PP Darryl Stow will lead another addition in the popular series of "Coming to America" programs, the club has held over the past few years.Two  Cupertino Rotarians will tell their personal stories of how they came to America and some of the challenges and opportunities they found in their journey. Telling their stories will be Rayne Liu,  and Janki Chokshi.
Rotary Minutes 1/13/2021
Inspiration:  Bijoya Saha shared her experience with religious fanaticism when she moved from her village in  cooch-Behar to Calcutta after graduation  to study computer science. Check out her inspiration here.
Untitled photo
Larry Dean –  shared pictures of his granddaughter Haley and meeting Rotarians at the I-5 Harris Ranch rest stop
Untitled photo
Judy Wilson – congratulated her friend Angela Chen for the 2021 Bridge award to recognize her contribution to the community.
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PP Hsing Kung and Steve Ting  announced the passing of David Tsang, venture capitalist and philanthropist and friend of our club. For more information on this, please click here
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Irmgard LaFrentz joined as she was featured in her German home town paper for her great humanitarian work with Rotary
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Annie Ho – spoke about David and joined to honor her son’s company going IPO

Lunar Calendar Story  - Stuart shared a video about the Chinese Lunar calendar to mark the arrival of the Chinese new year, with 2021 being the year of the Ox.
Service opportunities –
Bags for WVCS – Keep those Bags Coming.. Drop bags off at WVCS, PP Hung Wei’s or PP Judy Wilson’s.
Dr. Seuss Reading  - Jean Gaspereni March 1st we need letter for teachers and students, contact Jean
Golf Beneficiary due date is  Jan 15th contact PP Padma with questions.
Fellowship Opportunities -
Cooking with Friends – Hosted by Dana Stern on Jan 15th at 5PM. Dana will be cooking Crab Cakes. Contact Leslie Hay to sign up. 
Book Club –Jan 25th at 7PM. Judy and George will host.   Tom Scannell will moderate discussion on Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads.
Coffee Klatch – 2nd and 4th Monday at 10AM. Next event is on January 25th. Sign on and chat. Use our club meeting link or contact Stuart.
Saratoga Rotary Club is hosting a special meeting on January 22 at 7PM with Past RI President Gary Huang, a friend of our club, click on this link to register to hear him speak about Rotary in Taiwan. Tinyurl.com/PastRIPresidentGaryHuang

Personal Talk
Seema Lindskog shared her background of living a multi-cultural, multi-lingual life.  Born in India, childhood in Paris, High School and Bachelor’s in Mumbai, Master’s in Carnegie Mellon, with jobs all over the USA, before moving to CA, and settling down in Cupertino with a tall blond swede named Erik. Check out her personal talk here.
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Interact Club Update
Emily, Jeanie and Helen from Lynbrook High’s Interact Club shared an update on their club’s activities. They gave us updates on their community international committee. They have started a Interact Junior club with Miller Middle school. They do service activates each week and have a speaker program to engage their members. Their service is focused in 3 areas, Education, Medical and Homelessness. What a great group.

2021 Lunar New Year Program  
Diana Ding, who will be celebrating her 10th new year as Rotarian hosted the Chinese Ney Year celebrations. Check out the full program video here.
Untitled photo
Louisa  Roberts shared 7 lucky foods for the new year – Fish, Dumplings, Spring Rolls for wealth, Rice Cakes for Income and promotion, Sweet Rice balls for family togetherness, Longevity noodles for happiness, and finally, “golden” fruit for fullness and wealth.
Untitled photo
Sandy Chau & PP Hsing Kung demonstrated their Chinese calligraphy skills.
Untitled photo
Xin Zhang played a western musical piece on the Erhu, popularly known as the Chinese violin. Xin comes from a very musical family and started playing the Erhu at a very early age.
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