Posted on Dec 18, 2018
To purchase tickets: 

Proceeds from this year's event will benefit two wonderful sustainable projects.  

The Stratford Historical Society - to purchase Historical document digitization equipment that will be used to preserve Stratford's priceless historical documents.  These original historical documents are irreplaceable and quite valuable.  Historical document digitization is an effective way of preserving these unique pieces of Stratford's past. By digitizing our local historical records, the Stratford Historical Society will be able maintain the integrity of the original documents while making  them electronically accessible for future generations of history seekers.

The Stratford Fire Department – to purchase carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to save lives.  The majority of fatal home fires happen at night when people are asleep.  Contrary to popular belief, the smell of smoke may not wake a sleeping person. The poisonous gases and smoke produced by a fire can numb the senses and put you into a deeper sleep.  The Stratford Rotary Club is excited to help support and promote the Fire Department's Fire Safety Program by purchasing a significant number of units to be installed free of charge, in Stratford homes.