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Wayzata Country Club
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Weekly Speakers
Ross Bowen, "Minnesota Pension Funds"
Jan 17, 2018
Angela Bernhardt, Host
Jan 24, 2018
Jim Hartfiel, Host
Michael Durchslag, P.E.A.S.E. Academy
Jan 31, 2018
Lynn Groll, Host
Sumi Mukherjee, author
Feb 07, 2018
Steve Hance, Host
Current Community Volunteer Opportunities
Lynn McCarthy will be chairing Pull It and her cell is 612-702-1937 and her email is  
The City of Wayzata really appreciates your helping with their gardens and I thought they looked pretty spectacular this summer.  You will be meeting at the Wayzata Public Works Building at 8:15AM  - 299 Wayzata Blvd, Wayzata, 55391.
Please bring your trowel and garden gloves-  need your trowel for those plants that do not want to leave their good earth.
There will be coffee, water and donuts waiting for you.  The Mayor of Wayzata will welcome you with a few words and Kurt Klapprich will be telling you which plants not to pull out. You will be leaving for the gardens at 9:00  SHARP!   Last year it only TOOK ONE HOUR TO PULL ALL THE FLOWERS!  WOW! You all have this down to a science.
Have a fun time – hope your schedule permits you to take part in PULL IT 2017.
Pat Broyles, REALTOR, CRP
Counselor Realty
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Bob Halagen - District Governor Visits WRC

Bob, a lifelong supporter of Service Above Self, visited WRC and gave us a great overview of what Rotary International and the District is focusing on for the current Rotary year.  Some goals:
  1. Reach 300 Paul Harris Society Members - Currently the district has 289.  If the goal of 300 is reached, an extra $1 million dollars will be available in the district!
  2. A pledge to plant 27,000 trees has been made.  Currently, $25,000 has been raised for this initiative.  At the District Conference, Rotarians will be planing trees along the Mississippi River behind the Guthrie Theater.
  3.  A new focus on bringing women into Rotary.  a) Morally, gender inequality still exists, female slavery still exists, and we have an obligation to stand up for equal rights; b) It will help Rotary grow.  "Men have an obligation to make the club open for women" Bob said, and he encouraged our male members to think about being intentional in inviting women to meetings.
  4. Topics that are of interest to women, people of color, and Millennials that twolocal clubs are addressing:
    1.  Opioid abuse - Edina Rotary
    2. Human Trafficking - Minnetonka Rotary

Rotary Guatemala Trip!

For those of you who are last minute planners looking for a warm place to go this winter, a group of Rotarians have planned a trip to Guatemala for February 25th through March 3rd and are looking for a few more bodies to join them.  It is currently a group of 10 travelers and having travelled with most of them I can tell you that if you are allergic to laughter and fun, do not go on this trip!  If you like to laugh and work a little bit and are interested, please contact Julie Gotham Nelson at (612) 859-4576 or  Club Presidents, please pass this on to any members you think might be interested.
Thanks and thanks for all you do for Rotary!
DG Bob

Ross Bowen, "Minnesota Pension Funds"

Angela Bernhardt, Host

Ross Bowen is an actuary living in Minnetonka.  He has over thirty years of experience, mostly working with annuities, pensions, and investments.  He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1983 with a degree in Economics and received his MBA in Finance from Carnegie Mellon in 1992.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst credential.
Ross was the 2011 Minnesota in May state BBQ champion, but has retired from competition and only cooks for charities, including Hammer Residences.  He is a regular contributor to the Spirited Table food blog.  
Ross' personal motto is the same as the Society of Actuary's - "Replace Impressions with Facts".  He wonders whether this is his motto because he is an actuary or if he is an actuary because this is his motto.

Guest: Dave Garwick
Host: Mike Lee

Dave Garwick visited Wayzata Rotary and shared how his life working in Clergy has affected how he looks at his life.  "As a pastor, I live through others."  Dave is a WWII hobbyist and loves learning about stories and researching them.  He has found that as time goes on, more and more stories are being shared that weren't necessarily documented.
One of those stories, and one that sparked the desire to write a book, was the story of the Laconia, a British passenger ship that was assumed to be a troop carrier (as many WWII passenger ships were used as).  A German U-boat sank the Laconia and once they found out the ship was actually carrying POW's, the chain of events afterwards created an intriguing story that Gary researched and wrote about in his book "With Every Mouse and Man."  The title refers to a saying when a ship was sunk - every mouse and man has been killed.
Thank you Mike Lee for bringing in Dave!

Author, Patrick "Packy" Mader, Guest
Adam Fonda, Host

Author, Patrick Mader, visited WRC and shared with us some really neat stories on Minnesota Athletes that have been in the Olympics.  The idea came to him while on a canoe trip through the Boundary Waters.  We was thinking about the canoeing athlete, Angus "Sandy" Morrison while on this trip and it made him wonder if there were any other Minnesota athletes that won Olympic medals.
Minnesota Gold features compelling stories told by fifty-seven Minnesota athletes participating in the Olympics, World Championships, and World Cups from 1948 – 2014. As they pursued their dreams and persevered to compete in the greatest international competitions, these diverse athletes represented their state with dignity and brought pride to sports fans in all regions of Minnesota. 

Author Patrick “Packy” Mader presented an engaging and unique program as he shared the memorable conversations he had with these remarkable men and women who honored their sport, their state, and their country on the world stage over the last seven decades. 

