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Promoting Rotary to the general public can be as simple as wearing your Rotary pin or as elaborate as organizing an integrated marketing campaign. By increasing the public's understanding of Rotary, we're strengthening our ability to make an impact in communities around the world.

Engage Your New Members with Rotary Resources

Want to give something to new members when they join? The new Rotary Basics offers an overview of all things Rotary. It includes information for all Rotarians, especially new members who are interested in our history and values, plus a Rotary glossary. If you need ideas for getting new Rotarians involved and giving them a meaningful experience, look to Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide.

Membership Leads

Don’t forget to check your district or club membership leads page. If you have any outstanding leads, follow up on them and update their status online.

The Managing Membership Leads webinar shows districts how to use this tool and provides best practices for clubs. Since it started in December 2015, the membership leads program has resulted in nearly 2,000 new Rotarians by routing prospective members to districts, then to clubs.


Great Public Image tips from our Neighbors in Zone 32.

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