Today we had Kristin Bayusic from Sunlight Solar Energy Company give a very informative presentation on the Advantages of Solar.
Sunlight Solar Energy is dedicated to educating their customers on how solar energy will work for their home or business.  They can install a solar electric system at your home or business in the following states: Connecticut, Oregon, and Washington. Each home or commercial building has a Site Survey done to determine the electrical needs of the structure. There is a procedure, which includes Financing, State and local permitting, scheduling the installation, Inspection, UI testing, and final walkthrough and user instruction on the system.
After her presentation Kristin answered questions from the audience such as:
What makes a site viable for solar?
How does a solar electric system work?
What incentives are available?
How does the solar system interact with the utility company?
What happens to a solar electric system during a power outage?
Is it possible to power 100% of my home’s electrical needs?
What happens if an object such as a tree branch damages my solar panels?
What happens when it snows?
Does the age of my roof matter?
If I own my solar system and then sell my house, does it increase my resale value?
What sort of maintenance is required of a solar electric system?
Can I refinance my home with a solar lease?