Annual Senior's Holiday Lunch MeetingColleen Hudgen will once again serve as hostess at lunch for a group of senior citizens from various senior facilities in the area to help celebrate the holiday season. And again this year, the seniors, Rotarians and other guests will be entertained by the very talented choir from Monta Vista High School singing music of the season.
Check out the presentation here made recently to the Cupertino City Council by President John Zirelli, PE Helene Davis and future president Padma Chair. They did a great job showcasing all the good we do in Cupertino and the world.
Heart-to-Heart…CREF Matters!
Every year about this time I get very nostalgic-and grateful. There was a time when I had little at the holidays and we fashioned tree ornaments from toilet paper rolls and cotton balls. 
You may be thinking you’d like to leverage your giving at this holiday season-and, possibly receive a tax advantage in the process. Please consider a donation to CREF.
In the past few years we have been able to increase the charitable monies  that come back to Cupertino Rotary for life-changing projects. There are still families in our own greater community that may be fashioning their own ornaments, and not sure where there holiday meal will come from.
Please make your tax-deductible gift by pressing the link directly below the heart on the front page of the club website, or make a check out to CREF and give it to me or Marj Mancuso. If you prefer to mail it, the address is CREF, PO Box 1101, Cupertino, CA 95015. Tax #EIN 77-0288042. Thank you!
Bev Lenihan, CREF Vice President and 2010-11 Cupertino Rotary President
PS—watch for your personal invitation to a February Heart-to-Heart event where you will experience CREF up close! 
Speaker: Charles Toeniskoetter - Stroke Awareness Foundation
Check out the full presentation video by clicking here.  Below are the highlights from this outstanding talk to our members. Many Thanks to Charles for coming to visit us.
  • Member of downtown SJ Rotary, chairman of TBI construction, founded in 1983 and still going strong due to forward thinking
  • Here today to save a life just as his life was saved 17 years ago.  It’s important for him to speak to the topic given his personal experience
  • 35% of adults have had or will have a stroke in their lifetime
  • 1- TIA minor stroke, 2 – estemic strokes which are blood clots to the brain, 80 % of strokes are clot strokes, 20% are bleeding strokes which are challenging to recover from. 
  • Time is of the essence with strokes.  Three hours is the magic number of time in which a stroke victim should be seen for help
  • Right arm went limp, speech slurring, face drooped, legs wobbly – had no idea what was happening at the time. It was a very serious stroke
  • During these days there were no certified stroke centers
  • TPA drug had just been released. Incredible drug when used properly.
  • Took 6 months to a year to recover from stroke
  • 3,000 stroke victims a year in Santa Clara county 
  • Dream – get certified stroke centers in the county, none in the country at the time.  Get ambulances to redirect to stroke centers. Public outreach so people know where to go
  • Good Sam in San Jose first hospital in the area to be certified. 28 in the bay area.  4 comprehensive centers in Santa Clara county.
  • Technology advancements have widened timeframe from 3 to 48 hours given a specific type of stroke to return to normal function
  • Stroke Awareness app – download it today! 
Meeting called to order:  12:114pm
Pledge:  Judy Wilson
Inspiration: Colleen Hudgen
Heart is filled, hope and love during this holiday season, helping families in need, people that have lost someone – call and check-in, go visit, follow up with non-returned phone call. We’re good people, and we’re doing good in the neighborhood
Rotarian Visitors: Canan Sonuk – Los Gatos Rotary, AnaMaraie Jones – Oakland Rotary #3, Amy Potts – Los Gatos Rotary, Ingrid Lee – no group noted, Alia Wilson – Sunnyvale Rotary
Rotarian Guests: Bill and Katie Allen – guests of Kathee Kraker, Sue Levine – guest of Eva Martin-Long, Brian Wilcox – guest of Larry Long, Jill Popolizio – guest of April Bignell, Ying Xu – guest of PP Steve Ting, Faye Luong – guest of Kyle Pi, Noemi Conway – speaker, Fabrizio Vitaglinao – guest of PE Helene Davis
President’s Club:
Annie Ho
Family gathering – mother’s day, thanksgiving, Christmas relative never met will visit next week. Relative will share news about what happened in Annie’s mom’s hometown. Great year for Annie’s business in 2017 – partnership with local non-profits.
PP Steve Ting
Happy holiday’s to everyone, shing shing educational foundation is celebrating 20th anniversary, last few months have not been able to be here due to travel and thanks to John for doing a good job so far as club president

Colleen Hudgen – annual senior holiday luncheon on 12/13.  Rotary will start at noon.  We will have twice as many senior visitors join us next week.  Santa will show up to the event.  Please sign up to attend.
Jo Lucey – Annual Report for the club and CREF are done and are on the table.  They are also available on the website. 
Padma Chari – Trip to India, Polio vaccination day in Delhi.  Please contact Padma Chari by 1/5 about interest.
Dana Stern, Crab Feed – tickets through club runner.  Volunteers are needed for the event.  Save the date – January 19th
PP Wendell Stephens, Golf – playing at Half Moon Bay. Please join next Monday at noon. 
PP Judy Wilson – announcement regarding Gary Latshaw’s accident.  Gary has broken his back and possibly his hip.  

Personal Talk: Constantine Lolos
Immigrated from Greece, then lived in Corpus Christi, attended catholic school, U of Texas at Austin, BS electrical engineering, aerospace industry, learned how to build and deliver a project, contract work, set up a business as a  math tutor. He values his ability to successfully communicate ideas to students,  three years ago retired, hobbies include reading and history, religious instruction, why are there so many different religions. Loves international flavor with Cupertino Rotary group – all experiences are tremendous advantages in sustaining community. 

New Member Induction: Bill Allen
Category – engineering management, retired, sponsored by Kathee Kraker.  His wife Katie joined today to celebrate Bill’s induction ceremony. Born in Santa Monica, MSEE SCU, has worked at many different engineering companies.  Has two daughters. 

Last week’s Rotarian Trivia Reveal – Leon Davis
This week Trivia:  I visited China the year Chairman Mao Zedong died when bicycles were the prevalent mode of transportation, I’ve ridden a camel for transportation in Egypt, I was riding a galloping horse in Turkey when the saddle slipped sideways. Send guesses to Dolly Sandoval

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Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows: First Wednesday - Gary Latshaw; Second Wednesday - Stuart Rosenberg; Third Wednesday - Stuart Rosenberg ; Fourth Wednesday - Padma Chari  Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop. Backup- Chris Zhang
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