Bulletin for January 16th, 2020

Bulletin for January 16, 2020
There was a small but noisy turnout for our club’s second Holiday Inn Breakfast Buffet, with our noble leader David Roscoe at the helm. We switched rooms, which gave everyone a bit more leg room and added nicely to the ambience.  This week we had our own private buffet with lots of fresh fruit, creamy eggs, cooked (not raw but not too crisp) bacon, sausage, and decent coffee. Catherine Brady snubbed the table and insisted on getting her sustenance elsewhere, but everyone else seemed properly satiated. The anthem was terrible and still had some “sons”, but that is not new. Perhaps next week we can all make Mae proud!
President Roscoe brought us up to date on some of the discussions from the board meeting.
Social dinners: The last Thursday of every month will be a social evening at one of our Lakeside supporter restaurants. A way to enjoy the company of your fellow Rotarians AND support our gracious partners from Lakeside.
Offsite breakfasts: Every other month we will have a meeting at a new and exciting location. Coming up next month will be The Joseph Brant Museum (hosted by Elaine Scrivener I believe). Suggestions for other locations should be forwarded to Catherine.
International project: We are coming closer to an off-shore project that will excite and motivate us all. Details to come.
Get on a committee: The board will be encouraging all of us to bring our individual strengths to bear on one of the many Rotary Club committees. You do not need to lead, but everyone has something to give and some fellowship to receive.
Partnership Golf Tournament: It has been getting tougher to raise funds through the tournament, and many of the current committee members are old and very grumpy. The committee needs some younger blood! And more women! But the concept still works and has helped us to raise over a MILLION DOLLARS over the past years. Please consider joining the committee, recommending a partner, RECOMMENDING A PARTNER,  RECOMMENDING A PARTNER
Speakers:  David Roscoe has been handling the speakers but is starting to run short on leads. He is asking for some volunteers for a Speakers Committee. Please let him know if you are interested in joining this or if you have a super idea for someone to come and talk to us.
Food subsidy: Joe Watson and his committee have been holding raffles to raise funds. On Sunday Bruce, Rod, Glenn, Yahel and their partners attended a wonderful dinner and got to look at a 97 Amarone bottle. Hopefully someone gave Yahel a small taste of what I am sure was an incredible bottle. Joe is asking us to consider providing something that he can auction off next month. The use of your cottage in the Haliburton Highlands? Piano lessons from David? Painting and wine drinking evening with Catherine?  Painting lessons and bad jokes evening with Rod Collard? Scotch and Irish Whiskey sampling at Beckett’s? Think outside the box and give Joe a call.
Breakfast with Eric event: Eric was looking for, and seemed to quickly find, 8 volunteers. If you are one of them please make sure Eric knows who you are and do not forget to attend.
Clothes for the Street Ministry in Hamilton: Catherine Brady reminds us to please scour your closets for good quality clothing and winter coats that can be handed out to needy neighbours in Hamilton.
Yahel then updated us with her activities over the past week…Toronto for Mae’s birthday… talking with Bruce’s granddaughter and convincing her to apply for youth exchange…going to a lacrosse game with Nancy Penney….having the aforementioned dinner at Joe Watson’s…attending a fabulous dinner in Toronto on the 44th floor with a wonderful organic farmer…attending The Phantom of The Opera with Nancy Brewer…a standard week for the young woman.

Rod is fantastic as always in his role of early morning comedian. He fined Allan Ramsay for something, presented us with a wonderful Robbie Burns day quiz (even though it is not Robbie Burns day), coerced Owen McElhinney into speaking loudly in his wonderful Scottish brogue, and collected a large assortment of happy and sad dollars. And then of course there were these little known facts.

What is the Selkirk Grace
Some hae meat and canna eat,
   And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
   Sae let the Lord be thankit.
Haggis is banned in the US? Check it out.
Christmas was banned in Scotland from 1640 to 1958. Really?
Harry and Meghan are moving to Victoria.
Mohanad Al-Gazi and Yahel were our morning guests.
Our speakers today were our own Joe Watson (Director of Corporate Developments and a get the deal guy) and Keith Williams (actually works and does costing and budgeting on multi-billion dollar projects) from PCL. PCL began operations in 1906 as Martin and Poole Construction, founded by James Martin and Ernest Edward Poole in Stoughton Saskatchewan. Poole and Martin both returned to their homes in PEI for the winter of 1906-07, and Martin decided to remain and retire. Poole continued the company upon his return to Saskatchewan in spring 1907, and he changed the company name to E.E. Poole Contractors. Ernest Poole's sons, John Edward (1917–2007) and George Ernest (1921–1997), sold the company in 1977 to their 25 senior managers. It continues to be owned by its employees today.
In 1913, Poole renamed the company to Poole Construction Company Limited. In 1932, the company was moved to its current corporate headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. From these humble beginnings it has grown into a firm with over 9 billion dollars of annual revenues.
In its storied 113 year history, Edmonton’s PCL has built numerous major buildings and projects in this region, from gorgeous Rogers Place to gaudy West Edmonton Mall, from gas plants, pipelines and upgraders to the new Stantec Tower, as well as dozens of huge projects around the world. Joe showed us dozens of pictures. Keith showed us some of the numbers. They both seemed really happy about the new project at the corner of Front Street and University in Toronto. The construction has just started right across from the former offices of Campbell Sharp Nash and Fields, an internationally well know training ground for friendly Canadian Accountants.
Keith thanked us for listening to their story and said a special thank you to all the hard working people on his team at PCL.
And in a small world moment, Joe Chalkin thanked our speakers for their presentation and for the pleasure (?) of working with PCL and Joe Watson many years ago on a joint project.
Thanks guys. A very entertaining and informative talk.

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Duty Roster

Posted by Allan Ramsay on Jan 12, 2020
Feb 27
Mar 5
Mar 12
Mar 19
Mar 26
Apr 2
Apr 9
Set-up / Greeter
Intro Guests
4-Way Test
Intro Guest Speaker
Thank Speaker
Ford Jones
Ford Jones
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Roy Cooper Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on May 23, 2019
Roy Cooper - Lifetime Achievement Award.  Roy, a founding member of the Rotary Club of Burlington Central and past District Governor of Rotary District 7080 was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony at the Holiday Inn on May 23rd, 2019.  Many other founding members and past district governor attended.

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The Final Cheque

On January 31st, 2019 - Burlington Central presented Joseph Brant Hospital with their FINAL cheque of $40,000
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Janet's Year 2017-2018

PowerPoint presentation in video format.
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MOB Party June 21, 2018

MOB Party June 21, 2018 with host club from Guatemala at 3518 Lakeshore Road Burlington

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Rotary exchange student shares what it’s like to live on Amantani Island

​No electricity, roads, cars, technology, teen would have become a peasant farmer

Community May 10, 2018 by Julie Slack Burlington Post
Abraham Noe Yanarico Borda is a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. He told the Rotary Club of Burlington Central about his time in Canada, and shared what it's like in his home on Lake Titicaca. He's been here since last August and returns to Peru in July. He's pictured with one of his host families Kimberly Ingram and Brent Bily. - Julie Slack/Metroland



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What's New

Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Burlington Central welcomes another new member.

Welcome Keith Williams


The club gets a good breakfast "Next Door"

Led by Abraham (with leaf blower) a number of Rotarians answered the call to finish off the Second fall Clean up on Saturday morning.

Youth Exchange

It is that time once again to recruit students for the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program.  Rotary is seeking students between the ages of 15.5 and 18 on Sept 1, 2018, who might consider going on Rotary Youth exchange next school year.  We have excellent numbers of applicants and quality of applications from Burlington High Schools each year and this year the same looks to be reoccurring. 

More information ...

Check out Abraham's new duds - Top menu, Members Only, Youth Exchange Photo Albums.

Click above for more information...

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Harbourtown Sound Concert 2017

Don't miss out on your opportunity to see the Harbourtown Concert at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre on Sunday November 26th, 2017 at 2pm.  Tickets are $50 with half the amount going towards our Rotary Club.  Customers will also receive a $25 tax receipt for each ticket purchased.

Why should you buy a ticket?  All proceeds will go towards Rotary's PolioPlus initiative which gets matched by the Canadian Government, and that in turn gets further matched by the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation".  This means a sellout of the event, plus Elite sponsorship could provide Rotary's dream project with over $150,000.


