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Town Ball Parks of Minnesota Oct 18, 2017
Angela Bernhardt, Host
Angela Bernhardt, Host

Author Todd Mueller will present on his latest book, Town Ball Parks of Minnesota. Minnesota has over three hundred town ball teams, more organized amateur baseball teams than in any other state in the country. Town Ball, Parks of Minnesota takes the reader on a tour of the state's most revered ballparks, ranging from a multi-million dollar complex in the Twin Cities to a rural field at the end of a dirt road - arguably the most remote ballpark in the state. Over the course of several years and thousands of miles, the author traveled the state to visit these ballparks, then selected twenty-seven unique, historic and most beloved ballparks. The result is a book on town ball unlike any other publication. The book features five hundred baseball photographs selected from over 20,000 images, together with entertaining stories about the teams, the ballparks and the towns. For those readers who grew up with town ball, this book will highlight the sport they know and have loved for generations. For those unfamiliar with town ball, the book will afford you a glimpse into why these ballparks are considered some of the state's greatest sports treasures.

TBD Oct 25, 2017
Cliff Otten, Host
Chuck Aycock, DadsFirst Nov 01, 2017
James Larson, Host

DadsFirst is founded on a single, overarching conviction that involved fathers are critical to the financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of children and families -- and therefore to the foundation and health of neighborhoods and communities. Fathers are not just nice to have around -- they are profoundly needed and irreplaceable in the lives of their children.

The DadsFirst core principle is grounded in a faith-based understanding of what a family is and how families function in healthy relationships. Research clearly recognizes that a child's wellbeing is materially advanced by strong, high-quality relationships between their parents. Commitment  to such relationships -- healthy marriages and a strong father-child bond  -- advances the well-being of children and families.

Jeff Dahlman, TC Kids In Need Resource Center Nov 08, 2017
Tyler Frederickson, Host
Tyler Frederickson, Host

The mission of Twin Cities Kids In Need Resource Center is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom by providing free school supplies to students most in need.  Specifically they serve low income families by supporting their teachers with free school supplies available at the Teacher Store in Roseville. Learn more at www.tckinrc.org





Top Dog Foundation Nov 15, 2017
Lynn Groll, Host
Lynn Groll, Host

The mission of Top Dog Foundation is rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving and permanent home for dogs that are deemed “un-adoptable” because of age and health; that would otherwise be unnecessarily euthanized.

Community Grant Awards Nov 22, 2017
Kelly Sater, Host
Shannon Full, Twin West Chamber of Commerce Nov 29, 2017
Mark Schadow, Host
Mark Schadow, Host

Shannon Full comes to the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce with 16 years of industry experience, with expertise in chamber leadership, economic development, talent solutions and organizational management.  She was most recently the President/CEO of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Regional Partnership in Appleton, WI.  She began her Chamber career at the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce in Mounds View, MN and subsequently led Chambers in Melbourne, Florida and Cedar Rapids, IA.  An experienced and accomplished professional, Full has received numerous awards for her work including the Wisconsin Economic Development Association’s Governors Young Professional of the Year in 2016, and the Best in Show Winner for Talent Upload Program from the International Economic Development Council in 2015.  She was a 40 Under 40 winner in Iowa in 2009 and a 4 Under 40 winner in Florida in 2008.  

Hold for Holiday Party Dec 06, 2017
Hold for Holiday Party
TBD Dec 13, 2017
Jack Weeks, Host
TBD Dec 20, 2017
Jim Houg, Host
TBD Dec 27, 2017
Adam Fonda, Host
TBD Jan 03, 2018
Mike Lee, Host
District Governor Bob Halagan Jan 10, 2018
Doug Arndt, Host
Doug Arndt, Host

We are pleased to welcome Bob Halagan, District Governor (Rotary District 5950), 2017-18.  Bob Halagan has been a member of the Buffalo Rotary Club since 2000 and served as its President in 2009-2010.  He has also served as District 5950 Legal Counsel from 2011-2014, Area 13 Assistant Governor from 2010–2013 and District Fundraising Chair from 2013-2016. 

Bob’s Rotary journey has taken him, among other places, on numerous service trips to Guatemala where his club, in conjunction with other Rotary clubs has authored or participated over $400,000 in Rotary grants including grants promoting economic development, nutrition and maternal health for indigenous women. 
In his non-Rotary life, Bob is an attorney who began practice with the largest law firm in Minnesota and is now the owner of the smallest law firm (one person).   Bob’s legal practice focuses on small businesses and he believes the proper role of an attorney is to help owners make their best business decisions in an ethical, practical and profitable manner.  Bob also serves as a mediator and arbitrator and has participated in hundreds of mediation sessions where the parties have successfully resolved their legal disputes. 
TBD Jan 17, 2018
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