David Witk5G Demystifiedowski is an author, advisor, and strategist who works at the intersection between local government and the telecommunication industry. He is the Executive Director of Civic Technologies Initiatives at Joint Venture Silicon Valley.  He serves as Co-Chair of the Deployment Working Group at IEEE Future Networks, Co-Chair of the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster at NIST, as a member of the Connected Communities Forum at the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and as an Expert Advisor to the California Emerging Technology Fund. He will speak on the the real impact of "5G" as it is deployed and what it means for all of us.
We have some AMAZING Craft Beers from the Fun Fest available. The options are listed at this link:  tinyurl.com/nzen7vsk  Although valued at $30/grouping they can be yours for a donation of only $20.00 each (11 different types of beer in each option).  There are 3 groupings, so get your choice of Group A/B/C OR all three for a $60 donation. Please email Keith Kreft @ keithkreft@comcast.net (click on Keith's email address to send email) with your choices and arrange a time to pick them up. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity. Please make out the check to “CREF” and hand it off to Keith when you pick up the beer.  Any questions, please email Padma at Padma.Lotus.Chari@gmail.com   
President Rod is back from Germany and opened the meeting with a video narrated by PP Richard Lowenthal highlighting today’s meeting.
PP Padma Chari d7Z1A5163.jpgelivered a Citizenship moment as she read a poem by Bil Gregorio about being a Citizen of the World. So appropriate for Rotary.
Marty Miller gave us an inspiring talk about forgiveness and meaning for the forgiver and the avoidance of anger and revenge. It was also nice seeing Marty and his daughter Amy at the meeting.
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Presidents Club 
7Z1A5191.jpgPDG Joe Hamilton joined the Presidents club to talk about Ethiopian history of dispute resolution and demonstrated the use of the talking staff with President Rod. We love how Joe is always teaching us something new.
Untitled photoBike 4 Boba
PP Larry Dean also joined the President’s club to correct an error in recent news articles on the successful Monte Vista Bike 4 Boba supported Monica, Paige and Dino.  The article had the President of the local interact incorrect, the real president is Paige’s son, Michael Ding.
October Birthdays
Peter Halpin led a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to those with October celebrations.
Internal Communications Team
PP Stuart presented the duties of the internal communications team and how they keep the website updated and publish the rotator for us. He thanked all 14 members of the team that help make it happen. (It really does take a village)
TRF Campaign Update
Joe Ribera gave an update on the TRF campaign, we are currently at 55% of our financial goal with just under 50% of members contributing.  Please make your pledge online by clicking here  (or go to our home page) and then send in your contribution for this important campaign to help support our international projects.
Climate Change Service Project Update
Seema reminded members they can sign up to be trained by SunWork on installing solar panels for future climate change service projects. Contact Seema for details.
Pumpkin Carving
Jean Gasparinin presented the upcoming service opportunities for pumpkin carving, always a favorite for our members. Contact Jean to sign up for one of the dates on Oct 28 or 29.
Fellowship Opportunities
We have a number of fun fellowship opportunities coming up: PP Bev reminded everyone to sign up for an extra Bocce Ball on October 22,  Seema highlighted the upcoming Halloween meeting a special opportunity to decorate a sugar skull, sign up for a skull by clicking here or from our home page/calendar. Finally, Reena gave us a preview of the Diwali meeting, always lots of fun and a chance to learn about the holiday, don’t miss it.
During Fellowship we had a fun trivia contest for those at Quinlan and on Zoom. If you missed it check out the questions here. (good luck). Thanks to Leslie for putting the questions together.
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Flag exchanges
President Rod hosted two flag exchanges, one with the Inner Wheel Club of Dombivli Mumbai, the other from Mardras Chennapatna club, it’s always nice to connect with Rotarians from around the world.
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Zoom Tips 
PP Stuart provided some zoom tips to help improve the viewing experience. You can see them (and others) on our zoom tips page here  (and linked on our home page). Contact the zoom team for help or practice sessions.
Speaker of the week
Gary Latshaw introduced this week’s speaker, Tony Strawa who joined us from Iceland to show us about making beer. The video of his demonstration can be seen here. 
Tony, Gary and Mark did an excellent job of explaining the various elements (hops, yeast, etc), the process of brewing and the enjoyment of fellowship surrounding the making and drinking of beer as a do it yourself activity. And thanks to Keith and his friend for the entertaining interludes. Thanks to all for an interesting presentation. Prost!
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