For ticket information contact: Glenn Warnica at warnica@shipsortrips.com


Enjoy a taste of the music by watching a performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water, which was performed by Harbourtown Sound at the 2015 Barbershop Harmony Society International competition.


Thanks to our generous ELITE sponsors:



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Youth Exchange 2017

Posted by Sheila Welham



It is that time once again to recruit students for the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program.  Rotary is seeking students between the ages of 15.5 and 18 on Sept 1, 2018, who might consider going on Rotary Youth exchange next school year.  We have excellent numbers of applicants and quality of applications from Burlington High Schools each year and this year the same looks to be reoccurring. 

Posters, flyers and application forms are being dropped off at all of Burlington high schools this week and presentations are being scheduled.

Those students who file completed applications with Student Services by Nov 3rd are invited with their parents to attend an information session November 9th at 7:00 PM at the Art Gallery Burlington.

Approximately 7000 students participate in this program each year living with host families and attending school.  Rotary believes that this is an opportunity to form international friendships, learn new ways to communicate, gain understanding and to promote world peace one student at a time. 


Links to videos:

1 D7080 RYE Clara's video (1:27) Rotary Youth Exchange from an international exchange student perspective.

2 D7080 RYE Info & Announcement Day (2:47) Information about the D7080 Rotary Youth Exchange Program and clips of students at Country Announcement Day.

3 Rotary Youth Exchange District 7080 Goodbye Video 2013 2014 (8:17) Video clip of Rotary Youth Exchange Students reflecting on their exchange and saying goodbye.

4 2016-2017 Rotary District 7080 Inbound Exchange Students Video clip of Rotary Youth Exchange Students reflecting on their exchange.


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JBH Donation 2017

The Rotary Club of Burlington Central gives Joseph Brant Hospital another large donation.

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Arthritis Society thanks RCBC

Posted on Apr 06, 2017
Jeanette Wilson from the Arthritis Society thanks our club for it's continued support.

We are so grateful for the continued support from the Burlington Central club!  With your help, The Society is able to continue to expand our programs and services in our community such as the brand-new Project Thrive Family Day in Hamilton and opening another summer camp for children with arthritis!  Thank you!”


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San jacinto Latrine Project

An update just in, the next 50 latrines have been delivered (Mar 14th) and construction is underway.  Attached is a pic of the signage with the accreditation to each of the clubs involved in this project. Congratulations to all.

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JBH Update

Posted on Jul 08, 2016
Joseph Brant Hospital thanks the Rotary Club of Burlington Central for their continued support.
As you can see in the attached photo, the building project continues to progress on time and schedule and we look forward to opening the new tower in the fall of 2017.  It is the remarkable generosity of our donors – including the Rotary Club of Burlington Central – whose incredible commitment to our Hospital is ensuring our community will have access to the best health care, close to home, for generations to come.

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Camisole Project

The Rotary Club of Burlington Central donates to the Camisole Project.
For more information about the Camisole Project please visit their website: Click here

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Community Service Awards 2016-05-12 00:00:00Z 0
  RYE Camp Wanakita 2016 Sheila Welham 2016-02-17 00:00:00Z 0

2016-17: Rotary Serving Humanity

RI President-elect John F. Germ chose Rotary Serving Humanity as his theme for 2016-17. Noting Rotary’s unique ability to bring together committed professionals to achieve remarkable goals, Germ believes that “now is the time to capitalize on our success: as we complete the eradication of polio, and catapult Rotary forward to be an even greater force for good in the world.”

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Cam Rothwell

J. Cam Rothwell
We lost one of our long standing members on July 10th of this year. Cam was not only one of the kindest men he was also  the essence of our International programs . Professionally Cam travelled extensively.  While doing so, he became aware of the special needs of the rural people in the Dominican Republic.  In cooperation with other likeminded people he helped to set up several villages with schools for the children.  Meanwhile in Ontario in recent years, as the number of school aged children shrank, a considerable number of student desks, chairs, etc. became surplus and so were available to equip Cam’s schools.  Cam obtained several containers in which to send this equipment and he called on Rotary to purchase and send them to the Dominican Republic.  Our club contributed financially to this project. We shall miss him but know that he will always be watching, making sure that we continue to do his good work. Godspeed Cam.

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Beerfest 2015

Posted by Ron Lambert on Jul 21, 2015
The winner of our Draw was Ticket Number 0982 Mr. David Sankey.
The Rotary Club of Burlington Central spent the weekend at the recent 2nd Annual Beerfest at Spencer Smith Park selling Lottery Tickets to win a MOUNTAIN OF BEER provided/sponsored by the Craft Beer merchants of the event. As Catharine Brady put it - this was a "Pop- Up" Fund Raiser that was put together very quickly and added $3800 to the coffers of the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation to help  with the Club's total commitment to the Hospital's redevelopment plan.
All in all despite some crazy weather, a great time was had by all,with a number of volunteers from the Club working shifts through the weekend to sell tickets to the attendees.

Glen Warnica
Ron Lambert
Co - Chairs - Beerfest Fundraiser

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London Calling 2015

Posted by Ron Lambert on May 05, 2015

London Calling!!

The Burlington Golf and Country Club served as a beautiful setting for  London Calling held on April 30,2015. About 150 attendees enjoyed the true LONDON feel to the event with Pim’s served upon entry and delicious British Bits and Bites from Sheppard’s Pie to Fish and Chips served to the guests in the foyer. Live British music played on the front patio welcoming guests through the beautifully decorated halls of the venue a la a British Subway and all it stops along the way. The Live Auction and poignant messages from the Board Members of the Beneficiary - Nelson Youth Centre opened the formal part of the evening in the Fashion Arena prior to Showtime. The predominantly female audience thoroughly enjoyed the Vogue Models as they wore the outfits of many local clothiers on the runaway with a backdrop of a British Power Point show that was beyond comparison. Exciting and Rave reviews were heard on the exit with all attendees leaving with an incredible SWAG Bag put together by a Group of Rotarian ladies in advance of the evening.  All in all an evening to remember!

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Nepal Disaster

Rotary clubs worldwide mobilize in support of earthquake-ravaged Nepal

News Release

For immediate release

Contact: Howard Chang, (847) 866-3408, 

EVANSTON, Ill., USA (April 29, 2015) — Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang is urging the humanitarian organization's 1.2 million members worldwide to assist the victims of earthquake-ravaged Nepal in any way possible, including contributing to , the international disaster response charity that is Rotary's project partner for disaster relief.

"Rotary members worldwide stand together in expressing a profound sadness at the devastation resulting from this weekend's deadly earthquake in Nepal," said Huang. "As we mourn the thousands of lives lost, Rotary joins other international agencies in providing immediate relief to survivors through our partnership with ShelterBox and mobilizing our expertise to support long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts throughout the country."

A donation of approximately US$1000 will allow ShelterBox to deliver emergency shelter and other lifesaving equipment to a family that has lost everything following a disaster.

Rotary's 34,000 clubs around the world may also pursue other ways to help including holding local fund-raisers, food and supply drives, and by giving to other established relief agencies. Rotary clubs in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh and others are coordinating their support for immediate needs such as dry foods, tents, blankets, first aid kits and safe drinking water.

Looking ahead, Rotary will focus on intermediate and long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts. The experience and knowledge of Rotary members in Nepal will be essential in ensuring that resources are used for projects and programs that address true community needs.

Rotary in Nepal
The Rotary Club of Kathmandu, chartered in 1959, is Nepal's first Rotary club. Today there are 84 Rotary clubs with a total membership of nearly 2,800 men and women. Rotary clubs in Nepal carry out a wide array of successful humanitarian initiatives – often in partnership with clubs in other countries -- including water and sanitation projects, medical and dental missions, adopt-a-school programs and reforestation plantings.

About Rotary
Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world's most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work improves lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. For more information, visit .

About ShelterBox
Based in Cornwall, United Kingdom, with 21 international affiliates, ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth, and dignity to people made homeless by disasters worldwide. The agreement with Rotary broadens the charity's volunteer base, enhancing its capacity to respond instantly to disasters while keeping costs low. For more information, visit shelterbox.org.


