Friends of Education Award

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The Stratford Rotary Club is honored to have been awarded the Superintendent’s 2023 Friend of Education Award! We look forward to continue our partnership with our schools to better serve our community. Thank you Stratford Public Schools & Superintendent, Dr. Osunde 
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Stratford Rotary Bike Rodeo

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Stratford Rotary hosted the South End Community Center Bike Rodeo today. Bike safety was a priority, and Rotary donated bike helmets to all the children. The children were treated to hot dogs, chips and a beverage along with water bottles, pens and wrist bands donated by the Stratford Police PAL.
Harold Watson instructed the children on how to safely ride their bikes along with how to properly wear their new helmets. Dominic Mantuano oversaw conducting the competitive games.
Special thanks to Jeff, Gary and Joe who worked the grill and to Paul, Barbara, Stephanie, Joe Gresko, Pat, Amy, Elizabeth, Sharon, Jack, Chris, Catherine from Sterling House who donated the hot dogs, Jennifer, who supplied the rolls and Dominic who brought the chips.
The event is always a lot of fun and the kids had a great time.
Thank you Fran Sinish. You did a great job coordinating the event.
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Ruby and Calvin Fletcher African American History Museum

Thank you Jeffrey Fletcher for your information presentation on the newly opened Black History Museum here in Stratford.

The exhibit is a collection of artifacts that reflect decades of turbulent times for African Americans in the United States during the period of slavery and the Civil Rights movement. It brings visitors up close and personal which is an experience that many have only read about in history books or seen in movies.

The exhibit embraces the teachings of tolerance, diversity, unity, and educating people that there was a time when imagery played a significant role in how African Americans were perceived. The artifacts and memorabilia may seem to be difficult to view but they are a part of African American history that needs to be told just as much as the triumphs which were made by African American pioneers and trailblazers. 

The exhibit is an opportunity to begin honest conversations regarding a rich and strong history which has historically been maligned. The Images of America exhibit is an experience that will leave lasting impressions and memories.   

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Coastal Arts Guild

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Thank you Debbie Gilbert-Taylor for her presentation related to the Coastal Arts Guild. The mission of the Coastal Arts Guild of CT is a collaboration of Artists and Friends of the Arts. All are dedicated to encouraging artistic expression and appreciation of the arts in Stratford, CT and the surrounding region.

The Coastal Arts Guild of CT was created to support and foster the growth of the arts, education and cultural experiences in the Stratford, CT region. We do this through collaborations among professional and emerging artists artists of all all mediums, patrons of the arts, businesses, schools and community organizations and through advocacy for the arts. Our belief is that a community’s appeal, economic vibrancy and quality of life are enriched by the support of a diverse and thriving arts and cultural scene. We provide a sense of place, where residents and businesses can be enriched through engagement with the arts.We recognize that collaboration with surrounding organizations expands outreach and increases overall community assets. Our advocacy for the arts provides opportunities for members to learn and share their art for the community’s benefit.

After the presentation there was a Q&A.

Anyone wishing more information please visit their website at,

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Oronoque C. C. GM Tommy Miller

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Today's guest speaker was Tommy Miller, General Manager of Oronoque Country Club. Tommy gave an overview of the history of the club, discussed various programs and memberships and took several questions from Rotarians.
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Parents Place Awarded Impact Grant

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Our speaker, thanks to Jim Bergers, was Stacey Johnson - Stratford Parent's Place Coordinator.  Stratford Parents Place received a Community Impact Award and Stacey gave us the final report.  Parents Place heard about the Healing Library Bags from a Librarian in Maine and brought it to Stratford and our Library.  The Bag is full of games, books, arts and crafts and a handy discussion guide covering the topics of Dealing with the Death of a Family Member, Loss of a Pet and Alzheimer's Disease and your family.  Coming soon are kits to help families navigate Divorce and Step-Parenting, Cancer/Illness, Incarceration and other topics.  Right now, there are 3 bags at Parents Place and 3 at the Stratford Library.
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BSA Troop  74

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BSA Troop 74 representative Cynthia Kovalik-Cobb and Larry Haddad gave us a presentation on the new Scout Troop for Girls and received the grant we awarded to them in Fall 2019.  They reported on the scouting program and how our grant benefited their troop.  They have purchased tents, cooking equipment and more.  The troop has been very busy with events each month.  They have about 5 members and are growing!
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Rotary Inducts a Steve Krisek

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Ron Holtz, District Membership Chair paid a visit to our club and served as Stephen Krizek's sponsor.  
Thank you Cindy. Cindy Fitch was with us to conduct the ceremony and she always has such wonderful words to make us feel good about being part of Rotary. 
Clark Law (Bill O'Brien's nephew) stopped by to share information about CT Shoreline Roteract Club's upcoming fundraiser on Thursday 12/12 at 7pm at Downtown Cabaret--a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  A flyer is attached--please post!  Tickets are $35 and are on sale now.  Purchase online at:
Let's try to put a table together to support Roteract as they raise funds to support scholarships and FarmAID. 
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Stratford Health Department Receives  Rotary Grant

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Kelly Meier from the Stratford Health Department was this weeks guest speaker.  The Health Department received a Community Impact Grant and she came to tell us about the success of the program.  The Grant allowed the Health Department to work with 8 childcare providers and agencies including the Recreation Dept., South End Community Center and the YMCA.  They provided planting supplies and seeds to start both flower and vegetable gardens.  In addition, they worked with Sterling House to hire 3 teens to assist the groups and created two gardening kits that are available for loan from the Stratford Library.  They sponsored a Parents Cooking class with the vegetables grown in the gardens, began a Parents Newsletter and offered nutrition information to participants.  263 youngsters were involved in the program, which will continue even over the winter as they teach how to start growing seeds inside.  Congratulations and wishing your program be a huge success.
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Perry House Foundation

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Thank you to Carole Adzima and Judy Crudo from Perry House who spoke to Rotary about the Youth Leadership program sponsored by Stratford Rotary. The programs had over 40 students who graduated with new leadership skills and confidence. Club President Sheri presented Perry House with a check for $1,250.00 as part of the Rotary Grant program.
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Friends of Boothe

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Thank you to Virginia Harris, President of Friends of Boothe Park for her presentation.  Boothe Park is a 32 acre park in Stratford and a underappreciated gem.  We enjoyed the video thanks to Jack Cratty, Stephanie Philips and Diane Barber.  We learned that Stephen and David Boothe were unique individuals who cared about the people of Stratford.  They began as farmers and went on to own an insurance business, bought, sold and repaired farm equipment and owned over 100 apartments.  However, most of all they enjoyed opening up the grounds and building to provide entertainment, religious services and meals to benefit local organizations.  Upon their deaths, they willed the park to the Town in 1949 along with a fund to maintain it.  Virginia had many stories about the brothers including how they would take things off the shelves in stores and people would think they were stealing.  However, the storekeepers had already been paid for the month.  The pair were also known to have paid off the debt for the Town of Stratford.  They wanted their Homestead, the longest active homestead in the country, to be a pastoral relief for the Town.  Virginia described the various building designs, which the Friends of Boothe open for tours June 1-October 1 on Tuesday and Friday from 11-1 pm and Sundays from 1-4 pm.  There are so many more stories about the brothers that Virginia shared, too many to mention.  She encouraged us to visit the Park and the new Visitor’s Center to watch the short video to learn more.
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District Governor Visit

