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We meet each Wednesday from 11:45am-1:00pm
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West
Wayzata, MN
Weekly Speakers
Lonnie Dupre, Explorer
Apr 25, 2018
Mark Cheeley, Host
Marci Malzahn, The Fire Within
May 02, 2018
James Larson, Host
Ames Sheldon, Potholes in the Road to Publication
May 09, 2018
Hope Schroeppel Host
WMEF Presentation
May 16, 2018
Scott Gengler and Bruce Lea, Hosts
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Tim Litfin, Tour de Tonka - Director, Guest
JR Boisclair, Host

Tim Litfin, will share information about the Tour de Tonka, one of the premier rides in the region.

Sarah Qualy - Memorial Blood Centers - Guest
Steve Droen - Host

Sarah, a proud Millennial, provided a lively presentation with loads of questions from members.  Did you know blood cannot be synthesized?  Did you know that collected blood goes through 17 different tests for safety before being approved for patient use?  Did you know that plasma can only come from men because pregnancy causes the chemistry of blood to change after pregnancy?
Sarah told us some interesting pieces of information.  For example, it costs $70-$80 for each unit of blood before they even see a hospital.  Blood that is going to be used for patients must come from volunteer donors, not paid donors.   People need to be virus free for 72 hours before donating blood and donors that are earning money for donating blood, tend to be less truthful with their health.  For every 1 minute that passes, 30 people are in need of blood.  It takes a body about 24 hours to regenerate the amount of blood donated, and platelets take 5 days to regenerate.
One question that generated some interest is how old is the normal repeat donor.  She said aged 55+ and this is actually an area of concern as there is an age cap for donors and there are not enough younger people donating.  Sarah is working on attracting younger people to donate.  One cute idea she shared is "Brewery Drives" which is aimed at Millennial's - donate a pint of blood and get a voucher for a free beer at a local brewery.  
She shared some advice on how to prepare to give blood.  Make sure you are hydrated, have a big meal before donating, and take your iron.  (Did you know Oreo's have the highest iron content of cookies?).  She also suggested for those that pass out or are afraid to give blood to get an ambassador to take your place!  This is a particularly good idea for those who are exempt from giving blood because they have lived or traveled in an area that has/had Mad Cow Disease.  Because people cannot be tested for this until they are dead, there is no way to guarantee the safety of blood coming from people that have been exposed.  
The overall message, please donate blood.  It is your civic duty to help those in need!!

Community Grant Deadline - Friday, April 20

It's time! It's Time!  Get those community grant applications submitted!!
If you know of a local organization that would benefit from WRC grant, please let them know the deadline is Friday, April 20.  

Community Service Grants are evaluated on these values:

- We are open to funding a variety of purposes or causes.  New ideas are welcome!
- We are open to small or new organizations as well as larger, well-established organizations.
- We prefer funding nonprofit or charitable organizations.
- We strongly prefer projects which are locally initiated and managed.
- We prefer to fund specific needs, rather than general operations. 
There will be a meeting before the April 25 meeting at 11:00 to review and award grant applicants.  Please email  with any questions about the meeting.  All grant requests can be emailed or sent directly to Shelley Beaumont.  Click here for a link to the grant application.

Juan Nusatodo to Attend RYLA ( Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

Juan, the Rotary exchange student from Argentina, reached out to WRC to ask for sponsorship to attend  RYLA  camp in Hudson, WI the last week of April.  Juan is sponsored by the Plymouth Rotary and they were unable to help Juan with this request.  Wayzata Rotary stepped in and is able to help Juan with this $375 investment.
'"For me. Is something that I would love to attend I thing is going to be a really good experience that will improve me as a person and as a leader"  Juan Nusatodo

One of the goals of Rotary is to help young people develop their leadership abilities and self-confidence to the fullest. To accomplish that goal, Rotary clubs around the world prepare thousands of young leaders through RYLA programs each year.

Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a five-day camp which strengthens leadership skills and capabilities of high school students through physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual challenges.  There is an emphasis on problem solving, teamwork, and interaction with other outstanding students and volunteer counselors and presenters.

Who can attend?

About 100 high school students are selected each year from southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin by their local Rotary Clubs which pays the tuition for the camp experience.

What are the benefits?

At RYLA, students gain insight into:

  • Leadership basics
  • Communication
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Personal strengths
  • Community and global citizenship
Steve Hance will be Juan's sponsor and upon finding out we could help him, Juan wrote; "I am so glad and happy to hear those good news. I am really really thankful for you help and your sponsor."
If you would like to know more about Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, click here.