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Juliette's Wish List

Here is Juliette's wish list - please try and help her complete them.
Wish Done
Royal Museum Toronto X
Tubbing (snow/water) X
Axe throwing   
Tennis X
Y U Centre X
Science Centre  
Sliding (luge)   X
Trampoline X
Rock climbing X
Skiing X
Skating X
Curling X
Shooting (gun)  
Horse riding  
Go kart  
Museums around Niagara Falls  
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Bulletin Dec 11, 2014

There was a slight dusting of snow when we arrived at Rotary this morning and of course it was dark; there’s only a week to go to the winter solstice.
While most of us on the duty roster completed our task, the flag putter-upper didn’t.  So it was faintly comical that all of us should stand facing an empty space to sing the anthem;  actually the flag base was there but…. Anyway.
We said goodbye to unofficial exchange student,  Jules Villinger who has been a bright and sparkling addition to our meetings and events this past three months.  She’s heading home to Germany via New York, and then on to university to study international business.
Juliette Gateau, our real exchange student gave us an update.  She and all the other D 7080 students were in Burlington this past weekend to take part in our Santa Claus parade.
The mysterious Bet-on-the-Grey-Cup pool ended and winners announced: Glen Warnica ($30); John Allinotte ($50) Albert Schmid ($30) and Andrew Gaydon ($125).  Biggest winner was Polio Plus with $250.
Our guest speaker was Dan Miller, Director of Public Relations with the Salvation Army. At any time of year the Sally-Ann is seen as the Real Thing when it comes to community service and rescue.
We know very well that they do work with the most vulnerable and least able to help themselves. The S.A is there when most of us would prefer not to know any more.
Among the take-aways were that the S.A provides a home for too-young moms .  They provide a home for mom and babe as well as the opportunity for mom to finish high school.  Circumstances that fortunately are way out of the realm of your scribes experiences but I dare say come closer to home for others not far removed.
And then about those Christmas kettles; revenues are way down, they don’t have sufficient kettle volunteers and passers-by say they don’t have cash.  Several years ago we made it a club effort to  provide kettle duty helpers but I think it got lost when the local S.A Major joined the North Club and it kind of became their project; for a while anyway.
Still a bit of good news, the Hamilton main Scotiabank staff are manning the kettles in Jacksons Square this week and Scotiabank will match one-for-one every dollar collected.  I had business in Jackson Square yesterday, and there they were.
Next Thursday is the Family Christmas Party. Be  there by 7.00 with your children and grandchildren as the case may be; I’ll be in Florida.
Happy Christmas to All.
P. Scribe.
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Bulletin 2014-11-27

Posted by Dean Rutty on Dec 01, 2014
Great to see Cuppy Katz back this morning, and also former member Nancy Brewer. Reminder, no morning meeting on Dec. 4 due to evening Christmas Party.
Tim Cresswell, husband of Marie
Ambassador Wu
Chi-Ling  Yu, wife of Lawrence Leung
Victor Liu
Kaylyn Sutcliffe, Mountain Equipment Co-op
Juliette Gateau and Debbie Chou, inbounds
Jules Villinger
Nancy Brewer
Juliette had a busy weekend in Mississauga with the District inbounds, including a Saturday evening Gala and a hockey game on Sunday. Juliette and Jules then celebrated Debbie’s 18th birthday by presenting her with a glowing cinnamon bun.
Cheque presentation- Kaylyn Sutcliffe of Mountain Equipment Co-op presented the club with a cheque for $1310, proceeds from the Century Ride organized and fundraised for by Marie Cresswell and Hoya Kayal.
Photo Contest- Marie had a slide show going of all the photos submitted (over 70 in total), all of them looked very professional. Winners in the various categories were Peter Thoem, Dave Beckett, Andrew Gaydon, Sheila Welham, Juliette Gateau and Dean Rutty. To view the photos, go to:
Christmas Party- Thursday, December 4, Waterfront Hotel. Allan Ramsay sent out an email invitation. Cocktails at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:00, cost is $49.50/person. As a result, there is no morning meeting on Dec. 4!
Poinsettias- Andrew Gaydon announced that total proceeds for the Poinsettias for Polio campaign hit $15,000. Congrats to Andrew, Ron and Bryce for organizing, and to club members for energizing.
Dean Rutty asked for help in finding a host family for Joao Moreira, the inbound exchange student from Brazil sponsored by the Rotary Club of Burlington. They had a family back out and need coverage for December and January. Let Dean know if you can help.
Football for Polio pool- Rene Papin said all the squares were sold and game on! This scribe can’t figure out the system, let alone beat it, so no idea who won.
Guest Speaker- Ambassador Wu, NGOs in Taiwan
Ambassador Wu is Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Toronto, has spent over 30 years in Taiwanese foreign service and is a Rotarian. He had a very detailed and fast moving presentation, meaning this scribe was at least a touchdown behind the entire game.
• Canada is 275 times bigger than Taiwan, but our population of 35 million is not much larger than their 23 million people. Interestingly, per capita income is $40,000, compared to $43,000 in Canada. Obviously a very well developed economy.
• Before the 13th century, Taiwan was occupied by aboriginals. In 1885 it was declared a Chinese province, then ceded to Japan in 1895. After Japan’s surrender in  1945, it was restored to the Republic of China. In 1949, with Mao establishing the Communist People’s Republic of China, Chiang Kai-Shek relocated the Republic of China’s government to Taiwan, and 2 million people followed.
• China sees Taiwan as a renegade province, and although they don’t recognize each other’s sovereignty, they do carry on business with each other.
• Taiwan is a very creative economic power, especially considering they have very few natural resources.  There are 2195 NGOs in Taiwan, the biggest involved in public health, science/technology and religion-oriented philanthropy.
• Rotary in Taiwan has 36,000 members in 6 districts, including of course the current RI President, Gary C.K. Huang. Taiwanese Rotarians have donated $54 million USD in the last 20 years.
• Ambassador Wu concluded by saying that Taiwan is the “standard bearer of Chinese culture;” they brought the best of China in 1949.
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The 2014 Rotary Burlington Music Festival

The 16th Rotary/ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association) Festival ended with a wonderful Grand Concert on Saturday evening.  We have to thank Janet Canavan as the Music Festival President and all the work done by the Rotarian and ORMTA members on the board, plus the many volunteers who made this festival possible.
Hugh Fraser was a very entertaining master-of-ceremonies at this year’s Grand Concert at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.  The performances by some of the best students in this year’s Festival was absolutely amazing, from violins to pianos to guitars and some voice the audience was treated to a wonderful evenings performance.
About 600 participants performed in many different musical and spoken word competitions at five different locations in Burlington in the first two weeks of November.  The performances were adjudicated and valuable coaching was given to all students.  About 60 volunteers, mainly Rotarians from all four Burlington clubs, were involved in running the events and without them the festival would not be possible.

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Bulletin for Thurs. Nov. 13, 2014

