.
Contributions to The Rotary Foundation Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Robert W. Weed
Rotarians: Rob Weed needs Rotarians to volunteer to help park cars for the concern on July 4. This is a great part of the music festival that runs through the summer. If you are in town on July 4, consider giving Rob and couple of hours of your time for this community project.
Help for Parking at the Music in the Hole on July 4 Robert W. Weed 0
Posted by Ken Small
All Rotarians should save August 3 for a special Rotary meeting. Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith will visit Jackson to address Rotarians. This is a rare and great opportunity to meet our international president.

Rotarian since 1961, Klinginsmith has served Rotary as district governor and as chair of the 1998 Council on Legislation in New Delhi and the 2008 Los Angeles Convention Committee. He was a member of the RI Board of Directors for 1985-87 and chaired its executive committee in 1986-87. Klinginsmith joined The Rotary Foundation Trustees in 2002, serving as vice chair in 2005-06, and was a member of the Future Vision Committee from 2005 to 2008. Klinginsmith, a Major Donor, is a recipient of the Foundation's Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award.

Klinginsmith earned degrees in business and law at the University of Missouri and completed graduate studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar. He was general counsel and professor of business at Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville (now Truman State University) from 1973 until his retirement in 1995, and also held the post of dean of administration for five years.

Rotary President Klinginsmith to Visit Jackson on August 3 - Save the Date Ken Small 0
Posted by T.R. Pierce
The Board appointed Mike Sillman to the board to fill the vacancy recreated by adjusting for Brandon McDermott's rise to President elect. Good luck Mike, we appreciate your involvement.
Mike Sillman New Club Director T.R. Pierce 0
Posted by Ken Small
Rotarian Gary Hughes and Jackson Hole Historical Society President Jim Luebbers presented the program. The meeting was in the conference room of The Virginian which added a different environment from our normal meeting location. Thanks Gary and Jim.
Program - Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum Ken Small 0
Posted by Robert W. Weed
Many members of Jackson Hole Rotary Club supported the Australian GSE visit to Jackson Hole. Rob Weed reeled off a list of 15 members or more that house, transported, hosted dinner, or served as tour directors for the team visit. Thanks to Rob for being the club representative and organizer of our support.
Rob Weed Thank You to Club for GSE Support Robert W. Weed 0
Posted by Ken Small
You may have noted that Barbara was not at Rotary for the last three weeks. She was floating the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. It was the 1oth trip through the canyon but her first ride where the boat flipped. We are glad to see you back at the table.
Welcome Home Barbara Kenyon Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Judy Basye and Anna Schwartz of the Oncology Department at St. John's Medical Center presented a program on the growth of services and patient load at St. John's. Since 2000, the department has grown from a single office/room to a significant clinic with an ever increasing case load. Operating in conjunction with the Huntsman Clinic, professional service is provided to a wide variety of cases through treatment and follow-up both in Jackson and elsewhere. St. John's continues to grow and continues to need to expand its physical plant to house its services. If you have any questions, please contact our Rotarian Pam Maher, she will direct you to the right contacts.
St. Johns Hospital Oncology Department Ken Small 0
Posted by Robert W. Weed
The Australian Group Study Exchange team toured Jackson Hole last week. Dianne Wynne picked up the team during a handoff at Old Faithful Inn. She whipped the team out of Old Faithful 20 minutes ahead of the lightning strike that injured visitors there. Case Morton was the tour director on Wednesday, June 2 and showed the Australians our Teton National Park, a boat ride, and a good long day of touring. Thanks Dianne and Case.
Group Study Exchange Team Tours Jackson Hole Robert W. Weed 0
Posted by Ken Small
Dianne Wynne is the Rotarian of the Month, congratulations Dianne. She has promoted programs, change, and outreach for Rotary. Dianne also is a graduate of the Rotary Leadership Institute. The editor saw her working furiously at the Wine Fest. Thank you for all you have done. Stay safe on the river.
Dianne Wynne is Rotarian of the Month Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Our Rotary District Conference was June 3-5 in Casper. There was a great turnout from Rotary Clubs throughout Northern Colorado and Wyoming. Two members of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole attended and enjoyed the home hospitality (on the N. Platte River) and Saturday Night Banquet. Members of the JH Dinner Club and JH lunch club transported the Australian GSE Team from Jackson to Casper… was a great caravan. A lunch stop in Dubois allowed for a little more touring by the Aussies.
Rotary District 5440 Conference Ken Small 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Please join me in welcoming the newest future Rotarian to our club. Anneke Bradley turned three weeks old today, the daughter of Rotarian Tim Bradley and his wife Ruth Harrington. Ruth was a Rotary exchange student to the Netherlands in high school, and Anneke is named after one of her host family mothers. Such is the power of Rotary!
