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Rotary Club of Grand Cayman's 56th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

On Monday, November 29, 2021, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman bestowed the gift of a splendid Christmas tree on the people of the Cayman Islands. The lighting of the tree occurred just after sundown at Heroes Square in George Town. His excellency the Governor Martyn Roper and Mrs. Elisabeth Roper were in attendance, as was the Honorable Premier Wayne Panton, along with honorable ministers and members of parliament. Mrs. Elisabeth Roper honored the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman by lighting the tree, thereby making a gesture of good will that the Honorable Premier interpreted in his remarks as the inauguration of the Christmas season. It was the 56th year that the gift of a Christmas tree was given to the public by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman.
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55th Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch

Posted by Ronald Brown on Dec 06, 2020
Our 55th Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch will be held on Saturday, December 26 from 2:30pm - 5:30pm at the First Baptist Church. Shuttle buses will be arranged for all seniors who wish to attend this annual event. 

Note: health protocols will be followed to ensure the health and safety of all in attendance.
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Christmas Giving Family Fun Day Katherine Tathum 2020-11-29 05:00:00Z 0

Interact Club of Grand Cayman

Posted by Mark McBryan on Nov 29, 2020
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, this is a community-based service club for teens age 14-18 years. Initiated in October 2016 and chartered January 2017, this youth club is a club for all high school teens who want to do good in their community, make new friends and have fun. Our club meets twice a month and plans one social each month. Members organize their own projects and events on causes they are passionate about. Effecting positive change.
Meetings also help to:
 * build self-confidence
 * shape leadership characteristics
 * educate on local and international issues
 * provide career mentoring

Teens can expect to:
 *  have fun with ice breaker games and team
 *  building activities
 *  make new friends from other schools
 *  share their opinions on local topics
 *  learn about Rotary and service initiatives
     around the world

Joining is free!
Food and drinks are provided at every meeting.
Next meeting: Saturday, December 12
Location: TBC (check FB & IG for updates)
Time: 10am – 11:30am
Facebook: @ICGCKY
Instagram: @ICGC_345
WhatsApp: 925-3959

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Nightmare on Walkers Road

Posted by Marcos Montana on Sep 26, 2020
Image may contain: one or more people and text
Our three night thriller is sure to be a hair raising event as we scare Halloween enthusiasts who dare to venture into our haunted lot. All proceeds raised during this trilogy event will benefit projects sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. 
Night 1: Thursday, 29 October
Night 2: Friday, 30 October
Final Night: Saturday, 31 October
More details to come along with volunteer opportunities. 
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Human Foosball Tournament Fundraiser

Posted by Marcos Montana on Sep 25, 2020

Teams will once again battle it out in a friendly competition of Human Foosball to raise funds to support local and international projects. Two court arenas will be set up in the Crescent at Camana Bay where the live competition will ensue on Saturday, 24 October. Practice and pre-registration will be available on Friday, 23 October from 6pm
Total Teams: 20 Teams of 6 players each
Team Registration Fee: CI$250
Date: 24 October 2020
Time: 11:30am - 5pm
Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities: CI$800 
Contact Fundraising Director Marcos Montana for team registration or Corporate Sponsorship reservations 916-1031
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Natalie Urquhart

Join us Thursday, July 23 for our special guest speaker, Natalie Urquhart, who will be talking about the National Gallery Virtual Exhibitions.
Natalie Urquhart is the Director and Chief Curator of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. She holds a BA Hons in Art History and a first class MA in Arts Management and has twenty years experience in the cultural sector where she specializes in developing creative strategies, programming and
exhibitions for public sector arts organizations and heritage sites. Urquhart is a leading authority on Caymanian art and has published regular papers on the subject and well as the book Art of the Cayman Islands, the islands’ first formal art history. She has been the recipient of a National Arts and Culture Award (2010) and Heritage Cross (2016), and was the 2011 Young Caymanian Leadership Award recipient– for her work in preserving and developing Caymanian culture. Ms Urquhart has also served as a President of the Museums Association of the Caribbean since 2017; and in this capacity works as an international expert on Caribbean museology. This currently involves presenting on the status of Caribbean museums in response to the pandemic at organizations like UNESCO, the African American Association of Museums, and the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Foundation.

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Welcome District Governor Charles Sealy II

Posted on Jul 09, 2020
The Cayman Islands is proud to be the first "virtual" stop for our new Rotary District Governor for 7020. We look forward to his leadership and support as we navigate to a new normal while maintaining our strong commitment to community service and sustainability. 
"Rotary Clubs of District 7020
My wife, Rochelle, and I are excited to journey with you this year on what will be a wave of change. This is a special time when in the face of uncertainty and concern, you have been chosen and charged to bring hope and help.  As we conduct the changing of the Guard ceremony, I would like to offer the following.                           
Let me recognize the leaders and members of the current year for your steadfastness and commitment to service. This was a good year in 7020, and it is because of you. In the face of a major unplanned situation, you were able to adapt and persevere; that is to be commended. It is upon your efforts that the new leadership team will launch. They will need you to undergird and encourage them. Know that they may seek to do things differently and that change, though unsettling, may have a positive return."
We will host DG Charles in an all-Cayman Rotary/Rotaract club meeting this Saturday, July 11 at 9am which will prove to be the first of it's kind.

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Weekly Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meeting Review | PCMagWe would be delighted if you could join us for our Virtual Lunch meetings via Zoom, every Thursday.
To join, please click on the link 5 to 10 minutes prior to 12:30pm. You can join from your computer or smart phone or tablet.
Meeting ID: 592 985 918
See you on Thursday!

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Health Screening Event

Hosted by the Rotary Central Club of Grand Cayman, all Rotarians are invited to volunteer and help with screenings across the island. Contact PE Gina for more details.
Health Screening Event Gina McBryan 2020-02-22 05:00:00Z 0
Turtle Race Fundraiser Justin Bodden 2020-02-22 05:00:00Z 0
Christmas Giving Fun Day Katherine Tathum 2019-12-07 05:00:00Z 0
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Coast 2 Coast Challenge Supporting

Posted on Jul 14, 2019

Rotarians Derek Haines and Mike Burcombe have been crossing the Pyrenees from Coast 2 Coast to help fundraise for Special Needs Foundation Cayman and support inclusion of all children in the Cayman Islands.

As of July 12, 2019, the donations have reached $500K (halfway to the $1 million goal) and Derek and Mike are halfway through their challenge. Please donate and help Derek and Mike achieve the ultimate goal to support the Special Needs Foundation Cayman.

To donate and to find out more about #Coast2Coast visit

Coast2 Coast Pyreneed Challenge

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Interact Club of Grand Cayman

Posted by Gina McBryan on Jul 14, 2019
Image result for interact club of grand cayman
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, this is a community-based service club for teens age 14-18 years. Initiated in October 2016 and chartered January 2017, this youth club is a club for all high school teens who want to do good in their community, make new friends and have fun. Our club meets twice a month and plans one social each month. Members organize their own projects and events on causes they are passionate about. Effecting positive change.
This club helps to:
 * build self-confidence
 * shape leadership characteristics
 * educate on local and international issues
 * provide career mentoring

Club members can expect to:
 *  have fun with ice breaker games and team building activities at every club meeting
 *  make new friends from other schools
 *  share their opinions on local topics
 *  learn about Rotary and service initiatives around the world

Joining is free!
We will be in summer break until September 2019 but if you know a teen who would be interested in joining please send a message to Interact Chair Gina McBryan at
Stay updated:
Facebook: @ICGCKY
Instagram: @ICGC_345
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Family Fun Day | All Cayman Islands Service Clubs

Posted on Jun 08, 2019
All services clubs are invited to a family fun day at 7 Mile Beach on Saturday, June 8 from 11am to 6pm. Bring the whole family to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship. Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary and Rotaract clubs are all invited to attend.
Food will be provided, free of charge.
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Rotary Schoolhouse

Posted on Apr 05, 2019
We are delighted that Prince Charles officially opened the Rotary Schoolhouse at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden last week. As you are aware this was a two year effort across IPP Justin Bodden's year as President through to completion this year. The project was completed as a team effort with our sister clubs Rotary Central and Rotary Sunrise. IPP Justin, Club Secretary Jennifer, John Doak (who designed the Schoolhouse) and myself all proudly represented our Club at the opening ceremony and it was an honour to do so.
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Rotary Olympics

All funds raised on the night will go directly to the C.I. Special Olympics Team.

