Log into the Rotary Club of Cupertino's weekly meeting on Zoom to be introduced to Lloyd A. Holmes, the newly appointed president of De Anza College.
Holmes, a veteran educator comes with a track record of removing barriers to student success.
The Foothill-De Anza Community College District Board of Trustees voted unanimously on June 2,  to endorse district Chancellor Judy Miner’s recommendation that Holmes become De Anza’s fourth president since the college’s founding almost 53 years ago.

Holmes, 49, was previously vice president of student services at Monroe Community College in Rochester, N.Y., a position he held with distinction for the past six years. Monroe served about 40,000 students a year at two campuses and has residence halls housing nearly 800 students and a university center where students can complete a baccalaureate degree.


Cupertino Rotary meets via ZOOM from noon-1:30pm on Wednesday August 5, 2020.

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At our last meeting in July, George Tyson introduced our own Rotarian Mauri Okamoto-Kearney who discussed her volunteer activity in the search and rescue unit [SAR] reporting through the Sherriff’s Office here in Santa Clara County.
Follow this link to watch her fascinating presentation.
Mauri started with a brief history noting that there was really no search and rescue capability until WWII. At that time the US Coast Guard took on maritime duties while the US Air Force took on aeronautical SAR.
In 1991 FEMA supported creating SAR capabilities at the state level which resulted in Task Force 3 headquartered in Menlo Park. They are called up by FEMA in cases of National Emergencies. Local land-based searches were not staffed by paid personnel since that would be prohibitive in cost. As a result, volunteers formed up under the sheriff’s department in each of the 58 counties in California. 
The California Office of Emergency Services can call on SAR volunteers to report wherever there is an emergency in the state.
On November 7th Mauri’s group was called to the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise CA in 2018 where 18,000 structures were destroyed and 85 people died. Work was done to locate remains. It was a mental and emotional challenge. Her team received Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to deal with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.
In March 2012 her group was also called up to search for Sierra Lamar, a 15-year-old student who was abducted in South Santa Clara County. The SAR team spent more than 4,000 man-hours searching but only her backpack and cell phone were found. Those enabled law enforcement to find and convict the perpetrator, but her remains were never found.
In response to preventable deaths of lost children SARs team members have developed a course of basic survival skills for 5-9-year-old children and have outreach to the community to teach these skills. The program, Hug-A-Tree, is used nation-wide and has been adapted for use in Canada.
A newly proposed program is SilverStar to engage community members to help in locating lost seniors. 
Mauri's group gets called out about 20 times per year to locate missing seniors suffering dementia. The plan is to call these “Silver Alerts”. Half to two-thirds do not survive if not located within 24 hours. SARs personnel need current photos of missing loved ones and don’t always get them. To help they use dogs trained to follow the scent of missing persons.
In order to qualify as a volunteer, you must be physically fit and go through two months of extensive training including tracking, mapping, using compasses and GPS, retrieving someone in inhospitable terrain, and communicating with other rescue personnel including helicopters.
Mauri has found her ideal activity because being a SAR volunteer caters to her loving the outdoors, hiking, and using her medical background to help others. The satisfaction of reuniting families or providing closure as the case may be must be very satisfying.
Thank you, Mauri for providing this valuable service. If California did not have volunteers like you to take the burden off of law enforcement, many people would never be found.

President Stuart presented the speaker with a gift from Cupertino Rotary, a Kind Bar.
WVCS Contactless School Supply Delivery August 7th - 8th - Still needs drivers / delivery team members.  Contact Bobbi Bornsteim @West Valley Community Services 408.255.8033 or see https://www.wvcommunityservices.org/bts2020 
Booking with Rotary Friends - Next Book Club Zoom Meeting August 31 - August title is The Splendid and the Vile, A Saga of Churchill, Family and Defiance During the Blitz (#5 on Amazon!)  and Judy Wilson will host.  George Tyson and Judy also shared an overview of Book Club and fall titles.    
Our meeting was called to order by President Stuart Rosenberg at 12:05 PM.
Staffing the meeting were:
Sargent at Arms - Dana Drysdale
Video -Sunil Nethisinghe
Chat monitor – Hung Wei
Pictures – Orrin Mahoney