New Future Rotarian Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
A well deserved recognition to Ken Small for his efforts in producing this newsletter - Rotarian of the Month. Although a new member to our club, Ken has already distinguished himself by producing the newsletter and attending several Rotary leadership training classes. Ken is a former Rotary club president in Virginia. Thank you Ken for all you do.
Ken Small - Rotarian of the Month Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The nominating committee of T.R. Pierce, Brendan McDermott, Yvonne Robertson, and Case Morton are soliciting nominees for the position of President Elect. The candidate must have previously served on the Board of Directors and would take the office of club president for the July 2011-June 2012 year, following in Brendan's footsteps. Please contact any member of the committee if you are interested, or if you would like to nominate another.
Nominating Committee Seeks Candidate Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
President-Elect Nominee Brendan McDermott will take over the reins as our club president on July 1, 2010. Brendan is looking for volunteers for a variety of committee assignments. Please contact Brendan with any interest and be a part of the club!
Brendan McDermott to be new club president Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Winefest raffle grand prize of $5,000 was won by our own Rotarian Carrie Pennington. Showing her Rotary spirit, she donated a generous portion of the prize back to the club for our elementary school book fund. Thank you Carrie!
Congratulations Carrie Pennington! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
The website is comprehensive and useful. Every week there is a new "Rotary Minute" that focuses on projects and efforts by clubs around the world. Try Rotary Minute Check it out.
Rotary Minute Ken Small 0
Posted by Robert W. Weed
The Group Study Exchange from southeast Australia will be in Jackson this week. Rotarians from Jackson will meet the group in Yellowstone NP in a handoff from Rotarians from Cody. The GSE team's vocational objectives are behind them now so the team can enjoy Jackson, the parks, and relax for a short 48 hours before leaving for the District 5440 Conference in Casper on Thursday (June 3). Rob Weed is organizing the host support and the transportation to Casper. Thanks Rob.
Group Study Exchange Team in Town This Week Robert W. Weed 0
Posted by Chet Knobe
The cleanup was a success. Jackson Hole is ready for spring. One group, Tom, Cindy, Brendan, Leland, Chet, and a volunteer harvested a parrot mask along with other "finds" while cleaning Rte 390 to Sky Line. Chip received the mask as a prize. A special thanks to Bob Norton. He sure makes us look good. And First Interstate did a great job feeding us. It was a good Rotary day.
Spring Cleanup Chet Knobe 0
Posted by T.R. Pierce
Our Rotary Exchange Student, Tonje Ostgard, presented her report of her activities and experiences during the last nine months in the United States and here in Jackson Hole. Tonje is from Tromso Norway, 4,218 miles NW or Jackson (69o 39' N). It is a beautiful city on the water well worth a visit in either the summer (daylight) or winter (dark). She has had a great experience in Jackson and certainly furthers the purpose of Rotary International. The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole thanks you for your time, effort, and engagement in our culture
Rotary Exchange Student Presents - Miss Tonje Ostgard T.R. Pierce 0
Posted by Ken Small
The 2010 Rotary Wine Fest was presented at the Snow King Arena on Friday, May 28, 2010. The activity level was high as 63 booths presented wine, raffle tickets, and bottled water. The silent auction was a success. The final accounting is in progress and will be reported to the club in the near future. The club thanks Rotarians Terri Marino and Jeff Ward Co-Chairing the event. Thank you also to the Sponsors and to those who donated wine, food, and items for the auction.
2010 Rotary Wine Fest a Success Ken Small 0
Posted by Peter V. Karns
The Jackson Hole Rotary Club project to rebuild the four Elk Antler Arches around the town square is now over half way done.  Two of the four arches have been replaced and enough Elk Antlers have been acquired to build the third arch.  The Arch on the northeast corner of the town square is scheduled to be rebuilt during the summer of 2011.  To date, over $225,000 has been raised and over 29,000 pounds of antlers have been purchased.  The new Arch on the southwest corner alone contains almost 13,000 pounds of antlers.  This year, the Jackson Hole Rotary Club donated $4425 for the purchase of antlers.  The Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club donated $2251. Fundraising for this project has been successful so far, but with a weak economy, donations have slowed down.  Part of the money to buy antlers is raised through Old Bill's Fun Run and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole each September. Please remember to include Help Save the Arches in your donations to Old Bill's this year.
Antler Arch Update Peter V. Karns 0
Posted by Terri Marino
The 22nd annual Wine Fest will take place Friday, May 28th at Snow King Center in Jackson Hole between 5pm-8pm. The event features over 400 wines from around the world for your tasting enjoyment.