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District Governor Jack Solomon visited our club today. Jack joined the East Hampton Rotary Club in 2006 and was President in 2009-10.  During his Presidency and since he has involved the club in First Lego League a STEM program for Middle School students. His Presidency was also marked by the awarding of Scholarships, participation in Invention Convention, Support for polio effort, a Past Presidents Day, flower planting at Memorial School  and many other events and activities. He was an AG from 2012-2015. From  2015 to the present he has been co-chairman of Youth Services for District 7980.
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Home of the Brave Bingo

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Stratford Rotary was proud to support the Veteran's Home For The Brave Bingo fundraiser. Stratford Rotarian and US Marine vet Joe Dolan is honored by the Young Marines along with veterans John Corb (Air Force), Jack Cratty (Army), and Bill O'Brien (Army). None of us won, but we had a great time with great people.
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SECC Bike Rodeo

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Stratford Rotary was proud today to join South End Community Center Bike Rodeo again. Bike safety was priority, and Rotary donated bike helmets to . All the children were treated to hot dogs, chips and beverage. Service Above Self is our mission. The Police Department was on hand to instruct the youngsters on how to safely ride their bikes. 
As you can see from the pictures the kids had a great time.  Diane Barber did a great job coordinating the event. Special thanks to Jeff and Bob who worked the grill and to Sheri, Diane, Paul and Stacie Tavaras, Barbara Blosveren, John and Sandi Corb, Stephanie, Pat, Mike, Joe, Bill and Don. 
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Main Street Festival 2019

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This past Saturday Stratford Rotary and Milford Bank sponsored the annual Stratford Main Street Festival. The event grows every year. This year there were 137 vendors including 8 food trucks. The weather was ideal, thousands of attendees and plenty of food, fun and family entertainment. More photo's are in the Photo Albums page.
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1639 Theatricals

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Thank you Coreen Amad from The Stratford Recreation Dep. for her presentation on the 1639 Theatrical Group. 1639 Theatricals is Stratford’s latest theater company founded by local theater directors: Kevin Miller & Mitchell Weinbaum. 1639 is proudly sponsored by Stratford Recreation!
Coreen, representing the Recreation Dept. and 1639 Theatrical, was presented a check for $4,800.00 from Stratford Rotary's Impact Grant Program. The money will be used to purchase various sound equipment for the group.
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The Adam Wysota Foundation

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Thank you to Sarah Domena for her very informative presentation on Adams House located in Shelton, CT. The mission of The Adam Wysota Foundation is to offer grief education and peer support in a home-like setting called Adam’s House. We have restored the perfect location in Shelton, CT. Adam’s House is a safe, healing place for families as they go though their 8-week grief journey. Here, children and their families will gather to draw support from their peers and gain new strategies for dealing with their loss. We support children struggling with any type loss- parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle or friend. All programs are offered at NO-COST to participating families. Ultimately, our goal is to empower our program participants to cope with their loss so they may live their lives to the fullest. Call us at (203) 513-2808 to learn more and get started as one of our program families.
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Rotary's Annual Rib Night Fundraiser

Posted on Dec 18, 2018
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To purchase tickets: 

Proceeds from this year's event will benefit two wonderful sustainable projects.  

The Stratford Historical Society - to purchase Historical document digitization equipment that will be used to preserve Stratford's priceless historical documents.  These original historical documents are irreplaceable and quite valuable.  Historical document digitization is an effective way of preserving these unique pieces of Stratford's past. By digitizing our local historical records, the Stratford Historical Society will be able maintain the integrity of the original documents while making  them electronically accessible for future generations of history seekers.

The Stratford Fire Department – to purchase carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to save lives.  The majority of fatal home fires happen at night when people are asleep.  Contrary to popular belief, the smell of smoke may not wake a sleeping person. The poisonous gases and smoke produced by a fire can numb the senses and put you into a deeper sleep.  The Stratford Rotary Club is excited to help support and promote the Fire Department's Fire Safety Program by purchasing a significant number of units to be installed free of charge, in Stratford homes.  

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Nourish Bridgeport

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Thank you to Rev. Sara Smith, Executive Director of Nourish Bridgeport, for her informative presentation on what Nourish Bridgeport does for the community.
Nourish Bridgeport was founded as Norma F. Pfriem Urban Outreach Initiatives (NPUOI) in 2010. Their new name reflects their identity and mission as a not-for-profit organization that strives to better the lives of those in need in Bridgeport. Our weekly Feel the Warmth community supper, weekly food pantry and ESL programs help our neighbors who are homeless, food insecure and struggling to build better lives.
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Annual Rotary Golf Tournament

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The Annual Rotary Golf Tournament was held today at the Short Beach Par 3 Golf Course at the Edward Yeomans Sports Complex. 37 golfers participated in the event. Food was donated by the Beach House Restaurant at Short Beach.
The weather was perfect for golfing. After all the rounds of golf were completed lunch was served at the restaurant and prizes and trophy's were handed out.  Ray Corica  won again in the men's division for the 7th year. Several raffle prizes were given out with the top prize of an all expenses paid round of golf at the Oronoque Country Club.
Thank you to all who participated.
More photos in the Photo Albums Section
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The Beth El Center of Milford

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Thank you Jennifer Paradis, Executive Director of the Beth El Center in Milford, for your very informative presentation about the services your group provides.

The Beth-El Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides support services and advocacy to those experiencing homelessness and hunger within the Greater Milford community. Through our 34 bed homeless shelter, food service programs and outreach and engagement efforts, we offer individuals, families and veterans long-term solutions to help them reclaim their lives

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works to provide the tools and resources our residents need in order to lead independent lives. We strive to help each person secure a place to live, sustainable income and support services in order to return to self-sufficiency.

Shelter Program
Through on-site services and community partnerships, our residential program helps individuals obtain independence through stable housing, gainful employment, education and/or training. Our compassionate case managers provide one-on-one support to all residents to develop personal goals and a plan to return to self-sufficiency.

Admission to the Beth-El Center, Inc. Shelter Program for Individuals is facilitated through 2-1-1 Coordinated Entry. All individuals in need of shelter must contact 2-1-1 via phone or online for assistance:

Family Program
Singles or couples with children reside at the Beth-El Center while receiving the support and assistance needed to achieve self-sufficiency utilizing intensive case management services.

