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Nov 25, 2015
Job Support Group
Success Stories from the Job Support Group

This program will give members information on the Job Support Group and first hand accounts from some of the people who have successfully found fulfilling jobs through the group.


CREF Matters
By Chuck Harper
Per Wikipedia, A "perfect storm" is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.  The term is also used to describe an actual phenomenon that happens to occur in such a confluence, resulting in an event of unusual magnitude.
Most of us think of the first portion of the definition and its negative connotation of some terrible catastrophe.  Take a look at the second portion of the definition.  “A phenomenon … resulting in an event of unusual magnitude”. Cupertino Rotary is “a perfect storm”.

I am thankful for those involved in Community Service, benefiting people nearby.
I am thankful for those involved in Youth Service, benefiting people who are the future of our world.
I am thankful for those involved in Vocational Service, benefiting people who want to contribute to the world.
I am thankful for those involved in International Service, benefiting people who by fortune of fate struggle with basic needs.
I am thankful for those involved in Club Service, benefiting each of us weekly.
I am thankful for those involved in CREF. CREF makes it easier for each of us to help others by handling all the details surrounding charitable giving.
CREF Matters

As you all probably remember, Operation Snowflake is a joint venture between Cupertino Rotary and Via Services.  An idea of Cupertino Rotarian, Jon Kaplan - for over 8 years Rotarians have brought joy to kids and adults with developmental disabilities on Via’s Cupertino Campus – Via West.  Rotarians are asked to volunteer by placing snow – meadow or sled run, decorating trees, running crafts, serving beverages, stuffing stockings, etc., - it is holiday fun for all.  Sign up for either date – December 5th or 12th online or in person.    For more questions, contact Snowflake Chair, Leslie Davis through ClubRunner or (408) 483-0681 (cell).

Please volunteer to help distribute Thanksgiving Dinners to families who need them this Thanksgiving.  Each year on Thanksgiving morning, Cupertino Rotarians share their good fortune by delivering complete Thanksgiving dinners to families not quite as fortunate as ourselves.  This is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving, for you and for your family, and still leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your own Thanksgiving dinner at home with your family. Signup sheets for volunteers to deliver Thanksgiving dinners will be on your tables at the next few meetings, so please sign up.  We will have 100 meals to deliver, so we need lots of volunteers.  You can deliver more than one dinner if you like.  If you have questions, call George Denise at (408) 461-1068, or email:  george.denise@oracle.com.  

