Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Verna Cornelia Price Aug 23, 2017
Gloria Iñamagua, Host
Gloria Iñamagua, Host

Dr. Price is a human potential expert, executive coach, award winning international speaker, and best-selling author, The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life

Kari Groth Swan, Orono Foundation for Education Aug 30, 2017
Norrie Thomas, Host
Norrie Thomas, Host

Kari Groth Swan is the Executive Director of the Orono Foundation for Education that works to empower all students to achieve their highest potential and to ensure a tradition of excellence by harnessing the community’s time, talent and financial resources in support of Orono Schools.

Kenneth P. Olson, MD Sep 06, 2017
Norrie Thomas, Host
Norrie Thomas, Host

Kenneth P. Olson, MD is an Adjunct Professor for the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Minnesota. He travels to Tanzania each year with a groups of medical/nursing/pharmacy students from the University of Minnesota and will talk about Healthcare Programs he is involved with.

The Lake Effect Project Sep 13, 2017
Jeff Dahl, Host
Jeff Dahl, Host

Designed by award winning Denver-based landscape and urban design firm Civitas, the Lake Effect Park is a proposed new park along Wayzata’s lakefront. It will reconnect residents to one of Wayzata’s greatest assets and identity, Lake Minnetonka. Scott Jordan from Civitas will present a brief description of the project.

Lake Effect Park will provide a vastly improved lakefront that will be more ecologically healthy, more beautiful, and more accessible for Wayzata residents. People will be able to stroll, sit, or put their toes in the water along the shoreline. For the first time in 100 years, people will be able to safely cross the railroad tracks and walk the length of the downtown lakefront. The park’s benefits go beyond the human experience: the lakeshore will be restored to its natural condition and the quality of rainwater that flows into the lake will be improved.

Mick Johnson, Andrew Mullin and Dan Koch will share information about The Wayzata Lake Effect Conservancy, a newly established nonprofit created specifically to advocate and raise private philanthropic funds to support construction of the Lake Effect Park project. 

Minnesota Opera Sep 20, 2017
Norrie Thomas, Host
Norrie Thomas, Host
TBD Sep 27, 2017
Steve Droen, Host
TBD Oct 04, 2017
Tyler Frederickson, Host
TBD Oct 11, 2017
Chace Anderson, Host
TBD Oct 18, 2017
Paula Paulsen, Host
TBD Oct 25, 2017
Cliff Otten, Host
TBD Nov 01, 2017
James Larson, Host
Wayzata Schools Reading Expert Nov 08, 2017
Norrie Thomas, Host
TBD Nov 15, 2017
Lynn Groll, Host
Community Grant Awards Nov 22, 2017
Kelly Sater, Host
TBD Nov 29, 2017
Hope Schroeppel, Host
Hold for Holiday Party Dec 06, 2017
Hold for Holiday Party
TBD Dec 13, 2017
Jack Weeks, Host
TBD Dec 20, 2017
Jim Houg, Host
TBD Dec 27, 2017
Adam Fonda, Host
TBD Jan 03, 2018
Mike Lee, Host
TBD Jan 10, 2018
Becky Pierson, Host
TBD Jan 17, 2018
Rob Hunt, Host
TBD Jan 24, 2018
Jim Hartfiel, Host
TBD Jan 31, 2018
Tom Vettel, Host
TBD Feb 07, 2018
Steve Hance, Host
TBD Feb 14, 2018
Lynn Groll, Host