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Our very own Pat Apple, Commissioner of the Kansas Corporation Commission, presented all the FUN facts of his commission.  The Commission has been in existence since 1883.  The Commission provides regulatory service for the state of Kansas for railroads, electricity, natural gas, oil & gas, telecommunications, motor carriers, common carriers and energy.  Looking for more information on this Commission you can go to their website:
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Andy Sauber from Metcalf Ridge Golf Course shared all the improvements and new ideas he and his wife, Patty, will be implementing this upcoming year.
Looking to join a group to walk 18 holes of golf on those gorgeous spring, summer and fall days, then Metcalf Ridge is for you.
Many leagues will be starting:
Park benches are back, dead trees cut down, brush cleared and the kitchen is being completed!
Stop by and see all the goings on at Metcalf Ridge Golf Course.
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Billy Kelly from Heart to Heart presented with passion information on all the great things that Heart to Heart does domestically and internationally.
They have helped 130 countries with $1.4 billion in funds since 1992.
They have 1.1 million volunteer hours logged.
To find out more information to donate your time or money, you can reach them on their website:
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John Cisetti, Louisburg High School band director, shared his excitement of the honor of the marching band in the 2018 Rose Bowl Parade.  13 schools are chosen yearly, out of hundreds of applications for this special event.
The band will be having fund raisers to help with cost of this trip.  This will be a great representation of our great community.
Let's show our community support by supporting this great endeavor!
Shannon from Landmark National Bank shared the ins and outs of cyber security. 
Two of the easiest ways to keep your home computer safe are:
*Be sure you have an antivirus software installed on your home computer and update it regularly.
*Be sure your computer is turned off when not in use.
When purchasing product off the internet:
*Make sure the web address has the letter "s": https not http--the "s" denotes a secure site.
*Use a PayPal account as another layer of security for payment.
Most compromised credit card/debit card information is actually compromised at the merchant level.
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Rebecca Toy, licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapist came and informed us of the services that Kids TLC of Olathe provides to the community.  There is a great need to help individuals and families through rough patches.  This organization has been recognized in the top 2% of all non-profits in the US.  Take a look at their website:
Chris Steinlage with Aspire Business Development shared an important aspect of a growing company.  It is important for your business to know its net promoter score.  What is a Net Promoter score you ask?  It is surveying your customer base in regard to referring your company to others.  You can take a look on their website:
Shava Vohs and Kalee Smith are USD#416 employees.  They see first  hand the children in K-12 that could use some clothing items that their families are unable to provide.  The are currently working on putting together "Cats Closet".  "Cats Closet" will have clothes of all sizes and will be located in a inconspicuous place, not to bring attention to those in need.  They currently are in need of new underwear and new sock of all sizes.  In order to organize the clothes, they are also in need of garment racks.  If you have any of these items, you can reach Shava Vohs at 913-837-0897.
Happy New year to all!
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We started out the new year being informed from Jim Ogle a fellow Rotarian.  Jim shared his participation in the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area.  It was established in 2006 and is a 31,000-square-mile region in eastern Kansas and western Missouri.  Freedom's Frontier and its partners strive to tell the stories of pursuits for freedom and provide opportunities to explore the questions posed by our very name and the evolving ideal and fundamental American value of freedom.  You can learn more by visiting their website:
Sandy updated us on the Fires in Tennessee and the recovery efforts there.
The Rotary Distribution Center is serving 2000 people daily.  They are in need of canned meats including Vienna sausage.  Low interest loans and 11 truckloads of toys are being provided for those in need.
The address to send food is : Rotary Boyd's Bear Warehouse at 5502 island River Drive, Knoxville, TN 37914.
The address to send checks is: Oak Ridge Rotary Community Fund, Attn: David Carr,  P O Box 4183, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, please put in the memo line of your check "Firestorm".
Nathan Law did a great job of giving us an update on Broadway and Metcalf road construction goings on which will begin in June 2017.