Pledge: Henry Buffalow
Inspiration: Geoffrey Paulsen shared how his parents instilled in him an understanding of the importance of not being boastful.  He concluded with a quote from Mark Twain, “The whistle don’t pull the train.”
Visiting Rotarians:
Charlie Wasser from San Jose East
Rotarians with Guests:
Doug Carothers (inductee) guest of Joe Hamilton
Mary Ann Carothers guest of Joe Hamilton
Robert Yamashita guest of Annie Yamashita
Katie Perez (inductee) guest of Frances Seward
Marlene Garcia guest of Frances Seward
Janki Choski guest of Anjali Kausar
Monir Zandbergs guest of Mary Ellen Chell
Sanjana Chopra guest of Reena Rao
Daphne Lawrence guest of Orrin Mahoney
Shawn Marshall (speaker) guest of Rod Sinks
Erin Cooke guest of Rod Sinks
Bruce Wu guest of Chris Zhang
Byant Roe guest of Leslie Davis
Irshad Fardan guest of Leslie Davis
Ragini Sangam guest of Helene Davis
Himarsh Vaishnav guest of Aruna Goradia
Announcements of upcoming events:
President Wendell Stephens reminded members of the opportunity to volunteer to deliver Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving morning from 8:30-10:00.
Tina Ferguson announced the annual Kid’s Shopping and Children’s Holiday Party on December 14 from 8:45 to 1:00.  Volunteers will take the kids on a shopping spree at JC Penney.
Leslie Davis announced the annual Operation Snowflake. Volunteers are needed for December 5 and December 12.
Leslie Hay encouraged members to sign up for the annual holiday part, which will be held December 12.
Orrin Mahoney announced an opportunity for members to interact with 2015 -2016 Rotary International President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran at a reception and dinner in San Jose on January 3, 2016.
Orrin Mahoney also announced that Annie Yamashita was the winner of the raffle for those who participated in the recent member survey.
Melanie Brophy announced the Musical Instruments for Kids program underway in coordination with the Rotary Club of East Palo Alto.  Members are encouraged to donate instruments that can be used by kids in East Palo Alto.  The donated instruments will be officially delivered at an event with the mayors of Cupertino and East Palo Alto.  If you have an instrument you can donate, pleas contact Orrin Mahoney, Melanie Brophy, or Don Sun.  
Judy Wilson presided over the induction of two new members.  New member Doug Carothers was sponsored by Joe Hamilton. New member Katie Perez was sponsored by Frances Seward.  Welcome aboard, Doug and Katie!
Diwali Celebration:
Anjali Kausar gave an overview of the background of Diwali.  An enthusiastic group of Rotarians then gave an energetic dance performance in celebration of the holiday.  All in a good day of Rotary fun!
Rod Sinks introduced the speaker, Shawn Marshall, and presented her with a proclamation from the City of Cupertino recognizing the role she has had in helping Cupertino and surrounding communities move toward providing residents a choice of sustainably produced electricity at a competitive price.
Shawn Marshall then showed a video summarizing the idea of Community Choice Energy.  The concept is to create a community controlled entity that provides electricity from a higher percentage of renewable sources at competitive rates.  The electricity is delivered over the existing PG&E infrastructure so there is little change to the customer experience when someone signs up for community choice electricity.  She outlined the experience of doing this in Marin and Sonoma counties and in the Lancaster area.  In each case residents have an option of electricity with a higher percentage of renewable sources at prices that are below standard PG&E rates in addition to an option to have 100% renewable power at slightly higher prices.  Shawn said that Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Santa Clara County are working together to bring this to Silicon Valley through the Silicon Valley CCE Partnership.
Erin Cooke, Environmental Affairs Coordinator for the City of Cupertino, then presented information on next steps to bring this option to Cupertino.  She noted that Cupertino adopted its Climate Action Plan last year, and moving to renewable energy through a community choice program is a very large component of meeting the greenhouse gas emission reduction goals of the plan.  The next steps will be for the city councils to adopt resolutions to join a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to administer the program.  Community meeting will be set up over the next couple of months to give residents information on the program.  More information is available at http://www.svcleanenergy.org.
A video of the program is here:  https://vimeo.com/146207786

Community Choice Energy Nov 18, 2015 from Cupertino Rotary Club on Vimeo.


We had a delightful discussion on Monday (Oct 26), featuring "All the Light We Cannot See", by Anthony Doer.  The large and chatty group was expertly led by moderator Judy Wilson, and people were struck by the complex characters, the vivid imagery, and the engaging story.  Two people even read it twice!
Next up is a little gem:  "The Invention of Wings" by Sue Monk Kidd.  I've only just started it, but I'm already engaged.  Amazon says:  "Inspired by the true story of early-nineteenth-century abolitionist and suffragist Sarah Grimké, Kidd paints a moving portrait of two women inextricably linked by the horrors of slavery." We'll meet on Monday, Nov 30, at 7PM at the Y.  You'll have all Thanksgiving weekend to read it!
At our November meeting, we'll also vote on the next six months of books.  So if you have suggestions for us, please send them to Judy Wilson and/or me ahead of time, and we'll pull together the candidates and take it from there.  We'll even allow voting by mail.


If you would like to be on President Wendell Stephens Weekly Agenda please contact  Jerra Rowland by the Sunday night before the meeting. Please email her at jerra95030@mac.com
If you would like to include slides as part of your announcement, please send them to Jerra Rowland well in advance of the meeting, at least 3 to 4 days, and she will be able to include your info in the flow of the meeting  when you are at the microphone for your one minute of fame. This is particularly important for club chairs who want to announce meetings, accomplishments, or details that are better covered with more than a one minute verbal overview. Send Jerra bullet points and she will do the rest.



The following information is for club members with articles to submit to the Rotator.
Deadline for Article Submission: To help the editors in the work they do, please plan to make your submissions by the end-of-the-day Thursday. Please email them to
cupertinorotary@gmail.com. Later submissions might be deferred to the next week's Rotator, depending on how far along the editor is in processing the meeting and program staff reporting for the current week.
Our outstanding editors are assigned as follows: First Wednesday - Gary Latshaw; Second Wednesday - Pallavi Shah; Third Wednesday - Chris Zhang Fourth Wednesday - Anne Greski; Fifth Wednesday - Peter Troop.
Our highly esteemed meeting reporters are assigned as follows: First Wednesday - Byron Rovegno; Second Wednesday -Calina Thompson; Third Wednesday - Bill Wilson; Fourth Wednesday - Open;; Fifth Wednesday - Laurie Campbell.


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