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STRIVE Coordinator
STRIVE Coordinator

Lambert Brown - Head Coach of Wayzata Football - Guest
Ben Hovland - Host

Prior to being named Wayzata's Head Coach, Lambert Brown held head coaching positions at Fridley High School and Chaska High School. He led Fridley (2009) to a share of the North Suburban Conference title. At Chaska (2013), he directed the school to the first state tournament appearance in 39 years.

Brown lives in the district with his wife, Lindsay, a Wayzata High School graduate and four children. Brown is a 2000 graduate of White Bear Lake High School, where he played running back under Bob Jackson and earned all-conference honors. Brown went on to attend Concordia-St. Paul University where he earned a degree in teaching and also participated in football.

Coach Brown is currently an achievement specialist teacher at Wayzata High School.

STRIVE Program Overview

Jim Betzold (Maple Grove) and Chuck Krausort (Osseo) gave the club an overview of the Rotary STRIVE Program they host at Maple Grove and Osseo High Schools, how they run their program, and shared how much gratification and joy they receive from working with this program.  The program is intended as a scholarship and mentoring program to help students improve grades, attendance, and school performance.  The original program was started in 1991 by Rotarian, Don Mooney, in White Bear Lake.
Wayzata Rotary is looking to start a STRIVE program with Wayzata High School and to date, 170 students have already been identified as potential mentees.
Norrie Thomas is the champion of this program for WRC and she has already identified 10 mentors within the community, Rotary, and Interfaith Outreach.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or would like to join the STRIVE committee, please let Shelley and/or Norrie know.  The WRC board will be voting at the November board meeting after receiving member input on whether or not to move forward with funding and committing to this program. 
Below is the agenda used as Osseo Senior High school and the commitment that Jim and Chuck will provide to WCR as the program begins as reference.

The Computers Arrived!

Cliff Otten shared a picture he received via Father Bernie of the kids using the computers that Cliff, WRC, and Frank Babka funded in 2017.  The kids are very excited to have the computers!
Rob Hunt shared information on the Boo Bash Dash benefiting Wayzata Sailing's scholarships, programs, and building the Mike Plan Community Boathouse.  See Rob or click here for more details!
Hello Wayzata Members,
Good afternoon.  A great way to assist and make a difference in our wonderful community this fall is to participate individually or with a small group of friends in the annual rake-a-thon. Please consider helping to rake a yard of someone in our area who is unable to do so on their own. MCE will match you and a few others, or your group, up with a yard. Easy and fun work that really makes a difference. Our residents truly appreciate what this great service event does for them.
Date:     Saturday, November 3, 2018
Time:     Groups typically begin at 9:00 am
Please contact Sheila at MCE if you have as little as one to two hours available on Saturday Nov. 3. Thank you very much. Have a great Thursday.
Thank you,
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Sheila Arnold
Youth Program Manager
Minnetonka Community Education

Wayzata Rotary to Honor our Veterans

WRC is please to announce we have secured Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad, US Air Force (retired) to be our speaker at our Veteran's Day luncheon on November 7. 
WRC would like to have members invite a vet and bring them along for this special luncheon.  Several members have said they would sponsor some of the vets and cover their lunch fees.  If you would like to sponsor a Vet, let Shelley know!  For club member Veterans, we would love to have a picture of you in uniform or any other pictures you would like to share with the club.  Please send to Angela and she will put together a slide show to share.   
Thank you Angela for securing the General!

