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2019 - 2022
District 7190 serves clubs within our area by fostering the ideals of Rotary, advancing the growth of club membership, encouraging the development of leaders, facilitating interactions with Rotary International and promoting Rotary to the public. 
The District 7190  Strategic Plan is intended as a three year document, subject to annual review and a significant update every three years.  It is modeled upon the Rotary International Strategic Plan which will commence in July, 2019.  The District Plan focuses on RI's four key priorities: to increase our impact, to expand our reach, to enhance participant engagement, and to increase our ability to adapt. 
This Strategic Plan is a guiding document for utilization by the senior leadership of the District.  The Strategic Planning Committee has identified the top two objectives in each of the four key priorities (identified in bold) and includes tactical recommendations for consideration.  It is the responsibility of the District Governor and Board of Directors for District 7190 to  annually set goals, define metrics and negotiate tactical implementation with the sitting committee chairpersons and others as appropriate.
Rotary International Vision Statement
and Key Priorities
Adopted June 2017
"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change —
across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.“
Rotary International's Four Key Strategic Priorities
Increase our impact:  Rotary strives to change the lives of others for the better. Our members invest volunteer and financial resources in a broad range of service activities, but we will do a better job of measuring the results and outcomes of our work. So that Rotary can continue to attract members, partners, and donors, we'll focus our programs and produce evidence of lasting impact.
Expand our reach:  People are seeking ways to make a difference in the world and connect with others. How do we help them find what they're looking for in Rotary? By creating unique opportunities for more people and organizations to get involved. Clubs will always be important. But to extend our global reach, we'll expand our current structure with innovative models that welcome more participants into Rotary and give them meaningful ways to unite and take action.
Enhance participant engagement:  Because we recognize the challenges our clubs face in today's changing world, Rotary will support our clubs' efforts to deliver an experience that engages and retains members. When we help clubs focus on the experience and value they give their members, we give Rotarians and other participants the opportunity to serve together, connect with one another, and have a more satisfying experience with Rotary.
Increase our ability to adapt:  To achieve our vision and keep pace with changing global trends, our structure and culture must evolve. We'll ensure that our operating and governance structures are efficient, flexible, and effective in delivering services to all of our participants.