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On Tuesday October 8th, some Members of Parry Sound's Rotary Club visited the West Parry Sound
District Museum (probably better known as “The Museum on Tower Hill”).
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Cancer Care and 3 Pitch Tournament

To donate toward this and other local cancer care projects you still can donate at This website will stay open all year to accept your donations to cancer care in our community.
If you would like to play ball next year to have fun and support amazing projects like this – sign up your team starting on Thursday, February 13th at 9 am and then mark the date on your calendars for our 2nd Annual 3 Pitch Tournament on Father’s Day weekend which is June 19th and 20th, 2020.
Back row (left to right): Donald Cull, Donald Brickett, Donald Sanderson, Kevin Fuchs, Cheryl Ward, Howard Hagar, Phillip Youngs, Stephen Heder, Linda West
Front row (left to right): Lynne Atkinson, Sharon Ranney, Linda Chase, June Aylsworth, Dave Brunton
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