Recently, Rotarian Gavin Keaton provided a great update of the sanitation project at Ntsika Secondary School in Grahamstown S.A. Is message is quoted in part
"The Ntsika project is going great guns.  The boys’ and girls’ bathrooms are complete and the staff bathrooms will be handed over tomorrow.
Gutters and downpipes were installed in time to catch the wonderful 2 inches of rain we had last week.
The sewer pump has resulted in the “wetland” drying out completely.
The scullery will be the last thing to be completed.
We have been able to use the additional funds received in Rands because of the weaker exchange rate to capture rainwater and fully tile the bathroom and scullery walls.  The additional tiling has made a huge difference to the overall appearance of the facilities.
Implementation of the project has been overseen by Rotarians Andy Lon."
Pictures are attached below.