The C.I. Special Olympics Team of 19 athletes and 18 unified partners, coaches and staff are headed to Abu Dhabi in March to compete in four sports – swimming (pool & unified open water), unified basketball, unified bocce and athletics.

This fun, lighthearted event consists of a series of backyard games such as giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, mini golf, corn hole etc. that teams will compete in.

Don’t want to play the actual games? No problem! Come poke fun at those who are playing!

There will be raffle prizes, prizes for best costume, prizes for worst athletic ability and more.

Ticket includes a plate of jerk and a signature cocktail, additional food and drinks will be available for purchase.

$35 - individual ticket
$120 - team of four
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Turtle Race Fundraiser

Posted on Nov 22, 2018

Come experience the 3rd annual Turtle Race Fundraiser where races of wooden artistic designed turtles will battle it out to crown the winner. Corporate team sponsored turtles are encouraged.

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman is excited to host the third annual Turtle Race event, which will be held on Friday, November 23rd at Kimpton Seafire.  The event is the first Rotary fundraiser for incoming President Lawrence Edward’s term and will help him support club projects in 2018/19.  Proceeds raised from the evening will help benefit the Club’s annual signature community projects. 

The Turtle Race is themed “Ascot funky” and we encourage participants to dress accordingly.  The evening will start off at 7:00pm with welcome cocktails in the “Paddock” where all of the event racing turtles will be on view.   Then it’s off to the races with turtles designed by celebrated local artists and corporate sponsors.  The night will continue with a live auction followed by the finals and crowning of the jockey and Turtle winner of the evening.  There will be an ongoing silent auction and raffle prizes throughout the event. The evening promises to be loads of fun and great excitement including cash in hand and bragging rights until next year’s race!
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Park Beautification Project

Posted on Oct 24, 2018

The playground at Watler’s Community Park is about to get some help from society at large.

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, Endeavor General Construction and Repair, and the Public Works Department will come together on Nov. 3 to give the park a makeover.

The group is planning to paint the park’s cabana and to repair walkways and play areas. The park’s playground currently consists of a slide and a swing set. The volunteers plan to plant trees as part of the refurbishment, and a mural designed and painted by Art Nest will be installed.

“Located in the heart of George Town, Watler’s Park is a center point of the community and should not be allowed to fall into disrepair. We want to ensure it is preserved for families and particularly children in the area to enjoy for many years to come,” said Stephanie Wight, co-director of community service for the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman.

“We are so grateful for the involvement and support of Leslie Bromfield from Endeavour and Crosby Solomon and his team from Public Works.” 

More than a decade ago, the Young Cayman Community Awareness Society took the development of Watler’s Community Park as a project. The group raised funds from several local organizations that went toward building a gate and a wall and to provide safe play equipment.

The initiative started in August 2006, and the group staged a grand opening for the refurbished park on Feb. 16, 2008.

Source: Cayman Compass

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Hospice Facility Opens in December

Posted on Oct 14, 2018

Officials with Cayman HospiceCare are pushing toward a Dec. 4 grand opening of their new facility off of West Bay Road.

The four-bed, 6,000-​square-foot facility was originally expected to open in August, but permitting delays and bad weather, which hampered the construction of a road and parking lot, have resulted in the year-end date.

“It’s been a real journey and I can’t tell you how excited we are,” said board member Nancy Lewis, who has been overseeing the project.

On Thursday, Ms. Lewis toured the new building, where wires still hung from holes in the ceiling, awaiting light fixtures, and drywall powder dusted the tile floors. Tape is still on the windows. Outside, the dirt parking lot was littered with vehicles and workmen doing some of the finish on the exterior.

Ms. Lewis said having a dedicated building is a big step forward for the organization that currently rents its office space and has just two rooms for inpatient care at The Pines Retirement Home.

“The ability to put a loved one in a safe place that is homelike, I think, is a game changer,” she said of the new building.

The inpatient area, which Ms. Lewis called “the residences,” will be used to provide both hospice and palliative care, the latter being pain and stress relief for patients still undergoing treatment for a serious disease. Respite care will also be available.

The area has a central nurses’ station, an ambulance entrance and large patient rooms that can accommodate couches and chairs for family members. The administrative offices and meeting rooms are in the west wing and in between is a community area. This large central room, Ms. Lewis said, will be used for such things as adult day care, yoga classes, music therapy sessions and even meetings and events for the outside community, such as the Rotary Club.

“All of our fundraising events will now be held here,” she said.

The $3 million building itself is the result of a protracted fundraising effort. Nearly every room and/or feature of the new building, whether it’s the solar panels on the roof, the kitchen or the landscaping that will start in about two weeks, has been sponsored and funded by a local company or individual. One anonymous donor provided $1 million. And Derek Haines, who got the project off the ground, raised more than that by running sponsored marathons.

Several years ago, Ms. Lewis said, “Derek Haines came to us and said, ‘I want to run six marathons in a year so you can have an inpatient unit.’”

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"One Dog at a Time" Project

Posted on Oct 13, 2018

Club members came out to give a helping hand painting at One Dog At A Time on Saturday, October 13.

The charity finds homes for animals that are placed in the Department of Agriculture dog pound or that are found abandoned on streets.

Funds raised by One Dog At A Time cover the costs of vetting the dogs, spaying and neutering them and treating for heartworm or other health issues, as well as for collars, leashes, dog crates, dog bowls and other items, as well as covering the costs of food and heartworm medication while in foster homes. The funds also pay for dogs to be flown to rescue partners in New York and Toronto. The organization rescues and re-homes between 10 and 20 dogs a month.

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Donation to Beacon Farms

Posted on Sep 11, 2018

Last week we had Scott Haugh and Bud Volinsky speak to our club about Beacon Farms Sober Living Foundation. The club decided to donate funds raised during the meeting as well as generously matched on the spot by a bunch of Rotarians resulting in a donation of over $2,000

About Beacon Farms: Beacon Farms is a newly organized non-profit focused on the next step in the rehabilitation of the residents assigned from The Bridge Foundation or other transitional residential environments in Grand Cayman.

Beacon Farms’ primary purpose is to assist in providing a stable, structured and supportive environment which is conducive to the decisions of living a sober life, free of drugs and alcohol. Beacon Farms will provide a democratic environment that will enhance personal growth, job training and a sustainable non-profit business model.

Find out more at:

#PeopleofAction #BetheInspiration

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Karaoke Fellowship | Sept 6

Posted by Director Ben on Aug 24, 2018

Karaoke - the ancient Japanese word for the art of voluntary public shaming...laugh...

Are you the songbird of your generation? Oh yes! It is that time of year again and back despite popular demand FELLOWSHIP KARAOKE

For those that have delighted us in the past with your vocal prowess - you know the format - song and merriment.

For those that haven't attended this event in the past - you do not want to miss it - there is actually a fantastic amount of vocal talent in this Club!

NEW MEMBERS - heads up - it is a Club tradition that you all collectively sing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (including the tricky Opera bits!). I know your sponsor never mentioned this before you joined the Club but please take that up with them! 

Bottom line - it is a great fun evening - see you there!

Date: Thursday, September 6
Time: 7:30pm onward
Location: The Office Bar & Lounge on Shedden Road
Who's Invited: Club members, Family, Friends, Prospective Members... anyone!!

Please sign up below so we can plan for numbers. Click here

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August 30 Meeting is Themed "Bring A Friend"

Posted by President Lawrence on Aug 24, 2018
...and we are having a Bring A Friend special club meeting on Thursday 30th August all members, your a friendly lot, please do try bring a friend along to our meeting on 30th August...your friends will get an opportunity to see and learn a bit more about the Club, Rotary and what you do for your community!
...FRIENDS of the club, please reach out to any of your member friends and come along as a guest...don't be shy...we would love to see you! 12.30 pm at The Westin Galleon Ballroom.

