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We meet each Wednesday from 11:45am-1:00pm
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West
Wayzata, MN
Weekly Speakers
Cathy Maes, Exectutive Director
Dec 02, 2020
Loaves & Fishes - Feeding Minnesota
Becca Welna, Community Educator
Dec 09, 2020
Sojourner Project
Virtual Christmas Event 4:30pm - 6pm
Dec 16, 2020
Online Party. More to Come.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we will not be meeting on Wednesday, November 25th.  Wishing you and safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Though our tables will be filled with fewer friends and family members this year, we still have so much to be thankful for.  Please remember that the holidays, particularly this year, can be a challenging time for some.  Take the time to reach out to someone whose day will be brightened by your voicesmiley
Health & Environment Benefits of Grass Fed Beef 
Todd Churchill, Chief Marketing & Financial Officer of Blue Nest Beef
Grass Fed Beef Grazed on Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Land - Free local delivery with minimum purchase
A Serendipitous Journey

Serendipity led to the connection of an engineer who knew about energy and carbon to a filmmaker who was looking for better climate solutions. They met a cowboy practicing new grazing methods, and an ecologist quantifying carbon in soil, and something started to smell like a real solution. With the now growing network, fate connected them to two grassfed beef pioneers who were among the best and most seasoned in the game - one who knew the art of finishing and one who knew the art of marketing.  Together they began to see they might have the pieces of a solution to solve an important problem by surprisingly coming together to reinvent real beef with a bigger purpose involving how it would get from pasture to plate. We realize we're not yet as diverse as the prairies we seek to recreate, but, hey, it's our start!

Virtual Holiday Gathering - December 16, 2020 - 4:30-6:30PM

Featuring Gina Holman, J. Carver Distillery Founder & Partner
Gina, who many of us know and love, will be demonstrating the preparation of a special holiday cocktail and taking us on a virtual tour of J. Carver Distillery in Waconia. She's even planning a kiddie cocktail, for the little ones in your life or for those who prefer a non-alcoholic option.  
Former City of Wayzata Beverage Director, Gina jumped at the chance to be a founder and partner of what became J. Carver Distillery.  Gina has over 30 years in the hospitality industry, and is a certified ISG Sommelier.  She has managed a large liquor store, a large restaurant, and a large family.  Gina is often in the public eye teaching cocktail classes and sharing her passion for J. Carver spirits and craft cocktails on local TV and radio.  She is very active, and is a well-known fixture of every community she touches. Gina is an intrepid explorer, always curious about the best way to coax the best from our local inputs, always thinking about the next great flavor profile. Gina can often be found with her beloved test still, driven to create another extraordinary J. Carver spirit.
Becky and our other Holiday Party Committee members are busy planning additional activities for our time together.  We're guaranteeing an evening filled with fun and laughs for you and your family.  Stay tuned for more details but for now, mark you calendars for our  new meeting time on 12/16 - 4:30-6:30PMsmiley
*** 11/17/2020 - With Covid 19 numbers moving in the wrong directions, we will continue to meet virtually until after the first of next year.  Wayzata Country Club welcomes us back, once it is safe for us to gather and it financially makes sense for our club. In the main ballroom, which is the only available option for us at this time, there is a $500 food and beverage minimum in place. We need at least 38 members to gather in-person, in order for our club to make the numbers work financially.  Club leadership knows how important meeting in person is to our members and we assure you that we will do so as soon as we are able. 
*** 11/9/2020 Update - WCC meeting to discuss situation was postponed. Hope to have answer later this week. Zoom meeting this week!
Club leadership is diligently working towards securing a permanent location for our weekly meetings, as we know how important this is to our club members.  We are in active conversations with Wayzata Country Club and will know next week if we will be able to resume our meetings there as early as Wednesday, 11/11. The club is going through a process of evaluating how many non-member events they are able to host, due to a challenge of their tax status.  This has not only affected our club but also the chamber and other guests making event requests.  With Andy Fazendin, a club member, as our club's event host, we are hopeful that our weekly meeting request will be approved by Wayzata Country Club's leadership team.  Thank you for your willingness to make this happen for our club, Andysmiley

Loaves and Fishes

Feeding Minnesota


Cathy Maes, Executive Director

Loaves and Fishes serves free, healthy meals to Minnesotans, with dining that includes a local farm-to-table approach during Minnesota’s growing season. The meal program began in 1982 with one dining site each in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Since that time we have grown to serving over one million meals annually at over 70 meal outlets, are present in 8 Minnesota counties, and are the largest open to the public meal program in the state. We are always guided by our vision that all people, regardless of socioeconomic, cultural or ethnic background, deserve to meet their basic needs for food, dignity and respect.