Gary Smith, Guest
Jim Houg, Host


A big thank you to Jim Houg for hosting Gary Smith, Athletic Trainer for the 1980 US Olympic Hockey ‘Miracle’ team.  Gary shared many stories and it was fun to hear the inside scoop on Herb ‘Herbie’ Brooks and the team.

Through his stories, it became clear that trainers do not go in to the profession for money, but rather for the love of the game and endurance for lots of travel and long hours! Clearly, Gary is sharing his gift with others❤️

He’ll be on concussion patrol at the this year’s Super Bowl ensuring the safety of the athletes.  He will be in the booth using his binoculars, delays in games, the jumbotron, and his years of training to spot any concussions on the field. 


Mid-Term Assembly   

Location:  Crown College

Doug Arndt and Kelly Sater will be attending this year.

A time to meet and network with fellow Rotarians, learn of club activities around the district, and re-energize for the rest of the year.  All Rotarians are encouraged to attend, particularly club presidents and board members, Assistant Governors and District leadership.

The event will run from 7:30am to 1:00pm. A healthy breakfast and lunch will be served. (Please indicate in comments if you prefer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free meals).  There is no cost to register - as it has already been included in your club's training fee.

To register, click here:

Artist of "Big Water," Foster Willey 

Mark Lauffenburger was able to meet "Big Water" artists, Foster Willey, at the plaque placement ceremony on December 8 in Wayzata.  If you have not had a chance yet to drive by and see this wonderful sculpture, please do.

Welcome to the Board Bjorn!

Bjorn Meisner was voted in as the newest member of the Wayzata Rotary Club during the December 10 board meeting.  The board looks forward to Bjorn's enthusiasm and interest in helping our club to remain a vibrant party of the Wayzata community.  Congratulations Bjorn!

Doug Arndt Getting Ready for the ATV Winner to be Read Out


This year marked the 9th annual Car Show that hosted beautiful and eclectic vehicles. Our local automotive businesses and many personal enthusiasts sponsored the Show to raise money for the community. New this year was a pancake breakfast with “flying” pancakes, and an ATV raffle give away. As a result of our show, pancake breakfast and ATV raffle, Wayzata Rotary will be able to  increase our charitable giving. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers from Rotary and the community that helped to sell tickets and came out over the weekend to donate their time for this great event.

2017 WMEF Scholarship Winners 

Front row: Sarah Linderwell, Megan Peterson, Inna Couri, Sasidhar Vankina, Qiwen (Wendy) Lai, Bobby Isbell
Back row: Principal Scott Gengler, Gabrielle Bobgan, Hannah Emmons, Layne Burdette, Kishan Patel, Pankeel Shah
Unable to attend/Not pictured: Gauri Binoy, Noa Cherney, Liban Jama, Tyler Young and Catherine Yu
Rotarian Scott Gengler, principal of Wayzata High School, was our host.  We had our annual scholarship luncheon to honor 16 Wayzata High School Students for their outstanding academics, school participation, and community involvement.  Each student was teamed up with a Rotarian and was asked to introduce themselves, the college or university they  plan on attending, and their interests.  We were very happy to include parents this year and one final round of questions asked of the students was; "What are you afraid of?"  We were glad to hear the biggest concerns were concerning laundry and cooking. 
Congratulations students!

Rotarians in Action!

Service above self:
The Wayzata Rotary Club answered the call for a new Canoe Rack at the City of Wayzata Marina.  Over 14 Rotarians pitched in last Tuesday night to install foundations and complete the landscaping for the canoe rack.  When Andy Thielen asked everyone to bring a shovel and post hole digger, Bruce Lea super-sized the request brought his tractor - complete with bucket and post hole digger.  After the work was completed all met at 6SSMITH for a social hour. 

"Wayzata Rotary 'drives' support for community change

by guest columnist Kelly Sater

Many of you wandered through or maybe just glanced at the beautiful cars on display last month in Wayzata during James J. Hill Days. But what may not have been clear from looking at the shiny paint and clean interiors is that these cars serve a higher purpose in our community.

The Wayzata Rotary began organizing the car show in 2008. At that time, the exhibition was located in the small old Muni parking lot. This past year marked the eighth year for the car show, which has grown to host more than 116 eclectic vehicles. Our local automotive businesses and even personal enthusiasts sponsor the show to raise money for the community.

Specifically, Wayzata Rotary proudly supports projects and community organizations by funding grants twice a year, in May and in November. Typically, awards from $100 to $2,000 are made to selected applicants and are each sponsored by a club member.

The community service grants fund a variety of purposes and causes, but prefer to fund nonprofit or charitable organizations with specific needs, rather than general operations. Strong preference is also given to locally initiated and managed groups serving our area.

Recent recipients of community service grants include:

Wayzata Rotarians have begun a new and exciting service project mentoring students at Wayzata High School. Learn more about how you can join this project at an upcoming meeting. Onward and upward!

Making a Difference!

The Wayzata Rotary international service project has become a reality! The long-awaited dental clinic in the Dominican Republic is open and serving the public! We have received a terrific YouTube video showing the brand new clinic in San Cristobal, Domican Republic. Click HERE to view the video. Our Wayzata Rotary international grant donations have built this clinic, allowing people from San Cristobal and surrounding villages to receive dental care for the first time ever, leading to better overall health! Well done, Wayata Rotary, with special thanks to Dr. Arne Kolbjornsen, Chris Pierson, and Tom Vettel for their leadership.