In our club, each member takes a turn finding a program and hosting.  This duty comes up less than once per year.  Because of this, there is a great diversity of programming.

Members take on the true role of host, as if they were hosting a party in their own home.

  • They should fill up the front table by inviting fellow Rotarians. 
  • They should be present to greet the speaker. 
  • They should take responsibility for the content of the speaker's talk.  Rotarians are forgiving of programs that don't live up to expectation, but program hosts should bring only speakers that their friends will enjoy, or, warn their friends about touchy subjects that could come up.  Apply the Four Way Test.

Finding a program:

  • Look at the newspaper for timely topics and note the expert who is quoted.
  • Listen to the radio for interesting speakers.
  • Consider your work contacts.
  • Think about your own interests and hobbies.
  • Look at neighboring Rotary Clubs' programming for ideas.
  • Don't be afraid to just ask someone -- "Wayzata" and "Rotary" both have great pull and many speakers feel honored to be invited.
  • Just remember, no actively campaigning politicians are allowed.  Wait until after elections please.

Program Committee:

  • Our Programming Chair, Angela Bernhardt, is available to give you advice and assistance on speaker selection, topic, etc.
  • Audio-visual equipment is always available.

Please click the Program Host Checklist to the left for more details on being prepared for hosting duties.