Posted on Aug 03, 2017

To date, $30,000 of the $50,000 goal has been reached.

Veteran marathon competitor Rotarian Derek Haines will be running three races and climbing two volcanoes this year to benefit the Central Caribbean Marine Institute.The 68-year-old has the backing of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman in his efforts to raise $50,000 for the marine institute. Money will go toward a CCMI pilot project, Reefs Go Live, which provides real-time footage of coral reef activity to teach children about the ocean. The CCMI virtual classroom uses high-tech face masks and streaming equipment to broadcast live lessons from locations in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Mr. Haines’ first marathon will be April 30 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, considered one of the most challenging marathons in the world. In June, he will travel south of Antigua, Guatemala, to climb the volcanoes Agua, reaching 12,336 feet, and Acatenango, reaching 13,044 feet. He will then run marathons in San Francisco on July 23 and in Cayman on Dec. 3.


While in Antigua, Mr. Haines said he will also check in on the Rotary-supported Guatemala Literacy Project, a textbook program that serves 193 schools.

“I wanted to continue with my fundraising, and CCMI seemed like a good fit for me,” Mr. Haines said. “It’s for education and somebody we had supported before, and of course, it’s a local organization supporting local students.”

Rotarian Chris Bailey will also contribute to the fundraiser by competing in a full Iron Man race in Panama in October.

All money raised will go directly to charity, Mr. Haines said. Travel costs are self-funded and donations are not used for administrative costs.

Derek after completing the first marathon on April 30 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with an amazing time of 5:09












Our man Derek Haines atop of Acatenango with Fuego in background July 3 in Antigua, Guatemala. With daughter Lizzy and Gaby our friend in Guatemala!













PP Derek successfully completed the next stage of his Marathons & Volcanoes Challenge yesterday morning (July 23) with his 47th Marathon in San Francisco in aid of CCMI's 'Reefs go Live' project. PP Derek finished with a time of 4 Hrs and 36 mins and finished 11 out of 60 in his age category despite suffering a fall 2.5 miles into the race. Derek is in great form following the run. While he was a little disappointed with his time, he assures that he didn't suffer an injury from his fall (put it down to not looking where he was going....!).