Dr. Anthony "Tony" Strawa, is an accomplished climate scientist who has authored over 50 peer reviewed articles.  Tony has 24 years experience with NASA in atmospheric science, and is a Senior Scientist with SecureTheFuture2100.org.  He volunteers for both San Jose Clean Energy Advisory Commission and Sustainable Silicon Valley.  Tony earned his Phd at Stanford and is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy.    

Tony's topic for October 13 is "Beermaking at Home - 6+ Hours of Work in a Quick How To Video", narrated by our own Gary Latshaw. 

We have some AMAZING Craft Beers from the Fun Fest available. The options are listed at this link:  tinyurl.com/nzen7vsk  Although valued at $30/grouping they can be yours for a donation of only $20.00 each (11 different types of beer in each option).  There are 3 groupings, so get your choice of Group A/B/C OR all three for a $60 donation. Please email Keith Kreft @ keithkreft@comcast.net (click on Keith's email address to send email) with your choices and arrange a time to pick them up. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity. Please make out the check to “CREF” and hand it off to Keith when you pick up the beer.  Any questions, please email Padma at Padma.Lotus.Chari@gmail.com   
Introduction:  PP Richard Lowenthal kicked off the meeting with a premier intro!
President's Club: Kiran Varshney joined PC with a dedication to parents - those with us and those who have departed.  They are all a part of us, and we owe them so much!
Dana Stern summarized the re-imagined Crab Feed featuring over 180+ meals served and countless great get-togethers. 
Seema Lindskog explored the life of Sylvia Earle, the women's recordholder for deepest solo dive and shared Sylvia's philosophy:  "Hold up a mirror and ask yourself what you are capable of, and then take the initiative...Everyone has power, if you use it! 
PE Steve Onishi summarized the District AOS conference with 240 Rotarians in attendance.
Lloyd Holmes shared the Jasper Ridge corral project.  Home Depot donated half the materials for Jasper Ridge and Burt the Horse appreciates everyone!!

Jean Gasperini described the Paint a VTA Bench Project, scheduled for the weekend. 
Alysa Sakkas described the Breathing for Life oxygen plant project in  Ethiopia and Uganda, and has a pass the hat for it for small gifts to people met on the project use Venmo @Alysa-Sakkas.  

Book Club: PP Judy Wilson announced the next Book Club selection - Astoria, by Peter Stark, a tale of John Jacob Astor's and Thomas Jefferson's attempt to establish a colony on the west coast.  Contact Judy for more information.  The meeting will be by Zoom on October 25.   

Leslie Hay described PP Darryl Stow's incredible Rotary career and Bev Lenihan supplied the answer!  Here are the clues:  In successive years, this Rotarian served as Editor, Service Director, Treasurer, Secretary, PE, President, PP and is from the town of Fresno.

Matt is with the Y for 10 years, and Jim Walker is his Rotary mentor.  Julie Griswold has mentored him throughout his career.  He is a San Jose native who served as a baseball coach at his high school - Pioneer, and met his wife in high school, with whom he has two sons.  Family time is his focus, but, Matt is also a sports fan.  Matt is excited to be part of Rotary!  Click here to see Matt's Personal Talk!

President Rod Sinks introduced NBC 11 Anchor and Host of Press:Here Scott McGrew.  Scott is a journalist who works at the intersection of technology and politics, a fascinating place.  People Scott interviewed include Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Peter Thiel and many others.  Scott also addressed some of the myths about journalism and related the works of deTocqueville and Malcolm X.  
Scott's advice about the best quality for someone who wishes to be a reporter:  curiosity and the need to know!  To see Scott McGrew's presentation - Click Here!

The following information is for club members with articles to submit to the Rotator.
Deadline for Article Submission: To help the editors in the work they do, please plan to make your submissions by the end-of-the-day Thursday. Please email them to
cupertinorotary@gmail.com. Later submissions might be deferred to the next week's Rotator, depending on how far along the editor is in processing the meeting and program staff reporting for the current week.
Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows:  First Wednesday - Dana Drysdale;  Second Wednesday - Kalpuna Aruda;  Third Wednesday - Reena Rao ;  Fourth Wednesday - Open  Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop
Our highly esteemed meeting reporters are assigned as follows: First Wednesday Kathy Yates-; Second Wednesday  Ranga Nathan- Third Wednesday - Sudha Kasamsetty; Fourth Wednesday - Manisha Puranik;; Fifth Wednesday Open

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