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2019 Tree Mulching Dave Treick 2019-01-23 07:00:00Z 0
Vio with her first host family "mom" Jen Talich.
Welcome, Violette Morelle!!  Vio (pronounced "vee-oh") is from Gomery, Belgium.  She says, "I can see France from my house."  Not only can she speak French, Dutch, English, and some Spanish, she also speaks Flemish, the preferred language in some parts of Belgium. Her father works in the television industry while her mom is a nurse-midwife.  Her dad is also a hot air balloon pilot.  She has an older sister who is studying nutrition at university and a younger sister at home.  She visited the US once before--in 2015 to New York City; however, she also has traveled to Italy, Corsica, and Spain.  She's considering architecture as a career, and loves to ride horses (hint, hint).  She is swimming for  Cody High School this season.  Please make her feel welcome in Cody and remember to include her in any family activities that won't conflict with high school studies!!
Violette - 2018-2019 Exchange Student from Belgium 2018-09-15 06:00:00Z 0
Ted Gerber returned from his year in Sweden sporting a new haircut and lots of jacket "flare."  In his presentation to the Cody Rotary Club, who sponsored his exchange, Ted expressed his thanks and described his experiences as an exchange student.  
Ted Gerber - 2017-18 Exchange Student to Sweden 2018-09-15 06:00:00Z 0
Peter Klessens (scholarship recipient), Genevieve Sauers (scholarship recipient), Natalie Ziegenhorn (scholarship recipient), Betta Paganini (exchange student), and Emma Heydenberk (district scholarship recipient).
Scholarship recipients not present, Dan Gerber, Reese Romero, and Ashlyn Bower.
Four 2018 Scholarship Recipients attended a regular Cody Rotary meeting on Thursday, May 24, 2018.
Congratulations 2018 Scholarship Recipients 2018-05-30 06:00:00Z 0
Many thanks to all of our sponsors and audience members who supported our 2018 show "Fractured Fairy Tales with Moose & Squirrel."  We raised well over $30,000 to be used for charitable projects in the Cody community.  If you'd like to see photos from the show, go to the photo album on the left-hand side of our home page.
2018 Cody Rotary Show a "Triumph"!!! 2018-03-07 07:00:00Z 0
Kudos to everyone who participated in this year's Rotary Show! And a huge debt of gratitude to Laura Westerling for directing, and to Mark Westerling for his aiding and abetting Laura! It was lots of fun to work on the show with club members, and many of their children and spouses. We raised almost $40,000!  Fantastic job!  To see many of the photos taken by Dewey Vanderhoff on Friday, February 10, click on the "Rotary Show 2017" link on the left in the Photo Album section. If you'd like to see all the photos (there are 427), call Jan Eldredge (307-250-8126) to reserve the disk.
2017 Cody Rotary Show a Success! 2017-02-17 07:00:00Z 0
Congratulations to our 2016 Wine Raffle Winners!
  • First Place - Jan Wilber
  • Second Place - Mark Westerling
  • Third Place - Nancy Ledgerwood
Many thanks to those members who contributed wine and/or dollars for the raffle.
We truly appreciate everyone who gave time on Friday and Saturday to help
set up, sell tickets and take down!
Wine Raffle Winners & Workers 2016-10-19 06:00:00Z 0
On Friday and Saturday, October 7-8, Cody Rotary Club members Jim Lander, Bruce and Jan Eldredge, Mark Crump, Allen Swenson, and Ken Markert with son Neil, toiled for hours to remove the old, worn play equipment at Mentock Park.  (Check the Mentock Park Photo Album for more photos)
On Saturday, October 29, we need 8-12 people to complete preparing the playground to receive the new equipment.
Plan to start around 8:30 a.m. and leave as your schedule allows.
Don't forget to complete a City volunteer sheet from Jim or Ashlee.
Mentock Park Old Playground Demolition 2016-10-12 06:00:00Z 0
Club Pennant Presented to Rotary Club of Denver 2016-10-12 06:00:00Z 0
Justin Jones, manager of Black Hills Energy in Cody presents a check for $16,000 to Past President Bruce Eldredge and President Rick Manchester.  Both Rick and Bruce have been very instrumental in the all inclusive playground renovation of Mentock Park.  $15,000 came from the Black Hills Energy Foundation and the $1000 donation came Black Hills Energy Shareholders.  This donation will help make this project a model project for others to follow and demonstrates Black Hill Energy's support to the community of Cody and the Cody Rotary Club.  Thanks again Black Hills Energy!!!!!!
Cody Rotary Receives $16,000 from Black Hills Energy Dave Treick 2016-07-21 06:00:00Z 0
Audiences were entertained and $40,000 raised for the Mentock Inclusive Play Park at the 2016 Cody Rotary Show on March 18 and 19.  View many more photos in the 2016 Rotary Show Photo Album.
2016 Rotary Show 2016-04-07 06:00:00Z 0
Cody Rotary, please welcome Valentina Toro from Argentina.   What a great group we had at the airport to welcome Valentina!!!
Welcome Valentina Toro 2015-08-18 06:00:00Z 0
Providing new shoes for some needy Cody elementary school students, the Happy Feet Project is going strong.  Recently Cody Rotarian Amanda Gilchrist, who manages the local project, received new shoes from John Dickson, General Manager at the Cody Walmart.  This was the second donation of shoes for Eastside Elementary students for a total of fourteen pairs distributed.  Rotarian Jordan Jolley, Manager at Sports HQ in Cody, also provided shoes.
If you would like to help with this local project, contact Amanda Gilchrist.
Happy Feet Project 2015-06-15 06:00:00Z 0
Congratulations are extended to five Cody High School Seniors who each received a $1,000 scholarship from Cody Rotary at the 2015 Award Ceremony on Monday, May 18, at the Wynona Thompson Auditorium.
2015 Scholarship Recipients 2015-05-28 06:00:00Z 0
Richard Tambor, member of Jackson Hole Supper Rotary Club, holds the winning ticket for our painting raffle.  Congratulations, Richard!
“First Color of Fall” by Don Dernovich
Oil, 18” x 24” (in gilt frame, 26” x 32”)
Painting Raffle Winner Jan Eldredge 2015-05-20 06:00:00Z 0
Janan Patel, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from Mumbai, India, is getting ready to move from the Markerts' home to the Eldredges' on March 6, 2015.  Since arriving in Cody in August, Janan has lived with Mark and Laura Westerling and Ken Markert's family.  Janan will live with Jan and Bruce until it's time for him to return to India.
If you and your family would like to include Janan in one of your outings or activities, please give him or Jan and Bruce a call.
Janan Patel Jan Eldredge 2015-03-04 00:00:00Z 0


