Speaker Date Topic
Kirk and Melissa Ingram, Get Up Stand Up Aug 22, 2018
Kelly Sater, Host
Kelly Sater, Host

Kirk Ingram was injured in an accident on Lake Minnetonka in August 2015. Sadly, his spinal injury caused him to be paralyzed. Since then, he and his wife, Melissa, have been involved with “Get Up Stand Up” – a non-profit foundation to cure paralysis out of Excelsior.  Kirk and Melissa plan to talk about his injury, efforts towards recovery, spinal cord research being done, and the foundation they work with.

Greg Gibson, Wayzata Youth Hockey Association Aug 29, 2018
Jerry Jensen, Host
Jerry Jensen, Host

Greg Gibson, president of the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association, will be our speaker. He has been a member of Wayzata Youth Hockey Association for 25 years, serving on the Board for the past 19 years and past 17 years as President.

Cathy Maes & Patti Sinykin, Loaves and Fishes Sep 05, 2018
TBD, Host
TBD, Host

Loaves and Fishes serves free, nutritious meals to people in need in areas where that need is greatest. Their enhanced mission emphasizes nutrition in every meal, which includes a local farm-to-table approach during Minnesota’s growing season. They are always guided by the vision that all people, regardless of socioeconomic, cultural or ethnic background, deserve to meet their basic needs for food, dignity and respect.

Loaves and Fishes free meal program began 36 years ago, in 1982, with one dining site each in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Since that time, they have grown to serving 2,000 healthy meals daily, are present in seven Minnesota counties, and are now the largest “open to the public” meal program in the state.
TBD Sep 12, 2018
Darrell Leines, Host
Michael Houston, Carlson School of Management Sep 19, 2018
Pat Houston, Host
Pat Houston, Host

Michael J. Houston, Ecolab-Pierson Grieve Chair in International Marketing, currently serves as Associate Dean of Global Initiatives at the Carlson School of Management. In that capacity he oversees the Carlson Global Institute. He also served as Academic Director, Center for International Business Education and Research. He was the founding academic director of the Carlson Brand Enterprise, a consultancy that partners top MBA students with insightful faculty on real-world brand projects. He holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Illinois, and has been a member of the faculty at the Carlson School since 1986.

Michael will discuss the current international requirements and educational experiences at the Carlson School of all undergrads. In addition, a student will share their experiences while attending a Carlson program in another country.

TBD Sep 26, 2018
Chace Anderson, Host
TBD Oct 03, 2018
Alexander Cauwels, Host
TBD Oct 10, 2018
Belle Davenport, Host
TBD Oct 17, 2018
Ben Hovland, Host
TBD Oct 24, 2018
Adam Fonda, Host
Possible Club Activity (Pumpkin Carving) Oct 31, 2018
Lynn Groll, Host
TBD Nov 07, 2018
Bob Shadley, Host
TBD Nov 14, 2018
Andy Fazendin, Host
Possible Meeting including all 2018 Grantees? Nov 21, 2018
Kelly Sater, Host
TBD Nov 28, 2018
Paul Boettner, Host
No Meeting! Holiday Party in the Evening! Dec 05, 2018
No Meeting! Holiday Party in the Evening!
Holiday Concert Dec 12, 2018
Jack Weeks, Host
TBD Dec 19, 2018
Cindy Leines, Host
TBD Dec 26, 2018
Tom Vettel, Host
TBD Jan 02, 2019
Norrie Thomas, Host
TBD Jan 09, 2019
Chris Pierson, Host
TBD Jan 16, 2019
Nate Lilleodden, Host
TBD Jan 23, 2019
Sarah Kaelberer, Host
TBD Jan 30, 2019
Mark Lauffenburger, Host
TBD Feb 06, 2019
Beth Warner, Host
TBD Feb 13, 2019
Mike Lee, Host