Last year at this time Denny & Paula Lofstrom from International Health Partners visited us and shared their passion for improving health care in Africa- specifically their project to build a facility in Zinga. We donated $1,000 to their efforts and they returned to report on their progress.
During the past 24 months, Paula and Denny spent 19 months fund raising in the United States, from the Midwest to both coasts, Alaska and Cold Lake in Northern Canada, to the sunny southwest and Florida. They put 53K miles on their 21-year-old Ford Econo van in their travels and gave 147 presentations. Why?
There are 18M children in Tanzania under 14 with no pediatric hospital. Three out of four live to be 5, and one child in every 20 dies before its first birthday, usually of something preventable and curable. Their goal is to change that statistic.
They have more than 50 acres to build a facility that will eventually have approximately 500 beds. In the master plan there are 29 buildings. Tanzania is tropical, so they build one-story buildings and rely on prevailing winds for ventilation. The first phase of construction will complete the following 10 units: Administration and medical records; examination rooms; laboratory; pharmacy' small inpatient wards; dental; pre-op and prep and a temporary operating room. 
Dr. Charles Powell, who has been a physician in Paola for 14 years, will join them as the head of neonatal medicine and is excited about their progress, "We plan to offer the most comprehensive program in East Africa."
Rotary International has participated in sending digital x-ray machines to third world countries. Mustang Sally is going to do some research to see if we can get some of those machines to IHP.
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In Other News: 
  • Scott Walter rejoined the club
  • Carol Aust and Jenny O'Brien came to visit
  • Leslie Allen would like to join our club and Bowes bought her lunch
  • Our Rotary Youth Exchange students Auriel Ford & Erin Deatsch have their final interviews on Saturday - good luck, ladies!
  • We are accepting donations for Louisburg's Agape's Grace and will match up to $250.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with our Julie - she was in Houston this week to watch her dad ring the bell, signaling his end of chemo and radiation
  • E-Recycling will be Saturday, April 4 from 9-noon in the LMS parking lot