Wayzata Rotary Club is proud to support projects and organizations both in our community and worldwide with funding grants.

The club accepts applications for grants throughout the year and makes award decisions in November and May. 

  • Deadlines for submissions are October 20 and April 20.
  • We require each application to be sponsored by a club member.
  • We do not fund capital campaigns.
  • We typically award between $100 and $2,000.

Submit the application and required information to shelleybeaumontwayzata@gmail.com


Community Service Grants are evaluated on these values:

  • We are open to funding a variety of purposes or causes.  New ideas are welcome!
  • We are open to small or new organizations as well as larger, well-established organizations.
  • We prefer funding nonprofit or charitable organizations.
  • We strongly prefer projects which are locally initiated and managed.
  • We prefer to fund specific needs, rather than general operations. 

International Service Grants are evaluated on these values:

  • We strongly prefer projects which are initiated and managed from the location that will be served.
  • We are open to new ideas and projects.  Basic needs projects (water, food, etc) and advanced needs (education, technology, etc) are all eligible.
  • Dependence on grants, versus self-sustaining, is not an obstacle to our funding.