Pauline Hintz from the Kansas Historical Society shared with us her interesting experience of sifting through dirt at different sites in the State of Kansas.  She has spent a couple of weeks for the past 3 summer months working with others who share the passion of discovering our history.  Every artifact uncovered has its own story.  The artifacts are cleaned, tagged and taken to Topeka.  Learn more by going to their website:
Anne Brewer and Kelsey from Safe Home shared information on how domestic violence impacts the workplace and what you can do to help a coworker in that situation.
Domestic Violence is about power and control;
Types of abuse include:
A victim will leave their situation and return usually 7 times before they develop the means/confidence to leave permanently.
As a coworker you can help in these manners:  Recognize their is problem, respond to the problem and finally refer them to a professional.
Dave Huston, member of the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS), started out his speech with all that attended to recite the BBQ judging oath.  Those that attended are now official judges for BBQ contests.
He shared the cost that is involved, the rules, the scorecard, the scoring, and the judging.  This is a very competitive group and take great pride in their creations.  Want to be involved or attend any of their events, you can reach their website for all the details at for more information.
Joe Beveridge with the Russell-Hampton Company shared some pretty amazing history with us. Their business started in Chicago in several buildings and finally made the move to the Kansas.  The owners were interested in a good place to raise their families.  Their business location has made its final landing in Gardner, Kansas.
Russell-Hampton Company is the Original Licensed Vendor for Rotary Clubs across the United States.  He is fourth-generation of this highly successful business. 95% of their privately held business represent the Rotary market.  They are expanding to other companies to diversify.
Nathan Law from the City of Louisburg spoke to the growth in infrastructure.
*$2.8 mill will be spent on downtown improvements including making the downtown area ADA accessible.
*Metcalf/Amity intersection will be improved for students walking to and from school. (9month project)
*Sewer plant is on schedule for 2020.
*Money will be low interest loans from the State of Kansas
Comprehensive plan includes 5-10-15-20 year vision planning for the City of Louisburg.
11 housing permits were issued 2016 year and 33 for the Rockville development.  This increase is great for the community for it mean potential increase of students for USD#416 and increased tax revenue.
Katie Dalton with the Boy Scouts of America, Twin River Boy Scout District shared the wonderful things that the Boy Scouts do for our young males.
There are 19 counties that serve 30,000 youth.  Including a division called Scout Reach which helps intercity boys in the development of the Boy Scout values.
Have you heard the Scout Oath:
On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law:
To help other people at all times:
To keep myself physically strong
mentally awake, and morally straight.
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Rotarian Damon Dennis shared a little about GIVING THE BASICS. Please watch this video so that you can more fully understand how Giving the Basics impacts the Louisburg School District and 15 others in the Kansas City Metro. 
Rotary District #5710 Governor Chris Ford inspired us with what he had to say with and through his presentation. 
He was challenging us to attend the District Conference which will be May 5th-6th at the Overland Park Sheraton.
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Angie O'Keefe and Becky Bowes from the Louisburg Chamber shared the information on Blazin' the Burg.  The event is on October 1st and starts at 4 p.m.  Come join in on the FUN!  Running in the streets, dancing in the streets and generally all around FUN!
Tom and Sally Lundblad shared their 2 week Russia cruise from June. 
Image result for images of st petersburg russia
We were fortunate enough to have 2 programs today!
Cindy Apple shared her wealth of knowledge on the Recreation Tax that will be on the ballot November 8th.  If the 1 mil bond is passed, this will help to institute a Recreation Board that will consist of 3 City of Louisburg representatives, 3 USD #416 representatives and one representative at large.  They will have the responsibility of decision making and maintaining the city parks and facilities as well as many other activities.  We thank Cindy for taking time out of her busy day to share this information with us.
The 2nd program was the Ladies of the Library, aka Debra Seely.  She shared the One Book, One Burg choice for this year which is "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson.