Admission to the Beth-El Center, Inc. Shelter Program for Families is facilitated through 2-1-1 Coordinated Entry. All families in need of shelter must contact 2-1-1 via phone or online for assistance:

Supportive Housing
Our Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager provides supportive services to the residents of Liberty Point apartments to help them access resources necessary to maintain their housing and independence.

No Freeze Shelter
We provide warmth, food and shelter to those in need during cold winter nights. Users of our No Freeze shelter are connected with Center case managers to help support them in engaging in other long-term shelter and housing options.

Soup Kitchen
Supported through individual volunteers and community groups, Beth-El Center, Inc. is able to offer nutritious hot meals to shelter residents as well any community members in need. We serve a meal weekdays from 11:30am to 1:00pm and most weekends. Please refer to the monthly Meals Calendar for more information.

More information can be found at the Centers website,

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2018-2019 Installation of Officers

Stratford Rotarians, family members and friends gathered at the Blue Goose Restaurant for the club's annual dinner and induction of officers where the club thanked Jeff Krause for his year of service as club president, installed our new president, Stephanie Philips, and the 2018-2019 club officers, We welcomed our newest Rotarian, Osi  Rosenberg, who was sworn in by ADG Cindy Fitch. A great evening enjoyed by all!
Photos can be viewed in the Photo Albums tab.
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Rotary 60th Anniversary Celebration

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The Stratford Rotary Club held its 60th Anniversary Celebration on May 4, 2018 at the Oronoque Country Club, which was attended by 75 current and past Rotarians their family and guests.

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Stratford PAL

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Thank you to Ofc. Robert Muschett of the Stratford Police Dept. for his very informative presentation about the Stratford Activities League.
Stratford PAL is an organization of law enforcement officers and civilians  working together towards the positive development of our youth. Every dollar raised is used directly for the benefit of the many programs sponsored by the organization.  Donations are heavily relied on  to support PAL activities. 

A contribution will help ensure PAL’s ability to help support the young people, approximately 95 at this time, who are currently involved in the following programs:

  • Police Explorer Program [Link: click here
  • PAL Rifle League [Link: click here
  • Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading [Link: click here
  • Baseball: Stratford Little League, American Legion, Cal Ripken,
    Babe Ruth and Stratford Titans [Link: click here] & [Link # 2: click here
  • Girls Softball 
  • Stratford United Soccer [Link: click here

Stratford PAL is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service, which makes your donation to PAL tax-deductible. And please remember that 100% of your donation will go directly to support PAL programs. Your donations can be made by check or through the official Stratford Police Department website via a secure Paypal link.

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Synergy Homecare

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Thank you  Jay Kiley, owner of Synergy Homecare, for your excellent presentation at today’s lunch meeting.
In-home care is a great way to get the help you need. You may be a senior who needs assistance with daily living activities, so trust our caregivers to help with meal preparation or personal care. You may also be caring for your aging parent and just need someone to be with them while you run errands. Home care services are versatile, flexible, and customized for your comfort, peace of mind and well-being.
Personal Assistance
Standby Assistance with Morning
and Evening Routines
Transfer Assistance
Bathing & Showering Assistance
Personal Hygiene Assistance
Help with Restroom Use
Assistance with Dressing
Personal Appearance Care
Incontinence Care
Other Services include:
Errands & Transportation
Light Housekeeping
24 Hour Care
For more information go to
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Supporting Systems

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Thank you to Linda Baker Founder of Supporting Systems for her informative presentation at this weeks lunch meeting. Linda is a certified K-8 teacher and certified K-12 school counselor. For 33 years, she worked at Conte West Hills Magnet school in New Haven, Connecticut, for grades pre-k through 8th as both a teacher and school counselor. Linda completed four years of facilitator training with The New England Institute of Systemic Constellations and additional training with The ECL Foundation.  For the past three years, she has been a catalyst for ECL (Emotional Well-being Creativity and Learning Foundation) by bringing the systemic lens and ECL practices to her school which has recently been honored as a Connecticut School of Distinction.  Linda has expanded her practice to include other schools and organizations through Supporting Systems.
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Columbia Threadneedle

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Thank you to Adam Shanahan, Regional VP Asset Management at Columbia Threadneedle.  After giving an overview of the company he answered several questions from our group. Questions ranged from what is the condition of the stock market, to emerging markets for middle class and housing markets.
To contact Adam his email is
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CT Air and Space Center

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Thank you to Eugene Madara and Matt Corvino for the extremely informative presentation on the CT Air and Space Center located here in Stratford. 

Founded in 1998 by the late State Senator George “Doc” Gunther, the Connecticut Air & Space Center is a 501©(3) charitable corporation dedicated to honoring the pioneers of early aviation, restoring and preserving examples of the aircraft they flew, and educating current and future generations about Connecticut’s unique aviation heritage. The Center relies on volunteers who painstakingly piece together these aircraft and on the donations it receives from those in the public and private sectors. 

The Connecticut Air and Space Center is located in Stratford CT near Sikorsky Memorial Airport.  We are currently restoring several aircraft, including the famous Sikorsky Memorial FG1-D Corsair and Sikorsky S60 “Flying Crane”.  We are always seeking new members and volunteers to help further the process.

Our hours of operation are Tuesdays and Saturdays  9 am till 2 pm and
Thursdays 9 am till 9 pm. If you are planning a group visit please make sure to call ahead a few days in advance to make sure we have a guide available for your visit. 

Please Note: The museum is currently located on a Federal Government owned installation, all visitors must be at least 18 years of age.  Please come to 550 Main Street in Stratford (across from the Shell station and the airport) for a quick Safety Briefing and to gain entry to the museum.

Advancing the Awareness of Connecticut’s Aviation History

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Health Career Academy

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Thank you to Victoria Medina and Mike Potawa for their informative presentation on the Southwestern Connecticut Health CareeRx Academy that provides tuition assistance and support to help participants obtain a career in the growing healthcare field. The WorkPlace’s Health CareeRx Academy (HCA) is a broad partnership of healthcare providers, educators, trainers, and community-based organizations in Southwestern Connecticut. Designed with input from employers, HCA’s mission is to meet the current and evolving workforce needs of healthcare employers. The HCA provides occupational training, work readiness, and other supports to individuals who desire to begin or advance a career in healthcare. All training by HCA leads to a certificate or degree and prepares individuals to pass a state or national license exam.
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Perry House

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Thank you to Michelle Stolzenberg our speaker at todays meeting. Michele, representing the Perry House Foundation, spoke on some of the activities and events held at the Perry House. She went into depth on a program for 3rd and 5th graders. Skits related to various areas in the Towns history are written for the children and they act them out using props. The children have a lot of fun acting out the various roles. The setting for all the skits is the Benjamin Tavern, which originally was located on West Broad Street across the street from the Perry House, and where George Washington visited several times on his way through Stratford. For more information on the Perry House Foundation visit,
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Norm Parsell's Luncheon