We need your help in spreading the word, so please forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues.

Advance purchase tickets to the Wine Fest are $30 each, or $35 at the door. 100% of last year's proceeds provided 22 local high school students with scholarships for higher education.

For the first time, the event will offer a special Riedel wine glass tasting from 5:15pm-5:45pm. For only $100, this unique experience includes entrance to the Wine Fest, a professional tasting showcasing four different varietals of high quality wine, demonstrating how the various shapes of glasses enhance wine consumption. Participants will keep their glasses valued at $60. Tickets are limited to 40 people, so be sure to reserve now.

The event's huge silent auction including an original Amy Ringholz painting, hotel stays at luxurious hotels around the country, season ski passes, dinners at Jackson Hole's finest restaurants, rounds of golf at the valley's top courses, large format bottles of wine and much more.

The raffle will offer a chance to win $5,000 in cash. Consolation prizes include cases of fine wine donated by valley liquor stores. To increase the odds of winning, only a limited number of tickets will be sold. Tickets can be purchased online or at the event. You don't need to be present to win!

Rotarians, your support by attending the event, participating in the raffle or even a small contribution to the fundraiser through our secure website would be greatly appreciated. To buy Wine Fest tickets, Raffle tickets, Reidel tasting tickets, or to donate, please visit:

2010 Rotary Wine Fest Next Week - May 28 Terri Marino 0
Posted by Jeffrey Noffsinger
The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole will present the 22nd Annual Wine Fest on Friday, May 28 at the Snow King Center from 5:00 â€" 8:00 PM. The event will feature nearly 500 wines for local wine tasters to whet their palettes, a silent auction, a raffle for a $5,000 cash prize plus cases of wine, a wine education booth, Riedel tasting and Riedel glasses for sale. Wine Fest tickets may be purchased in advance for $30 at or at local liquor stores. Tickets will be available at the door for $35. Raffle tickets are available online or may be purchased at the event for $10 each, 3 for $20, or 20 for $100. The Riedel tasting, a great new addition to the Wine Fest, will take place from 5:15 to 5:45 in the mezzanine level. A representative from Riedel will be demonstrating how the design of each particular wine glass affects the character of the wine. The tasting will highlight wine in four Riedel glasses- Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet/Bordeaux and Sauvignon Blanc, and participants may keep their glasses. Tickets are $100 which includes entry into the Wine Fest. The Riedel tasting is limited to 40 people. The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation reinvests the proceeds from this successful event into local scholarships. This year the foundation granted $52,500 in scholarships to 27 graduating seniors. For more information about the Rotary Wine Fest, please contact Jeff Ward at (307) 690-0873 or
22nd Annual Wine Fest Presented by the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Jeffrey Noffsinger 0
Posted by T.R. Pierce
Last Saturday morning, members of the Jackson Hole Rotary Club replaced the "Howdy Stranger, Welcome to Jackson Hole" sign that has been at the airport for a number of years. The new sign is a duplicate of the previous sign. Thank you Rotarians for another community boost.
Howdy Stranger, Welcome to Jackson Hole T.R. Pierce 0
Posted by C. David Clauss
The 2010 renewal of the Rotary Snake River Cup will be held on July 8, at the Headwaters Club at Teton Springs with tee times beginning at 1:00 p.m. This year teams of golfers from both Rotary Clubs in Idaho Falls, the Rotary Club of Driggs, and all three Rotary Clubs in Jackson are invited. Each invited Rotary Club may enter either one or two teams of golfers, four golfers per team. Each team member must be a member in good standing of the Rotary Club on whose team the member plays. Because the event is a "handicap event", each team member must have a valid USGA handicap index. The Snake River Cup will be awarded following play to the winning Rotary Club, for display and safekeeping until the next renewal of the Snake River Cup event. Green fees, including cart, are $60.00 per golfer, a significant discount, courtesy of The Headwaters Club. The requested entry fee donation for each participant is $25.00, to be contributed to the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation. The entry fee donations will be distributed to the charitable foundations of the participating Rotary Clubs as follows. If three Clubs participate: Winner receives 45%; Runner-up receives 30%; Third place â€" 25%. If four or more Clubs participate: Winner â€" 40%; Runner-up receives 30%; Third place receives 20%; Fourth place receives 10%.
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
"Aldea Esperanza" "Hope Village" was dedicated May 13, 2010 by Rotary members, the Governor and Mayor of Talca last week. Our Rotary contributions to the Chilean Quake Emergency Fund - funds directly from Rotary Club of Ft. Collins Foothills and then a separate fund with proceeds also to the Chilean Quake Relief Effort from many sources (individuals and clubs) around the district have garnered immediate results with low-cost housing for many families devastated at the center of the quake in Talca, Chile. Each home costs $1,000 to build and will provide a family with a home where they lost everything in the quake.
Hope Village in Talca Chile Opens Thanks to Rotary Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Barbara S. Kenyon