We were given characters and a scenario to determine who should be saved.  It was an interesting conversation on who should stay and who should go.
It was also announced as a reminder that the FIRST evening meeting will be on September 28th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Timbercreek Bar and Grille.
Bethany Williams did a fabulous job of sharing heartwarming stories of the successes of the Heart to Heart organization.  This organization puts together kits of personal hygiene materials for areas effected by disaster or crisis.  She specifically spoke to the PowrServ part of the organization.
To find out more about this great volunteer opportunity you can email Bethany at or visit website.
Congratulations to our very own Kiersten Allen and receiving her Paul Harris Sapphire award. 
Kathy at Peoples Communications/Services shared their history and upcoming entrance into the Louisburg market.
They are a community minded company, they are part of the LaCygne Chamber, Lynn County Fair and provide scholarships to local students.
They have a staff starting on Tuesday at 119 S. Broadway, please contact them if you are looking to get their service.
Their website is
Harry S. Campbell did a great job of sharing with us his philosophy on leadership.
Here are some things to think about:
Create a list of people that have influenced you over the years.
Personal Brands matter--what is yours?
What 7 words describe you? 
What words would others use to describe you? (Are you brave enough to ask?)
Bridge the GAP between the two.
FREE survey on Harry's website:
So much more information can be found in his book Get Real Leadership!
The Dog Days of Summer are definitely here, so thank you for coming in out of the heat to hear from Christy Levings about some of her thoughts on leadership.
Superintendent Brian Biermann brought 7 of the newest teachers to our school district.
They all shared a little bit about themselves and it was great to see the passion exhibited with this new group to our schools.
We all were introduced to Laura Manigrasso from Italy, our incoming International Student.  She looks like she is going to fit right in to our Louisburg community!

Home Page News

No foolin', Sara Caylor was our guest speaker. Sara is a 13-year Rotarian living in Ottawa who works part-time as a membership manager for the Girl Scouts of America in Miami, Franklin and Anderson counties in Kansas. Her list of accomplishments is lengthy as the past mayor and current city commissioner.
Richard Lord joined us from Hometown Feed & Supply. He and his wife Shannon bought out Circle C in mid-2014 and are experiencing success as one of our newest small business owners.
"Craft beer is about telling stories." And today we heard some great stories from beer sommelier Jerrod Nelsen.
Our original program had to cancel due to illness, so your Louisburg Library ladies stepped in to talk about the April 7th election. We will hear from Sara Caylor about the Girl Scouts on March 25th.
Superintendent Dr. Brian Biermann presented a State of the District Address today, with a focus on the local option budget (LOB) mail in ballot question that tax payers received this week.
Today we heard Superintendent Dr. Brian Biermann, who briefed us on the recent lockdown of the middle and high schools and the car accident that impacted three of our elementary school students. Louisburg High School sophomore Carson Tappan took over after that to discuss his film documentary Where the Buffaloed Roam: An Ode to the Kansas Budget.
Scott Walter is a returning Rotarian and Brock Elliott is our newest new member. Today they gave their Classification Talks so that we could learn more about them.
Welcome back! For the second week in a row we have had 50% attendance or better...
This week Paul Luce & Sandy Hartley shared more information about Reflections: A Restorative Gallery at Miami County Medical Center.
Thank you, Dr. Aaron Stohs, for sharing more information about the Wildcat Veterinary office coming to Louisburg in April 2015.
Sheriff Frank Kelly provided an update on the $14.2M Miami County jail.
Last year at this time Denny & Paula Lofstrom from International Health Partners visited us and shared their passion for improving health care in Africa- specifically their project to build a facility in Zinga. We donated $1,000 to their efforts and they returned to report on their progress.

Paul Luce with the Miami County Medical Center shared information about the expansion of Medicaid. He shared a lot of information and statistics to help put the issue into perspective. 