This years Norman K. Parsells Award Luncheon was hosted by the Stratford Rotary Club at Oronoque Country Club. 10 Rotary Clubs from District 7980 were represented with nearly 200 Rotarians attending.
The program began with a Call to Order from President Jeff Krause followed by the Presenting of the Colors by the Second Company Governor's Foot Guard. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jeff Krause. The Stratford High School A Capella Chior sand a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. The Invocation was given by Deacon Paul Kurmay.
Each clubs awardee was presented with a plaque. Congratulations to Gary Jacopian our Norm Parcells honoree for his life long work as a volunteer in this community for a variety of organizations.
Other awardees were Christopher Gallo, Bridgeport, David Grant, Derby/Shelton, Grayson Schwing, Devon, Walter Leash, Fairfield, Shaileen Landsberg, Milford, Katie Bailey, Monroe, Robert Sigler, Orange, Holly Sutton-Darr, Trumbull and Carol Johnson, Wilton.
Norm Parsell's Luncheon Jack Cratty 2017-12-05 05:00:00Z 0

Quilts of Valor Program

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Thank you to Jane Dougherty, CT Coordinator of Quilts of Valor Foundation, who presented quilts to several of our club's Vietnam veterans at the Oronoque Country Club. Recipients, from left to right, were John Corb, Jack Cratty and Joe Dolan.
The Foundation makes quilts for veterans throughout the country as another way of thanking them for their service.
Quilts of Valor Program Jack Cratty 2017-11-14 05:00:00Z 0

Mike Suntag

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Today the Stratford Rotary Club welcomed to the club a new Rotarian, Mike Suntag. Mike was sworn in by District Governor Trish Pearson.
Congratulations and welcome to Rotary.
In addition to Mike's swearing in as a new member ADG Trish Pearson was presented with a check for $1,000.00 for the District's Hurricane Relief Fund.
Mike Suntag Jack Cratty 2017-09-12 04:00:00Z 0

2017-2018 Installation Dinner

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Stratford Rotarians, family members and friends gathered at the Blue Goose Restaurant for the club's annual dinner and induction of officers where the club thanked Lou Perno for his year of service as club president, installed our new president, Jeff Krause, and the 2017-2018 club officers, We welcomed our newest Rotarian, Paul Tavaras, who was sworn in by ADG Cindy Rinaldi. A great evening enjoyed by all!
2017-2018 Installation Dinner Jack Cratty 2017-06-28 04:00:00Z 0

Main Street Festival 2017

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The Annual Main Street Festival, sponsored by Milford Bank and Hosted by The Stratford Rotary Club, was held on Saturday June 3rd. The weather was beautiful, breezy but mostly clear and sunny. A total of 127 food, craft and informational vendors participated. There was something for the kids in the way of inflatable’s and a bounce house and the Roaming Railroad. Other entertainment was a dunk tank, a trick bicycle demonstration, a magician, a demonstration of Falconry and music from several groups throughout the day at the two stages on site. 20 food vendors participated serving a variety of foods. There was something for every taste. Thousands of people attended this year’s event and it is thought to be the largest turnout since Rotary took over hosting the event.
Stratford Rotary would like to thank this year’s sponsors. The Milford Bank, Stratford Mayors Golf Tournament and Bridgeport Fittings. Also, Big “Y”, Home Depot, ShopRite, Stop & Shop and Walmart for their support.
We’re all looking forward to next year’s Festival.

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Food Pantry Donations

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At today's meeting guests representing three of Stratford's food pantry's were presented with checks.
The checks were presented to Ty Sims from the South End Community Center, Beverly Hoppie from the First Baptist Church and Chris Carroll from Sterling House Community Center.
Food Pantry Donations Jack Cratty 2017-05-02 04:00:00Z 0

April 2017 Shredding Event.

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Today the Stratford Rotary and Sikorsky Federal Credit Union held their paper shredding/electronics recycling event. The event was a huge success even with the chilly wet weather. Resident from around the area, and from as far away as Woodbury, CT, lined up early to get their old receipts and paper files disposed of in a secure manner. At the end of the event he two shredding truck were filled. 
We wish to thank the Rotarian's, members of the Bunnell Interact Club and Sikorsky FCU volunteers who made this event successful. All the money raised will be used for backpacks and supplies for students in the Stratford School system.
Another event is being planned for sometime in the Fall.
April 2017 Shredding Event. Jack Cratty 2017-04-22 04:00:00Z 0

Jack B. Levine

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Thank you to Jack Levine for his presentation today on Stress Management. Jack has an extensive background in management, communication, stress management, and personal development. He has been a quest speaker at many conferences, workshops and small groups. He has been on radio and television programs. He has also been a teacher and mentor. and has been the recipient of many awards in his field.His presentation today focused on useful insights and steps to significantly manage stress level and be more successful in your work and home life.
Jack B. Levine Jack Cratty 2017-04-11 04:00:00Z 0

Stratford Interact Club

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Today's meeting was special. Our club welcomed the new Interact Club members from Bunnell H.S.and two of the students we sponsored for this years RYLA convention held in Cheshire, CT. Several of the Interact members have already helped our with the Dr. Seuss Pancake Breakfast held in March. They are planning to help our with the upcoming Shredding Event on April 22nd and the Main Street Festival on June 3rd.
Students attending were: 
  • Alyssa Moore
  • Max Jakele
  • Saira Ordonez
  • Isabella Puzzo
  • Carissa DiCicco
  • Abbas Harris
  • Alexis Awad
  • Chadwick Schroeder
  • Hannah McLaughlin
  • Justin Almonte
  • Magnus Ordner
  • Also in attendance was Dr. Nancy Dowling, Principal at Bunnell H.S., and Christina Alves, Student Advisor and Kirsten Hardy, Teacher
Stratford Interact Club Jack Cratty 2017-04-04 04:00:00Z 0

