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Weekly Speakers
Peter Beaumont
Jan 23, 2019
Shelley Beaumont, Host
Josh Miller, Ready or Not - Here comes Gen Z
Jan 30, 2019
Mark Lauffenburger, Host
Park Nicollet Melrose Center
Feb 06, 2019
Beth Warner, Host
Paul Grangaard, Reflections on Leading Businesses
Feb 13, 2019
Tim Westermeyer, Host
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STRIVE Coordinator
STRIVE Coordinator

Peter Beaumont - Guest
Shelley Beaumont - Host

Using real examples from 16 years of working for Coca-Cola and Creata on the McDonald's business, Peter will explore the various facets of ensuring constantly added value to the key customer by identifying their strategic importance, understanding their needs, building and sustaining key relationships, providing superior and unique marketing expertise, and finding ways to add meaningful value.

Marc Dahlquist - Maple Plain Snomad - Guest
Nate Lilleodden - Host

Did you know that the State of Minnesota has over 22,000 miles of groomed snow mobile trails?  Did you also know that the snow mobile industry is a 1 billion dollar a year industry?  The Snowmads works with the Northwest Trails Association, The Department of Natural Resources, and private property owners to ensure safe trails are created and maintained for this popular winter sport.  Snow mobile safety certification is available to children starting at age 12.  For more information on getting a certification to drive a snow mobile, click here.
Marc Dahlquist shared this and other fun information on how volunteers work, lobbying efforts to ensure legislation is in place for paying and grooming of trails, and shared videos of trail grooming and what it is like to drive at night on lighted trails.
If you would like to know more information about the Maple Plain Snowmads, click here.

First Planning Meeting Set!

Wayzata Rotary members, come and get involved from the ground on a new fund raising and community involvement endeavor!  Ben Hovland will be having the first committee meeting to discuss plans for taking over this summer program from the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce.  There will be many ways for members to be involved from marketing, planning, sponsorship, food planning, and organization for this new fund raising initiative.  

The program will be every Wednesday in July and the hope is that this will be a big fundraiser for the club and will ease some of the pressure members feel to contributing to our community grants programs.  Join Ben, Hope Schroeppel, Lynn Groll, and Kelly Sater to get this program started.  First task - choosing bands!

Meeting is Wednesday at 11:00 before the regular meeting.


Wayzata Chamber of Commerce - Idea for WRC

The Wayzata Chamber is planning on removing the "Music by the Lake" series from their summer program and spending more time focusing on the Arts Experience and James J Hill Days.  
The Board met on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 voted to form a committee to meet in January to discuss taking over this program.  Rotarian, Ben Hoveland, has offered to be the committee lead for looking into WRC taking over this popular event.  This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 16, 2018 before the regular Rotary meeting.
Details and Initial Thoughts:
* Program runs the month of July
* 4-5 concerts on Wednesday evenings, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
* WRC would be in charge of underwriting and administration of program
* Sell burgers and beer?
* Include the car show into the event
The hope is to showcase more of what WRC does in the community, offer a bigger program for more members to get involved with, and that a bigger program bring in more fundraising dollars to relieve some pressure on members to contribute to community grants fundraising.  If you are interested, please let Ben know!

Member Attendance Needed!

Hope Schroeppel is not able to attend the Mid-Term assembly on January 26 and is looking for members to attend on behalf of Wayzata Rotary.  This would be a great meeting for new members to attend to find out what Rotary is doing in our area. 
The District 5950 Mid-Term Assembly is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 26, at the Minnetonka Community Center. Lunch is provided. The event will be a mid-year rally and update for Rotarians, and highlight exemplary programs. Join us to revitalize for the remainder of the Rotary year! Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Attendance is free and part of your Rotary dues. 
To attend, please register here.

WRC Earned a Fundraising Citation for 2017-2018

Congratulations members!!  Wayzata Rotary earned a Rotary Citation for making our fundraising goal for Rotary year 2017-2018.  Club goal was $1,500 and WRC raised $1,725 - $225 more than our goal.  Well done members!!

Wayzata Rotary Awarded $1,000
Kelly Sater, our Community Grants committee head and President Elect, applied for a community grant through Old National Bank on behalf of WRC.  The club was informed on October 15 that the grant application was successful and WRC now has an extra $1,000 to redistribute to the community.

Thank you Hope Schroeppel for the lead on the opportunity, and thank you Kelly Sater for taking the time to apply for the club!

Dayton Carroll - Hy-Vee - Guest
Chris Pierson - Host

Dayton shared some fun facts about the history of Hy-Vee - one of which is that the organization is company owned and has shared profits with its employees since 1933 - during the Depression.  Founder, David Redenberg, was very customer focused and that trait is still relevant in today's Hy-Vee.
Hy-Vee is looking at how it can contribute to healthy living by having dieticians on hand to assist with shopping, offer nutritional classes, and they support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  In 2015 Hy-Vee moved into the Twin Cities area and has worked to get involved in the community by sponsoring the Pinky Swear Foundation, US. Bank Stadium, Round-up fundraisers for Vets, and feeding veterans for free on Veteran's Day.
Dayton spoke to member questions about the competitive Twin Cities market, product safety, food insecurity, maintaining a happy culture, location considerations, and the impact of delivery service on the industry.  Wayzata Rotary looks forward to welcoming Dayton soon to our club as a member!