Posted by Dean Rutty on Nov 13, 2014
A subdued start to the morning, but things perked up once the energy of the youth exchange kids permeated the room.
Lots of guests:
Our new outbound: Tristen Thomas and her mother Charmaine
Youth exchange students: Juliette, Debbie Chou (Lakeshore), Joao Moreira (Burlington), and Jan Barta (North)
Host family: Suzanne Soto and Peter Skoretz, Nick and Carmen
Host mom: Beth Rutty
Julie Cordasco, YEO, Burlington North
Jules Villinger, pseudo Exchange Student, guest of Sheila
President Catherine commented on the 4-Club Remembrance Day Service this week, which was dedicated to veterans of the Korean War (which was actually called a “police action” therefore vets weren’t entitled to the same post-war benefits as other military), saying it was excellent and not to be missed next year.
Juliette spent a day in Toronto this week, and also visited Niagara Falls. She and the other inbounds have been volunteering at the Music Festival as well.
Foundation International Training- need two members at least to attend this training on International Service or we will not be able to apply for grants. Rene Papin and Peter Thoem volunteered, if anyone else interested, please let Catherine know. Date is November 29, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm in Guelph.
Upcoming Dates to make note of:
Thurs. Nov. 19 – Poinsettia orders due
Sat. Nov. 22 - Grand Festival Concert- the finale of the Rotary Music Festival at the Performing Arts Centre. Get your tickets on line or at BPAC box office for a great evening of music.
Thurs. Dec. 4 – Adult Christmas Party, Waterfront Hotel (no morning meeting that week)
Fri. Dec. 5 -7 – Burlington Youth Exchange Inbound Weekend (more below)
Thurs. Dec. 18 – Family Christmas party
Dean Rutty introduced Tristen Thomas, selected as our new sponsored outbound exchange student. Thanks to Owen for participating in the interviews.
Inbound Exchange Student weekend, Dec. 5 -7 - Dean told us that the 4 Burlington clubs are hosting a weekend for the district inbound exchange students, centred around participation in the Santa Claus Parade. Our club is sponsoring skating on Friday evening, 9:00-10:00 pm at Nelson Arena. You are welcome to join in, we have the entire ice.
We also are in need of 1 or 2 host families for the Friday and Saturday nights. Let Dean know if you can help out.
Sgt. Rene 
Make sure to bring $5 next week to buy your square in the Football for Polio draw. Big cash prizes, and a good cause.
Fines- Owen, Barb, Richard P
Happy $ - Barb K for a RMF calendar; Wayne G for the talent at RMF; Glenn W for helping a lost Bert Radford; Joao for getting his school hockey uniform; Julie C for all great exchange students this year.
Guest Speaker- Juliette Gateau
Introduced by Mae Radford, Juliette demonstrated her prowess in English with a slide presentation on France. Hard to believe she is only 16.
France has a population of 66 million. Strasbourg, the nearest big city to Juliette’s hometown has 760,000 people and is famous for their Christmas Market. Her hometown is a mouthful: Kleinfrankenheim, in northeastern France, a few miles from the German border.
Juliette talked about and showed photos of her school, which goes from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm most days. They have more holidays than we do though. She also shared photos of her beautiful house in the country, and of course her family: father Eddy, a former professional handball player born in Martinique; mom Veronique, a high school teacher, and brother Ernest, 12 years old.
Juliette is a wonderful ambassador not only for France, but for the Exchange program itself. If you haven’t gotten to know her yet, you are missing out. Please remember her as you plan your week.
Bulletin for Thurs. Nov. 13, 2014 Dean Rutty 2014-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

Bulletin for Thursday, October 16, 2014

Posted by Dean Rutty on Oct 15, 2014

Let’s start off with a vital piece of trivia to impress your guests at the next Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (from National Geographic):

It started as a joke- and ended up among the most commonly used words in the world. This year marks the 175th anniversary of “OK,” first printed in a Boston newspaper in March 1839. Caught up in a fad for whimsical misspellings and abbreviations, editors indicated that a statement was all correct by using the first two letters in “oll korrect.” By 1840, “OK” had gone national, used even by Martin Van Buren’s presidential campaign. His nickname? Old Kinderhook.

Guests this morning:

Paul Heil, Rotarian from Apple Valley, Minnesota
Fred Sweeney, RC Burl North
Ken Jacques, guest speaker
Jules Villinger, visiting from Germany
Juliette Gateau, exchange student

Juliette’s week- Friday was a PA Day, so she went to Toronto for the day, took in many sites including Casa Loma, Chinatown, and Kensington Market. Then she went up to Dean and Beth’s country place in Meaford for the long weekend. Hikes, hot tub, lots of laughs, way too much food, but she enjoyed her first Canadian Thanksgiving. Juliette also mentioned that she is raising money as part of the exchange student “We are the World” team in the Haunted Hill Run for diabetes in Bolton next weekend. As usual, our generous members already helped her raise more than half of her $200 goal just this morning. Catherine has sent out a link to her website for on-line donations.

Turkey Trot- Fred Sweeney of Burl North stopped by to invite us to come out to Bronte Creek Park this Sunday for the 5/10k runs and 5k walk. Start times are 10:00 am and you can walk up and register if you like. Cost is $35 for the Walk and 5k run, $40 for the 10k run. More info: www.rotaryturkeytrot.ca

Blood Drive- Peter Skoretz reminded us of our pledge, so the next group donation time is Tuesday, October 21, 5:00 pm on.

Poinsettia Campaign- as you heard previously, the goal this year is $10,000, so please do your best to promote poinsettias to businesses and friends. Deadline for orders is Nov. 19.

Polio Day, Friday, Oct. 24- Pres. Catherine asked for 8 volunteers to help distribute Polio Awareness pamphlets at the Burlington GO Station, 7:15 – 8:15 am.

Gaffe of the Morning- Pres. Catherine asking guest Paul Heil why he was in town from Minnesota. Can’t repeat the exchange, this newsletter is G-rated. Needless to say, Catherine put both feet in it...

Sgt. Rene
Fines this morning to Lawrence (who apparently has the best family in the world), Rick Howarth and Bruce Maybury.Image

Happy $- Rob Sybersma for spending Thanksgiving in Vegas (what exactly he is thankful for stayed in Vegas apparently); Dean Rutty for having Juliette up to their Meaford home for Thanksgiving; Kathy Thomas for surviving an on-line travel booking scam (see her Facebook page for all the gory details).

Pres. Catherine also made us aware of a special guest speaker at Rotary Lakeshore on Tues. November 18- Terry Fallis, award-winning author of Best Laid Plans.

Guest Speaker- Ken Jacques, Creating a Healthy Community
n 2008, Ken woke up and couldn’t walk. He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, told in no uncertain terms that diet had no impact on the disease, and he was put on low dose chemo. Ken decided to start exploring alternatives to traditional medical procedure.

He referenced several books he discovered on his journey:

  • Wheat Belly by Dr. W. Davis, about how a radically changed diet has healed several diseases;
  • Mind Over Medicine by Dr. L. Rankin, about the impact of stress and how your mind can help heal you;
  • Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner, about cancer and 9 common factors that impact healing;
  • The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien, chronicling her journey to expose the food industry after her daughter had a violent reaction to eggs

In 2011, Ken started a blog, and in 2012, created what he calls his “Big Audacious Dream”, which, simply put, is to start the conversation about how we can all work together to build a healthy community in Burlington.

Ken believes we understand many of the factors that are potential root causes of many conditions, but often don’t let the body do what it is designed to do: heal itself. We aren’t teaching people what we know; the system encourages the masking of symptoms. What if our education system taught us alternatives such as the link between social status and illness; or if we had “wellness awareness campaigns” instead of illness campaigns; or if physicians spent more than 3 hours learning about nutrition in medical school so they can truly educate their patients on what is healthy for their body.

Ken suggested some sample projects to get us going:

  • company wellness plans
  • healthier food in food banks
  • food projects where farmers, grocery stores and restaurants work together
  • school science fair projects

A very interesting talk, Ken gave us all a lot to think about, and hopefully inspired us to create a healthier community in Burlington.

Bulletin for Thursday, October 16, 2014 Dean Rutty 2014-10-16 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Week in Burlington

Posted by Jim Brindle on Sep 21, 2014


Mayor Rick Goldring declared that this is Rotary week in Burlington and raised the rotary flag.The lunchtime BBQ was well attended by members of the 4 Burlington Rotary clubs and the public.  The event also raised some money for the Burlington Flood Relief Fund.

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Introducing Exchange Students to Canada Sheila Welham 2014-09-13 00:00:00Z 0

School Breakfast Program

Posted by Jim Brindle on Jun 03, 2014



Thank you to all the volunteers for the school breakfast program.  About 10 or 12 of our Rotary club mebers have volunteered to made a lot of kids at Tecemseh and Mohawk Gardens very happy this year with great pancake breakfasts.  And a special thanks to Ryan who is taking over the co-ordinating role at Mokawk Gardens next year.

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2014 Community Service Awards Bill Clarkson 2014-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
7080 Changeover and Awards Night Jim Brindle 2014-03-18 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Jim Brindle on Nov 13, 2013

The Rotary Club of Burlington Central intends to create a new position in the organization:  Director - Development.

Main responsibilities will be to develop and execute our club's annual fundraising plan.