Hearts of Hope

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Thank you to Connie Lester, President of the Stratford Chapter of Hearts of Hope.
Connie explained that Hearts of Hope is a movement of hope accomplished through healing art for the benefit of those in need. Her program is volunteer-driven by those who wish to “pay it forward.” Our volunteers are often people “who have been there” and have experienced life-altering challenges of their own.
Our mission is a simple one, she said, "to provide service to those who experience trauma and loss through art, educational workshops and healing outreach".
“One of the most remarkable things I have witnessed through our volunteers is their strength. Many times volunteers will create a healing gift for another with tears in their eyes, but always with a strong desire to offer caring and compassion.” 
In the words of one volunteer, these “tangible prayers” have reached people in hospitals, cancer centers, the military and communities.
These four steps are how we do it and how you can get involved:
Paint with A Purpose
Pay it forward to those in need through community service. Paint a beautiful heart, write a kind message, and spread hope through your family, organization or our chapter. 
Be A Creator of Hope
We have a variety of programs available for schools, youth groups, scouting troops and others. These are interactive workshops that demonstrate the benefits of spreading hope and “paying it forward” 
Spread Hope
Our professionals are available to describe services in your area for those experiencing trauma and loss. Our resources directory is vast and we will happily assist you in finding the service that best fits your needs or the needs of someone you love. 
Your generous donations fund our important mission.
Thank you very much for “creating hope…one heart at a time.” The Stratford Rotary Exec Board voted to donate $500.00 to Hearts of Hope.
If interested in finding out more and how you can get involved our schedule is below.
Tue 6 PM · Riverview Bistro Restaurant & Banquet Facility 
Tue 6 PM · Riverview Bistro Restaurant & Banquet Facility
Tue 6 PM · Riverview Bistro Restaurant & Banquet Facility
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Dr. Seuss Pancake Breakfast 2017

story thumbnail
The Annual Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham" Pancake Breakfast was held this past Sunday morning at Vazzano's Four Seasons
Over 200 people attended making this the most successful Pancake Breakfast to date.
This year there were a variety of door prizes donated by Rotarian's along with a "Best Hat" Contest organized by Stratford teachers Michele Genaurio and Aubrey Booska.
Congratulations to our winners, 1st prize was won by Saylor Terwilliger, 2nd Smith Daly and 3rd Addison Barber. 
Members of the newly formed Interact Club at Bunnell H.S. also helped out, assisting children that wanted to make a hat for the contest.
Thank You to all Rotarian's and those attendees that supported our effort.
Dr. Seuss Pancake Breakfast 2017 Jack Cratty 2017-03-14 04:00:00Z 0

AARP Work and Save Program

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Thank you to Tim Ryan for his talk today on the AARP “Work and Save Program”. Tim explained that a secure retirement is out of reach for millions of Americans, especially those who work for small businesses.
Fifty-seven million Americans have no access to a retirement savings plan through their employers—that’s over 50 percent of the 18-to-64-year-old population. The average monthly Social Security benefit is only about $1,200 per month. While Social Security is a critical piece of the puzzle, it is not enough to ensure people can live independently as they get older.
The solution is a Work and Save plan, which makes it easier for businesses to create a private retirement savings account for employees, helping them take charge of their financial futures and live independently as they age.
These plans promote financial freedom, give Americans a choice, gives employees control. Their accounts are portable. When employees switch jobs, they can take their Work and Save accounts with them. Save Taxpayer Dollars and are No Risk. A Work and Save plan would be easy for employers to set up, and there would be no ongoing costs or risk to the employers or the state.
To learn more about AARP efforts and what is happening in your state at
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Lt. Roy Minton - Deputy Fire Marshal 

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Todays speaker was Lt. Roy Minton, Deputy Fire Marshal for Stratford. Lt. Minton's presentation was about the operation of the Fire Marshals office and its duties.
The duties of the Fire Marshals office is to investigates fires 24 hours a day; inspects buildings and properties for fire code compliance; inspects hazardous materials; inspects underground storage tanks and above ground tanks; performs plan reviews for issuance of building permits and provides fire prevention education to the community (schools, seniors, etc.). Emphasis was stressed on keeping homes safe by installing and inspection of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. A Q&A was held after the presentation.
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Dr. Joe Bertolino

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Thank you to Dr.Joe Bertolino, the 12th President of Southern Connecticut State University for his informative presentation. Dr. Bertolino gave a brief history of Southern  and explained his primary goal is to raise the New Haven university's profile.
"The No. 1 priority for me is putting Southern on the map. Southern is a gem that very few people know about," he says. "The reputation of Southern, I don't think, accurately represents what it has to offer. We have a responsibility to put the university out there and, in many respects, to rebrand the institution."
A key part of that plan, he says, is not only further bolstering Southern's academics but also its community presence and outreach. The school can become a more active community partner and resource, he says.
"My hope is to raise the profile of the institution and to let folks know what we have to offer the community," he says.
After the presentation a Q&A period was held.
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Margaret Bodell

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Thank you to Margaret Bodell, newly appointed Arts Coordinator for the Town of Stratford. 
Margaret gave an overall description of her job. She is actively working to develop various arts activities and partnerships within the town.
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Childrens Christmas Party

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Today was the Annual Children's Christmas Party. Several Teachers, aides and children from many Stratford schools waited patiently for Santa to arrive.They were not disappointed. Santa arrived with a bag full of toys for all the children.
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Rotary Rib Night

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Last night Stratford Rotary held its Annual Rib Night. Over 120 people attended the event. This year’s event was a huge success due to the excellent planning of the Rib Night committee. Thank you to Diane Puterski, Jeff Krause and Phil Ramanauskas for your hard work making the event a success. Thank you to all or the Rotarians who donated items towards the Raffle.
The focus of this year’s event was to help fund a new K-9 officer for the Stratford Police Department. Each K-9 costs approximately $13,000.00 to purchase and train. A check for $5,000.00 was presented to Captain Alan Wilcoxson. Rotary will be applying for a matching grant through the Rotary grants program.
Also representing the Police Department K-9 Unit was Off. Chris Goode and his partner Gunny and Off. Rachael Crosby and her partner Bravo. Gunny will be retired this year after 9 years of service.
And finally, thank you to everyone who came out last night and supported our event and our dedicated police officers.
Check out more photos from the event on the Photo Albums.
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Mercy Learning Center

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Thank you to Jane E. Ferreira, CEO of the Mercy Learning Center for her informative presentation about the Center. The mission of Mercy Learning Center (MLC) is to provide basic literacy and life skills training to low-income women using a holistic approach within a compassionate, supportive environment. All women are welcome without regard for race, religion, color, creed, sexual orientation or national origin. MLC offers a range of flexible programs to meet the needs of their diverse students. Part-time and full-time academic programs are offered at the Center along with a range of support services. All programs and services are offered in a recently renovated building at 637 Park Avenue.  MLC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all programs and services are offered at no cost to participants.

