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Weekly Speakers
Dr. Mary Meyer, MN Landscape Arboretum
Mar 21, 2018
Belle Davenport, Host
Off Site Meeting: Emergency Communications Center
Mar 28, 2018
Mike Risvold, Wayzata Police Chief, Host
Apr 04, 2018
Paul Boettner, Host
Apr 11, 2018
Steve Droen, Host
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Dr. Mary Meyer, MN Landscape Arboretum

Belle Davenport, Host

Dr. Meyer joined the Horticultural Science faculty in 1993 and has primarily an Extension/outreach and research appointment. Her research interests include native and ornamental grasses, especially Miscanthus, Schizachyrium, and Pennisetum. She is interested in propagation and production of grasses including cold hardiness, and sustainability of grasses for landscaping, especially in northern climates. She also conducts research on alternative low maintenance turfgrasses. She has studied Miscanthus and where it has escaped in the United States and authored the website entitled Miscanthus: Ornamental and Invasive Grass. She is the author of the publication Ornamental Grasses for Cold Climates which can be purchased from the Arboretum Online Gift Store.

Dr. Meyer is responsible for the development and coordination of statewide multi-media educational programs in environmental and consumer horticulture. Her main office is at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum where she is the Arboretum Professor of Applied Research and Consumer Horticulture. She was the State Coordinator for the Master Gardener program in Minnesota for 13 years.

She coordinates Hort 4000, International Experiences in Horticulture, and teaches Hort 3000 Global Seminar on English Garden History.

State of the City - Joint Wayzata Chamber Meeting
Mayor Ken Wilcox - Host

Wayzata Mayor, Ken Wilcox, welcomed Rotary and Chamber members to a packed room.  General announcements were made on upcoming Chamber events.  On March 20, the general monthly meeting will be hosting  Navy Seal, Eric Lundquist.  Eric will discuss how the success and leadership on a SEAL Teams in training and on the battlefield relates to leadership in small businesses and corporations.

Donations will be accepted during the luncheon for Minnesotan's Military Appreciation Fund, which is a statewide fundraising initiative by the citizens of Minnesota, for Minnesota military personnel and their families.  To register for the luncheon, click here.  
Rick Born, CEO, RBA Consulting, gave a short presentation and overview of the Wayzata lake Effect project and fundraising needs.  The primary responsibility of the Lake Effect Conservancy is to advocate for the Project and secure private and philanthropic funding to support construction and ongoing maintenance.  The goal is to raise 10 million dollars ASAP.  For more information, click here.
Mayor Wilcox shared some upcoming construction that includes two new condo complexes, a new office building, and unfortunately/fortunately, road construction at Wayzata Blvd and Superior.  Lake Street will also be reshaped for a better pedestrian area.  Overall, the city of Wayzata is healthy and vibrant, offers a wide range of amenities and restaurants, and the Chamber has a full slate of events throughout the year to keep residents involved in the community.

Inspiration Around Every Corner

June 23 - 27, 2018 - Toronto, Canada


A world of opportunity awaits you at the Rotary Convention

At our 2018 convention, thousands of Rotarians from every corner of the globe will harness the power of their ingenuity to shape our world into something greater.

Whether it’s a chance meeting over coffee that leads to a new project partner, or a speaker who touches your heart and moves you to take action, you’ll find inspiration all around you. Take advantage of opportunities to explore new cultures and fresh perspectives at preconvention events, unofficial affiliated events, and Rotary- and host-ticketed activities.

Ideas that make an impact

Interact with people and ideas that are transforming lives. Discover insightful perspectives from world-renowned speakers, engage in stimulating breakout sessions, and explore innovative solutions to community problems at the House of Friendship.

Relationships that last a lifetime

Whether you’ve just joined Rotary or you’re an experienced member, our annual convention is an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself into diverse cultures and develop rich relationships. Connect with influential peers from across the globe and deepen your friendships with kindred spirits who share your desire for meaningful action.

Knowledge that strengthens your community

The opportunities for learning are endless. You’ll hear about new approaches and strategies for successful projects, uncover ways to attract and engage members in your area, and bring home a renewed passion that will inspire your club members.

Fun that you’ll never forget

The Host Organization Committee is busy arranging unforgettable activities and events for the entire Rotary family. Plan now to attend Ribfest on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. The festivities will culminate in a concert performed by a special artist you won’t want to miss.

Visit the Host Organization Committee site

Downtown Toronto is home to some of North America’s most popular attractions, including the soaring CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Hockey Hall of Fame — as well as a wide array of restaurants, unique art galleries, and a thrilling entertainment district.

Visit the Toronto Convention and Visitors Association

"Thank you!" from Interfaith Outreach

Last year, the Wayzata Rotary Club Foundation contributed $4000 for a new passenger van.  Although it took a while to get the remaining funding in place, we finally purchased the van and are now using it to support activities of our Neighborhood Program (formerly known as CONECT).  We are so appreciative!
Interfaith Outreach recently completed signage on the van giving recognition to both the Wayzata and Plymouth Rotary clubs. 