Kalpana Aroda told the story of an excited daughter who came to her father and said she got 27 out of 30 on her test. He said, “should we look at the 3 you didn’t get”?
She said, “let’s look at the first 27 that I got right."
The moral is to focus on right and not just wrong. Be positive!
Opportunities for Service
CUSD Notes for Kindness: Jean Gasparini updated us on book of thank you notes she is gathering showing gratitude for CUSD teachers. She thanked Rotarians who provided notes and encouraged others to do so by month end. 
Back To School Delivery: P Stuart noted that WVCS needs help for contactless delivery of school backpacks on Saturday, 8/8 [Note: Friday 8/7 full already.] 
Bags for WVCS: Barbara McArthur reported that WVCS needs paper grocery bags for their food pantry. Please bundle and deliver directly to WVCS or Hung Wei when you pick up your lunch or Judy Wilson anytime. This is an ongoing need.
Fellowship Opportunities
Join the conversation! 
Judy Wilson & George Tyson reminded us that they will host a Zoom meeting to discuss The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson 8/31 @ 7 PM. 
George reports it is an engrossing read about Churchill, his family and the leadership he provided during a desperate time.
The New York Times describes it as an intimate chronicle of Winston Churchill and London during the Blitz—an inspiring portrait of courage and leadership in a time of unprecedented crisis.
Today we heard Rayne Liu's Red Badge Talk.  Liu was sponsored by Hung Wei and mentored by Jim Walker. Classification Engineering, Manufacturing.
You can stream Rayne's talk at this link and view his interesting slides about his life in China and career steps that brought him to California in 1996.
Rayne was born and raised in China. He attended Tsinghua University 1982-1987. There were eight to a dorm room. The government owned most companies and assignments were controlled by the government. Pay was based on seniority only. Small private businesses were starting.
Tiananmen Square on 6/4/89 ended any political reform. From 1989-94 he attended the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia and got a degree in mechanical engineering. He was no longer given $20/month for food as in China and had to work washing dishes to feed himself and pay tuition.
In Australia he experienced democracy for first time and it took time for him to adjust and get used to living in Australia.  At the time Australia was far ahead in recognizing LGBT rights.  One of his most surprising experiences was seeing an LGBT Mardi Gras parade - one of the best he has ever seen. 
He then moved to Singapore with the task of transferring Hewlett Packard’s manufacturing to Asia. There he met his wife Amy. He found people in Singapore hard working. They built a safe and clean country, but discrimination against women and other races was a problem.
In 1996 HP moved him to Sunnyvale and there he started his family.  In 2001 he left HP and worked for several telecoms before starting his own business in 2003 importing food service equipment from China.
Since starting his business, he visited China regularly and has the following observations: 1. China has improved living standards 2. Social mobility is possible in industries such as internet where the government does not have a monopoly. 3. Government owned enterprises dominate oil & gas, banking, insurance and telecom. This has resulted in massive waste, corruption and social injustice.  4. The government tells the media what can be published and social media accounts can be suspended at any time without notice or explanation. 5. Without scrutinizing by an opposition party or the media, massive corruption occurred in all aspects of social life including the judiciary.
Workforce Development Group Update
Roxana Baker reported that the vocational service awardee this year is Josh Selo, Executive Director of West Valley Community Services. This award is given to an outstanding person exemplifying a high ethical standards [4 way test] and service to the community beyond their day job and without compensation. Josh Selo “walks the talk” and is a tireless advocate for those in need.
Bell Ringing for Peace
Alysa Sakkas reported that in conjunction with our Japanese sister city, Toyokawa, Cupertino will hold a Bell Ringing for Peace webinar observing the 75th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the fire bombing of Toyokawa.  The event will be next Wednesday August 5 at 3:45 PM.  To participate, register at Cupertino.org/bellringing
Golf Tournament
PDG Orrin Mahoney thanked participants and sponsors. We are in the middle of our two-week social-distancing golf rounds. There are 16 teams playing. Click here to see the Golf Tournament Brochure.  A virtual party at the end of the tournament. Fund raising has gone well and we are saving money not renting Deep Cliff for the day.
As a result, we’re making what we usually do in spite of this pandemic. Prizes were awarded on August 1on Zoom during an event wrap-up. Congratulations to all on a great job on this fundraiser benefiting the Neonatal ICU at Valley Medical Center.
Thanks to P Stuart for efficiently running our Zoom meetings during this pandemic.  Fellowship and engaging games are interspersed within our meetings.  Zoom has increased attendance and allowed participation by people in far-away locations.  We all agree that we miss our face-to-face meetings, but in the meantime, we appreciate the work of P Stuart. Thanks, from all of us!!
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Enjoy a catered lunch for $16
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No contact delivery can be arranged upon request within 15-minute-drive from Cupertino.  Please contact Hung (Wei) at hungweichien@gmail.com or (408) 605-6959
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*All Boxed Sandwich include Seasonal Fruit with Berries and Kettle Potato Chips

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Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows:  First Wednesday - Gary Latshaw;  Second Wednesday - Rachelle Sander;  Third Wednesday - open ;  Fourth Wednesday - Dana Drysdale  Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop
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