Vio with her first host family "mom" Jen Talich.
Welcome, Violette Morelle!!  Vio (pronounced "vee-oh") is from Gomery, Belgium.  She says, "I can see France from my house."  Not only can she speak French, Dutch, English, and some Spanish, she also speaks Flemish, the preferred language in some parts of Belgium. Her father works in the television industry while her mom is a nurse-midwife.  Her dad is also a hot air balloon pilot.  She has an older sister who is studying nutrition at university and a younger sister at home.  She visited the US once before--in 2015 to New York City; however, she also has traveled to Italy, Corsica, and Spain.  She's considering architecture as a career, and loves to ride horses (hint, hint).  She is swimming for  Cody High School this season.  Please make her feel welcome in Cody and remember to include her in any family activities that won't conflict with high school studies!!