Thank you, Dr. Aaron Stohs, for sharing more information about the Wildcat Veterinary office coming to Louisburg in April 2015.
Dr. Stohs has lived in Louisburg since the spring of 2004 when he and his wife Kelly settled here to raise their three children, Addy (8) and twins Matt & Laney (6). He graduated from K-State in Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and worked in Harrisonville for a couple of years before the opportunity to purchase the Drexel Veterinary Clinic from Doc Hatten arose in 2007. Doc Hatten still helps pull calves at 81.
The Drexel Vet Clinic has been a solid practice since 1965 and Stohs has been ready to expand to Louisburg and the time is right. With steady business from northern Miami County and southern Johnson County, south into Linn County and over to Cass County in Missouri, he has high hopes. "We'd like to bridge the gap with the new location," Stohs said.
Louisburg will provide primarily small animal services, with ambulatory calls for larger pets. It will include boarding and grooming with an outdoor facility for animals to get exercise. Their digital x-ray machine will help with those 24-hour emergency care needs for large and small animals, and Stohs will make referals, if necessary. The in-house blood machine helps them run blood work within 10 minutes and the veterinary team is prepared to care for the entire life cycle, from reproductive assistance and vaccinations to helping care for animals and their families with their final needs.
"We look forward to being in the community now that our kids are older and are more involved," Stohs said.
The clinic will be in the former Dollar General building on Metcalf. He will use the north 2/3 of the building (3K of 7,200 sq ft) and keep the rest for expansion. With April as the target opening date, Stohs will focus the remodel first on patient needs - exam rooms and surgical needs. The south parking lot will turn to green space for exercising animals.
Fun Facts:
  • It costs $12-15 to board and animal
  • All animals must be current on their vaccinations to board (sorta like school, eh?)
  • One goal is to have 4 full-time veterinarians
  • Some of the Drexel staff will split their time and work on a rotating schedule for awhile
  • They will keep the Dollar General pricing in mind
  • He's hoping to hire more K-State grads
  • Kelly will lease some of the space
In Other News:
  • SAVE THE DATE - June 22 is the Annual Golf Tournament
  • Phase I starts now...
  • Doug Bowes is the chairperson with Doug Furnell helping
  • Please volunteer your time and talents to help with our ONE FUNDRAISER
Happy Do$$ars:
  • Bob's youngest son and his wife had their first child...Bob's 5th grandchild
  • Bowes has another grandson, Maddox Lynn
  • Chris Rembold was happy with the outcome of the UNLV vs WSU game
  • Furnell bought a new truck and feels like Doc Hollywood
  • Biermann conducts PTO meetings in the strangest places