Morgan Albertson Jouen of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum presented a brief overview in pictures and words of Jackson Hole.  Humans have been in Jackson Hole for about 11,000 years.  Homesteading in JH depended on Federal legislation in 1862 (Homestead Act) and 1877 (Desert Land Act).  The Museum operates in three locations.  The Cissy Paterson Gallery in the Museum's Cashe Street location was enabled by a gift from Rotarian Joe Albright).  The musuem is partnering with public and private entities in Jackson Hole and continues to solicit beneficial partnerships.  The museum is looking to consolidate some of its operations and also to find a suitable strage location for up to 4000 SF of materials that are not on display.  Thank you Morgan and Rotarian Becky Kimmel for the presentation.