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Stratford Health Department

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Thank you to Greta Broneill, Assistant Director of Health, and Kelly Meyers for their presentation today on how the Stratford Health Department staff is working hard each day to promote health and well-being, prevent disease and ensure a clean and safe environment for residents. Several of the programs were discussed followed with a Q & A.
Stratford Health Department Jack Cratty 2016-10-19 04:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visit

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District Governor Paul Mangels visited our club today. Paul joined rotary in 1998, Milford Club.  He is a Paul Harris major donor, Paul Harris Society member, has won Paul Harris awards and spent 30 years in the specialty printing business.
There are several big events coming up for rotary.  Rotary leaders from 500 cubs will meet in Winnipeg, Canada, Council of Legislation which meets every 3 years.  This year's international conference will be in the USA, Atlanta.  Rotary Clubs from four districts will meet in Providence, RI.  flexibility.
Today was very exciting not only having the DG and ADG Cindy Rinaldi in attendance but Paul swore in our newest Rotarian, Joe Gresko. Joe is the CT State Representative for the 121st District. Diane Puterski was given the PHS award and John Corb was nominated for the 2016 Norm Parcell's award. Congratulations to all.
More photos in Photo Albums on right under DG Visit.
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New Rotarians Sworn In Today

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Today we welcomed Stratford's two newest Rotarians. Our newest Rotarians are Amy Rose Taylor and Paula Dias. They were sworn in by ADG Cindy Rinaldi. Amy Rose is employed by Yale New Haven Health System as an APRN. Paula is the Branch Manager at the Station House Square office of the Sikorsky Federal Credit Union. Welcome to Rotary Amy Rose and Paula.
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Stratford Schools Pupil Personnel Services

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Thank you to today’s speaker, Robin Marino, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, PPS, for the Stratford BOE. In her presentation Ms. Marino explained the numerous support services in place and their functions within the system. These services are delivered through the following departments and programs: Special Education; Pupil Services; Health Services; Early Learning Services; Alternative Learning Program Honoring Achievement (ALPHA); The Strive Program, The STEPS Program and Homebound Instruction. Ms. Marino is assisted by Kate Ceriello, Coordinator of Special Education, Karen Proto, Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services, Aimee Boyle, Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services, Thomas Brant, Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services A.L.P.H.A., Kathryn Mascia, Department Head for Alternative Services, Jennifer Alves, Coordinator, Early Childhood and Brittany Little, Inclusion Facilitator.
PPS is an integral part of our school district is providing all disabled students an appropriate education through a continuum of services to address their educational needs. Through the support and services of the Department of Pupil Personnel Services, Stratford Public Schools has a process in place that gives the parent or guardian the opportunity to join in partnership with educators and other professionals in developing and implementing special education services for students identified as having a disability. Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to become involved as vital participants and advocates in supporting and promoting social, emotional, and academic student growth.
The primary goal of the Department of Pupil Services is to provide consultation, support, and services to any child identified in need in an effort to keep that child academically, socially, and behaviorally successful in the general education environment. These collaborative supports are provided through direct and indirect pre-intervention services.  Only after an array of regular education interventions is exhausted do the schools consider special education intervention.  If a child is identified as having a disability, as defined by Federal and/or State law, and that disability impacts on the child's ability to benefit from their education, this child may receive special education instruction and/or services. Each disabled child receiving special education service is provided with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which is a written plan developed by the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) that describes the educational programming designed for a child needing special education instruction and/or related services in the least restrictive environment (LRE). To reach this goal, Stratford offers a continuum of services including regular and special education collaborative teaching models allowing the disabled student to remain in the inclusionary environment.  For further information please call Special Education at (203) 385-4225 or call the pupil services/special education team at each school within the district.
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Ronald McDonald House

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Today we were happy to have Rich Poplowski as our speaker. Rich is President of the New Haven Rotary Club and is Capital Campaign Director for Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut. Rich spoke to us about the new Ronald McDonald House under construction and the fundraising events to fund the project. Ronald McDonald house is funded only through private contributions and grants. The company gives no funds to the Ronald McDonald house across the country.
For 30 years, the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut has delivered hope, compassion and hospitality to over 10,000 families of critically ill children. The Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut is a ”home away from home”, housing children and their families who are being treated at nearby hospitals and healthcare facilities. The House provides a sense of normalcy and keeps families together during the medical trauma of their lives. As the only facility of its kind in Connecticut, we rely on a caring community of dedicated and committed donors and volunteers and a small staff to help our families everyday as they face unimaginable challenges and uncertainty.
Over the next 10 years, the numbers of pediatric visits at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital are expected to triple. This creates a pressing need to build a new Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut to ensure state of the art care can be offered to the increased numbers of families in need. In many cases, the House is the critical link that brings together specialized medical treatment and the children who desperately need it.
Our new House will be adjacent to the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital providing an invaluable service to the medical community and helping thousands of families in the years ahead. By providing comfort, compassion and a sense of community, Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut will always be there to help families when they need us the most for as long as is medically necessary.
The new Ronald McDonald House will be constructed in three phases culminating in a 42 bedroom facility. The first phase will consist of 18 bedrooms and 2 respite rooms and will contain 12,000 sq. ft. of leased space which will be converted into 12 bedrooms when funds become available in Phase 2. Phase 3 will add the remaining bedrooms. All common areas will be built to the full scale of 42 bedrooms in Phase 1. Construction will start in Jan 2016.
Their community fundraising goal is $2.5 million.
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Christine Peyreigne Falconery

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Today we were very fortunate to have as our speaker Christine Peyreigne, 19, of Weston. Christine has been named a General Class Falconer. After two years as an Apprentice Class Falconer, she recently passed a field test issued by Laurie Fortin from the Connecticut DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) and Master Class Falconer Stacia Novy to earn General Class Falconer status.Falconry hunting partner.
This advancement to General Class allows Peyreigne to hunt with other species of raptors in addition to red-tailed hawks, as allowable by federal and state law, and also allows her to possess up to three raptors for use in the sport of falconry.
Peyreigne plans to continue hunting with Theron for the rest of this year’s hunting season in Connecticut.
Peyreigne is also a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator for migratory birds and has been rehabilitating birds of prey since last May either for release back into the wild or, for non-releasable raptors, arranging the transfer of permanently injured birds to nature centers around the country.
As a General Falconer, she may now transfer a rehabilitation bird to her falconry permit and train and hunt with it for a season to help the bird be better prepared to return to the wild after recovering from its injuries.
In December, Peyreigne was issued a Special Use Permit by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to possess birds of prey for educational programs and will begin offering programs to groups and organizations in the near future.
She currently has a red-tailed hawk, a Harris hawk and a Cooper’s hawk for use in educational programs and has plans to add additional birds as opportunities arise.
Peyreigne said she is looking forward to this opportunity to educate people about raptors, which she calls “magnificent birds.”
Peyreigne is a 2015 graduate of Weston high School and has just completed her first semester at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y
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SECC Bike Rodeo 2017

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Stratford Rotary was proud today to join South End Community Center Bike Rodeo again. Bike safety was priority, and Rotary donated bike helmets and bike locks. Finally every kid was treated to Grilled Hot Dogs, chips and beverage. Service Above Self is our mission. The Police Department was on hand to instruct the youngsters on how to safely ride their bikes. The Fire Truck and the police dog were a big hit. Entertainment was provided by retired police officer Frank Sapione, who dazzled the children with his illusions.
As you can see from the pictures the kids had a great time.  Fran Sinish deserves a big “Thumbs UP” for coordinating event and the delivery of the bike locks and food. Some children that did not receive a bild helmet were given them today. Special thanks to Jack and Phil who worked the grill and to Fran, Jeff, Sheri, Joe Gresko, Lou, Diane Barber and Paul who served the food. Thanks for Sterling House for the loan of their equipment. Stephanie Philips was cheerleader and photographer. 
SECC Bike Rodeo 2017 Jack Cratty 2016-08-04 04:00:00Z 0