The Jackson Hole Rotary Club Foundation awarded 27 scholarships to area high school students. The students were evaluated on academic, activities, community service, and work experience. A total of $52,000 was distributed to the winners. The funds were raised at the 2009 Rotary Wine Fest. The winners were Amanda Fay, Nick Memmer, Kali Holzinger, Yara Thomas, Duncan McLaurin, Peter Ninneman, Patrick Renz, Andrew Hess, Damon Smith, Jessica Fischer, Andy Phillips, John Springer, Riley Burbank, Jenna Stafford, Frankie Boda, Jade Holston Green, Hilary Lavino, James DuPont, Patrick Finnegan, Kathleen Eastman, Stephanie Schultz, Chris Banks, Sierra Dunne, Ana Castro, Irving Aguilar, and Sean Meagher. Congratulations to all the students.
Jackson Hole Rotary Club Awards 27 Scholarships to Area High School Students Barbara S. Kenyon 0
Posted by Megan Gallagher
The Wine Fest Sponsorship committee would like to extend a warm thank you to all of our sponsors for their contributions for the upcoming Wine Fest. AND, we would like to give a special thank you to Len Carlman and Harry Lawroski, who answered our call at the Tuesday meeting for donations when we were $50.00 short of our fundraising target. Thanks to them, we were able to reach our goal of raising $6000.00! Thank you all for you generosity and support!
Sponsors for the 2010 Wine Fest Contribute $6,000 Megan Gallagher 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Dear Rotarian, **We are happy to inform you that the next edition of the Every Rotarian, Every Year newsletter is now available on-line. The newsletter is your source for news about the monumental EREY effort uniting our international membership. It provides updates on the Annual Programs Fund, features on what Rotarians are doing to meet their club goals and stories illustrating how APF contributions enhance people's lives. Click on the link below:- *
Every Rotarian Every Year Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Please join me in welcoming our newest members, Amy Madera and Bryan Nash. Bryan was sponsored by Stephan Abrams and is a branch manager at First Interstate Bank. Amy is the Director of Hospitality and Culinary Art Programs at Central Wyoming College. Please go out of your way to introduce yourself to Amy and Bryan, and make them feel at home in our club.
Welcome New Members! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Frances Van Houten of Jackson was recognized at the meeting for her selection as Women in Business Champion of the Year. Her consulting company, RainMaker Coaching, opened in mid-1999. Congratulations Fran!
Women in Business Champion of the Year Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The GSE visiting team is from SE Australia. They will be here June 1 and 2. Stuart Palmer is looking for drivers to pick up the team in the park in a handoff on June 1 from the Casper clubs. We also need a few seats in cars/vans/not snow-cats going to the District Conference June 3. Please talk to Stuart if you can help move the GSE team from Yellowstone NP to Jackson on June 1 or transport a GSE team member or two from Jackson to Casper for the District Conference.
Great Time to Meet an Australian - The GSE Team in Jackson in June Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
Take the time to introduce yourself or otherwise assure that our recent new members enjoy Rotary as much as many of us have learned to enjoy. If you need a hand with a Rotary project, check with the new members to see if they want to be involved. Our recent new members are (in no particular order) Keith Harger, Kathy LaVasseur, and Tom Getz. Pop quiz on Wednesday as to what their classifications are.
New Members - Meet and Greet Ken Small 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Get ready, get set, GO! Winefest 2010 is almost upon us. You can purchase tickets and find more information on our club's single largest fundraiser by clicking here. Call Stefan Abrams at 733-4466 for information on how to donate, buy tickets, volunteer, or get more involved in any way. This fundraiser directly supports the approximately $50,000 in scholarships we give to Jackson Hole graduating high school seniors each year. Be a part of it!
Winefest 2010! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
All Jackson Hole Rotary Club members can save money by registering by April 15 for the District 5440 annual conference. This year it is in Casper (not that far away). The conference is June 3, 4, and 5. The opportunity to register early and save will be brought up Tuesday also, but don't wait. If you are going to go to the conference, volunteer to drive a couple of the visiting GSE team members from Jackson to Casper. The GSE will be in Jackson as tourists June 1 and 2. It is a great way to meet some outstanding people. If you think you will attend, register now and save. Talk to Stuart Palmer about the details on registering, conveying GSE team members, or just getting involved.
Plan Ahead and Save Money - Register Early for the District Conference Ken Small 0
Posted by James McNutt
Jackson Hole Rotarians - it is time to get your assignments for the Wine Fest. This is the major source of funds that eventually are awarded as scholarships to our great students in the area. Jim McNutt is looking for 10 good Rotarians to help with the Wine Fest on May 28 - you can negotiate your shift with Jim. Other sub-committees of the wine fest are also looking for helping hands. Get on board. It is a great program and a fun evening, being involved is more fun that watching others. You can reach Jim by e-mail at:
Wine Fest Volunteers James McNutt 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