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Astronomy Meeting - Details to follow in the bulletin Jim Brindle 2013-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

Remembrance Day

Posted by Jim Brindle on Nov 06, 2013
Image4 Club Remembrance Day Meeting

Date:               Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Location:         Naval Veterans Hall,    2444 Industrial St., Burlington, ON L7P 1A5

Cocktails:         5:30 PM     Dinner:    6:45 PM

Cost:                $30.00 per person

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Telling Tales - September 15th, 203

Posted by Jim Brindle on Sep 22, 2013


Our efforts were hugely appreciated by the organizers - many thanks from them to all of you.

Janet Canavan, Peter Dunderdale, Gary Fisher, Lee Ford-Jones, Janet Gadeski, Kathleen O'Connor, Richard Pass, Nancy Penney, Susan Thompson, Kathy Thomas and please forgive me if I have left anyone out 

Our club added a fun component to the festivities as Gary Fisher, Hammered dulcimer, Anthony Ford-Jones, Button Accordion, were joined by two friends, John Stephen, Guitar and Jill Wiwcharuk, Fiddle. We busked for 2 hours and made the princely sum of $65 towards the festivals coffers. (we decided to stick with our day jobs but we had a blast!)

Telling Tales - September 15th, 203 Jim Brindle 2013-09-23 00:00:00Z 0

The Power of Rotary, even at a distance.

Posted by Anthony Ford-Jones on Mar 28, 2013

A few years ago my wife Lee Ford-Jones and I had a wonderful opportunity to meet Mrs. Jehan Sadat, wife of the late Egyptian president, and to hear from her first hand about the project she developed for women’s cooperatives in Egypt where they took refurbished sewing machines and sewed their way out of poverty.  Initially I thought I could involve Rotary to obtain machines here in Canada and ship them out to her projects.  Thinking about the old Aladdin story I had an idea: New Lamps for Old!  what about “New Sewing Machines for Old!”, where we would obtain a really nice, all singin’ all  dancin’ sewing machine and have a lottery to win the machine if people would only hand in their old machines languishing in cupboards and attics .  The idea of sending them to Egypt fizzled when I realized that there was a voltage difference. 

The Power of Rotary, even at a distance. Anthony Ford-Jones 2013-03-29 00:00:00Z 0
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December 13 2012

Posted by Dave Beckett on Dec 16, 2012
Wow ! What a PARTY !

A couple of weeks ago there were about 16 people who had registered on Club Runner for our annual Christmas / Hanukkah party. Then, in true Rotary fashion, just about everyone decided that they to wanted to have a seasonal get together with some great friends before the end arrives on the 21st of December. So 83 Rotarians, partners, friends and other party animals made their way to The Water Street Cooker. Everyone was warmly greeted at the door by our noble leader, Jamie Edwards.Image
 Everyone received a lovely purple ticket or three as they were relieved of some excess cash by yours’ truly.  Then Marie Cresswell took some incredible photographs of the guests to provide a memento of the evening.

The staff at the Water Street Cooker were great, even allowing us some extra chairs to accommodate the last minute influx of revelers.  Aside from the free wine, cheap beer, hot.hot.hot horseradish, excellent rare roast beef, great tasting shrimp and chicken appetizers, fantastic fish, and crazy good chicken, there were even some door prizes. Included was Rene Papin for a night (with the lucky winner and the jealous 2nd place winner behind)




Marie handed out some exquisite men’s wallets and some other prizes to the lucky winners of the door prize draw.

Dave and Patti Beckett won the all expense paid ten trip to Paris, France. Please send Patti an email at patti.beckett@sympatico.ca to congratulate her ! Really ! Send her an email!

The Beer Bar Fridge that had been schlepped around southern Ontario over the past 6 months by our wonderful Ron Lambert was won by Anthony Ford-Jones. He will be keeping it well stocked for any Rotarian who wants to drop by his office for a cold one (although I am sure he would warm his hands first if you asked politely).



 The Grand prize winner !

Andree Ansaldo, Jamie Edwards guest, scooped the lovely gift basket that was provided to the club by Cam Rothwell.   Thanks Cam, for the extra effort that you always provide !

Owen & Nima & our newest Rotarian’s to Be, the Cooper’s




For even more pictures please go to Marie’s website at



See everyone next week with breakfast with Santa ! Have a great week..  Love Robert & Alison


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Rotary Bulletin December 6, 2012

Posted by Janet Canavan on Dec 05, 2012

Bulletin for December 6

Posted by Janet Canavan


I am sending this bulletin really quite late and for this I apologize to our faithful Rotary readers who anxiously await the e-bulletin and whom I have regrettably disappointed. If this means relinquishing my Scribe duties I will accept this justified fate…


I noticed right away that the podium was moved to the right side of the room but this did not deter Jamie and the meeting began on time with a warm welcome back for Robin as a staff server. Efficiently Mae R. said Grace, Karmel S. led the Toast and Anthem, Albert S. recited the 4 Way Test and Peter T. introduced our guests who included Mike Torsney, Hamilton Downtown;  Abi Mackey outbound exchange student; Harrison Wheeler our guest speaker and Javiera our lovely exchange student.  Imagine her experience of being a teenager and experience snow for the first time and skating for the second time? The joys of being Canadian.


The following news/updates are late but I will capture it for the archives. Andrew outlined the Poinsettia pick-ups after the meeting, Gerry recruited volunteers for the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign and it was announced that the Canadian Orpheus Choir would perform at the Performance Arts Centre with proceeds to the hospital. Our annual Christmas party (which was a lovely evening and special thanks go out to those involved in the planning!) was held at the Water Street Cooker on Dec. 13th. If this goes out tomorrow you may still have time to attend the Christmas Breakfast, 7 – 9:00 a.m.  and please bring along a gift for our Seniors. Melanie S. is the contact if you wish to know more about this special seasonal event.


Bernie spoke about new member recruitment. We have 68 active members, 8 honorary members and -this may be important to some - 19 women or “power houses” as he called us which represents 36% of our membership. Thank you Bernie? The reality is we need 8 new members- male and female- in the next 6 months and encouraged us to hand out Be My Guest tickets.


The nominating committee, chaired by Kathy Thomas, and the 2013-2014 Slate of Officers include:

Past President- Jamie Edwards

President- Glen Warnica

President Elect- Catherine Brady

Treasurer- Peter Skoretz

Club Administrator- Tim Justice

Membership- Bryce Leggatt

Communication and Web- Jim Brindle

Secretary- Janet Gadeski

International Projects- Peter Thoem

Community Projects- Adam Doering

Youth Services- Sheila Whelham


Nancy Brady, SAA, congratulated Reni P. and Catherine B. on their birthdays and “well done” Marie C. for your happy birthday rendition.


Melanie introduced our guest speaker Harrison Wheeler, Author. He began his talk with the statement that “clowns are not cutting it these days”. And from that point he had our attention specifically when he slammed Ronald McDonald, shared that 1 in 5 people living with clinical depression in our society, and shared his personal journey with mental illness and our lack of human contact because screens are stealing our valuable time.


After this disclosure the question “How can Jesters help us?” was begging to be answered. Harrison, speaking from firsthand knowledge as his father was an original Jester, educated us that Jesters are original, spontaneous and from being in the room for about an hour noticed that we have a few Jesters in our club already. Who knew!?! His encouragement to go out and find ourselves a Jester might be as easy as attending a Thursday morning meeting!


Just for Jest-If you enjoy humor and speculative fiction, are curious to meet Vincent the stories main character and if you are an adult over the age of 12- consider reading Jesters Incognito as it is guaranteed to entice. 


Ryan thanked Harrison for his engaging talk and wished him well with his book. And our meeting closed…





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Leadership Camp 2012

Posted by Jim Brindle on Oct 09, 2012
On September 28-30 this year's Leadership Camp was held at Pinecrest YMCA Camp (near Bala).  45 Students, 7 "Junior Chaps" and 8 "Senior Chaps" spent a long weekend at the camp and judging by the evaluations and emails from the students - it was a very rewarding weekend. 

Richard does a spiderman impression.
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"Moikka" Katri Sheila Welham 2012-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

A tree planting epic

Posted by Peter Thoem on Jun 01, 2012

Many years ago when the club was young a team of us built a fence around a farm.  It was hard work; we got it done after a fashion, but then the average age of club members was about 42. 

About 10 years ago we planted a whole bunch of Memorial Trees at Central Park, the soil was soft but the work was hard; we got it done, but then the average age of the club members was about 56.

