President Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth President of the United States, is often considered the first “modern president”.  More than any other national leader or individual American, he is responsible for America’s rise to world leadership status.

Instructor: David S. Rader, (,) teaches for academia, business, government, and the military. He served in the United States Air Force from 1967-1971. He has taught as an adjunct instructor at numerous colleges and universities (forty years) in several disciplines (History, Political Science, International Studies, International Business). He has taught in the United States and abroad and has worked in the securities, real estate, high tech, and defense industries. 

President Helene called the Senior Holiday Lunch meeting to order
Pledge:  PP Judy Wilson
Inspiration: Bob Pruitt  inspired us  to be mindful, and always look around by showing us some examples of amazing fall colors from a recent trip to Maine.
Guests of Rotarians: We were honored to have so many Senior Guests at our club. What a great way to celebrate the holidays. Their Rotarian Host introduced each one.
President’s Club:
Sherry Hergott joined to honor “The Greatest Generation”, those that came of age during the depression and many who served in WW II.  Many of our senior guests today are part of that generation. We all appreciate the sacrifices they made for their families and our country.
December Birthdays:
Sam Grinells presented the list of December birthdays and led the club in a rousing rendition of song in their honor.
Coleen Hudgen introduced our special holiday program and we heard about each of our senior guests. They were all great. What an amazing group. Check out our pictures this week to see their happy faces  by clicking here.
Check out the quote below from one of our guests- it says it all
We want to thank you, the Rotary Club, and all the people involved in helping with the senior luncheon celebrations. Jason and I enjoyed it very much! It was a wonderful event. We got to meet other seniors in our community and really enjoyed the Monta Vista choir. We're blessed to be living in this community. Thank you very much!

As is our tradition, the Monte Vista Variations Choir, led by, Shari Summers, performed a number of songs for the audience. As always, they were amazing. It was so fun to listen to these kids belt out the tunes and see how much fun they were having. Click on the link here to see the full concert.

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Fall Festival
What a Great Event. Thanks to Everyone. Check out the pictures here
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Enjoy this video celebrating 20 years of Rotary Women.

We have a great group in our club!


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Senior Lunch Sign-Up
Be sure and sign up for our Senior Holiday Luncheon on Dec 12th. You can sponsor and host a senior or come alone, but you need to sign up in advance. by clicking here
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David Rader
Dec 19, 2018
President Theodore Roosevelt
Dec 26, 2018
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Jan 02, 2019
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Bob Roney
Jan 09, 2019
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