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Hey! We don’t need no stinking speakers!  Ok, the Lloyds please don’t take that seriously, of course we need speakers, but we proved we are such a tight knit group we can improvise if needed.  So, for anyone that didn’t join us on Wednesday…our speaker was M.I.A.!  However, the Downtown Rotary handled it with true “Is It Good for All Concerned” aplomb!  We had great discussions among ourselves about many important issues.  One of our topics had to do with a young lady who was a scholarship recipient last year and sadly had posted on her social media sites awful racial comments and racial epithets regarding black people specifically.  This was brought to our attention by WOWT which covers our Honor Roll Luncheon event.  I made the decision to have a disclaimer issued per our social media declaring we are not in any way condoning this behavior and although she was a scholarship recipient, we cannot take the money back however we vehemently denounce this behavior.  Obviously, this was a situation that I personally would never tolerate, and I was pleased that our social media team alerted us to this right away.  Thank you so much Sean Olson and Lisa Toniges Moritz.  So, after I got off my high horse of feeling personally offended, John Mock and Lindy Hoyer stepped up with a great suggestion.   They suggested we have a diversity speaker come to the club and invite the young lady (who by the way has apologized for her comments) to the meeting in an effort to teach her and improve her thoughts and actions.  Having been a former Family Teacher at Boys town and a current employee of Youth Care & Beyond I was definitely in favor of teaching and learning. 
Code: we don’t need no stinking speaker.
Another topic of conversation was the question of when we can get back to the Field Club to have our meetings in person.  I, along with Aileen Warren and Leigh, put together a survey that also has the Field Club guidelines for safety, for you to fill out so I can get an idea of what everyone is thinking.  You should have received that in your email by now…please respond.  Francis Lajba (a name I have never pronounced correctly in 9 years) also suggested one of our speakers be a medical expert that will review the guidelines and tell us how safe we will be if we gather together.  Our wonderful Dr. Donny Suh has arranged for Dr. Gold to speak to us on July 1.  We are looking at the possibility of doing a hybrid version of Rotary.   Some of us meeting in person at the Field Club and others who are not comfortable yet having the opportunity to participate online.  Sean Olson has volunteered to put a team together to see if that is an option.  Thanks Sean!
Speaking of Dr. Suh, he received the Suburban Rotary Omahan of the Year Award for his services as an Ophthalmologist celebrating his work around the world.  I hope you were able to tune in to his talk…it was very inspirational. How blessed are we to have him, not only in Omaha but a part of Downtown Rotary.  Yay us!
Deb Skinner and I are figuring out a fun way to do the changing of the guard which will occur on June 24th.  Brad Burklund had the Reign of Terror because we had so many deaths that year and I have had the Reign of What the Heck is Going On?  John Sullivan will have a wonderfully smooth perfect year and I’ll be happy to be a part of it.  Okay guys, don’t forget to fill out your survey please and be safe, take care and I’m sending you much love!
~ Camille
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Good News from 6.3.2020

From Lindy Hoyer
My good news is two fold
1) For the first time since March 13 we will welcome kids back into the museum through very strategic operating plan that involves summer campers. We are still a long way from open as usual, but are excited to welcome the campers.
2) My son, who will be a senior at Millard North, was cast in the male lead role of Mamma Mia for this fall. Pray they get to put on their show!

From Susan Koesters
Fishing at our cabin has been a good past time for us while staying at home. Our son, Bodey, caught this catfish in the Platte River and he was so excited! We didn’t have a scale or tape measure, but guessing at least 15 pounds!  
From Rev. Lloyd Gnirk
Today, June 3 is the 42 anniversary of my ordination. (I was ordained at the age of 7).  Friday, June 5 is the 39th anniversary of my 29th birthday.
From Sean Olson
We dropped off our son at Morningside College this weekend to start summer basketball workouts with the team. We are officially empty nesters. 72 hours in and my wife and I have run out of things to talk about! LOL
From Pete Sakaris
Good news is Grandbaby number 10 William Michael Dempsey is home now happy and healthy. It was rough going in the beginning being a premie in the NICU but he made it through.
From Shayne Fili
I was recently approved as a Federal USTrustee Auction Company. That allows us to reclaim and auction bankruptcy assets for Federal Bankruptcy Court. It increases our National coverage.
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Show & Tell Virtual Happy Hour

