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We meet each Wednesday from 11:45am-1:00pm
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West
Wayzata, MN
Weekly Speakers
Mike Gratz: MIPRO
Sep 26, 2018
Chace Anderson, Host
Club Assembly
Oct 03, 2018
Hope Schroeppel, Host
Jim Betzold, The STRIVE Program
Oct 10, 2018
Norrie Thomas, Host
Lambert Brown, Head Coach of Wayzata Football
Oct 17, 2018
Ben Hovland, Host
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STRIVE Coordinator
STRIVE Coordinator

Mike Gratz: MIPRO - Guest
Chace Anderson - Host

MIPRO is an international management consulting firm focused on delivering meaningful impact for clients. Service areas are focused in business strategy, lean transformation, performance improvement and training with the goal to help clients create powerful and lasting improvement in their organizations. With diverse experience across public and private sector institutions coupled with a long history of delivering success, MIPRO ensures every engagement delivers meaningful and measurable value to clients.

MIPRO CSO Michael Gratz has 20 years of experience serving in leadership roles as a founder and entrepreneur with multiple technology companies. Michael has experience as CEO, VP of Sales and a broad background in Sales, Marketing, Technology Development, and International Consulting. Michael is experienced in leading performance improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Metric of Urgency and is a Baldridge examiner.

Michael Houston and Chelsea Montgomery - Guests
Pat Houston - Host

Michael Houston, wife of member Pat Houston, and Carlson School of Management Student, Chelsea Montgomery, were our guests.  Michael shared some history of how Carlson College came to be - back in 1986 with the fall of the Berlin Wall a watershed moment was had.  There was a realization by Carlson College was way behind in educating students in the field of business.  Shortly after this an opportunity came to pair with the Warsaw School of Economics which led to three Executive MBA Programs being created in China, Vienna, Austria, and Warsaw Poland.
The curriculum has evolved and now each undergraduate student is required to study abroad during their studies.  Times can be 10 days to a semester or more, but the requirement has become a keystone of the curriculum and is very well received by students and parents.
Chelsea Montgomery shared her experience of studying a business entrepreneurial idea around a private house model similar to Air BNB where citizens turned their homes into places for tourists to stay.  The hotels in Cuba are run by the government and are very expensive.  She spent a semester preparing for the trip and worked with a group in Cuba before flying down and spending 10 days in Cuba.  Chelsea had an amazing time and hopes to visit again.
For more details on the types of programs available, see below!

We are two weeks away from our first stand alone car show.  We are need of volunteers to man the booth and sell raffle tickets and we need cars!  If you have a car you would like to register, or know someone who does, please share this link to register.  We can accommodate up to 60 cars.

The sponsor for the show is Sears Imported Autos.

Rotary Tent at James J Hill Days 
It was great to see Charlie out and about during James J Hill days last weekend.  Members volunteered to man the Rotary Booth for two days to sell raffle tickets and talk about Wayzata Rotary.  We will have the Rotary booth set up at the car show on September 29 and tickets will be handed out at Wednesday's meeting for members.  
Please remember, this is our fall fundraiser and in order to spend money, we have to make money!  Your support is very much appreciated by grant recipients!

Rotary STRIVE and Wayzata High School

Norrie Thomas was excited to announce that the October 10 meeting will be about the STRIVE program.  We will have visitors from the Wilmer Rotary.  Wayzata High School has identified students and Great Expectations has identified mentors.  The program is set to start in January, so if you are interested in becoming a mentor please let Norrie know!


This long standing tradition has taken place for 57 years.  In 2011, the Chamber renamed the tournament the Roger Miller Golf Classic in honor of Roger Miller and his 33 years of service as committee chair. Roger Miller was an incredible man and a pillar in our community. The tournament continues on as a celebration of Roger’s love for the game of golf and his contributions to the Wayzata community.

Currently there are early bird specials for signing up!

For more information, contact Kathy Peterson at 952.473-9595 or

Rob Hunt shared information on the Boo Bash Dash benefiting Wayzata Sailing's scholarships, programs, and building the Mike Plan Community Boathouse.  See Rob or click here for more details!

Wayzata Rotary to Honor our Veterans

WRC is please to announce we have secured Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad, US Air Force (retired) to be our speaker at our Veteran's Day luncheon on November 7. 
WRC would like to have members invite a vet and bring them along for this special luncheon.  Several members have said they would sponsor some of the vets and cover their lunch fees.  If you would like to sponsor a Vet, let Shelley know!  For club member Veterans, we would love to have a picture of you in uniform or any other pictures you would like to share with the club.  Please send to Angela and she will put together a slide show to share.   
Thank you Angela for securing the General!

