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This week we heard from Dr. Mace Hack, executive director of the Nature Conservancy in Nebraska regarding the efforts of that organization to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.
The Nature Conservancy organization has protected more than 100,000 acres of nature preserves throughout Nebraska, and has worked hard to conserve and protect the quality of our water.
Learn more about the work of the Nature Conservancy in Nebraska at their website.
Foundation Month
November is Foundation month and I’m hoping you are all aware of the tremendous work of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. The Foundation’s mission is doing good in the world, and it has been doing so now for more than 100 years. Examples of these good works can be found each month in the Rotarian Magazine, and also on The Foundation consistently receives the highest rating from Charity Navigator and other groups that rate charities. Donations are used efficiently and effectively to fund projects, with very little overhead, and all projects are overseen and reported on directly by Rotarians.
When your Foundation recognition level for giving reaches $1000, you are named a Paul Harris Fellow. You receive a certificate and a lapel pin for your efforts. When your Foundation recognition level reaches $2,000, you are a Paul Harris Level 2, and so forth until you have given $10,000, at which point you are a major donor.
There are two ways to achieve Foundation recognition levels. The first and most important is to give money. The second is to receive Foundation recognition points from another Rotarian. For every dollar you contribute to the Foundation, you accrue a Foundation recognition point. You may not use those recognition points for yourself, but you may award them to another Rotarian. This year, we have a group of generous Club members who are offering to donate Foundation recognition points to you, as a match, to encourage giving to the Rotary Foundation.
Don’t miss this year’s Rotary Foundation special for our Club members! If you give $200 or more to the Rotary Foundation we will match your gift with 100 Foundation recognition points. That will bring you $300 closer to your next level Paul Harris award, with just a $200 donation. We will make this deal available for all donations made from July 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. So if you already gave $100 this year, just give another $100 and the 100 bonus points are yours! If you already gave $200 or more, we will award you the bonus points automatically.
Our Club goal this year is to raise $20,000 for the Rotary Foundation. Achieving that Goal will require an average of more than $100 giving from you and every member of our Club. We cannot achieve this goal without your help.
  • So give $100 and become a Paul Harris sustainer for this Rotary year.
  • Give $200 or more and get an additional $100 of Foundation recognition points
  • Or join those of us in the Paul Harris Society by giving $1,000 or more per year. We have a number of Club members in this category and we’d love to have your participation as well. It’s easy to do using automatic donations through Rotary Direct on the website. Either Heather Legge or I would be happy to help you get set up.
Thanks to each of you for thoughtfully considering this request. My wife Gretchen and I give generously to the Rotary Foundation because we believe strongly in the work they are doing all over the world, by and through Rotarians. If you are already giving to the Rotary Foundation every year, thank you. If you have not taken the opportunity to give to the Rotary Foundation yet this year, please don’t let this important opportunity pass you by.
If you have any questions about the Rotary Foundation or giving to the Rotary Foundation, call Heather Legge or myself, any time. We look forward to hearing from you.
Good News:
Roger Holthaus read us an article from the World Herald about his service in the Army Medical Service Corps in 1961-64 in the Korean DMZ, including the fact that they went to full combat alert on November 23, 1963 upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Thanks again to all of our veterans for your service.
Bob Keefer celebrated his 61st birthday last Friday. Not only is Bob glad to be alive, but he recently competed in the Beer and Bagel Run, 13 ½ miles at Quarry Oaks. Bob started running relatively recently, and wants us to know that you are never too old to start.
Gary Bren let us know that his wife and fellow Downtown Rotarian, Gretchen Bren, returned home Saturday from her 13th Polio immunization trip to Africa. We are all glad to have Gretchen safe back in the US, especially Gary! Congratulations to Gretchen Bren and her tremendous commitment to this important cause.
Joe Mancuso was in San Francisco recently where his son is a member of the professional soccer team. In their inaugural year, the team won their league championship! The bad news is that due to lack of support, this may be the team’s first and last year. But Joe and his family had a great time at the game and hope for good things in the future for their professional soccer player. Congratulations Joe!
Cella Quinn was recently named to a second three-year term on the Omaha Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Cella reminded us of the days, not so long ago, when a woman was first named CEO of Northwestern Bell here in town, and the good men of the Chamber were fretting about having to include women in their meetings! We’ve come a long way baby. And thank goodness! (But miles to go before we sleep).
Brad Burklund is back from his mission trip to Uganda, and is bravely trying to overcome his addiction to rice and beans. Brad and his wife Pam are raising money for a birthing center in Uganda, and recently received a $30,000 matching grant, so if you would like to help them out, it’s a great opportunity to double the effect of your donation. Contact Brad for details on how to donate.
Next week:
Next week please enjoy a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve this year as your Club President, and the support all of you have given me. Thank you!
In two weeks, we are back at the Field Club with UNO Women’s Basketball Coach Brittany Lange. Go Mavs!
See you in two weeks.
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Nov 01     Ertz, Dan
Nov 01    Holmes, Michelle
Nov 03    Forsberg, Terry
Nov 04    Diesing, Jack
Nov 05    Reasner, Lindsey Rai
Nov 07    Johansen, Larry
Nov 10    Keefer, Bob
Nov 17    Koch, Harry
Nov 18    Guenther, Larry
Nov 18    Secor, Spencer
Nov 19    Heesacker Smith, Angela
Nov 19    Sittenauer, Leigh
Nov 28    Smith Camp, Laurie
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Hopefully you signed up to attend Business Networking instead.

