Clean EnergyAs the Chief Executive Officer, Girish Balachandran develops and implements strategies to empower the Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) team and community to achieve its ambitious decarbonization goals. SVCE’s mission is to reduce dependence of fossil fuels by providing carbon free, affordable and reliable electricity and innovative programs for the SVCE community.
Please note, July 28th meeting is on Zoom.
Rotary Meeting notes 7/14/2021
President Rod welcomed members to his first meeting, an amazing turnout of nearly 100 members. PP and DGE Savita introduced the meeting with a flair, check it out by clicking here.
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Citizenship Moment:
Members are welcome to submit your request to present in the future meetings. Annie Ho presented the Moment today and read a poem about citizenship from Teddy Rosevelt.
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PP Hung Wei – was invited as President Rod’s sponsor, she inspired us with several wise sayings. Check it out by clicking here. Thank you.

President’s Club:
PP Savita V. and PP Hung Wei – Wishing everyone well. As future District Governors they wished Rod a great year ahead.
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Rod announced July Birthdays and we had 2 special ones this month, both Jerra Rowland and Peter Halpin reached a milestone (75 years), Congrats to both.
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Opportunities for Service:
  • July 22, renovate therapy room and Uplift, contact Shyamoli to help
  • August 9, bike repair clinic at WVCS, contact Josh to sign up.
Global Elegance: 
Open to the public, $175/person. August 29, 6:30-8:30 pm, Benefiting WCS, sign ups coming soon for a great night of fellowship.
Fellowship Opportunities:
  • Bocce Ball, July 23, 5-7 PM, Blackberry Farm Bocce Court contact PP Bev
  • Golf Fellowship, July 23, 3 PM, Blackberry Farm contact PP Wendell
Affinity groups are resuming in person!
Sunil will provide a class on Mindfulness and Compassion. August 4, 10:30-11:20. Due to recent events, will be on Zoom. Contact Sunil for details
Rod showed a few videos of the Kickout party parade and a review of his year. Check them out by clicking here (parade) and here (year in review)
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New member induction:
PP Judy introduced and inducted 2 new members, Dino Sakkas and Mathew Montelongo.  Check out the full induction here.
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Screenshot 2021-07-14 12 47 59
Fun Committee:
Fellowship Unlimited” was introduced by Leslie Hay. July 21, noon, at Linda Vista Park, Cupertino, come for fun, enjoy the food and desert. Will try to have it once a month in the future. For this weeks picnic party be sure and order lunch and if you like some ice cream. Click here to order:
President Rod is a fan of Hamilton and loves to write Parody’s. He recruited a group now known as the Cupertino Rotary Parody Players, click here to check out the rendition of the zoom/room where it happens.
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This week’s speaker was none other than President Rod. Click here to see his full presentation including:
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All about Rod- He is from the great state of Minnesota, a nerd/geek in school,  well-traveled, spent time overseas, hi tech career  and public service in government and committed to improving the environment.
Rod’s Goals- Hybrid meetings to meet everyone’s needs. Help the environment and homelessness in our community, grow our club, rejuvenate our fundraisers and increase of public image.
Rod closed by showing our new club logo, an environmental take on the RI logo, well done to Rod and Sam Grinels, a logo we can all be proud of.
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The following information is for club members with articles to submit to the Rotator.
Deadline for Article Submission: To help the editors in the work they do, please plan to make your submissions by the end-of-the-day Thursday. Please email them to Later submissions might be deferred to the next week's Rotator, depending on how far along the editor is in processing the meeting and program staff reporting for the current week.
Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows:  First Wednesday - Dana Drysdale;  Second Wednesday - Kalpuna Aruda;  Third Wednesday - Reena Rao ;  Fourth Wednesday - Open  Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop
Our highly esteemed meeting reporters are assigned as follows: First Wednesday Kathy Yates-; Second Wednesday  Rayne Liu- Third Wednesday - Sudha Kasamsetty; Fourth Wednesday - Manisha Puranik;; Fifth Wednesday Ranga Nathan

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Jul 28, 2021 12:00 PM
Clean Energy
Simon and Cassie Ho
Aug 04, 2021 12:00 PM
My New Liver
Panama Bartholomy
Aug 11, 2021 12:00 PM
California’s move away from natural gas to clean electricity
Dave Cortese
Aug 18, 2021 12:00 PM

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