During the December 2nd meeting President Stuart looked back at the last 12 months, if you missed it, you can hear (and see) his look-back here. Unfortunately in spite of great efforts and support by all involved our fundraising fell short, so Stuart asked members to consider a small gift to Cupertino Rotary Club as part of their year-end giving plans to help us keep up all our charitable work. Here is the link  (or click on the picture) or send a check to CREF marked "year end gift"
PP Orrin Mahoney introduced William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO Knightscope. His company is the developer of crime –fighting autonomous robots. 
What do these products do? They are self-driving devices that extend the capability of private security guards and local police. The robots offer a 
physical presence that promotes deterrence, similar to a marked law enforcement vehicle being parked on the side of the highway. They also collect and process data (license plates, sniffing mobile devices for IP addresses, visual scans). 
Judy Wilson and April  invited all club members to help bring in new members. We may need to be more intentional about this during this time of Covid and reduced casual social interaction. Take a moment to think: who do you know who would be a good member of our club? Give a gift to them and invite them to join. It could be such a help to them, to our club, and to our community!
Opportunities for Service: 
                        WVCS: drop bags at Judy’s or Hung’s  house
Gifts of Hope –Dec 4 Tina. There are two needs: to pack holiday gift bags, and also to add a personal note. Everyone—please take a few minutes to compose a personal note that can be used for any recipient, and send it via email to Tina by 12/4. She will print it and include it in the bags. 
Fellowship Events
             Cooking with Friends:  Cupcake baking 12/11 @5pm. Host will be Kathy Hamilton (wife of Joe Hamilton and grandchild Piper) Make the cupcakes ahead of time and come to learn to decorate the cupcakes. Sign up with Leslie Hay to get the instructions and shopping list in advance. 
Book club: last meeting was 11/30. Book was Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.  Book club meets 10 times per year (not Dec and not July). Family and friends are encouraged to join. Next meeting date will be: 1/25/7pm.  Book is The Silk Roads. Other books on the schedule include: How the South Won the Civil WarThe Queens GambitCasteThe Girl with Seven Names, and  Mindf*ck. List is up on Club runner. A moderator is needed for May and June—anyone interested can volunteer. 
Dec 16th meeting will be a holiday party. The theme will be holidays around the world. Music will be provided by the Mountain View HS chorus 
Inspiration— President Stuart –reflected on why he joined Rotary and what it has meant to him. The ability to make friends through service projects has inspired him. Operation Snowflake has always been a favorite of his. Here’s a link to a look back at a prior Operation Snowflake.  
Tina Ferguson-Skurla: joined (in absentia) to welcome her new grandbaby, Jackson
Judy Wilson/George Tyson: offered Congratulations to Rotarian Mauri Okamoto-Kearney and her husband for being named  Santa Clara County EMA (emergency Medical Assistance) Volunteer(s) of the Year. Mauri and her husband are active in search and rescue operations—very impressive! 
Julie Griswold-Sahota (leader) reported that the Covid safety team was set up to help the organizers of Rotary in-person events to make sure that the latest CDC guidelines are known and followed, so the events can be safe and effective for everyone! The team includes Mauri Okamoto- Kearney, Rich Abdalah, and Rayne Liu). If you are helping to organize an event, contact them to talk over your thoughts and they can help you! 
Year in Review President Stuart presented his thoughts about this past year in a nice video,  LINKThe year was such a success in so many ways, despite Covid. If you are so moved, an additional year-end donation to CREF would be greatly appreciated and help to close the gap in fund raising that arose from the unavoidable cancellation of the traditional crab feed. 
Once again our club members stepped up to delivery Thanksgiving Dinners to those in need. A record number this year, over 180!. George and his team did a great job along with everyone who volunteered. What a great way to start the Thanksgiving holiday.
Rotary Meeting notes 12/2/2020
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment month. 
Rotarians with Guests
            PP Hung Wei: introduced Sudha Kasamsetty, who is the Vice Chair, Cupertino  Fine Arts Commission
Sue Chen—Community leader 
            Kalpana Aroda: Yifang Xu
President Stuart kicked off with thanks to everyone helping with the weekly meeting logistics. And also special thanks to the organizers and participants of the Thanksgiving dinner delivery project. One recipient actually made a donation back to our club in thanks. Another sent a personal note to their delivery person. 

The following information is for club members with articles to submit to the Rotator.
Deadline for Article Submission: To help the editors in the work they do, please plan to make your submissions by the end-of-the-day Thursday. Please email them to
cupertinorotary@gmail.com. Later submissions might be deferred to the next week's Rotator, depending on how far along the editor is in processing the meeting and program staff reporting for the current week.
Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows:  First Wednesday - Gary Latshaw;  Second Wednesday - Rachelle Sander;  Third Wednesday - Reena Rao ;  Fourth Wednesday - Dana Drysdale  Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop
Our highly esteemed meeting reporters are assigned as follows: First Wednesday Kathy Yates-; Second Wednesday  Ranga Nathan- Third Wednesday - Julie Griswold; Fourth Wednesday - Manisha Puranik;; Fifth Wednesday Byron Rovegno

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