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Topic: Wayzata Rotary Weekly Meeting
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Bell Museum - Minnesota’s official natural history museum and planetarium

Minnesota’s official natural history museum and planetarium.


Denise Young
Executive Director, Bell Museum

Minnesota’s official natural history museum, established by the legislature in 1872 and held in trust by the University of Minnesota. For over a century, the museum has preserved and interpreted our state’s rich natural history and served learners of all ages. Additionally, our scientific collections contain over one million specimens, representing every county in Minnesota and various locales around the globe.

Thanks to the generosity of our club members, we were able to gift Shelley the balance of what she owned to purchased this beautiful piece of original artwork from an artist in the Pacific Northwest.  Shelley had been saving for a while and we helped to make her dream come true!  Shelley will be greatly missed but we hope that she thinks of us, when she views and gains energy from her new treasure!


Approximately 20 Rotary Club Members enjoyed attending a Fall Member Gathering at Cliff Otten's garage last Wednesday evening.  Members brought wine to share, and finger food was provided.  The weather was a bit brisk, but everyone wore warm jackets and socialized together inside the garage.  It was a fantastic chance for club members to get together in person and socialize safely.

District Governor, Tom Gump is asking for Rotary's to become business mentors and/or form teams to help clean and rebuild in Minneapolis.  If you are interested in participation, please let James Larson or Cathy Haukedahl know.  This project is in planning stages and more will be shared - in the meantime, James and Cathy are collecting names of those who would be interested in participating.
An excerpt:
This would be all about the Rotary Club getting direction from the business and then Rotarians rolling up our sleeves and pitching in.  Depending on the type of business, Rotary could support them by:
  • visiting their site;
  • buying their product(s);
  • telling others about their product(s);
  • helping them clean or get ready to open;
  • donating time and money; and
  • helping with business practices such as marketing, finances, leadership, personnel, etc. if the business requests it.
EMRC will work with Lake Street Council to set guidelines and a detailed plan to proceed.
Edit: July 26, 2020 - James Larson still needs one member to also participate.  Please let him know if you are able to be that person!!

WHO Should Participate:  Club Presidents and one additional member from each club.  We know we are all busy, but it should be viewed as mandatory to have 2 members from each club participate.

WHAT:  Series of 3 conversations - Must register for each Event Separately!!
​Session Information will be sent out upon registration. Limited to 50people per session.

Part 1:  Embracing Truth.  Conversation will focus on context.  What is our Rotary history and status?  Minnesota history and status?

Dates and times:
            July 30 (Thurs)         10:00am - 11:30am – Register Here
            Aug 8  (Sat)              9:00am -10:30am – Register Here
            Aug 17 (Mon)            2:00pm-3:30pm – Register Here

Part 2:  Implicit Bias.  What are our biases?  We all have them…

Dates and times:
Sept 17 (Thurs)        10:00am -11:30am – Register Here
Sept 26 (Sat)            9:00am -10:30am – Register Here
Oct 5 (Mon)              2:00pm-3:30pm – Register Here

Part 3:  What now?  How do we create a new Rotary and community?

Dates and times:
Nov 5 (Thurs)            10:00am-11:30am – Register Here 
Nov 14 (Sat)              9:00am -10:30am – Register Here
Nov 23 (Mon)            2:00pm-3:30pm – Register Here

Cost:  Free for attendees As we were not able to have a District Conference last year, PDG Russ Michaletz requested his District Conference funds be applied to this initiative.


