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Weekly Speakers
Dr. Abul Sharah, International Village Clinic
May 30, 2018
Jim Hartfiel, Host
Rotary Youth Exchange
Jun 06, 2018
Steve Hance, Host
Wayzata Art Experience
Jun 13, 2018
Becky Pierson
Jun 20, 2018
Fred Meyer, Host
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Scott Hutton, RPCV
Angela Bernhardt - Guest



Scott will tell his fascinating story of the time he spent as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Medellin, Columbia from 1964-1966. Scott’s two years of living in a Third World country was a time of hardships as well as personal accomplishments, solving challenges alongside other community leaders in the area. He will also update us on the happenings in Colombia over the past 50 years regarding the drug trafficking, violence, and political situation.

2018 Wayzata Memorial Education Foundation
Scholarship Winners!
One of the favorite meetings of the year is when the best and brightest from Wayzata High School come and join us for lunch.  This year the WMEF was able to award 16 $1,000 scholarships.  This is not possible without the donations and fund raising that Wayzata Rotary does.  Members - THANK YOU!
This year while munching on tacos, we got to know each student, where they are planning on going to school, and each shared what they were most proud of.  This year's Q&A with the students was fantastic!  This group of scholars was very articulate, engaged with members in answering questions, and were very open and honest with their observations.  
Thank you Scott Gengler for hosting the luncheon and to the WMEF committee membes, Bruce Lea, Tom Vettel, and Chris Pierson for attending and participating in the Award Program on May 14.  You earned an attendance credit!

Welcome New Members!

Wayzata Rotary is thrilled to welcome Tom Schwalbe and Pat Houston.  Tom is a neighbor of Norrie Thomas and is looking forward to getting his hands dirty with club spring planting projects.  Pat keeps busy as the President of her condo association and is happy to be back in the suburbs after being a city dweller for years.
Please welcome Tom and Pat and look for them at the check-in table or selling 50/50 raffle tickets soon!

Hope's Focus for 2018-2019
Human Trafficking in Minnesota

Hope shared with us that she wants to focus her term on helping end Human Trafficking in Minnesota.  During the district meeting in Burnsville, clubs were challenged to identify a person in each club to be the Club Champion for this project.  The district is working on a new website, "".  It is not yet active, but it will be created to provide financial support to partner organizations to work on prevention, awareness, and education.
One of the organizations is ACT United:  "At ACT United we focus our efforts on prevention by providing awareness training on juvenile sex trafficking and exploitation, facilitate Community Café Dialogues, provide opportunities for communities to engage in prevention projects, and aim to inspire churches, individuals, and organizations to work together creating safe communities for children and youth."
There is also the "Done in a Day Project" where the district plans to make dignity bags.  If you are not able to attend that event but wish to help, district 5950 is taking donations to purchase items for the event.  Contact Carol MacDonald, District Conference Done-In-A-Day Project Chair to donate (  Carol suggests $250 to $1000 from each club!  Please see Shelley or Hope if you are interested in helping.

Doug Arndt, Hope Schroeppel, and Shelley Beaumont attended District Assembly

Doug, Hope, and Shelley spent Saturday morning, April 21, at the Rotary District 5950 District Assembly in Burnsville.  The event was very well organized and attended by smiling Rotarians from all around the district.
There were 7 break out sessions to choose from, and a very moving and touching talk by speaker Maria Nhambu.   Many great ideas were shared around the District's priorities and District Governor Elect, Irene Kelly challenged us to think about as we move to add more women and diverse members to our clubs and work towards Rotary's enhanced humanitarian focus on eliminating Human Trafficking in Minnesota:
1.  How will YOU be the inspiration? 
2. What limiting beliefs are keeping you from taking action?
Stay tuned for updates from Shelley for specific action items you can take as a member of WRC!

District to create Dignity Packs for Human Trafficking Victims

Engage in the District Conference celebration
and Done-In-A-Day Project!
Clubs will donate products/funding | Attendees will create the packs | Cornerstone will distribute (through Law Enforcement supporting human trafficked victims)
1,000 Dignity Packs with
Toothbrush | toothpaste | deodorant | soap | shampoo | conditioner | tissues | lotion | non-perishable snacks | chap stick | water bottle | Rotary recognition!
Funding – join a District Grant to purchase the 1,000 tote bags (need $10,000)
Donate 250+ products
Donate funding for the District Grant
Contact Carol MacDonald, District Conference Done-In-A-Day Project Chair to donate (  Will be present at the Mid-Term for Club pledges!
Thank you for your support!!

Author, Ames Sheldon, Guest
Hope Schroeppel, Guest

Author Ames Sheldon visited Wayzata Rotary and shared the 15 year journey to get her book published.  She described "roadblocks" as "pot holes" and how her book and story grew stronger and better after each dip.  One of the interesting pot holes she encountered was with a Book Doctor.  It was recommended along the line that she should have her manuscript worked over by a book doctor and she was shocked when the person cut 1/3rd of her manuscript.  She had heard about "editorial grief" and shared with us that it is real!
After three major revisions, she was ready to get her book published.  She was not able to find a publisher in the traditional route and went with an independent publisher, Beavers Pond Press and earned the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best New Voice: Fiction.