Annual Club Assembly - Overview

Joe Loman, brother of President, Hope Schroeppel, was our guest and facilitated our annual club assembly.  Several questions and observations were shared and more will be discussed at the October Board meeting on October 10.  Some highlights for members to consider:
1.  68% of members who responded to Hope's survey thought member engagement could be better.  Overall, members thought that the meetings were very welcoming to potential members and guests, but thought the club could do a better job in getting them engaged and participate.
2.  Members felt that there was a lack of participation when an open committee chair is presented.  Some thoughts were that perhaps the club was too spread out on activities and should focus on fewer activities; and to get a good logistics team in place to ensure tasks are completed.  Follow up is to set common goals for WRC.
3.  Joe asked the members WHY they chose Rotary over any other groups.  Many answers were given but most centered around that Rotary allowed a unique platform to celebrate your business, your career, and your community all in one place.  Members have pride in the community engagement of WRC, enjoy the fellowship, and the fun of spending time with like minded people.
The WRC board will be taking the notes that were collected from small group discussions and will discuss in more detail at the October 10 board meeting.  Members are welcome to attend any board meeting so if you would like to attend and be a part of more discussions, please let Shelley or Hope know!

Mike Gratz - MiPro, Guest
Chace Anderson, Host

Mike Gratz, Managing Director and Partner, and Sarah Nesset, Vice President of Services, of MiPro were our guests and share a hands-on example of how their agency works with clients to drill down identified problems and find solutions, or the "Metric of Urgency Way."
Mike shared how MiPro worked with a hospital on their admissions and how they came to realize that the "denial rate" is more of a problem factor rather than the "referral" rate.  In a nutshell the process includes:
  1. Create definition of need
  2. Create a problem statement (not a solution)
  3. Look at processes in simple ways
  4. Determine the metric of urgency
  5. Identify the correct solution
For Wayzata Public Schools, Mike recently implemented the Metric of Urgency method with a team of Wayzata Public Schools' staff to determine instructional and achievement measurement approaches intended to improve third grade reading and mathematics proficiency.  This work resulted in an extension of pre-K outreach practices and parent education opportunities to help ensure more students are ready for kindergarten.

Michael Houston and Chelsea Montgomery - Guests
Pat Houston - Host

Michael Houston, wife of member Pat Houston, and Carlson School of Management Student, Chelsea Montgomery, were our guests.  Michael shared some history of how Carlson College came to be - back in 1986 with the fall of the Berlin Wall a watershed moment was had.  There was a realization by Carlson College was way behind in educating students in the field of business.  Shortly after this an opportunity came to pair with the Warsaw School of Economics which led to three Executive MBA Programs being created in China, Vienna, Austria, and Warsaw Poland.
The curriculum has evolved and now each undergraduate student is required to study abroad during their studies.  Times can be 10 days to a semester or more, but the requirement has become a keystone of the curriculum and is very well received by students and parents.
Chelsea Montgomery shared her experience of studying a business entrepreneurial idea around a private house model similar to Air BNB where citizens turned their homes into places for tourists to stay.  The hotels in Cuba are run by the government and are very expensive.  She spent a semester preparing for the trip and worked with a group in Cuba before flying down and spending 10 days in Cuba.  Chelsea had an amazing time and hopes to visit again.
For more details on the types of programs available, see below!

Erik Finger, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
Darrell Leines, Host

Darrell shared his emotional story of how his world changed in the fall of 2015 when he received the diagnosis he needed a new kidney.  Upon embarking on the donor search Darrell's cousin, Dennis, was a match for a transplant.  Darrell shared the timeline of events before and after the transplant and now his biggest dilemma post transplant is to figure out how to thank someone who so profoundly affected your life?
Dr. Erik Finger, decked out in his scrubs, gave us an overview of the last 50 years of transplants at the U of M.  Generally, there are three options for failing kidneys:  1. Do nothing, 2. dialysis, or 3. Transplant.  In the United States, there are 123,000 people in need of an organ transplant (of those are 101,000 needing a kidney) yet only 17,000 transplants are given in a year.    Dr. Finger shared that living donor transplants can add 20 years of life to the recipient and shared some stats on different organs "shelf" life once received from deceased donors.  The U of M has created medication the help immune system suppression and contributed medication to treat strong rejection and pediatric transplants are big at the U.
The highlight of the meeting was a poem an emotional Darrell shared that he wrote to express his gratitude to his cousin, "My Cousin, My Hero."
Pictured: Chelsea Janke, Dr. Erik Finger, Darrell, Cindy Leines, Diane Johnson