Tuesday, June 9th
5:00pm- 6:00pm  on ZOOM
Join us for our 3rd Virtual Happy Hour!
Bring something you want to Show and Tell your fellow Rotarians about!
Just a few ideas:
- a souvenir from a great vacation
- a family heirloom
- a favorite photo
- an award
- a product that you sell
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Good News 5.27.2020

From Gene DeBoer
My good news is that Chery and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this past Sunday! 
From Larry Johansen
My good news is that during the virus period, I was able to paint the exterior of my two story house without any ladders falling or any broken bones. SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it's time to get back to the Rotary meetings.
From LeRoy Swedlund
Our close friend Steve Schrader was dismissed last Friday from Madonna after spending 49 days combined at Nebraska Medicine and Madonna for Covid 19.  Steve's condition was very critical for nearly four weeks before he began to improve.  Steve is now home continuing therapy to complete his recovery.
From John Mock
Our Grandson, Justin, received his under graduate degree in Biology last week from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.
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Good news 5.13.2020

From Steve McCollister
Tim Cavanaugh advances to the General Election.  Nice job Tim.
From Sean Olson
My son Zachary graduated from Millard West High School and will attend Morningside College on a basketball scholarship in the fall.
From Chris Tointon
The City of Gretna passed a sales tax bond last night that will lead to the building of a brand new YMCA, outdoor water park, 100 acre park, dog park, fishing pond, trails, and ball fields. The new project will be just North of the Outlet mall on the East side of HWY 6. This will be a significant game changer for the city of Gretna.
From Tim Cavanaugh
I was fortunate to pull out a win in the primary yesterday, by over a 2-1 margin, in my re-election campaign for a 5th term on the M.U.D. Board.  Thanks for all of the good wishes!
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In Person Rotary Meetings Suspended

The Field Club of Omaha is currently closed. In the mean time, please join us for a weekly virtual Zoom meeting.
Stay tuned for any changes or updates. Thank you.

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Good News 5.6.2020

From Brad Burklund
I did not get a chance to jump in on the call last week and mention that there should be a fine for Shayne Fili.  They did a nice piece on channel 7 news this week about the reopening of their restaurant "Keystone Kafe" upcoming next week.  Her and her husband Mark got a nice personal interview story.  Celebrities.
From Todd Murphy
My son, Teddy Murphy graduates this Saturday with a Finance Degree from UNL. He’s already accepted a position with TD Ameritrade and looks forward to the start of his career. I, however, look forward to lowering my cost of raising children by 50%. We still have to get Olivia through in three years.
From Chris Tointon
My daughter graduates this weekend from Papillion South High School. She was selected as a Presidential Scholar and Lacrosse Athlete at North Central College in Naperville, IL.
From Fr. Lloyd Gnirk
We are open for church! Also, our construction on our expansion has started and is progressing.
From John Mock
Trudy and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our first Great Grandchild.  Braxton Michael was born on April 21, 2020.  He weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 ozs and 21 inches long.  Everyone is healthy.
From Adam Leong
My daughter turned 3 yesterday, and in true "younger child vs. middle child fashion," on his big sister's birthday, our youngest decided to start crawling. =0).
From Tim Cavanaugh
Today is 50 years since I was a Rotary Boy at the 8th-grade Honor Roll Luncheon at the Fontenelle Hotel.  Harry Koch was the president.  This is why I am in the club today.
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Makeup Meetings

Bill and Gretchen visited Skedsmokorset Rotary Club in Norway.
They said they had a lot of fun and received a bottle of wine.
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