At least one Cody Rotary Club member was surprised when a wedding took place at the Cody Rotary Club's annual Christmas gathering on Thursday, December 11, at the Boot & Bottle Club.  
Sue Stresser thought that fellow Rotarian and fiance, Jim Eickhoff, was merely announcing their engagement and impending marriage the following week. As flowers were given to her, silk rose petals were tossed, witnesses were introduced, the couple was serenaded by Howard Thompson, and Randy Leisey came forward to perform the ceremony, Sue asked "are we really getting married right now?" To top off the joyous occasion, champagne was poured for a toast and wedding cake enjoyed by all.  
More Than Just a Christmas Party! Jan Eldredge 2015-01-15 00:00:00Z 0
(L - R  District Governor Phil Murphy, Gina Morrison, Jordan Jolley and Howard Thompson - Membership Chair)
The Cody Rotary Club welcomed Rotary District 5440 District Governor Phil Murphy and his wife Sarah Thursday October 9, at the Sunset House.  In addition to a very inspiring message from District Governor Phil, he also assisted in welcoming our newest Rotarians Jordan Jolley and Gina Morrison.  Welcome Gina and Jordan!!!
Cody Rotary's Newest Rotarians Dave Treick 2014-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome Janan Patel to the Cody Rotary Club.  Janan arrived in Cody around 7:30 pm on August 17 after 28 hours of traveling from Mumbai India.  We are so excited to have Janan with us  His first host family will be Mark and Laura Westerling.  After some badly needed sleep and rest, Janan will enroll in school on Monday, August 19.  We hope to have Janan at our meeting this coming Thursday.

Janan Arrives in Cody 2014-08-17 00:00:00Z 0
The Cody Rotary Club Annual Promotion Demotion Social will be held at 5:30 pm at Mentock Park on July 17.  Please plan on attending as we send off Past President Joel and welcome President Bruce Eldredge.  President Bruce has sent out prior information and more will be forthcoming.  There will be no regular meeting at noon on July 17th.
Promotion Demotion David Treick 2014-07-15 00:00:00Z 0
Rotarians Get Chippy with Christmas Trees David Donley 2014-01-11 00:00:00Z 0
Cody Rotary Club and District 5440 Contribute $4,000 to Heart Mountain Volunteer Medical Clinics David Donley 2013-12-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Treick on May 29, 2013

The by-laws for the Cody Rotary Club have been revised and posted on our website.  Click on View Club documents to read the revised document.  A big thanks to Ken Markert for his work to initiate these changes.

Cody Rotary By-Laws - Revised 2013 David Treick 2013-05-29 16:38:22Z 0