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Chancellor Jeffrey Gold
Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Gold, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska Omaha for a fine presentation this week on the state of UNMC and UNO.
On May 8, 2017, Chancellor Gold answered the call of UN System President Hank Bounds and became Chancellor over both UNMC and UNO, beginning what Chancellor Gold described today as “An Incredible Journey of Joy.” Chancellor Gold has enjoyed many aspects of his role at UNO, but the one he emphasized today was getting to know the students at UNO, many of whom might not have had the opportunity for higher education without this wonderful institution.
  • For the third year in a row, UNO had the largest incoming freshmen class in school history.
  • 38% of UNO’s 2017 freshmen were First Generation college students.
  • UNO is at an all-time high for research funding.
The list goes on. The University is on the move, and consistently fulfills its mission of being a public metropolitan university. The importance of the University to our Club membership cannot be overstated, particularly considering the number of alums who took part in the photo shoot with the Chancellor after the meeting.
UNMC/Nebraska Medicine continue to thrive under Chancellor Gold’s leadership as well, increasing to top tier status in Vizient (formerly the University HealthSystem Consortium) Quality Rankings, beating out Ohio State and Michigan (and hopefully blazing a trail for Coach Frost).
Chancellor Gold made clear that the goal of UNMC/Nebraska Medicine is to continue to strive toward ZERO preventable hospital deaths. With preventable hospital deaths topping 440,000 per year, the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, we are proud to have UNMC leading the way in hospital safety.
Chancellor Gold gave a shout out for the fine legal services provided to Nebraska Medicine, by their General Counsel, our own Downtown Rotarian, Anna Kramer. Also joining the Chancellor was Erin Owen, Executive Director for University Communications at UNO.
Good News:
Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the NAYEN conference last week, and special thanks to John Mock and Jim Stewart, our new ambassadors to Brazil, with the hats to prove it!
Steve McCollister announced that applications for grants from our Omaha Downtown Rotary Club Foundation will be accepted April 1 through May 31. Remember that grants are accepted in three areas of focus: Veterans, Education, and the Elderly.
Roger Holthaus announced that his foster son, Scott Carroll, once a nationally ranked swimmer, had been dry-docked for a time but is now swimming again.
Jim Stewart and LeRoy Swedlund were asked by Creighton University to host, on behalf of our Club, the Syracuse Orange Basketball Team, coming to Omaha this weekend. Thanks to Stewart and LeRoy for representing our Club and our City in this important way.
Steve Karcher had a lot of good news, including a new job, new blog, and new website, culminating with the fact that our April 28 tree planting is on his wife Dana’s birthday! Dana, Program Manager at the Arbor Day Foundation, and Steve will join us for the Tree Planting, and I hope all of you will join us as well.
Next week:
Next week, we have as our speaker Douglas Ellsworth with the EMP National Task Force. His topic is: “Electrical Magnetic Pulse – Wipe Out or Not?”
Remember, if it’s Wednesday, the place to be is Downtown Rotary.
See you next week!
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 Connolly, Mick     Mar 02

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Cavanaugh, Jim      Mar 07

Kosalka, Michael    Mar 08

Swanson, Scott       Mar 08

Harvey, Gretchen   Mar 10

Meyer, Lloyd           Mar 10

Sullivan, Shane        Mar 13

Taylor, Phil               Mar 13

Kraemer, Travis       Mar 15

Carnes, Todd            Mar 22

McGonigal, Don       Mar 28

Lajba, Francis           Mar 30

Privitera, Andrew     Mar 30

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Join your fellow Rotarians (and family & friends) for a casual social experience.
Thank to your EVHP for sponsoring this month's appetizers. 
March 15, 2018
5:30 - 7:30 pm
7120 Pacific Street

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The Rotary Club of Omaha has received membership applications from the following:
Rev. Dr. Mary Newbern, Executive Ptesbyter at Presbytery of Missouri River Valley. Rev. Dr. Newbern is sponsored by Rev. Dr. Gary Eller.
Anyone with objections to a membership proposal needs to reach out to the Club Administrator or Membership Chair.
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We are looking for SWAG items for the SWAG bags that will be given to each participant at the NAYEN Conference. There will be just under 400 attendees. Whatever amount you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Hats, key chains, etc. any useful item probably with a company logo on it.
I will personally stop by and pick the items up. Please contact me by phone (402-681-6101) or e-mail (tschmad@dundeebanking.com).
Thank you -  Tim Schmad
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UPDATE: Ray Klinginsmith had to cancel his appearance at Anthony's / Suburban Rotary March 15th at noon.
They will have a different keynote speaker from the NAYEN Conference instead.
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What is NAYEN…and how can you help?
NAYEN stands for North American Youth Exchange Network, an international Rotary program. Omaha is honored to be host for the NAYEN 19th Annual Conference, March 15-17. It is just around the corner. Approximately 400 Rotarians will be coming to Omaha for the sessions and activities. Previous conferences have been in such places as Calgary, Cincinnati, Cancun, Orlando, and Chicago, just to name a few.
How can you help? We are in need of volunteers in various categories – greeters at airport, greeters at hotel (Hilton), sergeant-at-arms for sessions, hospitality, etc. If you can help, please contact Tim Schmad (tschmad@dundeebanking.com) or simply sign up at the registration table. We can then fit schedule with our needs.

 Murphy, Todd                       Feb 05

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Volk, Leslie                             Feb 09

Hansen, Ken                           Feb 14

Carper, Steve                          Feb 16

Holthaus, Roger                     Feb 16

Goldstein, David (Big AL)    Feb 18

Schmad, Tim                           Feb 18

Simmons, Lee                         Feb 20

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The annual Charitable Statements have been emailed to all members.

You can also access the statement HERE.

As a reminder, this is for contributions to our Service Fund which provides financial support for the Foundation Grants that the club awards annually.

You can also contribute to the RI Foundation and our Club Foundation using this form.

Thank you to our members for your continued support!

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We are trying a new GREETER process at the meetings. 
If you are the first to arrive, we would like you to greet. 
If you are unable to greet for the day, we would like you to approach the next person who arrives to ask them to greet.
We appreciate all of our members helping out at the meetings with this duty!
Please take a few minutes to login to the website and make sure your information is correct. This information will be used for the next directory.
Just click the "Member Login" button at the top right of the home page.
If you have forgotten your login and password there is a place at the bottom of  "Member Login" that looks like this"  New and existing users: retrieve login and/or reset password"
All you need to know is your Last Name and Email address to retrieve your information.
There is a new link where you can REGISTER GUESTS for meetings on our home page.
You can also check your FASTPASS balance. You will need to know your badge number to do so. Use "Member Login" and then go to  "My Rotary" and look for the link on the left side of the page under "What do you want to do?"

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