Meetings resume at Field Club October 25th.

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The annual Charitable Statements have been emailed to all members.

You can also access the statement HERE.

As a reminder, this is for contributions to our Service Fund which provides financial support for the Foundation Grants that the club awards annually.

You can also contribute to the RI Foundation and our Club Foundation using this form.

Thank you to our members for your continued support!

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Please join us for Business Networking Day October 18th from Noon until 1:00 pm. This event takes the place of our normal weekly meeting.
You have a choice of three locations to sign up for. Each location is a $10 fee which we would like paid in advance or for you to use your Fast Pass.
(It is $10.60 for PayPal)
There is no "no lunch" reduced rate for this meeting.

Locations include:

#1 Business Networking Location

Company:      Harriman Dispatch Center 
Description:  The Harriman Dispatch Center is within an 1891 Union Pacific freight depot that was converted in the early 1990s to the dispatch center and administrative office housing around 800 employees. Union Pacific dispatchers work in a steel-reinforced concrete bunker within the building.   The 24-inch thick walls, and steel security entrance, are designed to withstand a direct tornado strike.  The Southern Pacific dispatchers work on a second floor built on top of the bunker.    

Address:    850 Jones Street,  Omaha
Rotarian Host: Nash Mahupete 
Max number of guests: 20

 #2 Business Networking Location

Company:      Dundee Bank
Description: Dundee Bank is a small community bank in the heart of Omaha. We pride ourselves in providing a refreshing different banking experience that focuses on friendly, personal service. We are delighted to be part of Omaha and specifically two great communities – Dundee and Blackstone. We enjoy giving back any way we can. Our main bank in Dundee opened  in July 2006. Our Blackstone branch opened on December 30, 2016. ​
Address:    302 South 38th Street (38th & Farnam)
Rotarian Host:  Tim Schmad
Max number of guests: 15

#3 Business Networking Location

Company:      Mastercraft Building
Description:   We will tour the Mastercraft at noon and then drive over to the Old Mattress Factory at 531 North 13th St. for lunch.   Everyone pays for their own lunch.

Built in 1925 and used for decades as a furniture factory, today, the Mastercraft is a budding creative center that is drawing companies from industries like design, architecture, information technology and photography.

With ample parking and a close proximity to TD Ameritrade Park, new hotels and the city’s riverwalk, The Mastercraft building is a destination in downtown Omaha. Its high ceilings, clerestory windows, and rough sawn lumber joists give it a unique feel that feeds unmistakable creative energy.   Bob Grinnell bought the building at auction in 2003 after it had sat empty for two years.   It was a target for looters and vandals.    He now sees his job as safeguarding the integrity of the building while renovating with high standards. 

Address:          1111 North 13th Street - GO TO DOOR #4
Rotarian Host:  Rosemary Opbroek (402) 660-6193
Max number of guests: 15

Come back to the link below to pre-pay for Dundee Bank or Harriman Dispatch after you have registered. 




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Gretchen Bren will be going to Nigeria again for her 8th trip to Kaduna (and her 13th polio immunization trip worldwide) at the end of October. 
This year, they are working with one of the local Rotary Clubs in Kaduna to pass out Malaria nets to some of the families that are being immunized.  The cost per net is $5 each. Gretchen is taking donations in any amount for the nets. It is hard to immunize against a disease like polio that is not seen as much when people are suffering with malaria on a regular basis.  A collection bucket will be available at the club meetings.
Thank you all for your support over the years for polio eradication -- we are now so close we are starting the Countdown to History  (information on this new campaign is available at if you haven't received it yet)
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We are trying a new GREETER process at the meetings. 
If you are the first to arrive, we would like you to greet. 
If you are unable to greet for the day, we would like you to approach the next person who arrives to ask them to greet.
We appreciate all of our members helping out at the meetings with this duty!
Please take a few minutes to login to the website and make sure your information is correct. This information will be used for the next directory.
Just click the "Member Login" button at the top right of the home page.
If you have forgotten your login and password there is a place at the bottom of  "Member Login" that looks like this"  New and existing users: retrieve login and/or reset password"
All you need to know is your Last Name and Email address to retrieve your information.
There is a new link where you can REGISTER GUESTS for meetings on our home page.
You can also check your FASTPASS balance. You will need to know your badge number to do so. Use "Member Login" and then go to  "My Rotary" and look for the link on the left side of the page under "What do you want to do?"

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