District 5440 has raised almost $8,800 for help for the Rotary Club of Talca, Chile. The Ft Collins Foothills Club raised $3,000 of the total. The funds have been wire transferred to Chile and PDG Palmer has asked for a report back on how the funds were applied. Thank you to all the Rotarians that participated in the drive. There were other drives and the Rotary Shelter Box program also engaged in Chile.
Update on Chile Rotary to Rotary Aid Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
Addressing all you new members in the last year (or more): If you have ideas for service projects, focused efforts, announcements, or other thoughts that are within the canon of "Service Above Self", please bring your ideas to President Elect Tim, President T.R, or other Rotarians. Some of the best ideas come from the membership. Dianne Wynne sat down with PE Tim Bradley on April 7 with an organized list of ideas that started great conversation. You do the same. Thanks Dianne.
Inputs and Ideas for the Club Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Jan Lynch, the Executive Director of the Grand Teton Association stood in for Mary Cernicek who was stranded by the classic late season high country snow storm. Jan told us that the park and public nominate several potential trees in the forest. The Architect of the Capital will visit the Bridger-Teton NF this summer and secretly select the tree that will be harvested in early November. Along with the major tree that will stand on the grounds of the National Capital (not be be confused with the White House Christmas Tree that is put in the Elipse each year), the forest will provide another 70 trees that will decorate the nation's Capital offices. The major tree will be harvested and carried across the country through many towns who will organize their own festivities around a short stop by the conveyors of the tree. There are many local opportunities to participate in the entire effort to locate, harvest, present, and celebrate the tree and season. Please contact the Bridger Teton National Forest (Mary Cernicek) or the Grand Teton Association (Jan Lynch) for the details on how and when to contribute time or coin to the project. Thanks Jan for the quick stand-in presentation.
The Capital Christmas Tree 2010 from Bridger-Teton National Forest Ken Small 0
Posted by Lee Burbank
Last week Lee Burbank read parts of a powerful letter to Rotarian Kamlesh V.Raheja, the District Chairman - (2009-2010) Rotary Youth Exchange for District 3201 in India. The letter explained the reasons why J. S. Kaarthic, a young Indian, could not visit Jackson Wyoming for his Rotary sponsored exchange. Kaarthic was seriously injured in a very bad head-on automobile accident just before he was to travel to the U.S. A. in 2009. We need a Rotarian or two to step up to host the Youth Exchange this summer for a month. Kaarthic has recovered and is mobile enough to complete the youth exchange. Lee Burbank was to be the host in 2009, but, Lee is not in a position to be the host this year. Jackson Hole Rotary needs to find a host family for one month for Kaarthic. Please contact Lee or President T.R. if you would like to volunteer to host. The experience will be remembered for a lifetime and the friendships developed are wonderful. Volunteer as soon as possible so that the travel arrangements for Kaarthic can be completed.
Host an Exchange Student, a Great Opportunity Lee Burbank 0
Posted by Ken Small
Hey Rotarians - the club needs editors for the weekly bulletin in order to keep the information flowing. The bulletin is "pushed" to all the JH Rotary Club members every week. Sign up for a month and make Ken happy. If you are in charge of a committee driving one of our events, awards, programs, feed the information to Ken Small, but, again, volunteer to write the bulletin for a month, that will ensure that the Rotarians get The Hole Word.
Editors Needed for The Hole Word Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Jackson Hole Rotarians frequently hear about "the foundation." There are two different foundations active, one is our own local Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation, the other is Rotary International' s "The Rotary Foundation." Most of our local projects generate funds for the JH Rotary Club foundation. Donations to The Rotary Foundation are recognized in various ways, most frequently with the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow. The club has a goal for this Rotary year that ends June 30. We have some distance to go towards our goal for Rotary International. Please see John Gilmore sooner than later if you would like to contribute to The Rotary Foundation. John can tell you the details.
Still Time to Contribute to The Rotary Foundation Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
All Jackson Hole Rotary Club Rotarians (and partners) can still register for the District Conference and receive the early bird rate of $150. The conference is in Casper on June 3,4,5. All Rotarians receiving e-mail should have an announcement from the District in their e-mail this week. If you have questions, contact Asst Governor Rod Everett in the Supper Club.
Early Bird Registration for the District Conference Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
District 5440 has raised $4,500 for support of the Rotary Club of Talca, Chile. This is in addtion to the $2000 from the District's Emergency funds. The District funds have been sent ahead for the purchase of a deisel generator for an orphanage. Please contact PDG Stuart Palmer for guidance on how to contribute.
District 5440 Help for Talca, Chile Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley

