President Julie Baalmann has been on the clock less than a month and has already knocked out the 15th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament, her first board meeting and her Classification Talk & Inaugural Address. She is on the move. Anyone who knows her knows that that is not unusual for Lady Baalmann. 
She grew up in western Kansas and moved a lot until the family settled in Oakley when Julie was in 4th grade. She graduated from high school there, where she was involved in FHA, NHS and sports. Although she was a die-hard KU fan, Julie was prepared to follow a boy to K-State when her parents stopped that madness and strongly encouraged her to take advantage of a huge discount at Colby Community College.
Julie was majoring in Business Administration even though her true passion was to teach - to be a mom - and working for the County Attorney's office when her Economics instructor encouraged her to apply at Kansas State Bank. Eventually she did and when she graduated from Colby and transferred to K-State for the RIGHT reasons, she got a job at Security National Bank (the future Landmark National Bank), although she felt confident that she wouldn't be there long. That was August 17, 2001.
Still convinced that molding the minds of youth would be her career path, Julie switched her major to Early Childhood Education. It was during her junior year at K-State when she reconnected with David Baalmann. Well - reconnected might not be the right word. They grew up together in Oakley and had known each other since 4th grade, but were never friends - they didn't even speak. David's brother, on the other hand, worked for Julie at the Oakley pool as a lifeguard for six summers. When he showed up in Manhattan for the weekend, Julie mentioned that it would probably be a good idea to at least say hi to his brother, who was also a Wildcat. They all went to lunch, and David and Julie have been together since then. 
Julie was still looking for her spot somewhere in education. The challenge she found was that outside of her stellar educational setting, quality facilities were hard to find. She agreed to work as a floater for the bank until she found a good fit in early childhood education. When she found a position working with toddlers, the president of the bank asked her not to leave and made her an offer in Paola. She really needed to know if working with children was what she was meant to do, so she turned him down. Three months (to the day) after that conversation, Pat called her back with an opening in Louisburg, asking if she would please return to Landmark. That was February 28, 2005. 
She has been part of every acquisition (they just purchased 8 banks) and a computer conversion in the spring. As a Retail Banking Coordinator, she had 5 banks in 5 towns. Now she has 6 south, some up north as far as Lawrence and Topeka and 4 of the original 5 she started with. She works with the front line staff in consumer lending and how to treat people...and she's kind of a big deal. 
She's also a big deal at home. She and David have been married 10 years and they have 3 children who keep them active and entertained. Kyle is 7, Carson is 5 and Connor is 3. 
She's the president of the Louisburg Chamber of Commerce, an officer in her Home Owner's Association and she knows everyone west of Wichita, Kansas. She attributes much of her ability to communicate with her family's affinity for relocation in her formative years. It has certainly paid off - Julie is always ready with a smile...and a pen, if you need one.
In Other News:
  • Detroit Shelley Haines gave 5 Happy Do$$ars in honor of her mom's visit to the area. They toured the Harley Davidson plant. Did you know that no matter what position you hold within the Harley corporation, you must be able to put together a Harley fender? There are 60 pieces, and the challenge is part of the interview process. 
  • In August we will deliver cookies to our senior friends at Louisburg Healthcare & RehabilitationVintage Park and the Senior Center. We will let you know what date so you that you may participate, if you'd llike. 
  • The District Simplified Grant deadline is August 31. We are brainstorming ideas for a service project in the community. Please let us know your thoughts. 
  • E-Recycling is in April 2015. Collyn will coordinate the effort before he and Phyllis fly south for the winter. 
  • We will continue to have lunch every Wednesday - even the 5th Wednesdays of the month.
  • We always run the Wildcat Concession stand for the first home Louisburg High School football game. This year it will be Friday, September 12 - SAVE THE DATE 
  • Sue will make contact to secure the Prudential Grant. This year the project will benefit the Senior Center - laying asphalt, cleaning, planting flowers - we need 20 Rotarians to earn the $1K grant
  • Please email us your suggestions for the 16th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament next year. Here are a few examples of what you might include:
    • There will be NO topless Kabota
    • Doug Bowes will NOT be the one to secure the beverage coolers to the capped Kabota
    • We need an official photographer
    • There will be an announcement to hit the men's room before you hit the cut down on the flashers
    • Remember your golf towels so you can hang on to those clubs...they are slippery when wet
    • More water...less chips
    • Bring back the end-of-tournament meal
    • Write down who the Hole Prizes go to and who wins the tournament
    • Submit an article to the paper, complete with photos, so that our winners feel the love, and those who didn't play might the next year...