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Weekly Speakers
Town Ball Parks of Minnesota
Oct 18, 2017
Angela Bernhardt, Host
Oct 25, 2017
Cliff Otten, Host
Chuck Aycock, DadsFirst
Nov 01, 2017
James Larson, Host
Jeff Dahlman, TC Kids In Need Resource Center
Nov 08, 2017
Tyler Frederickson, Host
Current Community Volunteer Opportunities
Lynn McCarthy will be chairing Pull It and her cell is 612-702-1937 and her email is  
The City of Wayzata really appreciates your helping with their gardens and I thought they looked pretty spectacular this summer.  You will be meeting at the Wayzata Public Works Building at 8:15AM  - 299 Wayzata Blvd, Wayzata, 55391.
Please bring your trowel and garden gloves-  need your trowel for those plants that do not want to leave their good earth.
There will be coffee, water and donuts waiting for you.  The Mayor of Wayzata will welcome you with a few words and Kurt Klapprich will be telling you which plants not to pull out. You will be leaving for the gardens at 9:00  SHARP!   Last year it only TOOK ONE HOUR TO PULL ALL THE FLOWERS!  WOW! You all have this down to a science.
Have a fun time – hope your schedule permits you to take part in PULL IT 2017.
Pat Broyles, REALTOR, CRP
Counselor Realty
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Referendum for Wayzata Public Schools
Chace Anderson, Host


Chace Anderson, Superintendent for Wayzata Public Schools, presented an overview of a November 7, Wayzata School District referendum vote.  The three questions on the ballot are:
1.  Renew and increase the operating levy to maintain educational programs and services.
2.  Approve bond funding for the district's grown and facilities needs
Renew the technology levy to support teaching and learning.
Pictured:  Chace Anderson, Amy Parnell, District Director of Communications and Community Engagement, and Jim Westrum, Executive Director of Buiness and Finance.

Town Ball Parks of Minnesota
Angela Bernhardt, Host

Author Todd Mueller will present on his latest book, Town Ball Parks of Minnesota. Minnesota has over three hundred town ball teams, more organized amateur baseball teams than in any other state in the country. Town Ball, Parks of Minnesota takes the reader on a tour of the state's most revered ballparks, ranging from a multi-million dollar complex in the Twin Cities to a rural field at the end of a dirt road - arguably the most remote ballpark in the state. Over the course of several years and thousands of miles, the author traveled the state to visit these ballparks, then selected twenty-seven unique, historic and most beloved ballparks. The result is a book on town ball unlike any other publication. The book features five hundred baseball photographs selected from over 20,000 images, together with entertaining stories about the teams, the ballparks and the towns. For those readers who grew up with town ball, this book will highlight the sport they know and have loved for generations. For those unfamiliar with town ball, the book will afford you a glimpse into why these ballparks are considered some of the state's greatest sports treasures.

Nancy McCoy - Guest
Norrie Thomas - Guest

Nancy McCoy, retired Reading Specialist from the Wayzata Public Schools, developed the Literacy Volunteer Program for the Wayzata Public Schools.   Nancy shared some fascinating facts and studies to help WRC members understand the different types of literacy needed to be successful in today's world (Reading, Cultural, and Technological).  Literacy today means the ability to read and write; and a competence or knowledge of a specific area.
She shared with us the current state of reading literacy in the district, where the achievement gap in reading begins, and some tips to help students improve their literacy.  One of the most interesting facts from her presentation is where the word gap is when children enter school:  Children from the "welfare" class tend to have been exposed to 13 million words; children from "working class" tend to have been exposed to 26 million words; and children from a "professional class" tend to have already been exposed to 45 million words!
Some tips she shared to ensure children are competent in reading involves positive feedback being given to children, reading 30 minutes a day outside of school, and parents reading to their children.   Support of community organizations such as "Interfaith Outreach,"  "Great Expectations," and "PEAK-A-Family University" are great organizations that are always looking for volunteers.  
Charlene Barghini and Colleen Wier shared an overview of the Wayzata Public Schools Literacy Volunteer Program.

Jennifer Fernjack - Guest
Steve Droen - Host

Jennifer Fernjack gave us a very moving story about the power of positivity and how she used this power to manage her mindset after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She was diagnosed after a routine eye exam indicated there was an issue with one of her eyes.
What she learned through this experience is if you change your perspective, you can change how your brain reacts.   Jennifer shared photos of herself during different phases of her treatment and shared stories on how she managed each stage and new challenge using positive music, gratitude, and laughter.
She gave each of us a challenge:  Do a random act of kindness.  It increases your dopamine's and will make your mindset more positive.  Next time you are in line getting a coffee, buy the coffee for someone behind you!

MN Opera Visits Wayzata Rotary

Ryan Taylor, the President of the MN Opera, gave us a lovely overview of how he came to love Opera (after leaving mid-show the first time he went to one), to becoming a lover of Opera and to becoming an integral part of the MN Opera.  His view is the opera is a multi-media performance that creates "moments."   He is very proud of the innovation of the MN Opera and how they reach out to a traditional and non-traditional audience. The MN opera is having it's 55th year anniversary (86 if you add the years before the merger of the St. Paul Opera in 1976) and will be presenting 5 shows this year.
We were able to enjoy two "moments" with Jessica Hall at the piano, and Andy Acosta singing.  Jessica and Andy are current winners of the residence program which is a classical version of "American Idol."  Contestants have less than a 1% chance of winning and we were delighted to hear them perform for us.  Fun fact:  There are no microphones for opera singers.  The power of their voice could be felt throughout the dining room and was truly a memorable lunch.
Shelley has a few 20% of coupons if you are interested in purchasing tickets!  