It's Winefest time! We are seeking business sponsors for the 22nd annual Wine Fest, to be held on Friday, May 28 from 5 - 8 at Snow King. $100, $375 and $750 sponsorship levels available. For more info contact Megan Gallagher at 307.690.4824 or visit

Winefest 2010! Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
On March 23, 2008, our program was the Teton Literacy Program. The Executive Director (and Rotarian) Valley Peters Bradley introduced the program. Fifteen staff and volunteers from the TLP were at the 15th annual Pizza lunch hosted by Rotary with the proceeds benefiting the literacy program. An additional significant number of Jackson Hole Rotarians are also volunteers that read or tutor TLP students. The program was founded in 1993 and is staffed with over 130 volunteers that assist in reading and writing skills useful to citizens in Jackson. We viewed an excellent video that introduced the staff, the projects, and cameos from several of the participants in the program. Sgt at Arms Case and Stephan collected contributions that also were forwarded to the TLP.
Teton Literacy Program Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Here is a great opportunity to meet the Group Study Exchange team from District 9650, New South Wales, Australia. On June 1, The Australian team will be handed off to the Jackson Hole Rotary clubs at Old Faithful. The team of six will stay in Jackson the nights of June 1 and June 2. Lodging will be in the homes of local Rotarians. If you wish to host one or two of the team members, please contact PDG Stuart Palmer ( as the hosting will be on a first volunteer, first considered basis.
Group Study Exchange Visit in June Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Ken Small
Past District Governor Stuart Palmer briefing showed and discussed the Certificate of Appreciation received from Birigui, Brazil (western edge of the state of Sao Paulo). The certificate was for District 5440 helping organize and solicit funds and matching grants to buy $10,500 of equipment for a physical therapy clinic at a senior community center/residential home. Our local contact in Brazil was Past District Governor Gedson Bersanete. Gedson visited Jackson Hole about 10 years ago and went fly fishing with Rotarian host Mike Banville.
Certificate of Appreciation from Brazil to District 5440 Ken Small 0
Posted by Tim J. Bradley
The Rotary Leadership Institute provides broad information about Rotary International and Rotary in Western Wyoming. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Rotary, and each has different viewpoints and experiences to relate. Despite the title, I would highly recommend the course to anyone at any level in Rotary, as it provided a great overview of the club, including its history, its various programs, service projects, and opportunities. For more information on future course dates, check the Rotary District 5440 web page or contact Stu Palmer, coordinator, at or 307.690.1793.
Opportunity to Learn about Rotary Tim J. Bradley 0
Posted by Ken Small
The JH Rotary Club had a great day of spring skiing thanks to the generosity of Teton Mountain Report. Past President (first available officer) Rob Weed conducted 0ur meeting at the base of the mountain. Lunch and program was provided by Teton Mountain Resort. Resort Manager Jerry Blann gave the club a good review of this year's season, potential plans to move a lift, and a general discussion of the transportation programs that the TMR supports through the Teton Valley Association and the Teton Mountain Resort District. It was a great day. Appreciation should be given to Jerry and his staff that have groomed the mountain every night even though they are working with about 78% of snow fall so far for the year.
Rotary Ski Day at Teton Mountain Resort Mar 16, 2010 Ken Small 0
Posted by Stuart M. Palmer
Our Rotary District 5440 campaign for Chile has raised about $3,000 so far from district clubs and individuals. This amount is over and above the $2,000 that D5440 already wired for a diesel generator to help at an orphanage in the quake/aftershock area. The District secretary put out an e-mail with more detail and pictures of the destruction. Please see PDG Stuart Palmer if you have a question or wish to make a donation to this Rotary to Rotary effort.
District 5440 Campaign for Chile March 19, 2010 Stuart M. Palmer 0
Posted by Megan Gallagher
The Rotary Leadership Institute held a second round of leadership training on Saturday, March 6. Both Part I and Part II, of a three part series, were taught simultaneously by the Western Wyoming RLI team, which consists of PDG Nancy Pettus, PDG Stu Palmer, AG Rod Everett, and AG Julie Phares. 14 Rotarians attended, coming from the Jackson Hole Lunch and Supper Clubs, as well as 5 from the Rotary Club of Teton Valley.

