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Assistance Dogs For Autism
Aug 01, 2018
Shelley Beaumont - Host
TUESDAY MEETING! Night to Unite Luncheon
Aug 07, 2018
TUESDAY MEETING! Night to Unite Luncheon
Aug 15, 2018
Cliff Otten, Host
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Rotary Foundation
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Cozy Wittman, Myth Busting the College Search
Rob Hunt, Host

Education and networking are a way of life for Cozy. She has spent her career educating adults, helping people think outside the box, and connecting people with common interest. She runs both the College Inside Track parent events as well as professional development for those who work with families with HS students.

Cozy is excited to extend the reach of College Inside Track, connecting with organizations and families interested in learning more about the complex college process.  She is a mom of 5 with her youngest just starting her sophomore year, she is no stranger to the challenge of the search.

Mark Ihrke - YMCA
Angela Berhnardt - Host

Mark Irhke, a fellow Rotarian from the St. Louis Park Rotary, was our guest and gave us a great overview of the benefits of the YMCA.  It is not just a "gym and swim" location, but an organization that is focused on strengthening community through:
  •     *  Youth development
  •     *  Healthy living
  •     *  Social responsibility
There are 4 pillars that the YMCA organization focus' on in all they do: Be caring, responsible, respectful, and honest.  The YMCA ensures that all members of the community have access to the facilities and programs, regardless of financial status.  The YMCA offers financial support and scholarships and works on a case-by-case basis if needed to ensure access.
WRC donated $1,500 to the Ridgedale YMCA and that helped send 6 children to camp this year.  He noted that community partners are very important!  The community Board of Directors has 30-35 board members and there are volunteers at all locations.
If you would like to learn more about the YMCA or to volunteer, you can contact WRC member Tyler Fredrickson and he'll be happy to get you information!

Club in Danger of Losing Youth Exchange Program

It may not be a surprise that WRC has had difficulties in finding host families for incoming youth exchange students.  What may be a surprise is our club will no longer be able to send students unless a volunteer steps up to be the new Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) and that we do find host families.
Steve Hance is stepping down as our YEO and leaving Wayzata Rotary to pursue opening a cider tap room in Minneapolis.  For the end of the current rotary year, the Board has approved that money budgeted for host family expenses be sent to the St. Croix River rotary to help with expenses pertaining to a exchange student coming in from Thailand.  For the 2018-2019 Rotary Year, we will not be participating in the Youth Exchange Program unless we can get a new Youth Exchange Officer and a committee to support this position and program.  Ideally, the club would have a committee of three people to coordinate with North Star Youth Exchange.  

Capture the Moment in Hamburg!



In 2019, the Rotary International Convention will travel to Hamburg, Germany. Registration is now open! To get the best possible rate, register by this Wednesday, 27 June and you'll pay just $350. With so much to see and do, the convention is an experience you won't want to miss.

Register and pay today, because this special price of $350 is good only until 27 June.  Click here to register.

Wayzata Rotary Awards Spring Grants to 4 Agencies

Each fall and spring, the community grants committee of Wayzata Rotary, get together and review grant applications and choose recipients that meet these values:
  • We are open to funding a variety of purposes or causes.  New ideas are welcome!
  • We are open to small or new organizations as well as larger, well-established organizations.
  • We prefer funding nonprofit or charitable organizations.
  • We strongly prefer projects which are locally initiated and managed.
  • We prefer to fund specific needs, rather than general operations. 
This spring, 4 grants were awarded for $1,500 each for the following agencies:
Camp Christmas Tree: Ridgedale YMCA
Meals on Wheels: Wayzata/Plymouth
Treehouse, Inc: Minneapolis
October 20, 2018 is the deadline for grant applications for fall.   Thank you members for making these grants possible!!

"Big Water" Roundabout Project is Complete

Members gathered at the roundabout on May 22 for an evening of Rotarian fellowship and fun.  As part of our community grant funds from the district, WRC contributed lighting and sustainable plants to the roundabout in Wayzata.  Great fun was had by all who attended to help plant and now WRC members can take pride in how beautiful this roundabout is!  If you haven't driven by, please do!  
Rotarians in action - there is nothing better!