Erik Finger, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
Darrell Leines, Host

Darrell shared his emotional story of how his world changed in the fall of 2015 when he received the diagnosis he needed a new kidney.  Upon embarking on the donor search Darrell's cousin, Dennis, was a match for a transplant.  Darrell shared the timeline of events before and after the transplant and now his biggest dilemma post transplant is to figure out how to thank someone who so profoundly affected your life?
Dr. Erik Finger, decked out in his scrubs, gave us an overview of the last 50 years of transplants at the U of M.  Generally, there are three options for failing kidneys:  1. Do nothing, 2. dialysis, or 3. Transplant.  In the United States, there are 123,000 people in need of an organ transplant (of those are 101,000 needing a kidney) yet only 17,000 transplants are given in a year.    Dr. Finger shared that living donor transplants can add 20 years of life to the recipient and shared some stats on different organs "shelf" life once received from deceased donors.  The U of M has created medication the help immune system suppression and contributed medication to treat strong rejection and pediatric transplants are big at the U.
The highlight of the meeting was a poem an emotional Darrell shared that he wrote to express his gratitude to his cousin, "My Cousin, My Hero."
Pictured: Chelsea Janke, Dr. Erik Finger, Darrell, Cindy Leines, Diane Johnson

Loaves and Fishes
Cathy Maes and Patti Sinykin

Cathy Maes, Executive Director, gave an overview of the Loaves and Fishes mission and growth since joining the group in 2017.  The organization works to procure food and provide meals that are open to the public.  One of the neat ways they procure food is by rescuing food that would be thrown away from the Minneapolis airport - grab and go sandwiches, salads, and yogurts, and turning them into meals and snacks.
Loaves and Fishes operates 4 farms (Coon Rapids, St. Paul, Eagan, and Richfield) and operates on an annual budget of 3.6 million.
Below is the Summer 2018 newsletter.  For more information on the organization and to look for volunteer opportunities, click here.

Greg Gibson, Wayzata Youth Hockey Association
Jerry Jensen - Host

Greg Gibson, a non-hockey player, shared how when he moved to Plymouth from Madison, WI, he ended up getting involved with Hockey and the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association.  Greg has been on the board 19 years, and 17 of those years have been as the President.  His wife Renee, is also very active on the board and does the website.
Greg's son, Devin, was the conduit to joining the association.  Devin, who started skating a bit "late," wasn't the best skater and Greg felt there needed to be more resources and services for beginning to middle level skaters.  Greg started attending meeting to voice his concerns and opinions on this issue and ended up joining the board and helping shape the current association.
 The WYHA is in it's 50th year and has expanded to be very inclusive, girl friendly, and provides many levels of hockey for kids of all ages (after 4!) and adults to get involved.  For more details and information, click here.

Kirk and Melissa Ingram - GUSU (Get Up Stand Up)
Kelly Sater - Host

Kirk and Melissa Ingram shared a heart felt presentation about the foundation they are involved in, "Get Up Stand Up," an organization to research and find a cure for spinal paralysis.  The vision is "a world which paralysis from spinal chord injury is curable."

Kirk, who enjoys sports - particularly watching baseball, shared how he spends his days in active recovery in rehabilitation and exercise.  In addition, Melissa shared some facts that surprised many members about spinal chord injuries.
 - There are 17,000 new accidents per year
 - The number one cause of spinal chord injuries is car accidents
 - The average age of persons who experience injury is 43 years old
Melissa and Kirk participate in a monthly peer/care giver group and as part of the GUSU organization, work to push for legislation to help fund research and to provide assistance.  Current fund raising efforts are going towards creating a Regional specific resource book for the Tri-State area.  The hope is to get this resource into patients hands to help them navigate the first 90 days after an injury.  GOSU is working with author Sam Maddox, author of The Quest for Cure: Restoring Function After Spinal Chord Injury.
A fundraising social is set for Friday, September 14, 2019 at the Minneapolis Club.  For more details on this organization and for sponsorship/donation information, visit
Northern Lights Foundation - Dr. Ken Larson
Lynn Groll, Host
Dr. Ken Larson, visited Wayzata Rotary and gave an overview of this locally based foundation he founded.  Their mission:
"Our mission is to ease financial stress placed on local families that have a child with a life-threatening medical illness."
Fundraising is event driven and generally in Duluth and in Minneapolis.  Dr. Larson was very proud that funds are used to help families located in Minnesota.  In general, a family can apply for a $2,500 grant and the illnesses are not limited to one type of illness.  Families can use the grant funds as they need to and can apply for "re-grant" if needed.
The foundation is well supported by the Minnesota Wild Hockey Team, Chive Charities (that partners with them for 50/50 concert fundraising efforts), and the Duluth fire and police departments who host an annual baseball game,  "Guns and Hoses," to raise money for the Foundation.  
For more information on how you join the foundation or support financially, you can contact them or