An Amazing Journey Shared
Marcia Malzahn - Guest

Marcia Malzahn shared her incredible journey of courage, strength, and resilience.  Marcia and her family survived a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Nicaragua and killed over 10,000 people when she was a small girl,  was sent to San Francisco at 11 as an exchange student, and became a refugee with her family at aged 13, escaping from the violence in her home country. 
If you have wondered about your mission, your calling, or your purpose in life, you probably have asked yourself the question, Why am I here? The Fire Within challenges you to dig deep to find your God-given gifts, develop them, and use them to fulfill your special purpose in life.  Marcia spoke of Gratitude and spent her life being busy, gracious, and giving.
She shared her philosophy that we, the people of the earth, should work and relate to all generations, learn, and learn from all.  She left us with these thoughts:
*  Be thankful
* We can survive anything
* Live with awareness and appreciation
* Discover all your talents and use them
* Prepare for opportunities
* Learn and have faith
* Take others on your journey

Lonnie Dupre - Guest
Mark Cheeley - Host

Minnesota native and explorer, Lonnie Dupre, entertained us with stories from his adventures in his personal quest to climb Mount Denali, by himself, and in the winter time. "Denali, once called Mount McKinley, is the tallest mountain in North America. Located in south-central Alaska, the mountain's peak is 20,310 feet (6,190 meters) above sea level, also making it the third highest of the Seven Summits — the highest mountains on each of the seven continents — following Mount Everest in Nepal and Aconcagua in Argentina."*
It took Lonnie 4 tries before reaching the summit and his goal on his fifth try.  Lonnie shared with us spectacular photos and videos from his adventures and shared how he trains in high altitudes and packs for his adventures.  One of the interesting details is that Lonnie prepares food packs to specific amount of calories and nutrition.  He uses many different nut butters and dried fruit,  and packs bottles of olive oil to fortify his food.  His tools are well thought out and one of which was a crevasse bar he created to catch him should his fall down into one.   One of the videos he shared was from the inside of a tent he used on his last climb during a storm.  A point of interest, snow caves are much warmer and quieter than tents!  
Lonnie has written several books and his latest is Alone at the Top: Climbing Denali in the Dead of Winter.

Tim Litfin- Guest
J.R. Bosclair - Host

Tim Litfin joined Wayzata Rotary armed with goodies left over from Tour de Tonka 2018 to award to members and generate excitement for this year's event.  Tim created the event 13 years ago and benefits the ICA Foodshelf.  “Bicycle riders participate because Tour de Tonka is pure fun."
Some fun number facts that Tim shared with us:
  • 24 cities are in the Tour de Tonka
  • 8 routes
  • 42 states send riders
  • 100 mile route is highly desirable to riders
  • 88 was the age of the oldest rider in 2017
  • 108 agencies are collaborated with
  • 616 Volunteers participated in 2017
  • 11,954 was the amount of money spent of rest stop food
  • 22,235 was the dollar amount invested in safety (state patrol, police, fire)
The event is always the first Saturday and August and promises to be a fantastic and fun community event.  Several members will be participating this year!  If you would like more details, click here.

Juan Nusatodo to Attend RYLA ( Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

Juan, the Rotary exchange student from Argentina, reached out to WRC to ask for sponsorship to attend  RYLA  camp in Hudson, WI the last week of April.  Juan is sponsored by the Plymouth Rotary and they were unable to help Juan with this request.  Wayzata Rotary stepped in and is able to help Juan with this $375 investment.
'"For me. Is something that I would love to attend I thing is going to be a really good experience that will improve me as a person and as a leader"  Juan Nusatodo

One of the goals of Rotary is to help young people develop their leadership abilities and self-confidence to the fullest. To accomplish that goal, Rotary clubs around the world prepare thousands of young leaders through RYLA programs each year.

Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a five-day camp which strengthens leadership skills and capabilities of high school students through physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual challenges.  There is an emphasis on problem solving, teamwork, and interaction with other outstanding students and volunteer counselors and presenters.

Who can attend?

About 100 high school students are selected each year from southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin by their local Rotary Clubs which pays the tuition for the camp experience.

What are the benefits?

At RYLA, students gain insight into:

  • Leadership basics
  • Communication
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Personal strengths
  • Community and global citizenship
Steve Hance will be Juan's sponsor and upon finding out we could help him, Juan wrote; "I am so glad and happy to hear those good news. I am really really thankful for you help and your sponsor."
If you would like to know more about Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, click here.

"Thank you!" from Interfaith Outreach

Last year, the Wayzata Rotary Club Foundation contributed $4000 for a new passenger van.  Although it took a while to get the remaining funding in place, we finally purchased the van and are now using it to support activities of our Neighborhood Program (formerly known as CONECT).  We are so appreciative!
Interfaith Outreach recently completed signage on the van giving recognition to both the Wayzata and Plymouth Rotary clubs. 

Artist of "Big Water," Foster Willey 

Mark Lauffenburger was able to meet "Big Water" artists, Foster Willey, at the plaque placement ceremony on December 8 in Wayzata.  If you have not had a chance yet to drive by and see this wonderful sculpture, please do.

Meet Merlin - An Autism Service Dog in Training!

Our Club Administrator and member, Shelley Beaumont, went to North Carolina last weekend with her Autistic Son, Pierce, and Sr. Daughter, Karly.  The Beaumont family has been working since 2016 to acquire a service dog for their son.  After a lengthy application process and waiting period, they were finally able to meet the puppy that was picked as a match.  As you can see, Pierce LOVED the puppy!  
Pierce's dog, a Labradoodle, will be named Merlin as Pierce has a particular love of elemental magic and fire balls.  His new side kick has 4-6 more months more of specialized training before he is able to join the family this summer.   Merlin will be specially trained to help pierce during periods of anxiety, tantrums, redirect him when self harming, provide deep pressure sensory relief (by squashing him when upset, or by letting Pierce rub on his joints when anxious).  The family is really excited to have Merlin in time for Pierce to transition to high school and beyond!