August 30 Meeting is Themed "Bring A Friend" President Lawrence 2018-08-24 05:00:00Z 0

Breastfeeding POD for Airport

Posted on Aug 06, 2018

Owen Roberts International Airport will soon feature a breast-feeding pod that will allow nursing moms to breast-feed in private.

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman has purchased a Mamava privacy suite to allow nursing mothers to breast-feed in private at the Owen Roberts International Airport.

The Mamava suite is a self-contained, mobile pod with comfortable benches, a fold-down table, an electrical outlet for plugging in a breast pump, and a door that can be locked for privacy. The pod is meant for individual use, but can fit more than one person, as well as mothers with babies and other children in tow.

Rotary Club member Chris Bailey said the pod will be installed at the airport departure lounge once construction there is finalized.

The Rotary Club made the announcement in conjunction with World Breast-feeding Week.

“World Breast-feeding Week is from Aug. 1-7, and we could not think of a better way to celebrate this than by announcing the support this suite will give to mothers,” the organization stated. 

The Rotary Club also said it is looking for sponsors to keep the Mamava pod in good condition over the coming years.

Source: Cayman Compass

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New and Prospective Member Orientation Social

Posted on Jul 11, 2018
All new and prospective members are encouraged to attend the Orientation Social and Fellowship on Wednesday, August 1 from 6 - 9pm at President Lawrence's home in West Bay. The evening will give new members an opportunity to learn more about the club's projects, history, events, in addition to, personal Rotary stories from long servicing members of the club. Food and drinks will be provided. If you are interested in attending, please sign up through the calendar event so we may have accurate numbers for refreshments.
New and Prospective Member Orientation Social 2018-07-11 05:00:00Z 0

Botanic Park's Children Center

Posted on Jul 11, 2018
Past President of Rotary Central Michael Pratt hands a check for $50,000 to Botanic Park General Manager John Lawrus, in the presence of Past President Dawn Cummings of Rotary Sunrise, President of Rotary Grand Cayman Lawrence Edwards, Past Present of Rotary Grand Cayman Justin Bodden, President of Sunrise Rotary Jerrell Garner.


The Rotary Clubs of the Cayman Islands are partnering with the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to develop the park’s Children’s Education Centre.

At a presentation ceremony at Rotary Central Cayman in Centennial Park in George Town on Saturday, June 30, the three local Rotary Clubs jointly committed $150,000 to help construct the facility.

Planning approval has been secured for the Education Centre, which is being designed pro-bono by John Doak Architecture.

The Rotary Children’s Centre will feature a classroom surrounded by endemic flora, a grand gazebo entrance, an expansive lawn area and other interactive elements that “will create indelible memories, and positive stimulation for the many children that will be passing through,” according to a press release from the Botanic Park.

Source: Cayman Compass

Botanic Park's Children Center 2018-07-11 05:00:00Z 0

Crisis Center Donation

Posted on Jul 08, 2018
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman President Justin Bodden presents a campaign donation check to Cayman Islands Crisis Centre board member Brooke Moore.

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre is running a public awareness campaign during this year’s World Cup period to promote its shelter for women, men and children who suffer domestic abuse.

The organization’s executive director, Ania Milanowska, said that globally there is a correlation between the World Cup and an increase in domestic abuse cases. “Based on our statistics from the 2014 World Cup, this increase in domestic violence cases also happened in Cayman,” she said in a press release.

In 2014 during the World Cup, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom shelter housed 25 individuals (13 women and 12 children), 17 of those seeking a safe house during the games.

Rotary Club of Grand Cayman has teamed up with the Crisis Centre with a donation of $1,000 to pay for the campaign.

Justin Bodden, President of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, said, “The Crisis Centre provides such an important resource to the Cayman Islands community and we are grateful for the opportunity to support this cause.”

He added, “It is unfortunate that the domestic violence cases increase during large sporting events such as the World Cup, and we hope spreading the word about the shelter will remind victims and the general community their services are available.”

Ms. Milanowska said the center hoped that domestic violence cases would be down this year.

For more information about the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, visit The 24-hour crisis line is available at 943-CICC (2422).

Source: Cayman Compass

Crisis Center Donation 2018-07-08 05:00:00Z 0

Who We Are

Posted on Jul 01, 2018

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision. For more than 110 years, Rotary's people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.

Learn more about our structure and our foundation and our strategic vision.

Who We Are 2018-07-01 05:00:00Z 0

Human Foosball Fundraising Event

Posted on Apr 28, 2018
A total of 20 teams battled it out on Saturday, April 28 at Camana Bay for some friendly competition in the name of charity to claim bragging rights to the '2018 Cayman Human Foosball Champions'. Congratulations to Team DART as the top winner! Coming in as runner up was Team C3. All teams showed great skill and we wish to thank them all for participating this year.
Extreme thank you is extended to Phoenix for the construction and sponsorship of the courts and to COX for the donation of lumber.
Thank you is also extended to EY and Butterfields for their sponsorship...their teams also played well.
Team DART after their win
Team C3
Some additional photos from the event:
Photo Credit to Rotarian Eve Grant
All funds raised from this event will be used to support community service, youth, vocational and literacy projects. Thank you to all the teams and everyone who came out to support the event.
Greenlight Re
Pro Yacht
Five Continents
Samatha Grundy
BK Small Fries
Summitt Partners
Blue Bison
Human Foosball Fundraising Event 2018-04-28 05:00:00Z 0

Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch

Posted on Dec 26, 2017
We are proud to host the 52nd Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch in partnership with the First Baptist Church on Tuesday, December 26 from 2:30pm - 5:30pm for all seniors in the Cayman Islands. We have awards, entertainment and a photo booth this year. Bus schedules are posted below for those who may need transportation on the day.
Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch 2017-12-26 05:00:00Z 0

Christmas Giving to Lighthouse School Children

Posted on Dec 16, 2017
Christmas is a time of giving and Rotary shows this in many ways. For the 6th year, we have supported the students at Lighthouse School by arranging a special visit from Santa and a party to go with it. Event will be held on Saturday, December 16 at the DART Family Park.
Christmas Giving to Lighthouse School Children 2017-12-16 05:00:00Z 0

Star Wars Premiere Fundraiser - The Last Jedi

Please join us on Thursday December 14th at 6:00pm for the premier of the new  Star Wars movie.  This is an exclusive preview of the movie before it is widely released to the general public. 
Doors open at 6:00pm for a welcome drink. Show begins ay 7:00pm. 
Tickets are $50 and include popcorn and a soft drink. 
Contact President Justin Bodden for tickets -
Star Wars Premiere Fundraiser - The Last Jedi 2017-12-14 05:00:00Z 0

World Polio Day Happy Hour

Posted on Oct 20, 2017
Image may contain: one or more people and text
Location: The Venue at Caribbean Plaza
When: Tuesday, October 24 at 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Why: To be a part of polio edradication
Eradicating a disease is a big job and we need your help. 

Join the Rotary Club Grand Cayman on the 5th annual World Polio Day event, co-hosted with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

We will stream live from Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle, bringing together more than 100,000 viewers around the world. Join us as global health experts and celebrities share our progress on the road to polio eradication.
World Polio Day Happy Hour 2017-10-20 05:00:00Z 0

Interact Club of Grand Cayman

Posted by Gina McBryan on Oct 20, 2017
Rotary Grand Cayman launched the startup of this new community based youth club called Interact Club of Grand Cayman back in October 2016. This club is geared to youth age 14 to 18 who wants to make a positive contribution in their community, develop leadership skills, make new friends and have fun with a club they run themselves. The club is mentored by Rotarians and Rotaractors and club members meet twice per month for meetings and have one social event per month. If you would like more information about this Interact club visit or their Facebook page
Next key dates are:
Saturday, October 21 Club Meeting 10am - 11:30am (venue ALT Conference Room)
Saturday, October 28 Community Service event at the Pines 12:15pm - 2pm
Interact Club of Grand Cayman Gina McBryan 2017-10-20 05:00:00Z 0

Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Posted on Sep 11, 2017
Image result for hurricane irma relief fundraiser

The 5 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs on Grand Cayman are holding an inter-Club Fundraiser this Saturday, September 16 starting at 7 pm at The Office Lounge.  There will be raffles, auctions, a Karaoke “pay to sing/not sing”, among other fundraising initiatives so please make an effort to attend and support the Clubs, tell your friends and co-workers as well.  If you are not able to make it but would still like to donate money to the relief Fund, please attend Thursday’s weekly meeting and give your donations to Treasurer Chris, Secretary Christian, or myself.  No gift is too small, and every penny collected will be forwarded to the relief fund.

