Community Service Awards 2016
  Lisa Lunski-Wood - Individual Award
Life is a journey and I have been blessed to be a part of an amazing community of friends who have grown together and shared many of life’s ups and downs. Over 6 years ago, the Community Dinner began as a men’s ministry initiative at Wellington Square. Once it began to grow and we offered this meal every Friday, I stepped in as the volunteer coordinator. Last year at this time I officially joined the staff at Wellington Square. As the Friday Night Community grew from a meal for 20-30 folks, to connecting with and sharing relationships with over 250 friends each week, I also continued to grow both personally and spiritually. I have been able to apply my skills acquired as a teacher when organizing the dinners, working with a variety of folks who come in our doors and understanding the needs of the adults and children who are part of our community. The most rewarding part about this role is having the opportunity to connect in and partner with so many groups, organizations and individuals that I would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet and serve alongside.
Outside of walking with friends on a Friday evening, I am a mother of 5 amazing children, 3 girls and 2 boys who range in age from 9 to 18 years old. I was fortunate to have my youngest two girls join our family through adoption from China. When I am not parenting and meeting the needs of my family, organizing the weekly dinner, and supporting friends in the community, I enjoy playing tennis and working outside in the garden.
It is with sincere thanks to the Burlington Rotary Clubs that I have been chosen to receive the Paul Harris Rotary Award, in honour of the Rotary Club founder.

Carpenter Hospice Volunteers - Corporate/Group Award
The Carpenter Hospice Volunteers are amongst the most dedicated and compassionate group of volunteers in our community. With a team of 190 volunteers they bring an array of experience, knowledge and expertise.
In 2015 the hospice volunteers provided over 20,000 hours of time, touching every aspect of the hospice. The volunteers have a dramatic impact on our residents, participants and their families and are in an invaluable support to hospice staff. The areas they provide assistance in are: reception, resident care, kitchen, program facilitation, administration, grounds and maintenance, grocery shopping, community relations, floral arrangement and special events.
Hospice volunteers embrace our residents and program participants with warm hearts, supportive guidance and compassionate understanding. Their work does not end there; they greet each visitor with a bright smile and calm presence, helping to ease them through a difficult time.
Our volunteers are also our ambassadors in the community, raising awareness to our services and programs; procuring support to help us reach our fundraising goals of over 1.3 million annually. The volunteer support is critical in allowing us to continue to provide our services to the end user at no cost.