Doug Arndt Getting Ready for the ATV Winner to be Read Out


This year marked the 9th annual Car Show that hosted beautiful and eclectic vehicles. Our local automotive businesses and many personal enthusiasts sponsored the Show to raise money for the community. New this year was a pancake breakfast with “flying” pancakes, and an ATV raffle give away. As a result of our show, pancake breakfast and ATV raffle, Wayzata Rotary will be able to  increase our charitable giving. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers from Rotary and the community that helped to sell tickets and came out over the weekend to donate their time for this great event.

It is Always Fun to Come Across a Bit of History! 

While in Chicago recently, Wayzata Club member, Mark Lauffenburger, stumbled across this plaque.  
The Rotary Club of Chicago was founded on February 23, 1905. Leaders of the club went on to establish Rotary International in 1910. Paul Harris, Rotary's founder, became the first international president and Ches Perry, of ROTARY/One became the first general secretary of the newly formed international office.
The Rotary Club of Chicago is still going strong.  If you would like to see what they are up to, visit here.
Another Great Volunteer Planting Experience
Lynn McCarthy, City of Wayzata
The City needs men, women and high school student volunteers to plant trees, shrubs and perennials on Saturday September 30 from 9:00-1:00 at the interchange at Gleason Lake and Highway 12.
The volunteers will be embarking on a major effort (in conjunction with the Public Works Department and MNDOT's Community Roadside Landscape Partnership) to beautify and improve the Gateway entrances to our City.
This is Phase One of a multiple phase beautification program and volunteer support is vital.
This is a great end of the summer project!  Please contact Lynn McCarthy at to sign up.
Many thanks for your continued support of our City.
Lynn McCarthy
Volunteer Coordinator
City of Wayzata

2017 WMEF Scholarship Winners 

Front row: Sarah Linderwell, Megan Peterson, Inna Couri, Sasidhar Vankina, Qiwen (Wendy) Lai, Bobby Isbell
Back row: Principal Scott Gengler, Gabrielle Bobgan, Hannah Emmons, Layne Burdette, Kishan Patel, Pankeel Shah
Unable to attend/Not pictured: Gauri Binoy, Noa Cherney, Liban Jama, Tyler Young and Catherine Yu
Rotarian Scott Gengler, principal of Wayzata High School, was our host.  We had our annual scholarship luncheon to honor 16 Wayzata High School Students for their outstanding academics, school participation, and community involvement.  Each student was teamed up with a Rotarian and was asked to introduce themselves, the college or university they  plan on attending, and their interests.  We were very happy to include parents this year and one final round of questions asked of the students was; "What are you afraid of?"  We were glad to hear the biggest concerns were concerning laundry and cooking. 
Congratulations students!

Rotarians in Action!

Service above self:
The Wayzata Rotary Club answered the call for a new Canoe Rack at the City of Wayzata Marina.  Over 14 Rotarians pitched in last Tuesday night to install foundations and complete the landscaping for the canoe rack.  When Andy Thielen asked everyone to bring a shovel and post hole digger, Bruce Lea super-sized the request brought his tractor - complete with bucket and post hole digger.  After the work was completed all met at 6SSMITH for a social hour. 


The Wayzata Rotary Grants Committee has chosen the recipients of our 2016 Fall Grants, who were honored at our November 23rd meeting. The grants total $9500 for the following local organizations doing great work in our community:
  • The local Alzheimers Association, for interactive alert bracelets/necklaces to prevent wandering.
  • Bloom Early Childhood, for scholarships for early childhood education so that students are prepared for kindergarten.
  • Hammer Residence, for its Quality of Life Program 
  • IOCP, towards a much needed van for its Neighborhood Program

"Wayzata Rotary 'drives' support for community change

by guest columnist Kelly Sater

Many of you wandered through or maybe just glanced at the beautiful cars on display last month in Wayzata during James J. Hill Days. But what may not have been clear from looking at the shiny paint and clean interiors is that these cars serve a higher purpose in our community.

The Wayzata Rotary began organizing the car show in 2008. At that time, the exhibition was located in the small old Muni parking lot. This past year marked the eighth year for the car show, which has grown to host more than 116 eclectic vehicles. Our local automotive businesses and even personal enthusiasts sponsor the show to raise money for the community.

Specifically, Wayzata Rotary proudly supports projects and community organizations by funding grants twice a year, in May and in November. Typically, awards from $100 to $2,000 are made to selected applicants and are each sponsored by a club member.

The community service grants fund a variety of purposes and causes, but prefer to fund nonprofit or charitable organizations with specific needs, rather than general operations. Strong preference is also given to locally initiated and managed groups serving our area.

Recent recipients of community service grants include:

Wayzata Rotarians have begun a new and exciting service project mentoring students at Wayzata High School. Learn more about how you can join this project at an upcoming meeting. Onward and upward!

Making a Difference!

The Wayzata Rotary international service project has become a reality! The long-awaited dental clinic in the Dominican Republic is open and serving the public! We have received a terrific YouTube video showing the brand new clinic in San Cristobal, Domican Republic. Click HERE to view the video. Our Wayzata Rotary international grant donations have built this clinic, allowing people from San Cristobal and surrounding villages to receive dental care for the first time ever, leading to better overall health! Well done, Wayata Rotary, with special thanks to Dr. Arne Kolbjornsen, Chris Pierson, and Tom Vettel for their leadership.