There have been some requests and queries to also send items such as clothes and supplies to the islands.  While this is very thoughtful and a kind gesture, sending such supplies at this point would be more of a hindrance to the clean-up efforts that are currently underway. 

Wire Transfer Details

In response to the devastation caused by Category 5 Hurricane Irma throughout Rotary District 7020’s communities, the District has set up a Disaster Recovery Fund.
The fund will be managed by Rotary’s DNA-RAG Rotarian Action Group (, a 501(c)3, in cooperation with District 7020’s Disaster Relief Committee.
To contribute please wire funds to:
Name of Account:  Disaster Network of Assistance - Rotarian Action Group, Inc. dba “DNA-RAG”
Account #: 12 1682 8928
Swift Code: PNCCUS33
Physical address of Bank:  PNC Bank, 9033 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL  33433
Contact: PDG Phil Lustig, Vice Chair, Tel: 1 561 212 6554   Email:
Ensure payee instructions entered for: “District 7020 Hurricane Irma Fund”
Thank you for your support in helping to get help to all the people affected by this devastating disaster. 

Disaster Relief Fundraiser 2017-09-11 05:00:00Z 0

Cayman Brac Furniture Donation

Posted on Aug 09, 2017

We packed a 20 foot container with furniture for donation the the Rotary Brac to help with their community service and fundraising endeavours. Donated items were:
1. Marble top dressers: 4
2. Black dining chairs: 32
3. White arm dining chairs: 10
4. Wicker patio chairs w/pineapple cushions: 5
5. Round table: 6
6. 50” rectangle table/desk with glass tops: 10
7. 55” rectangle table/desk with glass tops: 4
8. White lamps w/ rectangle shades: 24
9. Teal lamps w/ round shades: 14
10. Luggage rack: 8
11. Green mirrors: 12
12. Baby car seat: 1

Special thank yous are extended to The Phoenix Group (Phoenix Construction), The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa and for Thompson Shipping Co.; Ltd. for arranging and shipping the container.

#RotaryPartnerships #Community #Service

Cayman Brac Furniture Donation 2017-08-09 05:00:00Z 0

School Backpack Project

Posted on Aug 03, 2017

Our first Community Service project for the year will be a School Backpack Packing and Distribution project. Rotarians and friends will be invited to pack 250 backpacks with school supplies to be donated to deserving children in the Cayman Islands. In partnership with Feed Our Future Cayman, backpacks will be distributed to students in need within the month of August to ensure they have a heads start for the new school year.

The packing party will be held on Saturday, August 5 at Governor's Square (members are asked to register for this event by clicking on the calendar post - space is limited to first 10 signups). And a distribution schedule will be made available and volunteers assigned once information is available.

School Backpack Project 2017-08-03 05:00:00Z 0

Marathons & Volcanoes to Support Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)

Posted on Aug 03, 2017

To date, $30,000 of the $50,000 goal has been reached.

Veteran marathon competitor Rotarian Derek Haines will be running three races and climbing two volcanoes this year to benefit the Central Caribbean Marine Institute.The 68-year-old has the backing of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman in his efforts to raise $50,000 for the marine institute. Money will go toward a CCMI pilot project, Reefs Go Live, which provides real-time footage of coral reef activity to teach children about the ocean. The CCMI virtual classroom uses high-tech face masks and streaming equipment to broadcast live lessons from locations in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Mr. Haines’ first marathon will be April 30 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, considered one of the most challenging marathons in the world. In June, he will travel south of Antigua, Guatemala, to climb the volcanoes Agua, reaching 12,336 feet, and Acatenango, reaching 13,044 feet. He will then run marathons in San Francisco on July 23 and in Cayman on Dec. 3.

Marathons & Volcanoes to Support Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) 2017-08-03 05:00:00Z 0

Rotaroke Fellowship

Posted on Jul 28, 2017
Come out on Thursday, August 10 for 7pm at the Office Lounge in George Town for some fun karaoke tunes with fellow Rotarians. A great way to socialize, connect and strengthen our Rotary relationships. Plus we need to have some fun with all the community service, fundraising and volunteer work we have been doing for the past while. Tell your friends and come out with us for an evening that is sure to have lasting memories.
Rotaroke Fellowship 2017-07-28 05:00:00Z 0

Summer Arts Program

Posted on Jul 28, 2017
The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman is thrilled to sponsor the National Gallery's "A Summer of Art" programme where children age 6-12 years can participate in drop-in sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 4 to August 17 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm, free of change. We hope to inspire creativity, encourage analytical thinking, and broaden the minds of our children. All parents are encouraged to bring their child to these sessions over the summer.
Summer Arts Program 2017-07-28 05:00:00Z 0

Furniture Sale Fundraiser

Posted on Jul 23, 2017
Next furniture sale date - Saturday, July 29 from 8am to 10am at Governor's Square. Thank you to everyone who came by and purchased items from the July 22 sale. Tell your friends, family and business associates. Click read more to see pictures of some items up for sale.
Furniture Sale Fundraiser 2017-07-23 05:00:00Z 0

Share The Road Campaign

Posted on Jul 14, 2017
A joint safety and education initiative has been launched by the 3 Rotary clubs in Grand Cayman.

The Share the Road campaign educates road users on ways they can keep themselves and others safe on the road, as well as encouraging them to be respectful of each other while traveling around Cayman.

Whether it’s leaving enough space between you and the car in front, wearing reflective clothing while jogging at night, or keeping a safe distance when overtaking cyclists, Share the Road is all about being respectful to other road users.

Together we can make our roads a safer place – to save our mums and dads, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, friends and loved ones.

If you are a road user, be it via car, foot, bicycle or motorcycle, explore our website and find out how you can “share the road”!

Share The Road Campaign 2017-07-14 05:00:00Z 0

UCCI Scholarships Awarded

Posted on Jul 06, 2017
The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman is pleased to present 5 deserving Caymanian students with $1,000 scholarships to be used for Fall 2017 Certificate in Electrical Technology and Certificate in Computer Science. Vocational Director Tim Bradley accompanied by Rotarian Jenny Smith were pleased to make the official presentation at the July 6 Rotary club meeting to the students with Ms. Delores Thompson, the head of CIFEC, and Professor Ray Jones, Chair of Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education from UCCI.

The UCCI Certificate programs is a full time program that runs during the Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters. 

UCCI Scholarships Awarded 2017-07-06 05:00:00Z 0

Turtle Race Fundraiser

Posted on Jun 05, 2017
Join us for the 2nd Annual Turtle Race Fundraiser on Saturday, June 10 from 5:30pm. It was so much fun last year we decided to do it again at the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa.
Date: Saturday, June 10
Tickets: CI$125 per person (includes food and open bar)
Funds Raised benefit community service projects supported by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman for 2017-2018.
For tickets email
Come out and see how much fun you can have while at the same time helping to support your community.
5:30 pm – Turtle Nest Translocation
6:30 pm – Cocktails
7:30 pm – First Race
10:30 pm – After Party

The Turtle Nest Translocation will take place beginning at 5:30 pm on the south side of the Kimpton Beach.  The Turtle Centre will relocate a clutch of eggs that were laid by a turtle at the Centre and recreate the nest on the beach at the Kimpton.  The Turtle Centre will provide information on nesting and the translocation process, which takes roughly one hour to complete.  Ten to twelve days following the translocation the eggs will hatch and the turtles will return to the Sea. 
Cocktails will be served in the Ballroom foyer beginning at 6:30 pm and the check in desk and jockey registration table will open at that time.  If you have not yet provided your jockey information please send to me the names at your earliest convenience.  Please let me know if you require any volunteers to assist with the racing.  While this is not a sit-down event passed food and food stations will be set up in the Ballroom and there will be an open bar for the duration of the event.
First Race
The First Race will begin at 7:30 pm.  Please have your jockeys ready to roll!
After Party
We will kick off the After Party in a small portion of the Ballroom that will be opened up once the Races are finished.  The After Party will include a DJ and cash bar.
Turtle Race Fundraiser Sloane Rhulen 2017-06-05 05:00:00Z 0

Adventures in Citizenship

Posted on Apr 27, 2017
Since 2006, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman has organized an essay contest for high school students focused on a specific theme which challenges students to think and write a winning essay. This year students from St. Ignatius Catholic High School, Grace Christian Academy, Layman E. Scott and Clifton Hunter participated. The top 6 essays were selected and winning students will be treated to a 2 day tour on April 27 and April 28 of several landmark locations to offer them additional knowledge of how they operate in Cayman society. Touring included (but not limited to):
  • Court House
  • National Gallery
  • National Archives
  • Legislative Assembly
  • VIP Lunch with Her Excellency The Governor, Helen Kilpatrick
  • Cabinet Secretary's office within the Government Administrative Building
All finalists were awarded gifts at the Rotary meeting on April 27.

