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Colonel Russ Thaden Sep 19, 2018
Military Intelligence

Our program this week is Rotarian and retired Army Colonel Russ Thaden. The Colonel's experise is in Military Intelligence with an emphasis on Russia, a lot of years of service in Europe, and quite a few operational tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. He speaks at his Rotary club about every 6 months, so his presentation routinely changes. Most recently he's discussed the Russian attack on the US elections, the Iranian nuclear program, the North Korean nuclear weapons program, and the situation in Syria and Iraq.  

Colonel Russell Thaden retired from the Army in 2004 after 34 years as an intelligence officer.  He originally served in the Army as a Russian linguist and more than half of his career was focused on intelligence gathering and monitoring of the Soviet Union and Russia.  He has degrees in Russian language and European Area Studies focused on Russia.

He spent a combined total of 5 years deployed to various theaters of war from 1990 through 2009.  He is probably the only US intelligence officer ever to serve as chief of intelligence in three different theaters of war.  His final operational deployments were as chief of intelligence for NATO’s Kosovo Force, as deputy chief of intelligence for US Army V Corps during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and as chief of intelligence and senior US officer in 2003-04 as NATO took over the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. 

After retiring from active duty, he returned to Iraq for two tours of duty as a senior Army civilian (1-Star general equivalent) as the deputy intelligence chief for US and Coalition forces in 2006 and again in 2008-09.  He was the acting intelligence chief for several weeks in February 2006 when violence exploded after the Samara mosque bombing. 

While not deployed, he worked at the Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas as an Assistant Professor of Joint and Multinational Operations.  He instructed officers attending a graduate level course in military operations with a focus on the strategic and operational levels of war. 


your Library Ladies Sep 26, 2018
One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads 2018

The 2018 selection for One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The book focuses on compassion, encouraging readers everywhere to Choose Kind. Thorughout the month of October you will have multiple opportunities to #choosekindlouisburg in our community and on social media. We hope you will take advantage of it and to engage with the people around you to create our own Choose Kind movement.

Please remember one of our most popular events of the program is the Intergenerational Book Discussion where members of the adult community have the chance to talk with Louisburg High School students about the book. Free up your lunch hour on Thursday, October 26 from 11:30am-1pm and join us in the LHS library for lunch (paid for by the library) discussion.

In case you haven't picked up your complimentary copy of Palacio's Wonder at the library yet, here's what you can expect: born with several genetic abnormalities, 10-year-old August Pullman, called Auggie, dreams of being “ordinary.” Inside, he knows he’s like every other kid, but even after 27 surgeries, the central character of “Wonder” bears facial disfigurations so pronounced that people who see him for the first time do “that look-away thing” — if they manage to hide their shock and horror.“

Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse,” he says of his face as the book begins. He’s used to the stares and mean comments, but he’s still terrified to learn that his parents have gotten him into middle school at Beecher Prep and want him to go there rather than be home-schooled. But they persuade him to give it a try — and by the time this rich and memorable first novel by R. J. Palacio is over, it’s not just Auggie but everyone around him who has changed.

Stories about unusual children who long to fit in can be particularly wrenching. At their core lurks a kind of loneliness that stirs primal fears of abandonment and isolation. But Palacio gives Auggie a counterweight to his problems: He has the kind of warm and loving family many “normal” children lack. Among their ­— and the book’s — many strengths, the Pullmans share the, um, earthy sense of humor that all kids love. Over the years his parents, Nate and Isabel, have turned the disturbing story of Auggie’s birth into high comedy involving a flatulent nurse who fainted at the sight of him, and they persuade him to go to Beecher by riffing hilariously on the name of the school’s director, Mr. Tushman. It also helps that the Pullmans’ world — they live in a town house in “the hippie-stroller capital of upper Upper Manhattan” — is the privileged, educated upper-middle class, that hotbed of parents who hover and micromanage the lives of their perfectly fine children. It’s somehow weirdly satisfying to see what happens when something actually alarming enters this zone of needless anxiety. Palacio carves a wise and refreshing path, suggesting that while even a kid like August has to be set free to experience the struggles of life, the right type of closeness between parents and children is a transformative force for good.



Brock Elliott Oct 03, 2018
Rabbi Zalman Oct 10, 2018
Service Above Self
Service Above Self

Hear from Rabbi Zalman about the importance of and benefits of living a life with a Service Above Self mission. 

Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel 
c. 785.917.0200 


Anna Hudspeth Oct 17, 2018
Miami County Medical Center trauma program
Kathy Musgrave Oct 24, 2018
Rotarian International Exchange
Rotarian International Exchange

Kathy Musgrave is a Rotarian in Olathe and is also a member of a club in Florida where she and her husband vacation. She will share information about a Rotary International Exchange trip she took to South Africa. 


Damon Dennis Oct 31, 2018
Jim Mattes Nov 07, 2018
Rotary Foundation
Rotary Foundation

November is Foundation Month. This week we will welcome back to Louisburg Past District Governor Jim Mattes, a long-time Rotarian committed to the values of the organization. He was given the Dr. John Hollyman Award for "Service Above Self," an award meant to honor exceptional commitment and action toward the goals of Rotary. 

Adrian Zink Nov 14, 2018
author of Hidden History of Kansas
author of Hidden History of Kansas

Join us in welcoming author Adrian Zink who penned Hidden History of Kansas

NO MEETING Nov 21, 2018
Enjoy your family and friends
Enjoy your family and friends
Jack Kline Nov 28, 2018
LHS coaches Dec 05, 2018
Winter Sports

Find out what's on the horizon for Wildcat Sports. 

Don Keuhn Dec 12, 2018
Craig Holtzen Dec 19, 2018
Reindeer Games
Reindeer Games

Rotarian Craig Holtzen always has a lot of laughs ready for his rousing rendition of Reindeer Games!

NO MEETING Dec 26, 2018
Enjoy your family and friends
Enjoy your family and friends
Nathan Law Jan 02, 2019
Bob Nauman Jan 09, 2019
Jim Williams Jan 16, 2019
Chris Rembold Jan 23, 2019
Kevin Stoops Jan 23, 2019
Kevin Stoops Jan 30, 2019
Kevin Symes Feb 06, 2019
Travis Thompson Feb 13, 2019
Faron Barr Feb 20, 2019

Faron Barr will join us this week to explain RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Award that takes place each June on the University of Kansas campus. Please...someone ask why it's an AWARD instead of a CAMP!


Faron E. Barr, ChFC, CLU, CFP®
Financial Consultant
Phone #: 785-266-8333
Fax #: 785-266-7819

Kristi Whiteside Feb 27, 2019
Jon & Crystal Clayton Mar 06, 2019
Homeschool Wax Museum
Jim Real Mar 13, 2019