South Omaha Initiative of The Rotary Club of Omaha (Downtown)
Honorary Chair: Hal Daub
Chair: John Sullivan
Members: Jorge Sortolongo, Cesar Garcia, Steve McCollister, Phil Taylor
December 11, 2020
Board of Directors
The Rotary Club of Omaha (Downtown)
Whereas the Club desires to grow its membership, and
Whereas the Club desires to diversity and includes members of the South Omaha community in the Club, and
Whereas the Club desires to promote the Rotary mission in the Omaha metropolitan region, and
Whereas the Club desires to seed and develop a South Omaha Rotary Club, and
Whereas the membership committee has approved the use of funds to sponsor five (5) new members in this initiative at 50% (one-half of membership cost), and
Whereas the Initiative itself has obtained a sponsor for an additional five (5) member stipend at the same rate (50%) and is seeking additional sponsors, and
Whereas South Omaha leaders Cesar Garcia and Jorge Sotolongo have stepped forward to join Downtown Rotary as new members in January 2021 and spearhead the recruitment of additional South Omaha members…
Therefore, the board of directors hereby resolves to approve the South Omaha Initiative as a standing committee of the board for a period of 24 months with the initial goal of growing membership in Downtown Rotary and the primary goal of sponsoring a new South Omaha Rotary Club by the conclusion of this period.