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We meet each Wednesday from 11:45am-1:00pm
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West
Wayzata, MN
Weekly Speakers
Nan Peterson, Blanket Project
Dec 18, 2019
Blanket Tieing, Host - Becky Pierson
Dec 25, 2019
Jan 01, 2020
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Nan Peterson - Blanket Tying Project
Becky Peterson - Host

Nan Peterson is the former director of Office of Equity and Community Engagement at The Blake School.
After we hear from Nan, "What is service? What is our local and global commitment to service? Why is reciprocity important in service relationships? What gives meaning to your life?", we will break up in small groups and cut and tie blankets that will be donated through Nan.
Learning about service and doing a service project all tied up in one meeting!
President, Kelly Sater, is asking members for local service project ideas.  If you have an idea of a project you would like to have Rotarians involved in, please let Kelly know.

Feed My Starving Children - "A Blast!"

Kelly Sater, James Houg, Kathy Leervig, and Nancy Holden all participated in the Feed My Starving Children food packing event.  Reports back were that is was super fun, went really fast, and only one person fainted (not someone we know!)
President, Kelly Sater, has a goal for at least 20 members to volunteer their time outside of Rotary meetings in the community.  We are looking into more ideas to be directly involved with the Wayzata community, particularly as the holiday season is around the corner.  (Gift wrapping, adopt a family, leaf raking).  If you have any ideas, please let Kelly or Shelley know.
If you have participated in a volunteer event in the community, please let Shelley know so she can add you to the list of 20, and also award you with an attendance make-up!  

 Rotary service trips to Guatemala

Feb 1-9, 2020
Feb 18-23, 2020
July 12-18, 2020
July 21-26, 2020

The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) is one of the largest grassroots, multi-club, multi-district projects in Rotary. More than 600 clubs and 80 districts have been working together since 1997 to improve education for underserved students in Guatemala. In that time, 208,500 students have been served through four sustainable programs that are tested and proven to work. In 2017, RI President Ian Riseley called the GLP “the gold standard of Rotary projects” for its sustainability and impact.

If you have any questions, you can email Joe at

Joe Berninger
Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) 
Rotary Club of Ohio Pathways (D-6600)

Spring/Summer Awards

President, Kelly Sater, was delighted to hand out Paul Harris Fellow certificates and pins to fellow Rotarians.  For Rotary year 2018-2018, WRC welcomed Becky Pierson, Hope Schroeppel, and Beth Warner to the Paul Harris Fellowship circle.  Thank you for your support!
The club recognized member, Ben Hoveland, with a Paul Harris Fellow as a thank you for all the hard work Ben did to facilitate the Music by the Lake fundraising effort for WRC.  As a club, we are able to use points and direct a donation to honor a member and WRC could think of no better person to thank.  Thank you Ben!
WRC also recognized the following members for their continued support of Rotary International and the Paul Harris Society:
Norrie Thomas  - PH+2
Sarah Kaelberer - PH+4 
Mark Lauffenberger - PH+5
Cliff Otten - PH +6
Mike Lee - PH+6
Tom Metcalf - PH +8

Mark Wilkening - Bridging "We Furnish with Hope"

Mark shared how Bridging brings help to those who are transitioning out of homelessness and poverty and how they are different from other agencies that also serve the same demographics.  Bridging only focuses on furniture and household goods and works through referrals to match those in need with the shopping experience to furnish homes.
The service does have a $60 fee and clients can shop for up to $1,800 worth of furnishings.
There are many ways members can get involved - from donating "the good stuff" furniture and furnishings, creating a team building event and come and put together dressers, or join in the super fun fundraising event, "Bed Race for Bridging" on March 14, 2020.  This event is full of joy and costumes and people sliding down Buck Hill on an mattress.
The organization is tax deductible, so if you are considering donating items, please consider Bridging!

"Intimate Lies and the Law"

Jill Elaine Hasday, our guest speaker, is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and the Centennial Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School.  She teaches and writes about anti-discrimination law, constitutional law, family law, and legal history.  Jill shared with us a new area of law that she became interested in - intimate deception in dating, sex, and marriage.  
"Intimacy and deception are often entangled.  People deceive to lure someone into a relationship or to keep her there, to drain an intimate’s bank account or to use her to acquire government benefits, to control an intimate or to resist domination, or to capture myriad other advantages. No subject is immune from deception in dating, sex, marriage, and family life. Intimates can lie or otherwise intentionally mislead each other about anything and everything."
Jill shared her perspective on why the current laws protect the abusers and what she would like to see changed in the laws, one of which, is removing the concept of "intimacy" from consideration in lawsuits.  If you are interested in purchasing her book or learning more, click here.

Angelina Amerigo, Miss Heart of the Lakes 2020

"One Bottle - One Straw - One Bag at a Time" is Angelina's social service impact project.  Angelina has joined in the Miss America Organization and will be competing for Miss Minnesota in June.  There are 4 areas of competition: Success, Scholarships, Service, and Style.
Angelina shared an overview of the impact garbage, particularly plastic, is having on our oceans and planet.  The purpose of her project is to bring the topic of the over-usage of plastic alive and hurting the globe's marine life.  Ways we can help:
STOP using plastic straws and replace with metal straws.
STOP using plastic water bottles and use re-usable bottles
STOP using plastic bottles at the grocery store and leave a fabric tote handy for use instead
We wish Angelina the best of luck with competition!  For more information on the Miss America Organization, click here.

Alan Arthur - Aeon "Home Changes Everything"

The crisis around affordable housing is set to become the worse it has been since the Great Depression.  The next two decades will be very dire for the poor.  Alan shared a sobering fact: 75-100 units per week of affordable housing are lost in MN.  He also shared the 700-900K people will be moving into Minnesota in the next decade which will exacerbate the housing crisis that is beginning to show in Minnesota.  One main factor in the crisis brewing is the reduction over the last 35 years by the federal government cutting funding to housing.  In Minnesota, we will see more homelessness and the next 20 years will be bad for the poor.
Aeon is a non-profit organization that works to acquire housing properties around the cities, renovate them, and keep them in working order.  Since 1986 they have purchased or renovated more than 4,000 apartments and townhomes.  These homes provide stability to 8,500 people each year.   They also work partner specific communities to address needs such as autism housing and vet housing.  
To help you can donate, volunteer, or even work at Aeon. 

Aleesha Webb - Village Bank
The Community Banking Community

Aleesha gave an overview of why more and more community banks are leaving the area and challenges.  Besides talent gaps and the personal touch that small community banks can provide to clients, the are also faced with:
- Cost of compliance is rising
- Security risks rising
- Technology gaps
- Succession planning, pace, and cultural disconnect
- Maintaining the "business"
At Village Bank, she focuses on teams and supporting each other and lives by "The 5 Village Values:"
1.  Relationships first
2.  Earn it everyday
3.  Own it
4.  Build something special
5.  Do the right thing