Scott Walter is a returning Rotarian and Brock Elliott is our newest new member. Today they gave their Classification Talks so that we could learn more about them.
Scott opened by sharing that he has been surrounded by greatness his entire life. Before moving to Louisburg he was neighbors with Craig Holtzen in Olathe and now he lives across the street from Tom & Sally Lundblad on Broadmoor Drive.
Scott's Fast Facts:
  • Born and raised in central Kansas in the tiny town of Hudson (population 200) that's claim to fame is Hudson Flour Mill
  • Graduated from St. John High School (also where K-State's newest recruit graduated) and Fort Hays State University
  • Worked for Koch in Wichita in both accounting (8 years) and marketing (8 years)
  • Moved to Iowa where he bought a snow blower for Tom his family that still works (although the bolts come out and it shakes a lot) (the snow blower, not Tom)
  • He moved on to the petroleum industry where he worked out of Garnett at for Lybarger Oil
  • On advice from a friend at church, he pursued appraising and was licensed in 2004 when residential lending was hot
  • In 2006 & 2007 the regulations changed and residential lending slowed, so he earned licensing in commercial appraising for the next 8 years (he's an 8 man)
  • In August (8 months ago) he and his wife Elaine started their own Walter Appraisal and both are licensed in both commercial and residential
  • They have three daughters - the oldest lives in California and just had a baby, the middle lives at home and has three children and the youngest is a freshman at Missouri State University in Springfield
Scott believes in paying attention and got tips that led to his success from the people he knew. "I learned that you need to go to church and you need to go to school," Scott said. He also learned that no matter what you're qualified to do, being capable is just as important. "Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should."
He is currently pursuing and MAI designation for general appraising. He will have ongoing educational requirements. For the MAI he is in a Capstone class that will require him to head to Puerto Rico to complete it. He's willing to endure the hardship.
And he learned quickly what it takes to work closely with your spouse. When some work that Elaine had been finalizing went missing, she simply looked him in the eye and said, "I don't' like doing work twice," and after a pause for emphasis, she went to get the mail. The good news is, she came back - eventually.
Brock's Faster Facts:
  • He was born and raised in Louisburg, Kansas
  • Graduated in 2010 from Louisburg High School where Mustang Sally and Tommy Kiwanis were his fearless leaders
  • He spent some time at K-State
  • For two years he has been working in the family business at Elliott Insurance
  • He is mostly in the Spring Hill office and works in Paola on Monday and Tuesdays
  • His focus is Commercial Insurance
  • He is currently learning about bonding
  • When he turned 21 he went to school in Texas and completed the producer course
  • He passed his tests and is ready for Prime Time
  • He knew just about everyone in the room and is ready for Wednesday lunches
In Other News:
  • Carson Tappan's film on the state budget crisis filled the B&B Theater last night
  • Sandy will perform his 6th funeral in 7 weeks
  • Julie is in Houston awaiting the results of her dad's latest round of chemo