Today we were very fortunate to have as our speaker Christine Peyreigne, 19, of Weston. Christine has been named a General Class Falconer. After two years as an Apprentice Class Falconer, she recently passed a field test issued by Laurie Fortin from the Connecticut DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) and Master Class Falconer Stacia Novy to earn General Class Falconer status.Falconry hunting partner.
This advancement to General Class allows Peyreigne to hunt with other species of raptors in addition to red-tailed hawks, as allowable by federal and state law, and also allows her to possess up to three raptors for use in the sport of falconry.
Peyreigne plans to continue hunting with Theron for the rest of this year’s hunting season in Connecticut.
Peyreigne is also a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator for migratory birds and has been rehabilitating birds of prey since last May either for release back into the wild or, for non-releasable raptors, arranging the transfer of permanently injured birds to nature centers around the country.
As a General Falconer, she may now transfer a rehabilitation bird to her falconry permit and train and hunt with it for a season to help the bird be better prepared to return to the wild after recovering from its injuries.
In December, Peyreigne was issued a Special Use Permit by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to possess birds of prey for educational programs and will begin offering programs to groups and organizations in the near future.
She currently has a red-tailed hawk, a Harris hawk and a Cooper’s hawk for use in educational programs and has plans to add additional birds as opportunities arise.
Peyreigne said she is looking forward to this opportunity to educate people about raptors, which she calls “magnificent birds.”
Peyreigne is a 2015 graduate of Weston high School and has just completed her first semester at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y