Today we planted 30 Memorial Trees at Maple Park. We feel old.

It rained all day yesterday and I was glad of it.  Rain would certainly soften up the ground and the Maple Park area is known for its soft sandy loam anyway.  Well let me tell you, it doesn’t always work out that way. 

You see it all the time with new construction: they strip away the topsoil, pummel the ground with all kinds of heavy equipment, bury loads of construction debris and then cover it all again with topsoil and grass.  Perfect; but just don’t try digging there.  That’s what we worked with today.Image

True enough the rain had softened the topsoil, but no amount of rain will make it easy digging through old asphalt, electrical cables, rock and compacted limestone.  But we had the Axeman wielding his pick axe and he made a difference.  Anyway, over two back-breaking hours we dug thirty holes, each about a yard in diameter and 2 feet deep. We eased a young but sturdy native tree into each and back-filled the holes adding a half bag of cow manure as we went.  A quick barrow-load of wood chips and a drenching of water and there you have it: the makings of a forest.Image 

These 30 trees are the latest addition to the club’s Memorial Tree Project.  With the help of the city we have started on a glade of native trees each of which is, or will be, memorialized in the name of a lost loved one.  Just today, as we worked, Rick Howarth sold 9 trees to various families who had previously expressed interest in the opportunity.Image

We got it done and the average age of the club might well be coming down, but for the most part it was a bunch of older guys at work.  True, we did have Nancy Brady and her friend Marilyn contributing youth and charm to the event.

I’ll confide that my bones ached for a while after that, but it was good fun, good fellowship and a good time at the Dickens afterwards.

P. ScribeImageImageImageImage

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Posted by Nina Walsh on Feb 08, 2012

January 12, Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Foundation announced its capital campaign to redevelop the hospital. Together, the four Rotary Clubs of Burlington are proud to be among the first to donate $1 MILLION DOLLARS over seven years to the project. Several Rotarians have served in the past or are serving on the JBMH Board of Governors and on the Foundation Board of Directors.

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Telling Tales Festival donates more than $50,000 to literacy

Posted by Jim Brindle on Dec 09, 2011


Over the past three years, Telling Tales: A Family Festival of Stories has raised more than $50,000 to support Hamilton-based literacy projects.

This year, $5,000 will be distributed to Early Literacy Hamilton and the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Rotary Summer Literacy Program, along with $4,000 to Hamilton Literacy Council’s Literacy and Basic Skills Program.

Festival founder Susan Jasper said because Telling Tales is such a huge volunteer effort, with lots of generous in-kind contributors, Telling Tales is able to reach hundreds more children through the festival’s support of vital literacy projects.

“This makes for a very satisfying end to our 2011 campaign,” she said.
More than 20 Canadian authors, illustrators, storytellers and musicians entertained about 6,000 people during the third Telling Tales event at Westfield Heritage Village in September.

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Letter from Usman (our exchange student in Ecuador)

Posted by Jim Brindle on Sep 14, 2011
 Hey Dean,
Yep I was just about to send my monthy email haha. Well I´ll try to cover as much as I can! Firstly, I live in a Valley beside the capital Quito. The altitude is around 10,000 feet or so, which was sort of hard to get used to at first...
Letter from Usman (our exchange student in Ecuador) Jim Brindle 2011-09-15 00:00:00Z 0

"Golf Gives Back" Lottery

Posted by Ron Lambert on Sep 13, 2011

We are pleased to announce the Rotary Club of Burlington Central along with the Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore have launched the "Golf Gives Back " Golf and Travel Lottery. Now in its 2nd year!  Evolving from the Central Club’s Masters lottery in prior years, we have increased the prize pool to include over 130 golf related prizes including trips to Florida, Las Vegas, Ireland and BC, and 150 other golf prizes.  Tickets are only $20 each!  There will be a maximum of 5,000 tickets sold with Two Early Bird Draws starting October 2011 and January 2012 and a Grand Prize Draw in March 2012. www.golfgivesback.org for tickets and information.  



"Golf Gives Back" Lottery Ron Lambert 2011-09-14 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome to Canada Katri

Posted by Jim Brindle on Aug 08, 2011


Katri, our newest exchange student arrives from Finland. 

Welcome to Canada Katri Jim Brindle 2011-08-09 00:00:00Z 0

Pennies for Polio

Posted by Gerry Willard on Jun 06, 2011

Pauline Johnson Public School recently raised $150 from a fundraiser called Pennies for Polio. Over a one-week period, students and staff donated pennies toward polio vaccinations.

The school donated the money to the Rotary Club, which works around the world to vaccinate people against polio.

Due to these efforts, the disease has been eradicated in countries such as Liberia, Sudan and Chad.


Pennies for polio. Pictured are, back row from left, Rotary’s Duncan Hart, Claire Lowe, Aiman Akmal, Bani Badwal, Emma Blue and Rotary President Gerry Willard; front row, from left, Zayna Halis, Annie Kohler, Zahra Abdallah and Rotary’s Roy Cooper. Special to the Burlington Post




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GSE Team to Chile

Posted by Gerry Willard on Apr 04, 2011

DISTRICT 7080 GSE TEAM 2010/11

Our Group Study Exchange Team for 2010/11 is currently in District 4340. They arrived in Chile on March 19 and are cur-rently half way through their Exchange. On the following pages, we will introduce you to each of the team members and note some of their hopes for this Exchange. We encourage you to consider inviting the team to speak at your club upon their return by contacting Team Leader Peggy Anderson-Coats from the Guelph Trillium Club by sending an email to her at coats0922@rogers.com

As you read the information about our Team Leader and Team Members, please begin thinking of candidates for 2011/12 as we will soon be seek-ing applications for next year’s exchange

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Emergency Information Vials

Posted by Lawrence Leung on Mar 30, 2011

Emergency Information Vials Now Available in All Burlington Pharmacies      


Thanks to a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Burlington Central, funding has been made available to produce “Emergency Information Vials” for distribution to all Burlington residents through community pharmacies.   The main purpose of the vial is to “house” a document containing pertinent medical information, current prescription and non-prescription medications, allergies and contact information that can be used by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the event of an emergency.  When the EMS personnels arrive on scene, it can be difficult for the patient to communicate this vital  medical information.

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Updated web site. Jim Brindle 2011-03-29 00:00:00Z 0

Do you want to make a difference?

You are the missing piece

The Rotary Club of Burlington Central will welcome you as a visitor for breakfast to learn more about Rotary.

We meet at 7:15am every Thursday at the Burlington Golf & Country Club, the meeting includes breakfast and an interesting speaker and concludes at 8:30am.

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Worldwide eradication of polio: We are THIS CLOSE Jim Brindle 0
Rotary Board Nominees 2012-2013 0
Javiera - Our new exchange student arrives Sheila Welham 0

World Polio Day - Oct 24

Posted by Jim Brindle

World Polio Day is on 24th October. Please share your plans with me and the District.

If you have any photographs of your event, I would appreciate if you would share them with me.  you may forward the photographs to me via email.

Hajra Wilson
District 7080

PolioPlus Chair 

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Serving our Youth

Posted by Gerry Willard


Past President Gerry Willard, Rotarian Bryce Leggatt & Exchange Student Katri Niemistoe serving the children at Tecumseh Public School during our School Breakfast Programme.