David Arbit - Guest
Andy Fazendin - Host

David Arbit, MCRP, the Director of Research and Economics for Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, was our guest and gave us a lively and "nerdy" overview of our current real estate market.    The current market is in good shape and there is good residential home purchasing growth.  The three main reasons for this is interest rates are still low, the cost of rent is raising, and the economy is good.  
One of the interesting bit of information David shared was the Price to Income Ration across the country.  Below are some numbers:
14:1 in San Francisco
5:1 in Denver
4:1 in Boston
3:1 in Minneapolis
Minneapolis has a very healthy market and there is a tight supply of homes coming on the market.  One reason is people are staying in their homes an average of 10 years, vs 5-7 years in the 2000's.  For the numbers geek, he shared that there is a 76% reduction in available homes yet a 12% population growth.  A fun statistic, in 2016 the median house cost $230K and in 2017 cost $245K.  The median income is currently $90 and he felt if a family earned this amount, it was better to own then rent.  Overall, he felt that the market was in a much better and smarter place than it was before the housing crash in 2008 and felt the market would continue to be good.

Lauren Sisterman, Soujourner - Guest
Chris Pierson - Host

Lauren Sisterman shared with us how Soujourner provides a safe and caring place to help those facing domestic violence.  Soujourner provides temporary shelter for women and their children, and provides advocacy services to help these women with legal assistance and other resources.  Lauren also shared how domestic abuse isn't always physical or sexual, it can also be economic (not giving money, not allowing a woman to know about family income, restricting access to bank accounts, giving strict allowances) or emotional abuse (putting her down, calling her names, telling her she's crazy).  
Soujourner services are free of charge.  Some group volunteer opportunities are:
Make and serve a meal 
Adopt a room to redecorate
Conduct a donation drive
Help maintain our facilities and grounds
Assist with mailings

Individual volunteer opportunities:

Answer calls on 24-hr Crisis/Help Line
Provide childcare with other staff/volunteers
Assist with clerical tasks
Facilitate/co-facilitate a life skills group
Provide victims with info on weekends

Jean Sharon Abbott - Guest
Lynn Groll - Host

WRC could not have had a better speaker for Valentine's Day!  Jean shared her incredible story of living with a misdiagnosis of Spastic Dipligia, a form of Cerebral Palsy for 33 years.  Jean endured painful muscle surgeries, depression,  having to grow up using a wheel chair, and many years of taking the wrong medications.   
When she received the correct diagnosis, Dopa Responsive Dystonia (DRD),  thanks to a very intuitive doctor, she went from her wheel chair to walking within 3 days.
Jean radiated her joy and gratefulness of how this journey has shaped her as a person and her life.  She reminded all of us that miracles do happen and a couple of outcomes that she is particularly grateful for.  1.  Her parents were still alive when she was able to walk and knew that they didn't have to worry about her; and that with her talks and after an interview on the Today Show, she has helped 20 other people get the correct diagnosis.  
She left us with the charge to find positives in each day - to think of three positive things each day and train your brain to turn around a negative day and make it a positive one.

District to create Dignity Packs for Human Trafficking Victims

Engage in the District Conference celebration
and Done-In-A-Day Project!
Clubs will donate products/funding | Attendees will create the packs | Cornerstone will distribute (through Law Enforcement supporting human trafficked victims)
1,000 Dignity Packs with
Toothbrush | toothpaste | deodorant | soap | shampoo | conditioner | tissues | lotion | non-perishable snacks | chap stick | water bottle | Rotary recognition!
Funding – join a District Grant to purchase the 1,000 tote bags (need $10,000)
Donate 250+ products
Donate funding for the District Grant
Contact Carol MacDonald, District Conference Done-In-A-Day Project Chair to donate (  Will be present at the Mid-Term for Club pledges!
Thank you for your support!!

Artist of "Big Water," Foster Willey 

Mark Lauffenburger was able to meet "Big Water" artists, Foster Willey, at the plaque placement ceremony on December 8 in Wayzata.  If you have not had a chance yet to drive by and see this wonderful sculpture, please do.

Meet Merlin - An Autism Service Dog in Training!

Our Club Administrator and member, Shelley Beaumont, went to North Carolina last weekend with her Autistic Son, Pierce, and Sr. Daughter, Karly.  The Beaumont family has been working since 2016 to acquire a service dog for their son.  After a lengthy application process and waiting period, they were finally able to meet the puppy that was picked as a match.  As you can see, Pierce LOVED the puppy!  
Pierce's dog, a Labradoodle, will be named Merlin as Pierce has a particular love of elemental magic and fire balls.  His new side kick has 4-6 more months more of specialized training before he is able to join the family this summer.   Merlin will be specially trained to help pierce during periods of anxiety, tantrums, redirect him when self harming, provide deep pressure sensory relief (by squashing him when upset, or by letting Pierce rub on his joints when anxious).  The family is really excited to have Merlin in time for Pierce to transition to high school and beyond!

Welcome to the Board Bjorn!

Bjorn Meisner was voted in as the newest member of the Wayzata Rotary Club during the December 10 board meeting.  The board looks forward to Bjorn's enthusiasm and interest in helping our club to remain a vibrant party of the Wayzata community.  Congratulations Bjorn!