While Course I focused on the importance of leadership, how to be a leader and the various leadership styles, Course II delved a little deeper and contained lessons on communication skills, the importance of goal setting, discussed the value and gave tips on membership recruitment. Course II participants had a lively debate on ethics and leadership attributes. Both courses provided supplemental reading materials and multiple handouts.
Rotary Leadership Institute March 6, 2010 Megan Gallagher 0
Posted by Ken Small
The Rotary Lunch for Literacy will be March 23, 2010. This will be in place of a regular meeting. All Rotarians are urged to bring a guest. The presentations will be about the Teton Literacy Program including comments by students. Please support this great effort led by one of our own Rotarians. If you have any questions please contact Rotarian Valley Bradley at Teton Literacy Program.
Teton Literacy Program – March 23, 2010 Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small
Superintendent Mary Scott presented an update on the programs and plans for Grand Teton National Park.  Major structure and infrastructure work is planned for the next several years including living quarters for employees (that will release rented units in Jackson to others), a lecture hall addition to the new visitor center, and improvements in the offices and maintenance facilities for the National Park Service.  Some of the improvements are funded by "stimulus funds" while others are from the regular Federal budget.  A future program may include a sewer main from Moose to the municipal system in Jackson.  This system could pick up the airport on the way.  Thank you Rotarian Scott for the great update.
GTNP Infrastucture Updates Ken Small 0
Posted by Ken Small

Rotarian Shep Humphries invited others to have their coiffure adjusted on March 13 by Mike the barber.  It is a fund raiser and Sheppard would like to see some other Rotarians and citizens clean shaven at Rotary on March 13.  Please contact Shep if you want to volunteer.


Rotarian Dianne Wynne reminded all Rotarians that the Rotary Leadership Institute is offering both Courses I and II on March 6.  The RLI program is a series of three courses; each is a one day session of about 5 ½ hours.  Dianne noted that the course content is extremely useful basic information about Rotary and its programs.  Course I is a precursor for Course II.  Contact PDG Stuart Palmer as soon as possible if you wish to be included in March 6 sessions.
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Steve Weichman, Teton County Prosecutor, is the February 2010 Rotarian of the Month.  His amazing contributions to the Jackson Hole community include driving to Idaho Falls for the past four years to provide transportation for cancer patients radiation treatment; sponsoring a legal fund to support an application for asylum by a victim and child of extreme abuse; and even using all the proceeds of his night part time job for that fund.  He has been involved in the volunteer Ski Patrol for years, and spends parts of his weekends collecting produce and donated goods from the local grocery stores to distribute to various local non-profits and needy families. The community thanks you for all your dedication and hard work, Steve.
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Today we heard from three of our newest Jackson Hole Rotarians.  Valley Peters Bradley, the Executive Direct of the Teton Literacy Program, spoke of her succession of experiences teaching English as a second language.  Dianne Wynne described her appreciation and enjoyment of river environments including our Snake River.  Mike Daus focused on his involvement in ACCESS which is a crisis counseling organization for persons who lose family or other close persons in aircraft accidents.  Mike also allowed that he gently handles luggage for Skywest at the airport.
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The 54 clubs in Rotary District 5440 have now raised $99,851 for Shelterboxes for Haiti! That translates to 1,000 refugees who now have shelter, thanks to our efforts. The Jackson Rotary clubs have raised over $9,000 of that, but were outdone by the Casper clubs, who raised over $18,000. Go Rotary!

