Greetings Everyone,
Great meeting this week!  Thanks to the Ben Hoy and the team from Millard Rotary for coming and giving us an update on the hospital and birthing training they have been working on in Kenya.  What a great project. 

We also got an update from Dan Esch on our current cooperative project in our Rotary district working on human trafficking.  Dan and his committee have done a great job coordinating our club efforts in this project and is looking for donations of towels or cash donations for the next week to help complete this project.  Please contact Dan for more details. 

Special thanks to Talon the special guest of Todd Carnes for his thank you to our club for sponsoring him last year as he was our Rotary exchange student to Taiwan for the year.

We had a very informative and interesting program this week all about Nebraska and what an awesome and innovative state it is.  Thank you to Cella and Warren Francke for finding and bringing in Matthew and Sarah Baker Hansen to talk about their adventures gathering information for their book "The Better Half".  We learned that NE has a bad rap and is ranked 50th in places people want to visit but they are missing out.  We heard about great out of the way eateries and fried to extravagant culinary delights in all parts of Nebraska.  We saw some pictures of the amazing landscapes and beauty of the land, and also learned about some great entrepreneurs that have started all types of businesses in even the most remote parts of Nebraska and the successes they have had on a local and global stage.  We even learned about the almost unknown law man "2 gun Hart" who worked hard to keep the law during prohibition and turned out to be Vincenzo Capone the brother of the infamous criminal Al Capone.  It was a very interesting and engaging presentation and I highly recommend checking out their book.
Thanks again Cella and Warren for a fun and engaging presentation. 
I again challenge everyone to engage and help make a difference through Rotary.  Right now we need help with the trafficking project and we need people to sign up to be a greeter or invocator, it is simple, and we expect you to help in this way at least 3 times during the year so please sign up on the registration table or email Leigh.
Have a great week,