This year's theme was "How can we better support the youth of my Cayman" and the winning essay, from Grace Christian Academy, was read to Rotarians and guests at the Rotary Lunch Meeting on Thursday, April 27.
All essays will be made available for Rotarians to read and get ideas from.
More photos can be found on our Facebook page.
Adventures in Citizenship 2017-04-27 05:00:00Z 0

Earth Day Clean Up

Posted by Gina McBryan on Apr 22, 2017
The Cayman Islands are known for their exquisite white sand beaches, crystal clear water, vibrant coral reefs teeming with fish and safe, clean neighborhoods.  Keeping the Islands this way is no easy task and the Chamber of Commerce's annual Earth Day Clean Up helps keep us clean and green!

Held in conjunction with Earth Week and aided by The Department of Environmental Health, this event is the largest volunteer-driven occurrence in the Country.

This year, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. Rotary Club Central, Rotary Sunrise, Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman, Rotaract Blue, Interact Club of Grand Cayman and the EarlyAct Club of Grand Cayman for a Rotary Family clean up initiative on
Saturday, April 22 from 7am - 10am at Lover's Wall in East End (across from Health City Hospital). Helping the environment is everyone's responsibility and we, the members of Rotary, feel we must do our part for our community. We invite anyone who wants to join us to come out to Lover's Wall to help and socialize with us at the same time. Serving the community is what we do. Come on out and join us, meet some Rotarians and the younger generations at the same time.
Earth Day Clean Up Gina McBryan 2017-04-22 05:00:00Z 0

Strategic Planning Review

Posted by Justin Bodden on Apr 08, 2017
Strategic Planning is an important part of any successful business as all good business owners know. As our Rotary club is made up of business leaders it is then standard practice for our club to conduct an annual review of our club's strategic plan for the next 3 to 5 years. Navigating the direction of the club, reviewing our service project initiatives, discussing our strengths and weaknesses and setting action steps to improve our deliverables based on our club's vision. All club members are invited and encouraged to attend this 2 hour meeting scheduled for Saturday, April 8 from 9am - 11am. Club members please register for the event within the calendar link.
Strategic Planning Review Justin Bodden 2017-04-08 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Orientation

Posted by Gina McBryan on Apr 06, 2017
New Members and Prospective Members are welcomed into our club with an evening of Fellowship and socializing with other club members. The evening is filled with Rotary stories about out club, personal Rotary journeys and light-hearted moments...with wine and food too. The evening offers an opportunity for new members to get to know more about our club and some of the members who have shaped it's path. We are looking forward to a great evening on Thursday, April 6. Special thank you to Rotarian Dr. Jan for opening up his home for the event to make this evening extra special.
New Member Orientation Gina McBryan 2017-04-06 05:00:00Z 0

Women Helping Women - Community Service Project

Posted by Gina McBryan on Feb 16, 2017
2017 marks 30 years of Women in Rotary and our club is celebrating in true Rotary fashion with a community service project that has Women Helping Women. Partnering with the Cayman Island Crisis Centre we are asking professional women within Rotary and the general community to spring clean and donate any gently used garments no longer used or wanted. Donations of professional work attire, handbags, shoes, accessories are all welcomed.

Then on Monday, March 6 Rotarian Women will be putting on a fashion show for the women of the CICC from the donations. Providing dress tips, make up suggestions and positive encouragement. All donations will help support the women in their career endeavours. 

Help support this project by dropping off donations directly to Estella's Place (2nd floor) in Crown Square on Eastern Avenue Monday - Friday 9:30-5:30pm or at our Rotary Club meeting on Thursday's at 12:30-1:30pm at the Westin. All donations will be accepted up to Friday, March 3.
Women Helping Women - Community Service Project Gina McBryan 2017-02-16 05:00:00Z 0

Pedal 2 The Point 2017

Posted by Chris Bailey on Feb 08, 2017
An annual charity fun bike challenge/race from one end of Grand Cayman to the other! Starting in West bay at 7am and finishing at Rum Point. The tour is back on for Sunday April 2 2017. Registration is now available... Cost is CI$35/individual or CI$120/team of 4 people.
Click here to register and find more details...
The race is in 4 stages so team racers share in the victory
Stage 1

Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
This year we have a limited number of very special Rotary cycling jerseys available for this years event. Cost is CI$65 contact me directly if interested. (Rotary is our chosen charity that helps numerous projects on island).
All proceeds from this event will go to Rotary to sponsor charitable projects and community events supported by the club. For updated details visit the Facebook page Pedal 2 The Point and click like to receive post updates.
Pedal 2 The Point 2017 Chris Bailey 2017-02-08 05:00:00Z 0

Thank You

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman would like to thank our very generous contributors who made our 51st Annual Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch a huge success. It was truly amazing to partner with all these vendors and The First Baptist Church for once again providing the venue for this annual event.
Thank You 2017-01-10 00:00:00Z 0

Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch!

Posted by Brad Watts on Dec 04, 2016

Boxing Day, December 26th, 2016

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman (RCGC) invites all senior citizens to attend their Annual Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch / Party on Boxing Day, December 26, 2016. The event will run from in the afternoon from 11:30am to 3pm at the First Baptist Church Hall on Grand Cayman (opposite the Lions Center).

There will be lots of food, entertainment, prizes, and gift bags for the senior citizens in attendance.

Transportation will be provided by bus from the districts of North Side, East End, Bodden Town, and West Bay. There will be no bus transportation from George Town, but family members and friends are encouraged to bring the senior citizens and also to collect them from the event.

The bus schedule will be posted once confirmed.

Senior Citizens Boxing Day Lunch! Brad Watts 2016-12-05 00:00:00Z 0

Annual Christmas Giving Family Fun Day

Posted by Gina McBryan on Nov 13, 2016
For the past few years, Rotarians have been giving the gift of joy to the students of the Lighthouse School. Our club hosts a family fun day at the Dart Community Park with snow cones, cotton candy, balloon art, face painting and a special visit from Santa himself bringing gifts for all the children. It is truly a magical event, one the children look forward to, and so do we. This year the event is taking place on Saturday, December 10 from 10am-noon. Rotarians are encouraged to volunteer to help set up the magic and experience the joy on the children's faces first hand. This year we will have additional help from our Interact and Rotaract clubs. For more information contact Rotarian Gina.
Annual Christmas Giving Family Fun Day Gina McBryan 2016-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

51st Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Join us on Thursday, November 17 at 6:45pm as we welcome in the Christmas season with our 51st Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This family event in Heroes Square brings forth the magic of Christmas.
51st Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2016-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

Mountains & Marathons for Have a Heart

Posted on Oct 16, 2016

Have a Heart Cayman facilitates life-saving cardiac procedures for children in a state of the art, world class hospital in the Cayman Islands. We are committed to saving children’s lives throughout the Caribbean and around the world, regardless of social or socioeconomic status, race, sex or religion.

Every cent raised by Have a Heart Cayman goes directly to the delivery of health care for children. Without this support they would be unlikely to access the cardiac procedures they need to survive. No funds are diverted to administration or overhead. This is the cornerstone of our organization.

Have a Heart Cayman partners with local and international organizations to subsidize and provide life-saving heart surgeries to children from the Caribbean and around the world based on financial need.