Fall 2018 Community Grant Recipients - Guests
Kelly Sater - Host

Each year in the spring and in the fall, Wayzata Rotary awards community grants to organizations in the community that are locally initiated and managed and that fund a specific need.  Five of the six winners were able to attend and share a bit about their organizations and how they are impacting the Wayzata community, and take questions from members.  For more information on each organization, please follow the links below!
Steve Hance - Guest
Paul Boettner - Host
Wayzata Rotary welcomed past member, Steve Hance, as our guest.  Steve spent most of his adult life being a lawyer and after 22 years of practicing law, he decided to follow his passion and turn his 20+ year hobby of making cider into a business opportunity.
Steve's new venture is Number 12 Cider, and is located in the old Warehouse district in northern Minneapolis.   The name "Number 12" was a result of Steve being convinced by fellow Rotarian, Mark Lauffenburger, to submit his cider to the State Fair.  The sample he submitted was labelled "12" (as it was the 12th bag in his private stock), and he won!  
Steve shared the process of getting the building, construction, design, licensing, federal and state codes, food safety, etc. that goes into opening a cider house in Minneapolis.  They own a food truck, as they are not licensed to make food on premise, and customers can enjoy a fresh wood fire pizza along with their cider.
Members were delighted to get to try his cider and Steve shared some limited edition 1st label cans of cider with members.  If you would like to visit, click here for details.

Wayzata High School Chamber Choir - Guests
Jack Weeks - Host

The annual holiday choir concert did not disappoint! 
The Wayzata High School Chamber Choir is made up of juniors and seniors.  The students keep up a rigorous school schedule yet find time to participate in concerts all over the community.  There have only been three nights that they have not been singing and if you missed them, you may still have a chance to catch them!
For more information on the remaining holiday schedule, contact:
Rebecca Wyffels
Irene Kelly - District Governor 5950 - Guest
Hope Schroeppel - Host
"Be the Inspiration" is the 2018-2019 Rotary Year theme.  RI President, Barry Rassin, urges all Rotarians to create a stronger organization by inspiring young people and by spreading the word in their communities about the work Rotary does.
Working from this theme, Irene is focusing on her own recipe to define her Rotary Role: Preparation, Ingredients, Yield, and Time.  She hopes to reach a membership goal of 50.3% female and diverse members and shared that District 5950 has a strong anti-sex trafficking coalition in the district.  To date there are 70 members in the district and she invited members of Wayzata Rotary to join in this important initiative.
She also is working on how to invite people in our community to interact with Rotarians.  There is a new program called Rotary Community Corp.  A Rotary Community Corps is a group of people who share our commitment to changing the world through service projects. Rotary Community Corps members plan and carry out projects in their communities and support local Rotary If you would like to know more about this program, please click here.
Did you know that our district is in the top 10 GLOBALLY?  This is a pretty spectacular feat and she hopes to continue the engagement and momentum in our district by challenging Rotarians to come up with 3-5 international projects that are more engaging for members and less of a fundraising endeavor.  If working on international projects interest you, be sure to explore the Rotary International website and the District 5950 website for inspiration and opportunities.

Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad (Ret.) - Guest
Angela Bernhard - Host

General Schulstad gave a talk about the importance of National Defense and shared with us several ways that we can help support Veterans.  Wayzata Rotarians were proud to host 12 vets, with one from WWII!!
Back to WWII, General Schulstad reminded us that that war was about our survival as a free and democratic national, not a political war.  At that time, 12% of the population was serving and wearing a uniform, where today only .5% of the population is.  He talked about the National Guard and how it is under the control of each state's Governor and how it can be called up for Federal use.  Many men and women join the guard so they can take advantage of high level training but work in the private sector where income is higher.  
Smart technology and cyber security are top concerns and focuses in today's national defence and it is imperative to get more people with high level training into the armed services.  General Schulstad reminded us that all current people serving in the military are volunteers - they are keeping our country safe and we need to thank them!  Below are 3 organizations that directly help vets from Minnesota.  
ESGR:  Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve:  ESGR, a Department of Defense program, was established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. Learn more.
MN Military Family Foundation:  The mission of the Minnesota Military Family Foundation is to provide timely financial assistance to deployed and currently serving Minnesota military personnel and their families – which includes active duty, national guard and reserve components, across all services – who have a financial crisis that is not supported by existing state or federal programs.  The Minnesota Military Family Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization.
Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) is a statewide fundraising initiative by the citizens of Minnesota, for Minnesota military personnel and their families. Launched in August of 2005, MMAF is a non-partisan, non-political, 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation. The mission of MMAF is to say "thanks" to Minnesota Service members and their families who are making sacrifices in the defense of our freedoms in combat zones around the world. MMAF has provided over $10.9 million in grants to more than 17,100 recipients, making it the nation’s largest-ever statewide fundraiser of its kind.