Speaker Date Topic
Becky Masterman, U of MN Bee Squad Jun 20, 2018
Fred Meyer, Host
Fred Meyer, Host

Becky Masterman first worked for the UMN Bee Lab as an undergraduate in 1992, and returned in 2012 as the Bee Squad’s Associate Program Director and Coordinator. Becky graduated from UMN Twin Cities with a BA (major in history, minor in biology) and then obtained a Ph.D. in Entomology studying the neuroethology of honey bee hygienic behavior under the direction of Dr. Marla Spivak.

Awards Presentations Jun 27, 2018
Doug Arndt, Host
No Meeting, Happy 4th of July! Jul 04, 2018
No Meeting, Happy 4th of July!
Brian Kokesh Jul 11, 2018
Angela Bernhardt & Walt G, Co-Hosts
Ben Standahl???? Jul 18, 2018
Angela and Walt, Co-Hosts
TBD Jul 25, 2018
Rob Hunt, Host
TBD Aug 01, 2018
Amy Schuett, Host
TUESDAY MEETING! Night to Unite Luncheon Aug 07, 2018
TUESDAY MEETING! Night to Unite Luncheon

Neighborhoods across Wayzata have been gathering to celebrate Night to Unite for more than 30 years. Wayzata's Night to Unite kicks off at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 with the annual Night to Unite Luncheon at the Wayzata Country Club. This is a joint luncheon with the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce and the Wayzata Rotary. Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold will provide an inside look at the department and highlight some of the most significant, and sometimes “bizarre,” cases investigated within the past year. 

The Jim Fish Award for Crime Prevention will be presented by the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition. 

TBD Aug 15, 2018
Cliff Otten, Host
TBD Aug 22, 2018
Jerry Jensen, Host
TBD Aug 29, 2018
Thomas Schwalbe, Host
TBD Sep 05, 2018
Bjorn Meisner, Host
TBD Sep 12, 2018
Darrell Leines, Host
TBD Sep 19, 2018
Pat Houston, Host
TBD Sep 26, 2018
Chace Anderson, Host
TBD Oct 03, 2018
Alexander Cauwels, Host
TBD Oct 10, 2018
Belle Davenport, Host
TBD Oct 17, 2018
Ben Hovland, Host
TBD Oct 24, 2018
Adam Fonda, Host
Possible Club Activity (Pumpkin Carving) Oct 31, 2018
Lynn Groll, Host
TBD Nov 07, 2018
Bob Shadley, Host
TBD Nov 14, 2018
Andy Fazendin, Host
Possible Meeting including all 2018 Grantees? Nov 21, 2018
Kelly Sater, Host
TBD Nov 28, 2018
Paul Boettner, Host
No Meeting! Holiday Party in the Evening! Dec 05, 2018
No Meeting! Holiday Party in the Evening!
Holiday Concert Dec 12, 2018
Jack Weeks, Host