Thank you to Dr.Joe Bertolino, the 12th President of Southern Connecticut State University for his informative presentation. Dr. Bertolino gave a brief history of Southern  and explained his primary goal is to raise the New Haven university's profile.
"The No. 1 priority for me is putting Southern on the map. Southern is a gem that very few people know about," he says. "The reputation of Southern, I don't think, accurately represents what it has to offer. We have a responsibility to put the university out there and, in many respects, to rebrand the institution."
A key part of that plan, he says, is not only further bolstering Southern's academics but also its community presence and outreach. The school can become a more active community partner and resource, he says.
"My hope is to raise the profile of the institution and to let folks know what we have to offer the community," he says.
After the presentation a Q&A period was held.