Serving our Youth Gerry Willard 0

School Breakfast Schedule - Provisional

Posted by Jim Brindle

Tecumseh             October 2012            Kings Road
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

René Pâpin
Lawrence Leung
Tim Justice













René Pâpin
Lawrence Leung
Tim Justice






Karmel Sakran
Gerry Willard
Bryce Leggatt






René Pâpin
Lawrence Leung
Tim Justice





Tecumseh             November 2012            Kings Road
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday








Mike Molloy
Gerry Willard
Bryce Leggatt






René Pâpin
Lawrence Leung
Tim Justice






Karmel Sakran
Gerry Willard
Bryce Leggatt






René Pâpin
Lawrence Leung
Tim Justice





Tecumseh             December 2012            Kings Road
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday








Mike Molloy
Gerry Willard
Bryce Leggatt






René Pâpin
Lawrence Leung
Tim Justice






Karmel Sakran
Gerry Willard
Bryce Leggatt



















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Good-bye to a good friend and Rotarian

Posted by Gerry Willard





Suddenly at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital, Bracebridge on Saturday, October 22, 2011, Roy Stojanovich of Burlington in his 75th year. Beloved husband of Leona (nee Kachur) Stojanovich. Much loved father of Laura Reid and her husband Steve of Burlington, Debra Lanktree of Brantford and Lana Stasuk and her husband Jake of Burlington. Cherished grandfather of Kyle and Korey Reid and Andrew and Diana Lanktree. Roy will also be lovingly remembered by the Kazimer, Sostar and Kachur Families. A fixture for many years at Carmen’s Banquet Centre, Roy was also a long-time Rotarian and member of The Rotary Club of Burlington Central and founder of the Rotary Memorial Tree Campaign. We will all miss "Rotary Roy", "Santa Roy" & "Bartender Roy", but most of all "just plain Roy" who was always ready to help anyone who needed it. Visitation at SMITH’S FUNERAL HOME, 1167 Guelph Line, (one stoplight north of QEW) BURLINGTON (905-632-3333) on Tuesday 3-5 & 7-9 p.m. where Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday October 26, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. Reception to follow at the funeral home. Cremation. If desired, expressions of sympathy to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or The Rotary Foundation would be sincerely appreciated by the family. Online condolences maybe made at www.smithsfh.com

He lived the model of “Service Above Self”

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2008 Partnership Golf Tournament

Posted by Ronald Lambert
Asking for your support through a contribution of a bottle of wine (from one of the wineries attending Lakeside à la Carte) or a dozen golf balls to help us stock the wine fridge raffle prize and the door prize table. Your support in the past has made this a real premier golf event in the area and we thank you for your anticipated participation again in 2008.
2008 Partnership Golf Tournament Ronald Lambert 0

Telling Tales Festival Westfield Heritage Village September 18th 2011

Posted by Gerry Willard


for great info and video clips on Telling Tales Festival


These comments were made after 2010 fabulously successful festival: 

 - Telling Tales has raised an astounding $45,000
for local literacy projects. "I am so pleased that through our second annual
festival we were able to raise twice as much for local literacy programs,"
says Susan Jasper, festival chair and founder.

"We absolutely could not have done it without the support of our community
partners, sponsors and volunteers."

The literacy programs that will receive a portion of this year's funds
raised are:

* Hamilton Literacy Council's Literacy and Basic Skills Program
* The Hamilton Wentworth District School Board/Rotary Summer Literacy
Program at its new mountain location
* Early Literacy Hamilton's pilot program focusing on literacy for newborn

Please get involved again this year.  Our club is a major sponsor in $$$

$2000 makes us a "Silver" Sponsor. 

We really want people to be involved on the day by volunteering for jobs that will be posted closer to the time.  Gerry Willard, Jim Brindle and Anthony Ford-Jones et al. were involved with the Book Shop and Swap tent which was very successful.  There are many other areas that we could get involved with in the running of the event. 


We need books for all ages of child and youth, and don't forget the boys!  Please look hard at the possibility of coming up with gently used books from attics and cupboards, your children's old books, library withdrawn books etc.  Kathy Thomas has kindly agreed to store books at Green Thumb on Guelph Line above Hwy 5 and Richard Pass can also store books in his office on Brant St. 

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Mumbai (pt 1) - India WCS Projects Tour by Doug V

Posted by Jim Brindle

Many of you already know of our humanitarian projects in India where we have been helping sponsor "Healing Little Hearts" surgeries for underprivileged children with congenital heart disease.  We're currently travelling in India with a group of ten Rotarians and partners to visit WCS projects, including children who have been saved through this wonderful project.

Mumbai (pt 1) - India WCS Projects Tour by Doug V Jim Brindle 0

200 Million $ Polio Challenge

Posted by Gerry Willard

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

I rececived this news from William Patchett which I wish to share with everyone in the District.

WOW!!  We have had a fabulous year toward meeting our $ 200 million
Challenge.  We have only $ 65 million to go..................!  If we
continue with our strong support, our creative, innovative marketing program and continue to 'go outside of the box' to let others participate in this
dream, we will succeed in meeting our Challenge.
Please try to concentrate on those clubs that have not yet participated.
They, too should have the opportunity to be part of the Team and share our

Ms. Thie Convery has a new idea for us:  she will swim across Lake Ontario
to raise funds for Polio.  This venture is called STEP - Swim To Eradicate
Polio.  There is a file attached with dates and distance.  If you know of
someone who would sponsor Thie and her swim, by all means do inform me.   I
would truly appreciate any contribution towards Thie's swim.  All money will
go to The Rotary Foundation.  Send it to David Prowse, The Rotary
Foundation, Canada, Box B 9322, Post Office Box 9100, Postal Stn F, Toronto,
Ontario, M4Y 3A5.

What an easy way to meet our Challenge and promote Polio eradication.

William R. Patchett
District 7070 Foundation Chair
Past District Governor 7070 2006-2007
Zone 24 $ 200 Million Challenge Coordinator

Hajra Wilson
District 7080
Polio Plus Chair,

200 Million $ Polio Challenge Gerry Willard 0

The Rotary Foundation and Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge

Posted by Gerry Willard
Dear Club President,

It is an exciting time for The Rotary Foundation and Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge. The Rotary Foundation is teaming up with world-renowned violinist and polio survivor Itzhak Perlman and the New York Philharmonic to present the Concert to End Polio, a benefit performance supporting the PolioPlus Fund.

It is an honor that Mr. Perlman and the New York Philharmonic are supporting Rotary in our effort to achieve a polio-free world. Their participation demonstrates the importance of this unprecedented global health initiative.

The Concert to End Polio will be at 7:30 p.m., 2 December 2009, in Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York City.

Concert tickets are $70-$200 and are currently on sale. A private reception with Perlman will follow the concert. A premium concert seat and admission to the reception is offered at a package price of $500. All proceeds will benefit Rotary's $200 Million Challenge.

Glenn E. Estess, Sr.
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
The Rotary Foundation and Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge Gerry Willard 0

Ultimate "Golf Gives Back" Lottery

Posted by Jim Brindle
The Rotary Clubs of Burlington Central and Burlington Lakeshore announce the launch of a unique Fundraiser lottery. Building upon the past success of the Rotary Club of Burlington Central's draw for tickets to the Masters Golf tournament, the two Rotary clubs have combined to offer a much larger prize pool with over 130 individual prizes which any golfer will appreciate.
Ultimate "Golf Gives Back" Lottery Jim Brindle 0

Community Service Awards Breakfast

Posted by Gerry Willard

What an opportunity to recognize some well deserving people in our community while at the same time enjoying each other's company, some good food and an excellent speaker.

As this is one of four planned annual 4 Club events, just one observation to make these events better. We are all guilty of sitting with our friends and acquaintances (read our own Club members), which is natural, but we miss out on the opportunity to converse with Rotarians from the other Clubs. How much better it would be if we would mingle with the other Clubs at our tables.

See the Upcoming Events shown below for details on the other 4 Club Events.

See the "Downloads" banner to the right for a copy of the brochure.
Community Service Awards Breakfast Gerry Willard 0

ShelterBox News

Posted by Gerry Willard
The attached was received by Rotarian John Souvage. One third of the funds that we collected for Haiti were forwarded to ShelterBox Canada. Our Club is responsible for 8 of the ShelterBoxes that are mentioned in the article below.


ShelterBox Canada
March 2010
Dear John,

In the last bulletin at the end of January we made a comment about Canada's generosity for Haiti leaving us speechless. Well if we were speechless then, we are now dumbstruck. In total, donors to ShelterBox Canada sponsored (drum roll) 4000 ShelterBoxes! No, we have not made an error with the number of zeros on the end. Our office has processed four years' of work in the last 7 weeks! It is truly remarkable and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of love. There is still a desperate need for shelter in Haiti and people will be succumbing to the elements, disease and lack of housing unless immediate aid is provided. We can provide them with shelter, comfort, survival and some dignity back into their lives. The rainy season has already begun. And now ShelterBox is responding to the stricken nation of Chile which has just experienced one of the largest seismic events ever recorded. In the course of the last few weeks, we often had to explain to donors that it has always been our policy to not accept donations that are location specific. In the past some charities have found themselves with funds they are unable to use because they were restricted to a certain country. Unfortunately sometimes governments in disaster areas make decisions which preclude further aid, such as was the case in Sri Lanka recently when the government would not allow any more tents into the country. We sometimes made the flippant observation in this regard that you never know what city is going to fall down next, and Concepcion, Chile is a perfect example of this.ShelterBox needs the flexibility to deploy resources according to verified needs and priorities identified by ShelterBox - wherever those disasters occur, and to acquire stock in readiness for the next disaster.