Have a Heart Cayman is a Registered Non-Profit Organization in the Cayman Islands.

Support our marathon runners with a donation to or donate directly to Have a Heart Foundation...every dollar helps save a child's life.

Mountains & Marathons for Have a Heart 2016-10-17 00:00:00Z 0

Star Wars Movie Premier - Rogue One

Posted on Sep 10, 2016
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman will once again host a VIP premier showing of the new Star Wars movie release of Rogue One in Thursday, December 15 2016. This epic event draws a full theatre so get your tickets and costumes ready as it will gain you early access to seating.
Tickets are on sale now and going fast. Be one of the first to secure your ticket at CI$40, (Includes reception drink - plus soft drink and popcorn - there is also an additional cash bar). Event starts at 7pm for reception drinks and Movie starts at 7:30pm. Book your tickets by emailing Visit our dedicated Facebook page here for more details and how to reserve your tickets.
Star Wars Movie Premier - Rogue One 2016-09-11 00:00:00Z 0

Interact Club of Grand Cayman

Posted by Gina McBryan on Sep 08, 2016
We are proud to be sponsoring the first community based Interact Club in Grand Cayman on Saturday, October 15. This fun and energetic club is geared to teens 14 - 18 years of age who want the opportunity to make new friends, have fun and bring positive change to Grand Cayman.Members of this club will have the opportunity to lead this club the way they want to through fun activities, new friends and leadership activities geared for teens. For more details on this dynamic youth club visit their website or Facebook page 
Interact Club of Grand Cayman Gina McBryan 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Human Foosball Tournament

Posted by Chris Bailey on Sep 08, 2016
We are putting the FUN back in fundraising with this epic tournament, the first ever Human Foosball competition in Cayman. A total of 16 teams will battle it out in 12 minute games for one team to emerge as the victor. Who will walk away with the winner's trophy and go down in history as the first human foosball champions. An even not to be missed so make sure you come early to the Crescent at Camana Bay on Saturday, September 24 from 2pm to 6pm.
There will be food and drink specials will be provided by Brooklyn and Waterfront restaurants as well as other raffle prizes. All proceeds from this event will go toward community projects supported by Rotary Grand Cayman. 
For more details visit our Facebook event by clicking here
Human Foosball Tournament Chris Bailey 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

New & Prospective Member Orientation Social

Posted on Sep 08, 2016
New members are encouraged to attend this informative, fun and social evening as one way to be welcomed to our club and learn more about our signature projects and events. Prospective members are also encouraged to attend as a way to get to know other club members and ask questions about Rotary. Wine and nibbles are provided for all in attendance on Thursday, October 13. Limited space is available so make sure to register early. Confirm with Membership Director Alan for venue details.
New & Prospective Member Orientation Social 2016-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Film Festival 8th Jan buy your tickets now!!! CBailey 2015-01-02 00:00:00Z 0

Pedal to the Point to raise funds for Six 4 Hospice! We need you!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Oct 13, 2014

Can you challenge yourself or get a team together to take on the pedal 2 the point? On the 22nd November there is a 75km fun challenge from the Turtle Farm in West Bay all the way to Rum point. Amazing Medals for those that finish and prizes for First Male, First Female and First relay team to the Point! Plus special prize for the most sponsorship raised by an individual or team.  Sponsored by Silver Wheaton all entrance fee's go to Rotary and the Six 4 Hospice campaign. Red Sail also providing a party at the point with Ferries back to Safe Haven! Its a great day out for all in support of an amazing cause. 

check out the web page:
Or Facebook search Pedal 2 the Point 
Register on Cayman Active:


We can all make a difference so please sign up and support! If you can't take part we need volunteers and Marshals on the day please contact Dir Chris Bailey 916 8277 for more details.


Many Thanks

Chris Bailey

Pedal to the Point to raise funds for Six 4 Hospice! We need you! Chris Bailey 2014-10-14 00:00:00Z 0
Huge Furniture Sale Ben Webster 2014-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

A happy new Rotary year to all!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jun 30, 2014

A wonderful afternoon was spent at Grand Old House enjoying the best of fellowship. The event marked the end of Presidents Stephanie's wonderful successful year and Mark the Year of President Brian. Who promised to turn the club green to reflect his Irish roots!

Recognition was given to various Rotarians for their service throughout the year but special mention goes to Rotarian, now Director, Rob Martin for receiving the "Rookie" of the year award. PP Alan Roffey was a clear favorite to receive the Rotarian of the year award and the crowd was not disappointed. PP Alan did a remarkable job organizing a hugely successful Rotary District conference which is going to be a hard act to follow when we light up Jamaica next year! 

The 2014/15 board was introduced and the drinks did flow. It only goes to demonstrate what a wonderful Rotary family we have. Enjoy the pics :)

A happy new Rotary year to all! Chris Bailey 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Changeover this Sunday (29th June) at Grand Old House Chris Bailey 2014-06-27 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Biggest Fundraiser of the Year! Katherine Tathum 2014-05-21 00:00:00Z 0

Derek Finishes the first of Six!!!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Apr 08, 2014

Derek Haines successfully finished the first of his six marathons this year on Sunday as he bids to raise $1 million to build a new facility for Cayman HospiceCare.

Derek’s first run took place at the Paris marathon and he completed the 26.2 mile course in 4 hours, 3 minutes, 33 seconds. Support Derek by visiting – London is next up this weekend!!!! Good Luck!!!

Derek Finishes the first of Six!!! Chris Bailey 2014-04-09 00:00:00Z 0

The Bull is Back!!!! Save The Date May 24th Festival Green Camana Bay!!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Mar 31, 2014

YOUR HELP allows us to  continue to support the following projects and others in Cayman and Internationally: Christmas Tree Lighting, Cayman Hurricane Fund, Guatemala Literacy project, Cayman Islands Crisis Center, John Gray School CCTV, Bridge Foundation, Hurricane Relief Philippines, Yarnell Water project, Roteract Club, CI Community Collage, East End Primary School, CINSA, Junior Achievement, Special Olympics, Lighthouse School, CCMI, Hospice Care, Bosnia Grant, Early Intervention Program, Polio Plus, Savannah Primary, St Ignatius, Senior Citizens Dinner.

The Bull is Back!!!! Save The Date May 24th Festival Green Camana Bay!! Chris Bailey 2014-04-01 00:00:00Z 0

Six4Hospice - spread the word!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Mar 11, 2014

The Derek Haines 6 Marathon Challenge had a reception hosted by Her Excellency the Governor Helen Kirkpatrick last night. As ever our hugely popular Rotarian had a great turn out showing a great start to the support he needs. Derek’s goal is to raise $1million and he will need all our support to get there.

            BUILD A HOSPICE

Derek is running over 156 miles of marathons in just 8 months at 65 years young. He's doing this to inspire you to help him raise $1million for Cayman HospiceCare. Get inspired and get involved,

Please, please visit:

Six4Hospice - spread the word! Chris Bailey 2014-03-12 00:00:00Z 0

Bed Race!!!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Mar 05, 2014

Its here and we have entered a team but we need your help to ensure we win!!!!

First build is tonight! - The construction of our Bed for the Bed Race starts this evening (Thursday 6th March) at 6PM. Please join us at Camana Bay, the empty unit next to Audi. 

We hope to complete the axles, wheels and frame.

Thanks and feel free to call me on 916 8076 if you have any questions or need more information.

Bed Race!!! Chris Bailey 2014-03-06 00:00:00Z 0

This Close!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Feb 25, 2014

We are very up and down but consistently donating money to the "End Polio Now campaign". Here is how we are doing!

This Close! Chris Bailey 2014-02-26 00:00:00Z 0

Softball Success!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Feb 23, 2014

Our championship softball team! Great effort from coach Marcus and the team who helped us beat Sunrise!

Softball Success! Chris Bailey 2014-02-24 00:00:00Z 0

Guatemala Literacy Project

Posted by Chris Bailey on Feb 05, 2014

Our intrepid travellers have made it to Guatemala and are starting to share a few Pictures with us. Do check in with facebook to see their progress! Click Here

Guatemala Literacy Project Chris Bailey 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0
Register, Register, Register!!! District conference is here! Chris Bailey 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Haines targets $1M from six marathons Charity fund-raising champion Derek Haines aims to raise $1 million from six marathon runs this year.

