No foolin', Sara Caylor was our guest speaker. Sara is a 13-year Rotarian living in Ottawa who works part-time as a membership manager for the Girl Scouts of America in Miami, Franklin and Anderson counties in Kansas. Her list of accomplishments is lengthy as the past mayor and current city commissioner.
Sara is full of energy and was voted the Most Enthusiastic Reciter of the Pledge of Allegiance today by our Sgt.-at-Arms. Energy and enthusiasm may not be pre-requisites for the job, but they certainly help further her mission.
She brought us the Top 10 Things you May Not Know about Girl Scouts:
  1. Together we can work smarter instead of harder - combining the efforts of scouts for both genders
  2. GSA promotes courage, confidence and character for ladies K-12
  3. 3.2M people in the nation participate in GSA - there are 26K in the 42 counties in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri
  4. Celebrity Girl Scouts include: Taylor Swift, Shirley Temple, every first lady of the United States of America, 60% of the members of the House of Representatives & 53% of all female business owners
  5. Juliette Law founded the Girl Scouts of America in Georgia in 1912
  6. ANYONE can be a Girl Scout - men can wear their shirts with pride. Even KC Mayor Sly James wears his, stating, "I am man enough to be a Girl Scout!"
  7. Finances can be underwritten if a child does not have the financial capacity to afford dues
  8. The Cookie Program has been helping scouts develop essential life skills since 1936, including: goal setting; decision making; money management; people skills and business ethics. Of the eight varieties of flavors, Thin Mints remains the #1 selling cookie and 2/3 of sales stay within the community. There are only TWO GSC bakers in the US, which is why cookies are sold year-round in different regions.
  9. There are 5 camps in our 42 counties and in 2014 3K girl scouts participated
  10. Girl Scouts are STEM focused (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.) Jobs in these fields are growing at 18% and it is in 3rd grade when young ladies begin to lose confidence in their abilities to excel in these areas.
In Other News:
  • THIS Saturday, April 4th is our biennial E-Recycling event from 9am-12pm in the Louisburg Middle School parking lot
Happy Do$$ars:
  • Andy gave on behalf of Bob Rolofson. Craig explained that his friend had the largest aneurysm that doctors have ever seen a person survive just over two weeks ago. Gloria and Bob live in Louisburg raising their children, a 6th grader and a sophomore. Donations of gas cards, grocery cards, cash and prayers are welcome
  • Detroit Shelley is happy she gets to be the new secretary of Rotary!
  • Sandy is celebrating Holy Week and a Kentucky NCAA win
  • Damon was fined since Craig discovered that the YMCA Indian Guides IS a real thing (right along with the YMCA Princess Program) and NOT a division of the Campfire Girls