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Recently an amazing thing happened in our country.  On March 24th hundreds of thousands of young people stood tall and made their voices heard.  These high school aged students, in as many as 800 locations across America and the world, stood together and demanded a basic human right: to be safe.  To be educated without fear.  To be respected.  And to participate democratically in non-violent protest.

Even more amazing is that this movement burst forth in just over five weeks, following a truly tragic event which took place in a small community in Florida.

For Rotarians the behavior of these young people mirrors many of the values we hold very dear.  That all people should be treated with respect, that a person's safety is a basic human right, and that access to education should be without constraint. 

And that a small group of passionate, committed people can change the world.


RYLA is designed to grow leadership skills in students who have untapped leadership potential. Specifically, we are focusing on juniors in high school. Our program is not for the student who is already utilizing strong leadership skills or students who have no desire to develop such skills. 
District 7190 RYLA has been developed to help the committed student with untapped leadership potential. Through our program we will open up that potential and show the student the possibilities that are available to them. This has positive effects on many parts of the student’s life. They will gain self-confidence, add valuable skills that will serve them well into their future, and will teach another generation
about the ideals of Rotary.

Download the RYLA Program Guide

Countdown to the RI Convention in Toronto, June 23-27, 2018
We are about ten months away from a very exciting opportunity for Rotarians and friends from District
7190 to attend an RI Convention close to home. The convention will be held in Toronto, Canada, less
than a day’s drive from anywhere in District 7190. No need for plane tickets, or long international flights.
No language issues. This chance will likely not come again in many years! I have asked DG Fred to allow
me to help promote this great event.
The District is encouraging all Rotarians to make the effort to attend this RI International Convention.
Many Rotarians believe that you cannot truly understand the impact of Rotary without attending one of
these meetings. Don’t miss this opportunity!
The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.






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