Posted by Chris Bailey on Feb 05, 2014

Mr. Haines is embarking on his most demanding year ever with six 26.1 mile runs spread between Cayman, America, Asia and Europe.  

He already has about a third of that sum pledged and is confident that by the end of the year, when he completes the series with the Cayman Islands Marathon on Dec. 7, that magic figure will be achieved.  Motivation to complete all these arduous runs will not be a problem because the celebrated fund-raiser has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various worthy Cayman Islands causes.  Under the patronage of Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Mr. Haines accepted the challenge to raise funds for a new purpose-built hospice building that will include a new inpatient care unit. The governor has also agreed to host a reception at her residence in March to officially launch the appeal. Mr. Haines’s first challenge will be the Paris marathon on Apr. 6, swiftly followed by the London marathon a week later. “I’m a bit worried about doing them back to back but I’m sure I’ll find a way,” he said.  

Mr. Haines has also applied to enter the New York marathon, is considering Chicago and is hoping that his daughter Lizzy can join him on another one in the Pacific basin in late June. Then it’s a well-earned rest, recharging of batteries and cranking up again for the Cayman marathon, which he usually runs in just over four hours.  

All travel costs and registration fees will be self-funded by Mr. Haines and the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman is donating $2,800 to the British Hospice Society to guarantee his entry into the London race. 

Rotary Club treasurer Chris Johnson is opening a dedicated bank account to accommodate donations towards the appeal.  

He said, “Every dollar that is donated to this appeal will be used for completing this new hospice facility. There will be no administrative costs or other expenses paid from it and I think this is very important for donors to understand.”  Please help in any way you can to assist “our” Derek in raising the required funds! 

Haines targets $1M from six marathons Charity fund-raising champion Derek Haines aims to raise $1 million from six marathon runs this year. Chris Bailey 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Service above self!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jan 29, 2014

A number of Rotarians including President Stephanie, Directors Chris and Graham and Joey Hew, MLA, were spotted giving their all doing the stride against cancer, some of them even ran it! 10k ouch! Congrats to all, a fab turn out, over 1600 people supporting a great cause. 

Service above self! Chris Bailey 2014-01-30 00:00:00Z 0

Kind words From the DG and a Fab Charter night

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jan 29, 2014

Excellent board meeting with President Stephanie and the Rotary Club of Grant Cayman, followed by a wonderful official club visit combined with our Charter Night celebration. Honoured to present my remarks in the context of the Grand Cayman Club's 48th birthday! The evening included the induction of the club's newest Rotarian and the presentation of a Major Donor Paul Harris Fellow to PAG Joey on behalf of Cynthia and himself. The club is very well balanced with members ranging from the "well-seasoned" to the relatively youthful and is doing great projects such as supporting the Frances Bodden's Girls Home which the club built in he eighties. Great to be able to spend time with my home club again marking my 77th Official visit with only 7 more to go starting in BVI next and then finally onto TCI. As they say, there's no place like home but this year home has been the 10 countries, 16 islands and 84 clubs that make up our tremendous district!

Kind words From the DG and a Fab Charter night Chris Bailey 2014-01-30 00:00:00Z 0

Tonight is our club charter night - so no lunchtime meeting!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jan 22, 2014

To all friends and visiting Rotarians tonight (23/1/14) is our club "Charter Night" and in lou of our regular meeting we are having a dinner at Luca.

Should you wish to join us please email our fellowship director Brad Watts ( and he will let you know if it is possible for you to attend.  

Thank You! 

Tonight is our club charter night - so no lunchtime meeting! Chris Bailey 2014-01-23 00:00:00Z 0

Feed our Future gets a boost from Derek!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jan 13, 2014
Through the efforts of a very own superman Derek Haines, our club was able to present the feed our future Charity a cheque for $37,132 an amazing achievement. Thanks to all who helped Derek reach this amazing amount!
Feed our Future gets a boost from Derek! Chris Bailey 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0

New Honoree Rotarians!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jan 13, 2014
The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman is delighted to induct Honoree Rotarians, Her Excellency The Governor Helen Kilpatrick and Ms Stacey VanDevelde Chair of Feed Our Future. Both are leaders in our community and were chosen as honoree members as we believe they exemplify the virtues of our club and can promote our message through their endeavors, which reflect - Service above self. 
Congratulation both and welcome to our club!
New Honoree Rotarians! Chris Bailey 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Christmas Giving in aid of the Lighthouse School! Chris Bailey 2013-12-17 00:00:00Z 0

10 million mile giveaway!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Dec 05, 2013

Here's a wonderful way to support Rotary! Vote early and often to help Rotary win up to 10 million United Airlines travel miles! It won't cost you a penny - and the miles will be used to help numerous Rotary projects.


All you have to do is go to and vote for Rotary International. You can vote every day until December 25th. Rotary is neck and neck with the Shriners - your vote may just make the difference!


In the past Charity Miles have provided transportation for Rotary International's Gift of Life surgical teams. Teams have traveled to Haiti and El Salvador, where volunteer doctors and nurses from the United States performed life-saving heart surgery on many children and provided important training for local doctors. Charity Miles have also helped Rotary International transport Iraqi children with birth defects to U.S. hospitals for treatments they cannot receive at home.


Charity Miles are also used to send volunteers to help immunize children during National Immunization Days. And, Charity Miles provide airfare for financially disadvantaged Rotary youth exchange students so they may live and study overseas for one school year, enabling 8,000 secondary school students to study abroad in 80 countries around the world.


And don't just vote yourself! Share this message with your network of friends. If you are a Facebooker, a Twitterer or a Texter - get cracking 
10 million mile giveaway! Chris Bailey 2013-12-06 00:00:00Z 0

Christmas Giving in aid of the Lighthouse School

Posted by Chris Bailey on Dec 04, 2013

We are so excited to be organizing a Rotary Christmas Giving event for the Lighthouse School at the Dark Part, South Sound, December 21, 2013 at 10:00am to 12:00pm.  

Here is where we need your Rotary Spirit : We are asking each Rotarian to bring a gift for a student on Thursday, December 12 or Thursday, December 19 valuing $25 or more and Betty and myself will store the gifts. Please see the list attached to this RotaryCay and your clubrunner email for the name of your student including sex, age and gift idea.

Furthermore, we will need your financial contributions at the luncheon raffle Thursday, December 12th as we are hoping to raise enough money to pay for the food and entertainment at this exciting event!

Finally, we are looking forward to you supporting this Christmas Giving on Saturday, December 21 by greeting and socializing with the Lighthouse School Family.  

YIR, Katherine and Betty Rotary Club of Grand Cayman

Christmas Giving in aid of the Lighthouse School Chris Bailey 2013-12-05 00:00:00Z 0

Parade of Lights!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Dec 03, 2013

Two Rotary Boats this year, great support great turnout and a great result! Well done and thanks to all who took part and helped the builds!

Parade of Lights! Chris Bailey 2013-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

Derek Does it again!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Dec 03, 2013

Another stella performance from our resident iron man PP Derek Haines, his agent was quoted saying:  “He was delighted to have finished the marathon in 4.18.26. A tad slower than the sub 4 hours he hoped for but severe cramp hit at 22 miles so it took him  56 minutes to get home from there.”

Derek praised the supported and 'encouragement' he received during  the last 5 miles by PP / Treasurer Chris and Rotarian Rob who encouraged him to  carry a Rotary banner to the finish line.

The pledged funds for Feed our Future are rolling in and we ought to surpass our target of CI$30K when all collected.

If you have made a pledge, or indeed wish to do so, I will be grateful if you can let me have the funds at Rotary this Thursday or in the near future. Cheques can be made to the RCGC please. 

Amazing Derek Well Done!

Derek Does it again! Chris Bailey 2013-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

Important Christmas dates for the diary

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 20, 2013



  • Saturday, November 30th   Christmas tree Lighting Set up
  • Monday, December 2nd    Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Saturday, December 7th  Parade of lights
  • Thursday, December 19th     Family of Rotary Christmas Luncheon
  • Thursday December 26th    Senior Citizens Christmas lunch

All events require Rotarian support please let the various organising committees know your intent to help. 


