Greetings, District 7190 Rotarians!
As we progress into this Rotary year, many Rotarians and club leaders are making plans and setting goals. Many of these goals relate to the future of our clubs or our roles within Rotary International.     And, yes, this year was a bit unique for us as we also had/ have many other plans to make, in particular the excitement of our new district that is being built.
It’s important to recognize that after this Rotary year, when we become one of three Districts merging as CNY Rotary, our District will need to, in essence, “close down.”  This meant we had to appoint additional members to our District Governor track for an extended 18-month term as we wind those district activities down. Your current District Governor track includes PDG Sam Hall, PDG Fred Daniels, PDG Bruce McConellee, PDG Denise DiNoto, and me.  
In keeping with full transparency, at many times the prospect of CNY Rotary has been exciting.  However, there have also been concerns brought to me by our district members.  Each concern presented is important, and many have been voiced by long standing Rotarians who have made important and valuable contributions to our district that have brought us to where we stand today.
As you read this Rotarians from each of the three districts have put in thousands of hours of planning to lend their experience, share best practices, and help build our new district from scratch. Some multi-district conversations were easy, and some were admittedly difficult. However, we were all working toward the same goal, uniting as one District.
Of course, a large change like this prompts many concerns and questions.  Over the coming weeks, by email as well as posted on the CNY Rotary website, I will identify key concerns voiced by D7190 members and let you know where we stand on addressing them.  In some cases, we are well advanced; in other cases, there is much work remaining.  With that, I urge each of you to get involved or ask questions.
I hope I have clearly articulated over the last 7 months the new opportunities to get involved in committees and leadership or to learn about what is happening through some of our communication. The entire team and I are happy to give updates.
Stay tuned for additional information to come! 
Yours in Rotary Service,
DG Whitney
Whitney E. Pangburn(She/Her/Hers)

District Governor 7190

Scotia Rotary Past President 21/22