SECC Bike Rodeo

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The annual South End Community Center Bike Rodeo was held today. The Police Department was on hand to instruct the youngsters on how to safely ride their bikes. A total of 39 bikes were donated and distributed by the police. Stratford Rotary donated 40 bike helmets, making sure everyone was safe while they were riding. Rotary also supplied hot dogs, roll and beverages for all the people attending.
As you can see from the pictures, our captivating leader Lou Perno and the bike helmets were a big hit.   Fran Sinish deserves a big “Thumbs UP” for coordinating the delivery of the bike helmets and hot dog lunch.  Special thanks to Jeff Krause, Joe Dolan, Bill O’Brien who worked the grill and served.  Stephanie Philips was cheerleader and photographer.
Thanks Bill for allowing us use the Sterling House grill and van.  The weather was good, and the kids had a great time.  In all a good day for everyone.
SECC Bike Rodeo Jack Cratty 2016-08-04 04:00:00Z 0

Tish Morrissey

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Thank you to today's speaker,  one of Stratford Rotary's FOR, Tish Morrissey. She started off with a humorous story about the time she and another student were “Candy Stripers”.  Part of their job was to bring supplies to patients such a soap, toothpaste and mouthwash. After a few days they were told that they would be given another assignment. Asked why they were being reassigned they were told that the area previously assigned was the Alcoholics’ Ward. Apparently and unbeknownst to them they were giving out the mouthwash Cepecol, which contains ALCOHOL. Apparently not a good thing to be dispensing in that type of an environment.
As time went on Tish grew away from volunteering and was concentrating more on her law practice. It wasn’t until several personal tragedies made he stop and think about how short life is and how she could get back into what she enjoyed, helping others, especially children.
She went back to school and got her degree. She is now working as a Guidance Counselor in the Stratford School System.  She has seen many youths entering their high school experience that, without the programs in place, could have not archived their full potential. As an example, the Mentoring Program, a program where several freshmen are assigned to a senior, who has had specialized training aimed at the guidance of the new students. She spoke on the importance of volunteerism in the community with special emphasis on today's youth.
Lou Perno, Stratford’s new President, has as one of his goals to get Stratford youth involved with Rotary through the creation of an Interact club, which is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about.
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Thank you to todays speaker, visiting Rotarian Dave Winters, who gave a recap on the extremely successful RYLA event his Rotary Club promoted in New York. His club sponsored 30 youths.

For those not familiar with RYLA it stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a program that originated with Rotary International. RYLA encourages servant leadership in youth by recognizing and rewarding deserving 11th grade students who are chosen to attend RYLA as an "award" for their past and present leadership and service activities. These select young people attend an all-expenses-paid camp where they are inspired by a diverse group of exceptional speakers, make life-long friends through fellowship activities, and discuss the ethical and social issues of today. These activities are conducted in an atmosphere of trust and respect. The result is that these students return to their schools and communities motivated to take on additional leadership roles and to find additional ways to serve.

RYLA's intent is to encourage students to be more effective servant leaders. RYLA is not a camp intended to teach leadership skills (it is assumed that the students in attendance already possess those skills), however the following topics naturally arise in the course of RYLA activities and discussions:

Fundamentals of leadership
Ethics of positive leadership
Qualities of a "servant leader"
Importance of communication skills in effective leadership
Conflict management and problem solving
Building self-esteem and self confidence
Elements of community and global citizenship
Rotary's purpose of service to the community and world

Dave passed around several letters from the young attendees. Reading these letters and the effect this program has had on these youths is extremely gratifying. RYLA is preparing our leaders of tomorrow in a positive way.

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Bob Wirz

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Bob Wirz has been a media specialist in the world of sports for more than 50 years, with heavy concentration on professional baseball.
One of Wirz’s more intriguing tasks was running Major League Baseball’s media office as chief spokesman for Commissioners Bowie Kuhn and Peter Ueberroth for more than a decade (1974-85).  His duties included serving as chief spokesman for the commissioners and coordinating media activities for the All-Star Game, World Series and Winter Meetings.
He started Wirz & Associates, Inc., a sports public relations and consulting company he still runs in Stratford, CT, later in 1985.  It handled publicity for the prestigious Rolaids Relief Man awards for more than two decades, developed Little League Baseball’s first national sponsorship program and utilized sports celebrities and venues to establish broad awareness campaigns for the industry hair-coloring giant Just For Men.  National clients also have included Major League Baseball, IBM, MCI and Baseball America magazine.
From 2003-2014, he wrote a weekly column, the Independent Baseball Insider.  It was unique in that it detailed news from every professional Independent baseball league in a very upbeat manner.  He continues to write exclusive content for two Independent leagues, and also writes a blog about Independent Baseball,
Bob’s experience includes six years as publicity director for the Kansas City Royals, and a background in newspaper, radio and television work.  He worked for The Lincoln (NE) Journal, Wichita (KS) Eagle and The Denver Post.  His first professional baseball position was as Public Relations Director of the Denver Bears (Pacific Coast League) in 1967-68.
He will soon publish a book, "The Passion of Baseball", which covers much of his experience in the sport as well as his business life.
Wirz is a graduate of the University of Nebraska.  Bob and his wife Maybeth reside in Stratford.  They have four children and five grandchildren.
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Cardinal Shehan Center

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Thank you to Lorraine Gibbons and Katie O'Leary for their informative presentation on the Cardinal Shehan Center and updates on their programs.
The Cardinal Shehan Center is a non-profit organization located in Bridgeport, CT. For 53 years the Center has served the recreational, educational, and social needs of moderate and low-income families and young people of lower Fairfield County, particularly inner city Bridgeport. Our mission is enriching lives through learning. This is accomplished by offering an After School & Saturday Youth Development Program, Summer Day Camp, various basketball leagues, Sign-Up Programs, Physical Education classes to grammar schools, and alternative education programs. The Center commits itself to offering a clean, safe environment where positive, growth-enhancing opportunities are offered regardless of race or religious affiliation.
In 1883, a building was erected to serve as an armory and hosted Civil War veterans in its earliest years. After World War II, the Bridgeport Brass Company purchased this building and renovated it into a recreational facility. In 1961, the Diocese of Bridgeport received this building as a donation and the Cardinal Shehan Center opened one year later. With an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness center, game room, arts & crafts room, member's lounge, dark room, computer lab, library and outdoor facilities, the Center is an outstanding community resource.
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Brian Mitchell from Fidelity Funds

