Thank you, Craig, for bringing back the funny business. We played Family Feud: Rotary Edition. Of 100 Rotarians surveyed, our groups (Team Peterson and Team McLanahan) answered with their best guesses.
  • Who is the most deserving of an audit
  • Who is most likely to get Ebola
  • Who will race you title for title
  • Who made the worst decisions in 2014
  • Who are the most powerful people in USD 416
  • Who is most likely to drink Muscle Milk
Kiersten took home 20 crisp $1 bills from Craig's very own piggy bank with her answers for: Andy's Injury 2015, the contents of the Tom Lundblad Game Survival Kit and more.
In Other News:
  • The Country Club Estates Neighborhood Watch is on full alert
  • John Cisetti is trying to get the LHS band to appear in Friday's World Series Parade
  • The LMS 8th grade band performed "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" via Biermann's cell phone