Public donations are vital to ShelterBox's continuing work around the world. To make a donation please call 1 800 677 0990 or go to www.shelterbox.ca to donate on line.

Go to www.shelterboxcanada.blogspot.com, and sign on as a follower.

Don Ohlgren
Executive Director
ShelterBox News Gerry Willard 0

BBQ at Jamie Edwards

Posted by Karmel Sakran
Call it "just under the wire" BBQ...that's because Jamie's deck was still 2/3 rds incomplete that morning. And with the 60 or so guests arriving that evening, it either took courage or anxiety ridden fear to get the job done. And, but for a young child banging a stick along the length of the deck during the singing of "O'Canada", the evening went without a hitch and everyone had a blast. So, here are some pictures (in the photo journal section to the right)that will save a whole lot of writing....enjoy.
BBQ at Jamie Edwards Karmel Sakran 0

Lobsterfest 2010

Posted by Gerry Willard
Mark your calendars for the Rotary Lobsterfest brought to you by the Rotary Club of Burlington and the Rotary Club of Burlington North.

Date: Saturday May 29, 2010

Place: Central Arena

Time: 5:30 PM - midnight

All you can eat lobster, chicken & salad

Cost: $80.00 per person

Music - Dancing - Casino

Why not get a group and support our sister clubs.

See poster in the download banner to the right.
Lobsterfest 2010 Gerry Willard 0

Pictures of Rotary Christmas Party 2009

Posted by Karmel Sakran
What a wonderful morning it was for the children and their families. Bright eyed and bushy tailed at such an early hour, they all waited with anticipation to sing and visit with Santa. Our pianist, David Dean, did a wonderful job in playing all the favourite Christmas carols and Santa Roy arrived on time but out of breath. (See the Photo Journals box to the right for the rest of the pictures).
Pictures of Rotary Christmas Party 2009 Karmel Sakran 0

BBQ at Kathy & Jack's

Posted by Gerry Willard
True to tradition, a great time was had by all at the Club BBQ held at Kathy & Jack's place last month. The weather co-operated wonderfully, the liquid lubrication was in plentiful supply and we were treated to mouth watering steaks & salmon ably prepared by Kathy's own son-in-law the professional chef, Brenden McCrory. Assisting Brenden was another member of the Thomas family, grandson Kirk Rainey. We certainly owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Kathy and her family for once again hosting such a wonderful event.

For more photos of the evening, see the Photo Journal section to the right.
BBQ at Kathy & Jack's Gerry Willard 0

Financial Statements & Budget

Posted by George Pyle
On September 10, 2009, Treasurer George Pyle presented to the Club the financial statements for the Rotary Year ended June 30, 2009, and the Budget for this Rotary year. To view these documents click on the "Downloads" to the right entitled "Financial Statement 2008-09" and "Budget 2009-10 "
Financial Statements & Budget George Pyle 0

Club Vision

Posted by Gerry Willard

By supporting Rotary Foundation and Rotary ideals, we are recognized in the Community as enthusiastic men and women who get things done - at home and abroad - for youth and our communities, while enjoying fellowship and friendship.

Club Vision Gerry Willard 0

Golf Challenge

Posted by Bill Myles

There is a story in here somewhere.  If anyone knows the details (who won and who lost) please contact Gerry.  Below is Simpson's version.  Anyone else have a different version?   See below for the rebuttal.

Golf Challenge Bill Myles 0

Mobility Cup Kick-off - August 31, 2009

Posted by Gerry Willard

Mobility Cup is recognized as Canada's International Regatta for Sailor's with Disabilities. Every summer competitors come from across Canada and the United States as well as Europe and as far away as New Zealand. Billed as a "regatta of possibilities" Mobility Cup´s inspiring format brings sailors that may have never sailed before to the start line with Mobility Cup champions that have gone on to represent Canada in the Paralympic Games!

Mobility Cup is open to anyone with a significant disability - regardless of their sailing experience.

Mobility Cup '2009 - Toronto is the 10th year anniversary of Toronto's first Mobility Cup (Mobility Cup 1999).

In September 2009, 60 sailors will come from around the globe to compete from Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club on Toronto's waterfront for the Mobility Cup and the Sam Sullivan Trophy.

As we prepare to host sailors from across Canada and around the world, check the schedule and blog to stay up to date on news about Mobility Cup 2009. And please contact us if you need additional information or assistance.

Mobility Cup wants to thank it's key sponsors and all the people working to make the event a success.

    Drew Robertson
    Jeff Levine
    Danny McCoy
Mobility Cup Kick-off - August 31, 2009 Gerry Willard 0

A life Altering Opportunity

Posted by Karmel Sakran
We were to be honoured guests for dinner. We arrived before noon to visit briefly with the children before the evening hour meal. We honked the horn and the rusty metal gates parted welcoming our van into a paved yard - no grass, no vegetation - simply a paved yard.
A life Altering Opportunity Karmel Sakran 0

Mille Stockfisch - Exchange Student

Posted by Dean Rutty
Please welcome Mille, our new exchange student from Denmark. Mille is staying with Sheila Welham (Hayley's mom) as her first host. Remember to include her in your plans. Co-ordination should be through Dean Rutty.
Mille Stockfisch - Exchange Student Dean Rutty 0

Underwater Beauties Down Under

Posted by Gerry Willard
Recently Rotarian Gerry Willard and his wife Dorris travelled "down under" to SCUBA dive on the Great Barrier Reef.  Once Gerry has had the chance to edit the photos taken during that excursion he will approach the Director of Club Service to offer to make a photo presentation at a future Club meeting.  In the meantime, here is a sneak preview - check "Down Under Photos to the right.
Underwater Beauties Down Under Gerry Willard 0
Our Partnership Golf Tournament & Online auction Nancy Brewer 0

Magnificent 7 run for local kids

Posted by Karmel Sakran
A few Rotarians (Karmel Sakran, Bernie Hanna, Bruce McDougall and Brian Torsney) plus 3 other community members formed a group to raise money for local kids. The plan was to run a 1/2 marathon on May 25, 2008 in Ottawa. The Burlington Post put a nice write up for the group and over $7,000 was raised helping more than 20 local disadvantaged children with things like, cost of a tutor, counseling, a bike, a prom dress and the like. YIR, Karmel Sakran
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Background info on Marisol-mariela Paul Keul 0
Christmas card from our foster child Paul Keul 0

Rotary Helps Make Burlington Sparkle

Posted by Dean Rutty
Rotary Clubs of Burlington and Burlington Central joined forces to help make Burlington Sparkle. Thirty Rotarians, friends and family members met at the Beach Pavilion early Saturday morning and worked hard to cleanup the beach strip. Following the cleanup everyone moved to the nearest Tim Hortons for coffee and chatter. See photos
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Crossing the Bar Paul Keul 0
Sea-Fever (John Masefield) Paul Keul 0
Doug Vincent and gift boxes in Mexico Brian Torsney 0

Eulogy for Robert O. Elstone

Posted by Mae Radford
Bob Elstone passed away on April 12, 2007 after more than 40 years of perfect attendance and active service in Rotary.  A charter member of our club, and instrumental in starting several other clubs, Bob will be fondly remembered, and sorely missed.  This eulogy was delivered by Mae Radford at Bob's funeral on April 16.
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Preparing the Bulletin on Clubrunner Nancy Brewer 0
2006 update from World Vision Paul Keul 0

2006 Annual Report from Plan International

Posted by Paul Keul
The following report was received from Plan International regarding our Foster Child (Marisol-mariela Miranda) in Bolivia.

Pictures of Marisol are posted in the "Photo Journal" section of the site.
2006 Annual Report from Plan International Paul Keul 0