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Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Our club continues to grow with dedicated caring members. Suzanna Hamilton joins us as a member this month. Suzanna is the owner of Hamilton's Fine Luxury Goods and Interior Design, located in Gaslight Alley on the Town Square. Please stop by and say hi to her and visit her shop. Suzanna was sponsored by members Jeff Noffsinger and April Hankey.
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Posted by Tim J. Bradley
Tom Davis became the 200th member of our club this month! Tom is a transfer from the Tucson Sunrise Rotary and has been a "make-up" member for the past four years. Tom and his wife Alecia spend approximately half the year in Jackson, and half in Tucson. He is a tenured professor at University of Arizona Medical School, the CEO of a small biotech company, and the Technical Director of Hansen Natural Beverage Co. Look for Tom to give the club a talk on Alzheimer's Disease this summer.

Welcome Tom!
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Please welcome Patty Cook to the club. Patty works at Edward Jones as an investment advisor, although you may also find her volunteering this winter with the ski club. She also serves as the treasurer for the Off Square Theater. Member Lee Burbank sponsored Patty.
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Please welcome Mike Daus to our club. Mike was sponsored by Tim Harland. Mike was a member of the breakfast club from 1994 to 2002 and is getting back into the swing of things. Mike is an entrepreneur with a passion for anything meaningful, purposeful, useful, stimulating and/or helpful!
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Valley Peters Bradley is the executive director of Teton Literacy Program. She has been with TLP for years, rising through the ranks. Please make Valley feel welcome to our club by introducing yourself!
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Rotary Fall BBQ for fellowship & fun!
When: Thursday September 24 6:30 pm
Where: Spotted Horse Ranch (across from Camp Creek)
Unfortunately, due to a low response from club members, this event has been cancelled. My apologies to all who signed up...
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Posted by Terri Marino
Our annual benefit for our local high school seniors and teachers will take place Friday, May 22, 5:00 - 8:00 pm at the Snow King Center.
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Posted by Terri Marino
The Rotary Wine Fest raised more than $60,000 for scholarships for our local kids and teachers! Many thanks to JACKSON STATE BANK & TRUST and TETON VILLAGE REALTY for their sponsorship of this event and...

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Congratulations to Brendan, Kathy and all the other Rotarians who had a hand in planning, running or participating in Old Bills Fun Run on Oct. 8, 2007. The weather was spectacular and the new location in and around the town square really brought the event to "the heart of Jackson". Special thanks to all Rotarians who made a contribution to the Club's Foundation through Old Bill's. Many Rotary scholarship recipients will benefit from their generosity.
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Posted by Matt Montagne
Special thanks to Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis for the wonderful meal and golf day on Sept. 11th. What great weather and a way to get acquainted with and enjoy the new facility.
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Posted by Matt Montagne
We are currently working on updating the content and functions of our web site. When ready, club members will recieve email notification as well as information and a program at a regular meeting on how to use the Club's web site.
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Posted by Todd Seeton
On March 20, 2007, from noon until 1pm at the Snow King Resort, the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole and The Teton Literacy Program will host the 11th annual Luncheon for Literacy.
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This year's Old Bill's Fun Run for Charities raised over $16,000 for the Rotary Foundation by participants in the run and other generous community members.  Large donors who have made the Fun Run possible and beneficial to area non-profits over the last eight years will match a percentage of the $16,000.

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Posted by Kraig Kobert
Thank you for visiting the website for your Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, better known as the Noon Club or Lunch Club.  President Kraig was introduced to this new website, which is hosted by an independant firm, at Rotary International Convention in Chicago.  In this website all members who have properly logged-in are able to view stories to be published in the next Hole Word as they are posted.  All members may edit and update their own personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and e-mail contact information, date of birth and date you joined Rotary.  Please try to remember your own login name and password. If you forget, simply click on the "forgot my password" link.  If you give your name and email address and it matches what is on the website already, an email will be immediately sent to you with your login name and password.
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ClubRunner makes it easy to electronically publish and send "The Hole Word" to all our members and friends.  If you know an ex-member, potential member, or just a good friend who would enjoy getting on our Bulletin emailing list, simply email Matt Montagne or Rob Weed with pertinent information, such as name, address, phone numbers, and most importantly, the email address where they can reached.

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"It is through service that we ultimately find ourselves."  Governor Dave Freudenthal at District Conference in Sherdan. 

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