Rotary District 5950 / Annual Events and the Purpose of Each Explained

Dear District 5950 Rotarians:
It is our busy time of year.  We have our District Assembly coming up on April 21st and our District Conference on May 21st.  With so many great things happening in our District, we would like to take a brief moment to explain the various purposes of each of our different annual events and who typically attends them.
District Leadership Training Seminar Assistant Governors, District Committee Chairs, District Leaders and Trainers
  • Share goals and theme for the year
  • Establish purpose for various training events
  • Model and explain format for trainings
  • Practice facilitating 
District AssemblyAssistant Governors, District Leadership Team, District Committee Chairs, Club Presidents and Club Leaders
  • Inspire and Educate Leaders 
  • Team Building
  • Visioning
  • Educate New Members
  • Public Image
  • Future Visions 
One Rotary Summit (Formerly Fall Training)
Assistant Governors, District Leadership Team, District Committee Chairs, Club Presidents, Club Membership and Foundation Committee Chairs and Other Club Leaders
  • Exchange Membership Development Ideas
  • Exchange Foundation Programs Grants and Annual Giving
  • Exchange Public Relations Ideas
  • Equip Rotarians with tools for Leadership
Mid-Term Assembly
Assistant Governors, District Leadership Team, District Committee Chairs, Club Presidents, Club President-Elects, and all Club Leaders
  • Mid-Year Update
  • Highlight Exemplary Programs
  • Public Relations Progress
President Elect Training Seminar (PETs).  Multi-District PETs – 5950 / 5960 / 5970 (NE IA) / 6000 (IA Only)Assistant Governors, District Leadership Team, Club Presidents Elect and President Elects-Nominees
  • Prepare Presidents Elect and President Elects-Nominees for Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Tips from Assistant Governors
  • Meeting with Assistant Governors
District Conference
Assistant Governors, District Leadership Team, District Committee Chairs, Club President and Leaders and all District 5950 Rotarians
  • Celebrate Accomplishments
Thank you for all you do for Rotary and for making our District the very best it can be!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Thomas A. Gump
Rotary International District 5950
District Training Chair 2017-20
Governor-Nominee-Designate 2020-21
Rotary Club of Edina / Morningside, MN, USA
Mobile:  (612) 770-8389

District Assembly is This Weekend!
April 21, 2018 - 8:00 am - 1:00 pm



Burnsville Community Center
200W Burnsville Parkway
Burnsville, MN United States



This training event prepares incoming club leaders for their year in office and helps them build their leadership teams.
Designed for 201​8-201​9 club officers, chairs, committee members, new members​, future leaders​and all Rotarians interested in learning more about Rotary.
Club district training fee covers the cost for up to 10 members. Breakfast and lunch are included.

​There will be a surprise ​Keynote Speaker​ that will uplift ​our ​club members​.

Burnsville Community Center 200W Burnsville Parkway, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337


GMS Refresher Course seminar - separate registration required.

Click here to register online.


District to create Dignity Packs for Human Trafficking Victims

Engage in the District Conference celebration
and Done-In-A-Day Project!
Clubs will donate products/funding | Attendees will create the packs | Cornerstone will distribute (through Law Enforcement supporting human trafficked victims)
1,000 Dignity Packs with
Toothbrush | toothpaste | deodorant | soap | shampoo | conditioner | tissues | lotion | non-perishable snacks | chap stick | water bottle | Rotary recognition!
Funding – join a District Grant to purchase the 1,000 tote bags (need $10,000)
Donate 250+ products
Donate funding for the District Grant
Contact Carol MacDonald, District Conference Done-In-A-Day Project Chair to donate (  Will be present at the Mid-Term for Club pledges!
Thank you for your support!!

"Thank you!" from Interfaith Outreach

Last year, the Wayzata Rotary Club Foundation contributed $4000 for a new passenger van.  Although it took a while to get the remaining funding in place, we finally purchased the van and are now using it to support activities of our Neighborhood Program (formerly known as CONECT).  We are so appreciative!
Interfaith Outreach recently completed signage on the van giving recognition to both the Wayzata and Plymouth Rotary clubs. 

Artist of "Big Water," Foster Willey 

Mark Lauffenburger was able to meet "Big Water" artists, Foster Willey, at the plaque placement ceremony on December 8 in Wayzata.  If you have not had a chance yet to drive by and see this wonderful sculpture, please do.

Meet Merlin - An Autism Service Dog in Training!

Our Club Administrator and member, Shelley Beaumont, went to North Carolina last weekend with her Autistic Son, Pierce, and Sr. Daughter, Karly.  The Beaumont family has been working since 2016 to acquire a service dog for their son.  After a lengthy application process and waiting period, they were finally able to meet the puppy that was picked as a match.  As you can see, Pierce LOVED the puppy!  
Pierce's dog, a Labradoodle, will be named Merlin as Pierce has a particular love of elemental magic and fire balls.  His new side kick has 4-6 more months more of specialized training before he is able to join the family this summer.   Merlin will be specially trained to help pierce during periods of anxiety, tantrums, redirect him when self harming, provide deep pressure sensory relief (by squashing him when upset, or by letting Pierce rub on his joints when anxious).  The family is really excited to have Merlin in time for Pierce to transition to high school and beyond!

Welcome to the Board Bjorn!

Bjorn Meisner was voted in as the newest member of the Wayzata Rotary Club during the December 10 board meeting.  The board looks forward to Bjorn's enthusiasm and interest in helping our club to remain a vibrant party of the Wayzata community.  Congratulations Bjorn!