Crescent Cove - Tara Anderson, Director of Engagement

The first children's respite hospice home in the Midwest, and third in the US, Crescent Cove on Twin Lakes in Brooklyn Center provides respite and end-of-life care for children, young adults and their families. With no out-of-pocket cost, children staying at Crescent Cove receive pediatric palliative care, which focuses on enhancing the quality of life by addressing physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs so the best quality of life can be achieved.

The following is provided at Crescent Cove in a loving and joyful environment: 

Respite Care | Allows families to enjoy periodic breaks from continuous caregiving, providing an opportunity for rest and renewal. Crescent Cove kids stay for 1-7 overnights at a time throughout the year, receiving 24/7 nursing care. Families are offered 15 days/nights of respite per year, with the option to be placed on a waiting list for additional days. 
Hospice/End-of-Life Care | The Crescent Cove Home offers a unique alternative for families at a time of transition for their child. Our care team supports the family’s wishes while caring for the child who is imminently dying and ensure this care is consistent with clinical, cultural, religious, and ethical standards.
Tara shared that Crescent Cove is currently looking for nurses.  Please reach out, if you know of someone who is qualified.  
Making Moments Countheart

Wayzata Chief of Police Risvold & Deputy Chief Shultz - State of the City Update

Hosted by Mike Palm, Chief Risvold and Deputy Chief Schultz provided the club with a state of the city, from a law enforcement stand point.  Chief Risvold introduced his successor, Mark Shultz, as he will likely retire in the Spring of 2021 after joining the force in 2004.  Thank you for your exemplary service and sense of humor, Chief Risvold.  You will be greatly missed!
The two talked about some of the Covid-19 related challenges, stating that securing PPE was initially very difficult. Members of the force moved to longer shifts, 5 long days with 15 days off or 4 long days with 8 days off, to allow for quarantining if exposed.  Both worked 56 of the 60 days, after the outbreak. Their service is so admirable and very much appreciated!
Chief Risvold shared highlights of Meridian Manor closing, due to the severe outbreak.  It was a difficult experience for all involved.  Fortunately, all residents were moved to other available care facilities.  Post George Floyd killing times were also challenging, as the force did not have proper equipment (gas masks, helmets, turtle gear) to prepare for a potential riot. Many community member calls were received by the department indicating that the unrest was moving to the suburbs, including Wayzata.  Thanks to a donation from Wayzata's Prime Prevention Coalition, the department is now equipped with necessary equipment. 
Chief Risvold also mentioned a co-responder model being tested in the Twin Cities, where social workers are embedded in departments to enable more educated and prepared responses for 911 calls involving a mental health or drug related crisis. With access to medical records, some good results have followed. More to come on this encouraging model!

Speaker Jyll Jara-Hurd - The Impact of Covid 19 & Fires in CA Wine Country

Jyll Jara-Hurd spoke on the topic of the impact of COVID-19 and fires on California wine country at our Wednesday, October 7, 2020 meeting.  Jyll, a certified wine professional and educator, as well as the Wine Director at the San Francisco Chronicle, shared how fires in California have been getting increasingly worse each year, and that fact, combined with the impact of COVID-19, has placed an enormous strain on California wine country.  In fact, many wine companies, as well as ancillary businesses, will be unsustainable after this year.
Highlights of her presentation included:
  • Wine companies have had minimal insurance.
  • Wine companies have needed to be adaptable, as higher temperatures are affecting wine production choices.
  • Poor air quality has affected restaurants by limiting their outdoor dining options, thereby reducing the amount of wine they're purchasing.
  • Smoke taint can incubate in grapes over time, as well as bottled wine, and can result in an ash taste.
  • Many wine companies will be unable to have 2020 red vintages.
  • There has been an increase in more organic, bio-dynamic farming.
  • The fires in OR have affected wine production there as well, although WA will be interesting to watch over time.
  • Jyll recommends trying orange wine (a white wine that is fermented like a red).
On a side note, Jyll shared with us details of her company Six Feet Vibes, which sells hats and other goodies. You can check out their wares at
Jyll is currently responsible for sales and education at the Donkey and Goat Winery. She has been a leader in sales and marketing for the wine industry for 13 years.