Damon invited Tony & Susan Juarez from Agape's Grace in Louisburg. They started the non-profit organization in 2002 as a way to care for and empower adults with disabilities. 
Did you know that honey is the purest food in the world? Did you know that if there were no bees, humans wouldn't live more than 5 years? Now you do. Rotarian Jessica Putnam brought Beekeeper Terri Weis to inform us about bees, honey and the need to protect both!
Thank you, Craig, for bringing back the funny business. We played Family Feud: Rotary Edition. Of 100 Rotarians surveyed, our groups (Team Peterson and Team McLanahan) answered with their best guesses.
Matt and Jana joined us from Miami County Roads & Bridges to provide information on the upcoming vote to renew the 1/4 cent sales tax that has been in place since 1999 and Beverly Smith shared part of her daughter's journey as a missionary in South Africa. 
Fall coaches from Louisburg High School were out in full force this week, sharing their successes, their challenges and their outlook on the future. Principal Dave Tappan introduced soccer coach Ben York, volleyball coach Jessica Complement, football coach Kyle Littrell and cross country coach John Reece.
Your Louisburg Librarians visited the Rotary Club to discuss and present the selection for One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads 2014. This year's title is The Giver by Lois Lowry. It is an award-winner in both Young Adult and Children's categories and was made into a movie that released this summer, starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. In fact, the Midway Drive-In (between Paola & Osawatomie) has committed to opening their facility for a one-night only showing of the film on Saturday, October 18 - it will be FREE to the public.
Attendance was back up to 51% for the second week in a's good to see everyone again!
McRaymond invited Chris Hope from the Kansas City Flying Club. He is a retired military flight instructor who now spends time transporting patients and families on Angel Flights across the country. They call it Giving Hope Wings - Angel Flight Central  is a national organization that serves people in need in our communities by arranging charitable flights for access to health care and other humanitarian purposes. Chris will tell you it's just the right thing to do, "they are ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances."
State Librarian of Kansas Jo Budler spoke to the club about the importance of reading and creating life-long learners which can help sustain literacy and decrease the crime rate. In some states, Budler said, prisons determine the number of beds they will need based on reading levels. "If we had a nation of readers, crime would be very little. When we educate life-long learners they will make better choices, have more options and be more productive. When we invest in that end, we don't have as many beds in prisons."
President Julie was the program today. She wore her Chamber of Commerce bonnet and shared with us all of the positive developments.
Katie LaBrie was hired in April as the new Chamber Director. When she started there were 52 Chamber members and now there are 94, so she must be doing something right! To off-set her work load, there are two Ambassadors who help her in the office four hours per week, and there is a lot of activity. The one vision the board had for the new director was to focus on Louisburg and provide value to Chamber businesses. Just in the past month, they have partnered with other organizations to bring the Candidate Forum and the New Teacher Luncheon.
Louisburg High School juniors Brooklyn Southard and Hogan Welch shared their RYLA experiences with us. Although the first night was a little "awkward," by the end of the week they had made life-long friends and learned life skills they will always use. 
Our District Governor for District 5710 energized and empowered us at last week's meeting. Debra Rodenbaugh-Schaub got her start in Rotary in 1993 when she answered an advertisement in the Topeka Capital World newspaper to become part of an International Business Exchange program. She made the team and was one of 4 non-Rotarians to spend 6 weeks in Sweden. Everyone was separated by vocation and their Mondays-Fridays were spent in an intensive interactive setting from 7am -8pm exploring economic development, banking and commerce. 
President Julie Baalmann has been on the clock less than a month and has already knocked out the 15th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament, her first board meeting and her Classification Talk & Inaugural Address. She is on the move. Anyone who knows her knows that that is not unusual for Lady Baalmann. 
Happy July! This week we heard from our 2014 Rotary Scholarship winners and Louisburg High School graduates - a $1000 investment in their future. Brandi Feehan and Jessica Brummel will both attend Kansas State University in the fall in Manhattan, Kansas. 
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