Hope's Focus for 2018-2019
Human Trafficking in Minnesota

Hope shared with us that she wants to focus her term on helping end Human Trafficking in Minnesota.  During the district meeting in Burnsville, clubs were challenged to identify a person in each club to be the Club Champion for this project.  The district is working on a new website, "".  It is not yet active, but it will be created to provide financial support to partner organizations to work on prevention, awareness, and education.
One of the organizations is ACT United:  "At ACT United we focus our efforts on prevention by providing awareness training on juvenile sex trafficking and exploitation, facilitate Community Café Dialogues, provide opportunities for communities to engage in prevention projects, and aim to inspire churches, individuals, and organizations to work together creating safe communities for children and youth."
There is also the "Done in a Day Project" where the district plans to make dignity bags.  If you are not able to attend that event but wish to help, district 5950 is taking donations to purchase items for the event.  Contact Carol MacDonald, District Conference Done-In-A-Day Project Chair to donate (  Carol suggests $250 to $1000 from each club!  Please see Shelley or Hope if you are interested in helping.

Welcome New Members!

Wayzata Rotary is thrilled to welcome Tom Schwalbe and Pat Houston.  Tom is a neighbor of Norrie Thomas and is looking forward to getting his hands dirty with club spring planting projects.  Pat keeps busy as the President of her condo association and is happy to be back in the suburbs after being a city dweller for years.
Please welcome Tom and Pat and look for them at the check-in table or selling 50/50 raffle tickets soon!

Brian Kokesh - Guest
Angela Berhnard and Walt Gislason - Hosts

Brian shared his amazing story of his life after a snow mobile accident that resulted in him losing both hands and feet.  His wife, Kaya, shared with us the details of the accident and Brian continued the story about how amazing the Veteran's Administration (VA) was and still is.  They started the recovery with private insurance but Brian was reminded that he is a a Vet and had access to the VA's system.
Brian showed us the different prosthetic that he has on both arms - his right prosthetic has clamps where the hand would be and his right prosthetic has a mechanical hand on the end.  Brian used to play volley ball and golf and the VA was able to make him attachments so that he can play both sports.  Members were very engaged and Brian graciously answered questions and was a very inspiring visitor to the club.
Brian wanted to share an organization, Wiggle Your Toes, that helps to empower those who have lost a limb to move forward, take action and get back to the life they want as a fantastic resource for help.

2017-2018 Awards Meeting


Congratulations to Hope Schroeppel, WRC President for 2018-2019.

Thank you Doug Arndt for your service to WRC in 2017-2018.


Perfect Attendance - a combination of attending meetings, serving on the board, attending WRC volunteer activities all earn a tick mark on weekly attendance.  Thank you members for your dedication.

Pictured:  Doug Arndt, Angela Bernhardt, Chris Pierson, Tom Schwalbe, Bjorn Meisner, Lynn Groll, and James Houg.

Not Pictured:  Bruce Lea


Paul Harris members for 2017-2018.  Remember, donations to Rotary International are accumulative and each time you reach $1,000 you get an additional recognition.  Thank you members!

Pictured:  Mark Lauffenburger, Doug Arndt, Belle Davenport, and James Houg.

Not Pictured: Rob Shadley, Charlie Marvin, and Tom Metcalf


Thank you 2018 Board for your Service to WRC!

Pictured:  Doug Arndt, Hope Schroeppel, Angela Bernhardt, Bjorn Meisner, Mark Lauffenburger, Andy Thielen, Kelly Sater, Norrie Thomas, Lynn Groll, James Houg


Not Pictured:  James Larson, Bruce Lea

The Bee Squad Was Here!

Becky Masterman, UMN Bee Squad Associate Program Director, visited WRC and shared her knowledge of local and global bee health.  The Bee Squad provides extension support for bee keepers, shares bee health with the public, and offers creative outlets to community programming.  The program is funded through grants.
She shared that lack of flowers and the use of pesticides are what is causing the most stress for bees.  The best thing we can do to help them is just plant flowers!  We learned that there are 460 different types of bees that are native to MN, including the adorable bumble bee.  Honey bees are not native to the U.S. and were imported from Europe.  
The Bee squad has many outreach programs and educational opportunities.  To buzz around their site and gain more knowledge about bees, visit here.