Speaker Date Topic
Marci Malzahn, The Fire Within May 02, 2018
James Larson, Host
James Larson, Host

In The Fire Within - Connect Your Gifts with Your Calling, executive, wife, mother, speaker, and author of Devotions for Working Women, Marcia Malzahn shares how God prepared her for every job she’s had, how her commitment to God and family resulted in blessings unimaginable, and how her passion for sharing her experience and knowledge with others permeates everything else she does.

If you have wondered about your mission, your calling, or your purpose in life, you probably have asked yourself the question, “Why am I here?” The Fire Within challenges you to dig deep to find your God-given gifts, develop them, and use them to fulfill your special purpose in life. 

Ames Sheldon, Potholes in the Road to Publication May 09, 2018
Hope Schroeppel Host
Hope Schroeppel Host

Author Ames Sheldon will discuss the 15 year process of writing, research and pubilcation of his WWII novel, Eleanor's Wars, which won a national Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best New Voices in Fiction.

WMEF Presentation May 16, 2018
Scott Gengler and Bruce Lea, Hosts
Scott Hutton, RPCV May 23, 2018
Angela Bernhardt, Host
Angela Bernhardt, Host

Scott will tell his fascinating story of the time he spent as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Medellin, Columbia from 1964-1966. Scott’s two years of living in a Third World country was a time of hardships as well as personal accomplishments, solving challenges alongside other community leaders in the area. He will also update us on the happenings in Colombia over the past 50 years regarding the drug trafficking, violence, and political situation.


Dr. Abul Sharah, International Village Clinic May 30, 2018
Jim Hartfiel, Host
Jim Hartfiel, Host

Dr. Abul Sharah will give us an update on the International Village Clinic, one of the projects our Wayzata Rotary has sponsored. You will hear how Abul took inspiration from Mother Theresa and has changed the lives of thousands because of his preventative nutrition programs so children won't go blind before they start school and his curative programs so they can conquer diseases in one of the poorest parts of India.

Rotary Youth Exchange Jun 06, 2018
Steve Hance, Host
Wayzata Art Experience Jun 13, 2018
Becky Pierson
TBD Jun 20, 2018
Fred Meyer, Host
Awards Presentations Jun 27, 2018
Doug Arndt, Host