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Wayzata Rotary is proud to support local no-profits in the Wayzata Community.  Congratulations to our Fall 2019 Community Grant Winners!
The community grants committee met in November and shared $7,000 between 7 local agencies.  Thanks to a successful Music by the Lake concert series this last summer, Wayzata Rotary was able to donate more money back into the community.  Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to more sharing in the spring!
$1,000 to support Interfaith Outreach's Neighborhood Program.  The program has been serving families living in affordable housing communities in Plymouth for over 20 years. The Neighborhood Program provides family, children and senior services on-site to over 800 families living in nine multi-unit affordable housing neighborhoods in Plymouth and Medina.  Services focus on housing and family stability, youth success and community connections, and are tailored to meet the unique needs of each neighborhood. Residents help determine programming to help their neighborhood grow stronger and thrive. Because success starts at home, this often involves youth programming in addition to community-building activities for all ages. This grant will support the direct program costs associated with Neighborhood Program activities. Total direct program expenses are $39,290 within the Neighborhood Program budget.

Additional Neighborhood Program activities include community dinners in each neighborhood to promote stronger community connections, and social outings for seniors to reduce dangerous social isolation. In addition to after school programs, 180 events and activities were held across all nine neighborhoods last year, with 1,148 residents participating. 

Click here for more information on Interfaith Outreach.
$2,000 to support a remodel project:  The "backstage" space for the more than 100 student actors who use our building weekly is a church basement sectioned off into small rooms. In order to create a more viable second rehearsal studio (almost as big as the full stage upstairs) we plan to tear down walls (which in our 100-year-old building involves lead abatement), and re-wire the space. Creating this open studio space will make it easier to engage more kids in more programming, as it will enhance our abilities to have multiple "big" things happening in the building at the same time.
Click here for more information on Blue Water Theatre Company.
 $1,000 for computer supportWayzata Rotary Club’s partial support this past summer of our “Solution for Receiving Food More Efficiently” enabled the purchase of a refurbished computer for use by our warehouse staff. That PC is currently paired with our Director of Operation’s personal computer monitor and mouse. Grant money will be used for the purchase of computer equipment needed to complete our “Solution for Receiving Food More Efficiently”. This additional support will be used for the purchase of a computer monitor, mouse and iPad (or similar device).
Click here for more information on Loaves & Fishes
$500 to support their grief program  The Wayzata Rotary grant will help Growing Through Grief sustain the programming that is being offered in the Wayzata School District. This area of grief work is identified as a gap in the community due to the lack of age appropriate resources and the barriers to accessing care. Growing Through Grief has self-authored curriculum developmentally appropriate to school age children that is implemented across the district on a weekly basis. The curriculum offers an opportunity for the children to engage with peer group activities that focus on the themes of peer relationship building, feeling of grief, memory building, coping strategies, and remembrances and memorials. All themes lead to the primary goal, for each child and teen, to grow through their grief. This growth leads to successful engagement in school, progression towards graduation, and the development of lifelong learning that will go well into their adult lives.
Click here for more information on the Growing through Grief program.
$1,500 to support the $17,000 Community Life Department program budget. The financial support will allow us to continue to offer a wide variety of activities to those we serve at little to no cost. Specifically, supporting our monthly cooking class (with 10 participants maximum), movie nights (with 27 participants on average), Bingo (with 30 participants on average), and the Just Dance party nights (with 15 individuals on average). These activities all take place on a monthly basis in the central offices of Hammer in Wayzata. In addition to skills development, the activities allow those we serve to socialize with individuals served in Hammer homes other than their own.
Click here for more information on Hammer
$1,000 for tuition sponsorship.  We have formed a "Village" of people to help make a lasting difference in the life of a child from a low-income family who is struggling financially just to make ends meet. The Bloom Village is a dedicated group of community residents who offer ongoing support to a child and her family at the time when it matters most. The Village funds the ongoing tuition ($15,000/year) for this scholarship child. This is the second year the Village has sponsored this child, who is now in the Pre-School class. Her mom is a single working parent who is currently going to school to become a medical recorder. She is has been on the Dean List each of the quarters that she has attended. She will be finishing in 2020. The Village will offer a helping hand and ongoing support to the family in order to meet their individual needs. This support includes transportation, babysitting, and financial advice. 

The high cost of childcare is out of the reach of families with entry-level or low-income jobs. This scholarship provides the struggling parent a chance to climb out of poverty because it allows her to work. Additionally, the scholarship ensures the child will be ready to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. At Bloom, she is learning the academic and social skills upon which her future learning depends. All proceeds go directly to the scholarship of this child. 

Click here for more information on Bloom Early Learning and Child Care.
$500 to support partnering with 180 Degree’s program Brittany’s Place.  Images of Strength and Hope will empower girls who are victims of sexual trafficking to see the unique beauty within themselves and others through a weekly program called Strong Girls. This program provides relationship building in a safe and supportive environment, and tools for artistic expression through photography and writing. 

The purpose of these sessions is to build positive and trusting relationships, and encourage positive self-image through art therapy while capturing their unique stories through photography.  Photography has the power to show the unique characteristics and beauty of a person, their interests, their inner beauty, and their passions. Through our stories we reveal our voice. Whether shared with others or kept as a private chronicle of our journey, our stories help us to feel united with one another as we see commonalities in our struggles and strength in what we have overcome.  All of this results in hope.  

Funds will be used to purchase  DSLR cameras to be used in teaching Art Therapy classes to the girls of Brittany’s Place.  1 has been purchased and we are in need of 4 more to be able to fully serve a group of 5-8 girls effectively. 

Click here for more information on this program.