My New LiverCassie was born with a congenital liver disorder called Biliary Atresia. Simon was able to donate a part of his liver to Cassie in 2010.   Based on their personal experience and desire to give back, Simon and Cassie recently started My New Liver Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, to promote awareness of the awesome fact that the human liver is the only human organ that regenerates which allows any healthy person the potential to save others who are in need of a new liver to survive.  
DGE Savita introduced the meeting with style, highlighting fundraisers, topics, and our speaker. Check it out here.
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Citizenship Moment
Sherry Meng introduced a great American song for our citizenship moment. This land is your land, Check it out here.
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Annie Ho provided a great inspiration on little things that really count and remembered all the little things when she helped President Rod with his campaign for city council. Listen to her inspiration here
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President’s Club
PP Liz Gallegos honored PP and PDG Dick Lohlmiller who updated our structure to allow us to grow to where we are now. Honoring his passing 12 years ago.
PDG Jim Walker joined to honor Walk Bike Cupertino for receiving the non-profit STAR award this year. You can attend the STAR awards put on by tghe Chamber on August 26 at 5PM by clicking here.   Hear their honoring comments here.

World Community Service Update
Chair George Tyson gave an update on projects and invited members to join the committee on the 4th Friday at 7PM. Check out his update here.
Following the update, we learned about the upcoming Global Elegance extravaganza. Don’t miss this opportunity for fellowship and supporting our international projects. Sign up here 

Day n Night Funfest
PP Padma told us about the new Fall Festival, looks like fun: : September 11th,  from 10am to 8pm with Activities, Entertainment, Art,  Food Trucks, Food Sampling,  Whiskey Tasting, Beer Tasting, Wine and more
The team is looking for contacts to make things fun so if you know of any, let Padma know and is looking for volunteers for 4-hour shifts. Contact PP Padma

Crab Feed Reimagined
Maria Segal and Terry Sturtevant, gave us a preview. Save the Date for October 2nd, Volunteers to host small groups and food delivery are needed.  Check out this promotion video here.

Bike Affinity Group
PP Helene announced the first cruiser ride on August 1st, led by PP Larry Dean, meet at Quinlan at 9:30, all flat.   The more ambitious Big Wheelers will be on August 6th at Quinlan at 9:00 for a ride, which might be a ride to Alviso for lunch. Yummm. Hear the update here.
The affinity group also showed a Public Service announcement to remind everyone to wear helmets. Check it out here.

Fly ups
Membership Co chair April Bignell led the fly up for Jenny Yuan and Shelkie Tao (our first Zoom inductee. Both are contributing to so many projects already.   Check out the fly up details here.
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District conference and Awards
President Rod described the fun district end of year event which included honoring 2 of our own members. PP Judy was honored for Exemplary Service to the District Governor and Maggie Padovani was given the Governor’s award. We are proud of the work they did to support the district last year.
Rod showed an interview with a bee keeping ranger and Eagle Scout. Learn a bit about bees by watching this video
Rod then showed a nice video of our July picnic in the park, fun was had by all. Check it out here.

One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Modern HoneyNext week we will celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie Day with a Contest, watch for a chance to order some so you can participate in the judging

Program speaker from Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) Girish Balachandran.  Check out the full presentation here. Some of the highlights were:
Screenshot 2021-07-28 12 57 32
For the first time, we are talking about a clean energy grid at a National Level (2035). In California, transportation is still the largest contributor to carbon. To meet the current targets in 2045, a major change needs to occur. So far electricity changes have been the most significant improvement, it was the easiest to do first.
Girish then gave a history of Community Choice Aggregators (CCA) like SVCE. Started in 2017 with a mission of 100% clean energy and is now 13 communities.
In addition to clean energy SVCE offers programs to help reduce emissions. The focus is on transportation and new buildings (reduce gas).
SVCE has had a major impact; 24% reduction since 2015 baseline and almost $70M in customer savings,
Major future emphasis is to improve the infrastructure and now focusing on building plans to reduce natural gas usage.
LAST FEW TABLES REMAINING! Picnic in the Park at Dunswell Park, Woodmansey  on 25th Jul 2020 | FatsomaWhat a fun picnic lunch! We had a great time at the Park!!
Check out a few of the many wonderful pictures by PP Hung Wei!

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