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Thank you to Brian Mitchell for his very informative presentation on Social Security and the different ways available to retirees to maximize your benefits.
Brian Mitchell from Fidelity Funds Jack Cratty 2016-04-26 04:00:00Z 0

Induction of New Rotarians

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Today the Stratford Rotary Club welcomed to the club two new Rotarians, Reese Mitchell and Sheri Szymanski.
Reese is an Attorney with the firm of Mitchell and Sheahan, PC and Sheri is the newly appointed Director of the Stratford Library.
Congratulation and welcome to Rotary.
Induction of New Rotarians Jack Cratty 2016-04-26 04:00:00Z 0

Dr. Seuss Pancake Breakfast

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The Annual Dr. Seuss Pancake Breakfast was held on Sunday April 3, 2016 at Vazzano's Four seasons Restaurant on Kenyon Street in Stratford. Approximately 200 people attended. The staff at Vazzano's put out a great "All you can eat" buffet consisting of pancakes, bacon, sausages various juices, milk and coffee. Hard boiled eggs decorated with Dr. Seuss stickers were given to all the children. Volunteers dressed up as "Cat in the Hat" and "Thing 1 & 2".  They handed out stickers, crayons, pictures for the kids to color and also posed with the families for pictures. There were lots of raffle prizes and many children went home as winners. 
Thank you to all of the Rotarians who worked so hard and the volunteers from the BOE to make this event a huge success.
Pictured above are: Bill O'Brien, Dan Freddino, Jack Cratty, Michele Genvario, Aubrey Booska, Cassie Dunford and Kaylee Oestreich.
Dr. Seuss Pancake Breakfast Jack Cratty 2016-04-04 04:00:00Z 0

Police Activities League

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Thank you to Erin McLaughlin and Lt. Melissa Niemiec for an informative presentation on the current and future activities that the Stratford PAL will be involved in.
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Valentine's Day Brunch

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On March 18th a Valentine’s Brunch prepared by Stratford HS bakeshop and culinary students was held at the Baldwin Senior Center. John Corb, Gary and Janet Jacopian attended the brunch as representatives of Rotary.  Stratford Rotary presented Deborah McNeil with a mini-grant we provided through BEST, Business Education Support Team.  As a result 26 seniors were provided with meals. Photo's can be viewed in the Photo Album page.
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Sunlight Solar

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Today we had Kristin Bayusic from Sunlight Solar Energy Company give a very informative presentation on the Advantages of Solar.
Sunlight Solar Energy is dedicated to educating their customers on how solar energy will work for their home or business.  They can install a solar electric system at your home or business in the following states: Connecticut, Oregon, and Washington. Each home or commercial building has a Site Survey done to determine the electrical needs of the structure. There is a procedure, which includes Financing, State and local permitting, scheduling the installation, Inspection, UI testing, and final walkthrough and user instruction on the system.
After her presentation Kristin answered questions from the audience such as:
What makes a site viable for solar?
How does a solar electric system work?
What incentives are available?
How does the solar system interact with the utility company?
What happens to a solar electric system during a power outage?
Is it possible to power 100% of my home’s electrical needs?
What happens if an object such as a tree branch damages my solar panels?
What happens when it snows?
Does the age of my roof matter?
If I own my solar system and then sell my house, does it increase my resale value?
What sort of maintenance is required of a solar electric system?
Can I refinance my home with a solar lease?
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Norma J. Pfriem Urban Outreach Initiatives

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Rev. Tracy Hughes was our speaker at todays lunch meeting. Rev. Tracy recently relocated from the Midwest to take the position of Executive Director of the Norma J. Pfriem Urban Outreach Initiatives, Inc and the Minister of Outreach at the United Congregational Church of Bridgeport. Her talk was to inform our members what the program is about and the services that are provided. Please go to for more information on the programs and how you can become a volunteer.
Norma J. Pfriem Urban Outreach Initiatives Jack Cratty 2016-02-09 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club Gets Youth Service Award

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This year, as part of Sterling House Community Center's Annual Food Drive,  more that 200 Thanksgiving meals were distributed to needy families in Stratford.
The packages included a frozen turkey, stuffing mix, canned vegetables, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy and fruit cocktail. These meals will feed a family of six.
As part of this food drive the Stratford Rotary Club purchases and donates the turkeys and helps distribute the meals. This is a very fulfilling project for the many Rotarians that are involved.
The award was presented to the club by the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians as part of Rotary International's commitment to youth throughout the world and Scouting.
Rotary Club Gets Youth Service Award Jack Cratty 2016-02-08 05:00:00Z 0

New UI Sub-station proposed in Stratford

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Thank you to Samantha Marone and Ron Rosetti for their very informative presentation on the new UI Sub-station being built next to the Two Roads Brewing Company. The new sub-station will replace the aging sub-station currently on Stratford Av. The new sub-station will have a much greater electric capacity to provide for the area. - See more at:
New UI Sub-station proposed in Stratford Jack Cratty 2016-01-25 05:00:00Z 0

M. Lewis Chaplowe Obituary

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M. Lewis Chaplowe, 80, former longtime resident of Stratford CT died September 26, 2015. "Lew" Chaplowe, devoted husband of 55 years to Billie Graham of Happy, Texas died peacefully in Dallas TX with family at his side. He is survived by his wife Billie of Dallas Texas., three children, Pamela of Manchester NH, Scott of Geneva Switzerland and Jonathan (Melissa Adams) of Dallas Texas, five grandchildren, Samantha, Calder, Cassidy, Matthew, and Colby and one great grandchild, Penelope Joy.
Lew was born to the late Isadore and Sophie Chaplowe in West Haven CT on December 22, 1934. He was a graduate of Stratford High School, Bates College and Columbia Law School and practiced law in the town of Stratford for over 35 years. He was an active member of the community combining leadership qualities with his belief in civic responsibility. His time, support and involvement with many local organizations was his way of giving back to the community he so loved. Lew with his wife Billie enjoyed extensive travel across the world and spending time in both Florida and Maine. His family remembers with great joy the many moments he has left for us to smile over. Lew will be greatly missed, always remembered and forever held in loving esteem.
Services for Lewis will be private and without burial. For those wishing to memorialize Lewis, our family thanks you and asks that he be remembered in the way that he lived by donating or contributing time to your local library or other civic organization. 
M. Lewis Chaplowe Obituary Jack Cratty 2015-09-26 04:00:00Z 0

Our Club Recognized for Outstanding Achievement

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Congratulations to the Stratford Rotarians for their hard work and dedication to the Stratford community. This is the second year that the club has been awarded the "Outstanding Achievement Award" by District 7980.
Our Club Recognized for Outstanding Achievement Jack Cratty 2015-05-16 04:00:00Z 0
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