Important Christmas dates for the diary Chris Bailey 2013-11-21 00:00:00Z 0
Let Rotary turn you on this Christmas! Chris Bailey 2013-11-21 00:00:00Z 0

Community Service

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 13, 2013

On Saturday Rotarians were out in good form carrying out community work in Bodden Town. We had around 9 Rotarians and some of their family members painting a section of the property. We also tidied up the grounds and spread sand in preparation for upcoming events at the area. Rotarians were also provided with a tour of this unique cultural property. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Community Service Chris Bailey 2013-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

Impromptu fellowship in Jamaica

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 13, 2013

Several Rotarians were in Jamaica last week and have termed it an impromptu fellowship event! 

Impromptu fellowship in Jamaica Chris Bailey 2013-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Donate Foetal Monitors to the Hospital

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 13, 2013

Following a fundraising campaign started in PP Eric's year. The foetal monitors were successfully presented to the George Town Hospital and are in full use already. 

Rotary Donate Foetal Monitors to the Hospital Chris Bailey 2013-11-14 00:00:00Z 0
This weeks meeting (14th Nov) Will be at the Wharf Chris Bailey 2013-11-12 00:00:00Z 0

November is Foundation Month

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 07, 2013

It's November and that means Foundation Month has started!

This month, we would like to focus on the Endowment Fund in particular (formerly the Permanent Fund) and how we can support it for future generations to benefit from the great work we do through Our Foundation. The Endowment Fund is supported in a number of ways including outright donations currently as we do with the Annual Fund, but the most common way to support it is through two vehicles; becoming either a Benefactor (committing $1000 in your will to the Endowment Fund) or a Bequest Society member (committing $10,000 in your will to the Endowment Fund).

Forms for both are attached for your consideration and also a flyer on the upcoming Million Dollar Dinner taking place next February in Florida. DG Jeremy has set a goal for D7020 to raise $200,000 from our district primarily through new commitments to the Bequest Society and we are already off to a good start with several new commitments made even before this communication so I suspect we will easily achieve this goal.

If it possible for you to consider joining the Bequest Society, you can join RI President Ron Burton at the Million Dollar Dinner in Sarasota Florida next February (for more, go to AND a special Major Donor event to be help during our upcoming District Conference in Cayman next May which will be hosted by DG Jeremy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of getting any commitments to the Annual Programs Fund or Polio Plus into the Foundation and this is the perfect month to do it if you haven't already. DG Jeremy also has the ambition to make sure that 100% of the clubs in our district give something to the Foundation this Rotary year. We have not done this before but surely we can get it done this year. Remember that on average, as a district we get back 10 times in project funding from that Foundation than we donate each year. It is only right that we all support such a great benefactor with some level of contribution, no matter how small, is it not?

Have a great Foundation Month and remember that it is your financial support that allows Our Foundation to keep Doing Good in the World.
November is Foundation Month Chris Bailey 2013-11-08 00:00:00Z 0

End Polio Now!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 06, 2013

For those not at the meeting here is where we are at and we have a big push on! 

End Polio Now! Chris Bailey 2013-11-07 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 06, 2013

If you haven’t heard there is a raft up!!!! 24th November see Brad for details!

RAFT UP!!!! Chris Bailey 2013-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

Haunted house closes its doors

Posted by Chris Bailey on Nov 06, 2013

The House finished on Saturday 2 November  with around 1000 people going through the doors! Final amount raised to be confirmed but a conservative estimate is around $10,000. A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this a success.

Haunted house closes its doors Chris Bailey 2013-11-07 00:00:00Z 0
Country Night - at Surfside this Saturday 12th October!!!! Come on Down! Chris Bailey 2013-10-11 00:00:00Z 0

Haunted House is back!!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Oct 09, 2013

We had queues down the street last year over 1000 people went through the house over 3 nights! This year is even better even scarier and even bigger!!

Thank to the donation of an amazing space in Camana Bay the house will go ahead on Halloween night 31st October and continue for 2 further nights until Saturday 2nd November. Entrance is ci$10 please start spreading the word.

With an event this size we need volunteers in the following areas:

House Build

House scarer's (Zombies, ghost, ghouls and anything else you can think of!)

Front of house operations

We cannot do this without volunteers so please please ask around and lend your support :) Its the most fun to be had on Halloween! 

House of Horror 2013 from CML TV on Vimeo.

Haunted House is back!! Chris Bailey 2013-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Honouring Young Caymanians Initiative

Posted by Chris Bailey on Oct 09, 2013



President Stephanie ,fellow Rotarians and guests, we are concluding  an initiative of  the club’s New Generations Committee which sought to publicly recognize three young persons who exemplify Service Above Self, show leadership qualities or have excelled at conflict resolution. This initiative is in keeping with the objectives of our previous District governor for club excellence 2012-2013.To commence the programme we published a set of criteria adopted from the Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains, Jamaica .


Honouring Young Caymanians Initiative Chris Bailey 2013-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary take over Karma

Posted by Chris Bailey on Oct 09, 2013

Last weeks meeting had a change of venue and menu in what was a packed house at Karma. The Lionfish and chips were excellent and the staff catered for us well. 

Rotary take over Karma Chris Bailey 2013-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

BBQ at the Foster residence

Posted by Chris Bailey on Oct 09, 2013

Another year and the tradition of gathering at the Fosters residence in Cayman Kai lives on.... Mucho's beverages and food were consumed, cigars broke out as did dancing and singing well into the evening. A superb fellowship event thank you to all who attended. 

BBQ at the Foster residence Chris Bailey 2013-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Marriott fund Raising

Posted by Chris Bailey on Oct 09, 2013

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - its over, the last sale was held this past Saturday and Director Tim would like to say a huge thank you to all who turned up week in week out to do their bit to raise funds and sell the furniture! The total amount raised is significant and Director Tim will provide a further update. David Kirkcaldy and MASSIVE your generosity in providing the box truck and driver every week was a god send, again to the Saturday morning regulars and the fellowship committee for ensuring all were well provider for thank you does not cover it. 

Kind regards,


Marriott fund Raising Chris Bailey 2013-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Its Official!!! Texas is bigger than France!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jul 31, 2013

There is a new Sargent in town for the Rotary year 2013/14 in the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. Some say he speaks with a strange acent. Some say he is better looking than the rat. All we do know is that he is from Texas and has a dislike for anything French J

Its Official!!! Texas is bigger than France! Chris Bailey 2013-08-01 00:00:00Z 0

Congratulations president Stephanie!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jul 17, 2013

Yes its a boy!! 

Congratulations to President Stephanie and family on the safe arrival of Tai Anthony Ian Wight weighing in at 8lb 6oz. He has already made his first public appearances and is winning the hearts of the Cayman people. Sources close to the family said they were thrilled and are expecting great things from the future District Govenor.  

Congratulations president Stephanie! Chris Bailey 2013-07-18 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary support The Island Games Squash Team!

Posted by Chris Bailey on Jul 17, 2013

The Cayman Islands squash team selected to represent Cayman at the Island Games in Bermuda this week got a much needed boost to its funds thanks to the support of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman.  Chris Bailey, one of the directors of the rotary club and board member of the South Sound squash club, is pictured presenting the $2000 cheque to Janet Sairsingh director of CINSA and organiser of the Island Games team. The team has good chances of bringing home some medals and will be strongly supported by all at SSSC and Rotary.

The individuals representing Cayman had to raise over $15,000 in funds to pay for flights, accomodation and training which they did with the support of the other junior members of the SSSC. Just as we were going to press we were informed that the squash team has won at least 3 Gold medals!!! Congratulations team Cayman!

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Changeover Dinner - July 6, 2013

Posted by Betty Baraud

Register here:

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Guatemala Delivery Tour

Posted by Derek Haines

Four Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman will be traveling to Guatemala in February where they will join with the Cooperative for Education (CoEd) and Rotarians from the USA and Canada to deliver books to secondary schools and open computer centers.

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Guatemala Delivery Tour

Posted by Derek Haines

Three Rotarians from our club have just returned from Guatemala where they joined with the Cooperative for Education (CoEd) and other donors to deliver books to secondary schools and participated in the inauguration of two computer centres.

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